Generation Warrior

What exactly is Generation Warrior? Generation Warrior is the always-present body of individuals existent in every voguish X, Y, and Z Generation. Individuals who have the guts, discipline and integrity to make their lives work, no matter the adversity or challenge. Individuals who successfully operate their lives using a “warrior” mindset, attitude, and approach to living -- as I define “warrior.” These individuals are warrior individuals.

Of society’s fabric, warrior individuals are the strongest threads. Individuals who realize that the best they can contribute to society at large -- the city, the group, the county, the organization, the state, the community, the neighborhood -- is to be the best they can be as individuals, first. Individuals who place their attention on their own hard work, their own determination, their own persistence, their destiny, their legacy...on their own potential to think, act and believe of whatever it takes of oneself to get the job done, day to day and throughout the whole of their life. Attention to holding one’s own life up as the greatest value.

Society being but a collective of its individuals, warrior individuals know society's strength is only as strong as its weakest ones. They know that to counterbalance those who will take the path of least resistance they must actualize the full potential of their Creator endowed selves. They do this not for the direct benefit of its weaker people (although all benefit) but to establish a greater province of safety for themselves and their loved ones; to insure continuing mankind’s moral evolution; to secure, for posterity’s sake, the continued bequeathment of man’s traditions and traditional history.

What is traditional to these warrior individuals are the modes of thought and behavior followed by a people continuously from generation to generation. Thought and behavior followed by a people continuously -- without interruption -- because it has worked. Traditional does not mean, as many would have the World believe, antiquated, out of style, outdated. It means simply: WHAT HAS WORKED. Certainly it is not what HAS NOT worked that people have followed continuously throughout the generations.

Warrior individuals conserve what has worked -- the traditional views, values and institutions. They prevent the decay, the waste, the injury to these so as to continue their existence. Warriors are Conservatives in its absolute, purest sense.

Warrior individuals know and believe, without question but not by faith, their life comes with an irrefutable responsibility determined by its nature. They know and understand they are rational animals, able to think and figure out the world they exist in. Because they are, they know, they are supposed to. To them, there is nothing more necessary to do than use the animal that they are the precise way their Creator intended. That is, to understand that the solution to any and every problem is THINKING, then to act on the solution THOUGHT out. That to think and act is to solve; that if there is something to be figured out, then there already exists a ready-answer to be found out. That there is nothing more traditional about themselves, as human beings who are the rational animals, than that they think and act to provide for themselves, handle positively and effectively their life.

Warrior individuals get what history tells. That from its farthest point back in man’s record of time, it has never been those who set the lowest, unthinking goals -- those who harbored ignoble thoughts -- or those who have practiced base acts that advanced humanity. Vice, immorality, ignorance, irreverence, stupidity, disrespect, and illogic have not brought mankind to the place where we find ourselves today. The traditions that have brought man forward are the antitheses of these. And they are carried forward throughout the generations by individuals who grasp the reality of what Francis Bacon laid down: “Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed.” Individuals who know it is adhering to and practicing this truism that has brought mankind to the legitimate place it finds itself, today. Individuals who know feelings are faddish and fleeting and that it is thinking that stays -- that it is thinking that stands the test of time.

Generation Warrior is about embracing the challenge of individualism - the rationally sustained living of one's own life. No one sacrificing their lives for others, and no one sacrificing the life of another unto themselves. Generation Warrior isn't about pillaging others. It's not about justifying thievery, nor belligerence. It's not about asking others to sacrifice their highest value -- their life as a human being -- in any way. It's about one's own hard work, determination,'s about thinking, acting and believing whatever it takes of yourself to get the job done, kicking your own ass. It's about upholding one's own life as the greatest value and using one's own consistent, incremental productivity -- one's purpose -- as the action which conquers any adversity which will certainly come before them in this challenge called life. Any discussion of individualism captivates an idea of supreme individualism. And history holds that one of a kind pre-eminent individuals are known, have long been regarded as warriors; certainly, no less than thinking and acting warrior-like. Individuals who understand that their life becomes how and what they, alone, think and act and believe of it.

Warrior individuals live their life by a creed sworn to a belief that their life is woven into the fabric of all of mankind's history and future, and this demands of them, while they live, that they learn, uphold and mentor “tradition” at each stage of their life to the degree their life experience makes them able. They know they have an inheritable responsibility. They are driven to use their life "to do what will live forever." Do in, and with, their life what will live beyond its mortality.

Generation Warrior is the philosophical movement of this body of people. A movement that doesn't come and go, one that is always there.

