Warrior Thoughts on Insurance...

August 17, 2009

“The Greatest Good to the Greatest Number will obviously be reached when each individual of the greatest number is doing the greatest good to himself.”

“Individualism has the strength to resist all attacks."

Rose Wilder Lane

The health care situation is interesting. I’ve a few thoughts...

The vigorous opposition to more government in our lives is a good thing. Several intelligent, limited-government voices not pulling any punches are getting through, connecting and being heard. The genuine instances of this are inspiring.

About the rest, I have to to be honest, I find it all disingenuous and none of it inspiring.

It’s a myth that ALL those opposing government takeover of health care right now are fundamentally opposed to the government takeover of things. It’s not true.

Truth is, today, both liberals and conservatives want as much government in their lives as the government is willing provide. The only difference is, while liberals are blatant about their desire for it, conservatives try to hide theirs in hypocrisy.

Take Medicare and Social Security. Tell a “conservative” they can’t depend on those and watch a stack get blown. They will not stand for any talk whatsoever about these government entitlement programs being taken away. Their loved ones will be chained to the debt throughout their lives? Screw them, they will tell you, without guilt or shame.

Take the recent Cash for Clunkers program as a simple example. Cost the taxpayers billions. There aren’t any dealerships owned by conservatives? You think any of them turned down the government handout? You consider yourself a conservative? Did you exploit the Cash for Clunkers? If you did, I got news for you -- you’re not a conservative.

Our government has not one bit of authority to even discuss the health care issue. Therefore, I don’t know why there is a discussion in the first place. There is no place in our constitution that authorizes National Health Care. Bickering over different parts is going on. The truth is the discussion should not be happening at all. Even under the twisted guise of promoting the General Welfare, the irony is sickening. Who screws the people’s General Welfare more than the government? Nobody. And the US government we have today worse than any other in modern time.

This health care thing isn’t about political parties. It’s about us -- the people -- retaining our constitutional rights. You seemingly intelligent, informed conservatives keeping a political scorecard -- one for the blues, one for the reds -- are acting no better than drunken, lewd sports fans at big bowl games. If you haven’t noticed, your government representatives aren’t playing the game to win for you. Their game plan is that the people lose out altogether. They don’t give a rat’s ass about ANY traditional, originalist American ideas or seeing them continued for another 233 years. Nobody in our government does. All they care about is keeping their power on that swamp infested with politics and parasites called Washington, DC.

I don’t know for sure, but there must be somewhere in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, that a loyal combatant does not voice criticism of their own side. I haven’t read it in a long time and, frankly, the best thing I like about the Chinese culture is the food, not books written by warlords wearing food bowls on their heads. I’m into Western culture, not Eastern. I just know some of the tough talking conservatives refer to the book quite often and maybe in it they learn not to point out where their own kind fail and that if you just focus on the opponent’s faults that somehow the complete solution to fix any problem will magically appear. I believe in some forms of mystery and magic, miracles, that type of thing, but I think this rule of war is weak and stupid. I’m not loyal to the people who are wrong. I’m loyal to the cause and the way of doing things that I believe is right.

Conservatives acquiesce to constitutional violations and usurpations of our freedoms and liberties all the time without so much as a peep, much less the kind of firestorm we are seeing today. This health care thing is not good, no. But when the bleeding, pulsing heart of freedom is no longer on the table -- the very idea an American can look to know how to set the course of their life -- it does not matter what other crumbs and morsels and other dried up shavings there are to scrounge from.

So I’m afraid not...at their core, many of those calling themselves conservatives today do not have any problem with big government. And it isn't their primary motive, now, for rising up against health care reform.

The problem they have this time is the same problem they have all the time: Looking in the mirror at themselves to see both the problem and solution, and having others pass judgment on them.

In a weird turnabout to how government normally operates, government takeover of health care is likely going to come with some pretty harsh judgment. Some of it literally life and death. And that's what they don't like about it.

Most government run social programs are designed to be subjective and nonjudgmental. The less accountable you are for yourself, the more you mess up your own life, the more of a trainwreck your life is, the more the government likes you and wants you. The more you need a handout the more likely you are to get a handout. So government giveaways with strings attached, like this one seems it might be, are a real bummer.

