Hello Warriors. The time has come. Preliminary work is complete. WARRIOR WORKOUT is ready for launch.

It’s up to you now. You can’t blame anybody else. If you don’t act NOW -- you are all out of excuses.

For years I’ve envisioned that there would be a way for others to ‘get-it’ about exercise as I do -- have people grasp these simple basic ideas: 1) Your body is the vehicle that takes you through the journey of your life. 2) It is built the way it is for a purpose -- its design demands exercise. 3) Exercise will better the quality of your life. Period. Period. Period.

Finally. Introducing

Thirty-three years of exercise is a lot of experience. Especially if you are good at paying attention. I was. I am. It’s also a lot of experimenting and learning. And in some ways, it is exactly the experimenting and learning that keeps you going. You don’t fully understand this yet -- but you will. I promise. It’s one of the meaty chunks of wise knowledge you will get out of the
WARRIOR WORKOUT START Kit. Another one is this: for all the little exercise particulars I fiddled with, changed, and modified, there were always the bigger, critical basics that I kept, always turned to and used to keep me grounded, successful and fulfilled. Most of these have nothing at all to do with how heavy you lift, but everything to do with where your head (MIND) is at when you do the exercise. This knowledge is timeless. It works at the beginning when you first take up exercise -- and it will continue to work at any stage throughout your journey in exercise. Inevitably you will cross paths with influences, variations, fads and gimmicks. Few have the confidence or strength to turn away. Everyone is looking for that "just found out" secret. What if the best kept secret was that there are none? In the WARRIOR WORKOUT START Kit I give you this incredible, rarely spoken of knowledge and I lay it out in a manner so that it sticks. And it’s what you use to START over and over and over again -- AT making yourself stick with what works. (There you go. Another chunk of knowledge you didn't know -- you will always be START-ING over and over.) The WARRIOR WORKOUT START Kit is knowledge that will always be there waiting for you -- always waiting there for you to use to set yourself straight. Knowledge that will always work. Always.

“Just Do It.” Who hasn't heard that? Nike’s popular 3-word slogan. A brand that is seared into public consciousness. It’s so simple. And toward accomplishing exercise, for many people it works. It’s enough to drive them to make the first move. But for others, maybe you, there is something even more fundamental to overcome. And it is this: To Do, you first have to START. You will not "Just Do It," if you don’t have a GROUNDED WILL to START. This is the greatest obstacle to achieving success at anything, especially exercise. Simply: START.

And yet, it’s never just about overcoming physical inertia, alone. It’s about getting beyond the inner dialogue in your head. Your self-doubts, your criticisms, your subjective analyses, and those ugly, demeaning shortsighted evaluations that gut the dreams of your long term goals. Exercise won’t happen for you, AT ALL, without the involvement of your mind and its effect on your attitude. And for this to happen your mind must be positively inspired enough to block out the negative interruptions. But if you don’t have this skill, then you need assistance until you can.

For those who have failed for this one single reason alone -- lack of self-motivation -- it will become my job to insure that you don’t let yourself fail. You can make anything a habit. One day you will wake up and know you can motivate and inspire yourself. It was always there -- I will just help you find it.

I will be your habit until you build your OWN.

Beyond the
WARRIOR WORKOUT START Kit you will have the option to "Bolt-On" personal interaction with me. In a nutshell, all of the coaching and inspiration I provide will be words of encouragement and motivation that all really mean the same thing: “You Can. You Will. You Must.”

You must have the
WARRIOR WORKOUT START Kit to qualify for these interactive options. Many things about Ultimate Warrior's career and my own merchandise ventures have been LIMITED EDITION. Each WARRIOR WORKOUT START Kit will be as well. My vision for these WARRIOR WORKOUT START Kits is that they become Collector’s items all by themselves.

Well, time is up. What is your answer? Are you ready to START?

Always Believe, Warrior