Generation Warrior fathers and mothers each successive generation of those who become iconoclastic leaders, candid decision makers, bold truthseekers and unabashed truthsayers who don’t run from reality and don’t fear what the truth is, no matter how ugly, unruly or volatile they are.
It is true:

Mankind Survives by its Leaders.
All Leaders are Warriors.
Mankind Survives by its Warriors.

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O.W.N. – Calling all Warriors

One Warrior Nation -- O.W.N. -- is their meeting place. Here, a meeting takes place of the minds and energies of individuals foked on and dedicated to being the best human beings they potentially can. The place where a determined revolution is taking place, not a destructive rebellion. A place where human empowerment is built from the power human life provides just by having possession of it.

One Warrior Nation is an Architecture Built on this Foundational Premise:

The human being is the ultimate manifestation. Man’s life is, potentially, the greatest, most magnificent thing. Man’s challenge is to fulfill that achievable potential by living his life heroically. A heroic man disciplines himself physically and mentally as if a warrior preparing himself for the greatest of battles. He thinks and acts in the way of a warrior to guide, by an impeccable code of ethics, his choices and actions toward conquering life’s challenge, ultimately.

Man behaving heroically warrior to be all of human. OWN Believes every human’s life has this heroic potential to always aspire, accomplish and achieve anything. The history of men and their worlds gives us countless recorded examples of this over and over. Time and time again. It is these heroically distinguished courages and abilities that brings mankind its leaders. Leaders who change the course of the world. Humans who rise, warriorly, to life’s meant-to-be-meaningful, challenge to become, humanly, the best they can be so as to contribute, in turn, only the best back into the world in which they live. Making it the best -- All it can Worldly be.

Mankind Survives by its Leaders.
All Leaders are Warriors.
Mankind Survives by its Warriors.

We don’t live in a World like that anymore. We don’t trust, with all we are, that we live amongst people who act like this anymore. We live in an anti-mind, anti-truth, anti-disciplined, anti-hero and anti-leader world. We
live in an anti-warrior world.

The One Warrior Nation wants to change that.

The One Warrior Nation Identity thinks this is important. Here is why.

The human being is faced with one basic alternative -- To exist or not exist, to live or die. With life comes this unavoidable challenge to survive. No human being, no living thing can evade it. Survive or cease to live. A second choice does not exist. Not on earth. This is the human being’s challenge.

Humankind faces the broader challenge on a collective scale. Humankind would cease to exist if its human beings did not do what it takes so that it can survive. Existence, itself, challenges humankind and its human beings. Both, humankind and the human being will only survive if they think -- because thought works -- then act -- because action works. Every human being is born armed with these two weapons. He must use his mind and he must use his muscle. To survive he must use them.

When the absolute alternative is to exist or not exist, survival’s only way is to follow the truth.

The primary truth is that the life of a thing living is its most important thing. Nothing is more important than the life, for all else important only comes from having life in the first place. Without life, the concept of importance cannot be knOWN. Only life gives meaning to importance.

Nothing is more empowering than knowing the importance of your life.

A conviction to the knowledge that life is the primary importance empowers that life which one has -- that Life which one lives.

For when we understand there is nothing more important than Life, we understand there is nothing more important than the self. If the self doesn’t give itself what it needs to subsist, nothing can be given of it or from it. We must first make important OWNing our OWN Life.

To possess the Importance of a Life is to OWN it. To OWN it is to run it. Some people give up the running of it to others, therefore they give up the OWNing of it.

Warriors don’t give up the OWNership of their Life.

Warriors use their human abilities to the maximum so that they can write their OWN rule books and live life without regret. They write life’s rules by living them. They guide their OWN destinies. Warriors who are interested in being the best or getting the best out of their lives are not the least bit interested in negativity and compliance with the idea that you can’t take control of your OWN Life.

Battle is actually a metaphor for the challenge of life. Life itself is battle. Survival is not guaranteed. Survival is at stake continuously, if not in terms of vital signs, in terms of quality of Life. The human being is not oriented to conflict, but he will be contested. The human being can face life’s encounters striving in a state of sleep like most of humankind or he can thrive against them with efforts made. The battleground is our OWN psyche. Preparation in life must at all times be as if the human being is going to battle.

There are no individual human beings who will survive forever on this earth. None of us, alone, are getting out alive. Yet, each human being must make important what he leaves behind. Man can do this only when he sees his OWN life as important before anything else. Future humankind depends on human beings who define life as: An engaging challenge. A challenging engagement. Humankind survives and advances, and the quality of human strengthens by its warrior human beings. The human being at his best to conquer challenge thinks and acts Warrior.

The Warrior human being does in his life what will live forever.

Warrior means living with battle-ready human-mastery. A tradition of discipline over human thinking and acting that has the human Being one and the same as warrior. A way of being in the world beyond ordinary and mediocre.

Warrior does not relate only to the savagery and brutality encountered in wars where death can be found. Warriors can be called upon as agents of Force, but they are actually seekers for peace. The word “war” is part of warrior but the warrior does not seek war and does not seek conflict. Though warriors aspire to be brave, daring and bold -- they embrace only necessary risks. If necessary, warriors will fight to the death for honor and for humankind’s freedom to continue its liberty and its history.

Humankind is enhanced by learning from human beings who face and overcome fears, not from those cowering to them. Warriors are humankind’s greatest teachers. Those who fought, sought, struggled, and expended energy and put forth the noblest effort gave the universe all its meanings, its identification. Not those who sat back and waited, worried and wished. Warriors don’t wait, worry or wish -- They gaive meanings to the universe, and as a consequence, give meaning to each life in it.

These meanings become the fountainhead to guide every human being’s life.

In Life, The Human Being chooses to be Warrior or Ordinary Man.

If he chooses Warrior, he chooses One Warrior Nation.

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"Foke" is my -- a warrior's -- term for intense concentration, extreme undivided attention. Humanity [collectively] calls it focus. To me, the 'us' in foc[us] connotes 'we'; a collective, a group. I don't accept that. I do not find it inspiring. I changed the spelling (its meaning, to me) to suit myself, to use as a self-motivational cue embodying the fact that 'Life is Lone.' I am -- as each of us truly are -- in charge and control of myself. In my mind during those bouts of intense concentration, extreme undivided attention I motivate myself with: "Take care of you and yours, Warrior. Find your Foke."

It is not my intention to get others to use it. If others do, others do. That is not a goal I care about. There are many words used -- and myriad thoughts and actions and beliefs -- the general population practices that I do not. Keep in their mind, here -- 5% of the population makes the whole of the World work. That 5% does not think as the other 95% do. They think differently. Oh, Warrior, you mean thinking outside the box? No, I don't say that and I don't mean that. The 5% that makes the wheels of the World turn don't think inside or outside a box. To these warrior individuals there are no (box)lines, there are no limits. Like Bruce Lee said: "My only limitation is that I will not allow any."

Man does not concentrate or think 'collectively.' He can't. It's impossible. Man thinks alone, all by himself. He must. He has to. It's the only choice man has. No one can think for him [another]. Even a group of people each have to think for themselves. Someone might say, speaking for a group, "Our minds are in agreement on this issue." Still the same, each individual person of the group, each individual of the 'we' must think for themselves to understand the content and substance of what is being said that is agreed upon by the whole.

In any hour and any issue of one's life, man is free to think or evade that effort. Thinking effectively -- without error -- requires a state of full awareness. This is Foke. The act of fully engaging one's consciousness is volitional. Man can engage his mind to a full, purposefully directed awareness of reality, or he can let it stray amiss in a semi-conscious stupor, merely reacting to any stimulus of the immediate moment, always at the mercy of his others.

When one does this with their mind, they are only conscious in a subhuman sense of the word -- feeling one's way through life, not thinking.

Foke designates a quality of one's mental state, a quality of active alertness. A directed mind committed to attaining and maintaining full awareness of reality. It's the state of a mind committed to seeing, to grasping, to understanding, to knowing. A commitment to grasp all the relevant full facts to one's concern and activity at any given time.

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Destrucity is a concept that came to me as I was developing Warrior as a comic book project. Each comic book project has their own universe, so to speak. A self-contained Universe where the story unfolds and the comic book characters do their business of existing. I called the graphically created Warrior comic character’s Universe “Destrucity”, i.e, The Creation of a truce between Destiny and Reality. It grew from this: The comic book project being a destined (I believed) fictional creation spun from the real-life Ultimate Warrior sports entertainer. It was my neologistic melding of the two Universes I would be operating in as, both, the eponymous creator of the comic book project and as the performer of the Ultimate Warrior, who had for many years already up to that point, being from a place called “Parts Unknown”, spoken some wild and vividly imaginative thoughts; Destrucity being another imaginative creative thought. This was one of my ways of cultivating promotional intrigue for the comic book project.

In the midst of thinking it through for its specific storytelling definition there, i.e., Destrucity as a comic book Universe, I realized it was -- in its approach -- a true-to-life methodology I was practicing in my own life. A way of balancing day-to-day existence (Reality) with what one can wonder or believe about existence beyond this world (Destiny) or, more specifically, how or whether that existence beyond, if it were to exist, plays any role in our lives here on Earth, as so many people, consciously or subconsciously, do believe. That was great I thought because I wanted the comic book project to carry creative yet serious ideas within it, to entertain and stimulate serious thinking -- Edutainment.

The problem for centuries, since the beginning of time, has been that the dogmatic influences of organized religions have kept people, out of guilt and fear, from clearly separating the two. That is, the difficulty of delineating the “here and now,” from the “there and later”, if this hereafter world does even exist at all.

Now is what matters now. Those who do not observe this have, first, been fooled by others, and second, are using the fooling they’ve suffered to only continue blindly fooling themselves. Whatever one wants to believe or wonder about a possible existence hereafter -- and there are dozens of different convictions and conjectures -- they will. But having it directly conflict with the living of your life here on Earth is asinine and absurd. And is not what the Creator of human life intended.

My position is this: Any Creation demands that there be a Creator. The Universe is the Creation. It follows, rather precedes, that it was created by some form of a Creator. That is as far as I need to know about that as it relates to my living a life here on Earth as a human being. Knowing its face doesn’t change what it is. And my refusal to put one on it, does not endow me some enablement, nor curse, that I can or will live evilly. There are already an abundant log of faces fueling the inveterate fights in religion.

Yes, I can wonder what answers are held beyond my life here, and I will at times. But what I do not know for certain -- maybe will one day, maybe never will -- cannot dictate what I for certain know I can and must do with my life as a human being. My decisions about here must square with what here is. That is reality. I can wonder that there is a heaven where there is no strife, no suffering. But if I sit and do nothing here as if a puppet on strings waiting to be activated or plopped into fortune, or purposely do what is detrimental to my well-being or existence here, there is no doubt that I and the others associated to me in my life will struggle and suffer and endure pains here and now. The goal for the human being is happiness, not suffering and struggling. Even those who are suffering because of their own unique-to them environmental circumstances are striving, if only in their thoughts, for happiness.

Reality is: What is, is. The recognition of truth. That which is real, being an actual thing; having objective existence, not imaginary. Each of us must choose what we believe about the “there and later” as I call it; Destrucity is not a rationalizing guide to be used to decide on “there and later” dumbly and blindly. Reality dictates: Existence Exists. If it is there, it is. You cannot escape reality, for in the end it will never avoid you.

Destiny has always been locked into a connotation, an idea of something spiritual or ethereal. Something out of our control. My faith stops at the recognition I have for the "gift of my life", my birth. I have to have a wondering faith about that because I -- none of us -- know in an absolute way that is provable. Destiny, in it's literal meaning doesn't presuppose faith as I recognize it. I have no "blind faith," when it comes to determining the outcome of my life - fulfilling my destiny. If it were meant that we were not to use our capabilities as a human, then we wouldn't have been given -- gifted, if one desires -- the "human" tools we do have.

Spirit (Soul) means to me: the animating principle that makes what is alive different from what is dead. Wherever that energy for animation comes from, and whatever I believe about it, does not effect or change that I know I must, here on Earth, process the use of that energy through the vessel I have been provided to use it through -- the human body and the human mind. Thinking “there and later” is not being “here and now”. And "here and now" is where I know I am and, also, am conscious of -- know --the animation I have. Where are you? HERE. What time is it? NOW

Destiny is: [1.] one's own inevitable, inescapable fate. [2.] A predetermined course of events. [3.] The power or agency thought to predetermine events. Who and what is “one’s own?” The being is the who; the what is its life. What is inevitable, inescapable, and predetermined in it’s course is fixed by the nature of the being’s life. For the human being’s life, what is inevitable, inescapable, and predetermined in its course is that for one’s own life to exist it must be sustained and generated by [it]self.

Since Fate is: [1.] The force or power that determines events. [2.] A final result; outcome, (i.e., one's own results and outcome) -- We can know the force, power or agency of the human being’s life that is predetermined to sustain and generate [it]self is one’s own mind and body. By one’s own volition (choice) and effort (mental or physical exertion) one controls what the results and outcome of [his] life will be. We think, and with our thoughts we [pre]determine our fate by determining -- again, by our own volition -- our subsequent course of action, which in turn, actualizes what we had [pre]determined in our minds. We have the sovereign power -- proprio moto -- over our destiny; our fate is effected by doing this either positively or negatively.

Destrucity is my approach to the world. My battleplan for living life toward its ultimate; creating an ineluctable bond between what “is”, what I "believe" and what I “ought” to do.

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