Depending on how bad you've let your own health go throughout your life, you may just end up not getting the government to feel sorry enough for you and to subsidize the treatment or medicine or handful of extra months you'd like to stick around and live.

It's been obvious for quite some time, handling the challenging and sometimes uncomfortable real stresses of life while under the influence of nothing more than one’s own self-responsibility is a little too much to be asked of some of us. And government now threatening to close some divisions of it’s pity force is enough to push them over the edge. Wow, better not let that happen.

Bottomline, people don’t want to accept that their own sloppy, irresponsible, unhealthy personal behavior is a big cause of the health care problem we have today, and they also don’t want to be judged on it. This is what people fear the most.

Don’t get me wrong. Even though I'd enjoy the squealing, I don't endorse government anything. Government should stay the hell out of everything except defending us. Like I said, I don’t even know why there is any discussion about health care to begin with. But now that it is on the table, at least some damn truths should be told.

And one is this: When you decide whether you approve or not of government involvement or assistance in your life by splitting hairs as to how much or how little IT will judge your behavior, you’re not one of the “undecideds” -- you’re a fat pig at the trough and you’re part of the problem this country has. And if you are a part of the problem, you aren’t part of the solution. I don’t care what political flag you roll under.

Conservative mouthpieces like to throw around the idea about staying true to our Founding constitutional rights and that we (the people) are sick and tired of our elected officials violating these as they please. Great. What about all around? Why don’t we abide by our Founding rights (and their responsibilities) entirely, not piecemeal.

How many of you have looked in the mirror lately? You say our representatives have a responsibility to uphold the principles and character of our constitution. Ok. What about us, the people? Do we have any responsibilities of any kind? Say, one like the responsibility to uphold a certain constitution of character and behavior, one similar to those of the people who lived at the Founding times. I think we do. In fact, because we are a government of the people, we the people have an even greater responsibility than our reps to hold up our end of the deal as an example.

In a few words: Self-responsibility, courage and dignity.

Life comes with responsibilities. When you have freedom to live your life as you choose, the responsibilities are even greater. One of those responsibilities is to oversee your health and take care of your body and state of mind. You can’t trash yourself all to hell and then expect or demand that others put the pieces of your broken-down humpty-dumpty ass back together again when it all falls down. Also, the concept conservative means something more than just a political party. It means preserving things of value that make life work. And if you call yourself a conservative, I don’t know how abusing your health figures into your view of life and the principles you say you believe in. Every single fat ass, out-of-shape conservative should be into fitness and health.

The two major health care expenses today are those caused by overweight and out-of-shape people and the medical costs incurred in the last 6 months of a person's life.

Whatever problems there are with insurance and insurance companies, one super-size part of the whole truth is undeniably this: people who do not practice preventative health care (including a health and fitness lifestyle) are the major cause of all its difficulties, grievances, problems and expenses.

Yet when there is a discussion about solutions, this reality is either nowhere to be found or thrown out of the discussion altogether because it hurts people’s feelings. I can’t help but think to call it: Cash for Junkers. Why should those who take care of themselves have to pay for those who Junk their bodies and minds their whole life?

Fat, unhealthy people have a problem paying for the health care of others through a government run program via tax revenues (as they rightfully should), but they don't have any problem with other people paying for their own medical and health care needs (caused in large part by their irresponsible behavior) through the increased premiums insurance companies impose on everybody to cover the increased costs.

Most people today are physical wrecks. They are not only overweight, they are obese. People are eating antidepressants, other mood-altering drug or some kind of drug to sustain organ function like candy. Kids today are fat and out of shape and this not only effects their physical energy, it diminishes their capacity to think and learn clearly. Many have diabetes simply because they do not get any exercise at all and eat diets filled with only refined foods and sugar. What else can we expect when we have adults and parents eating the same way and then turning to fat-sucking procedures and stomach clamps because they couldn’t keep their own mouths shut.

People simply aren't taking responsibility for their own health care and others are paying the bill for it. It isn't right. Why should others who invest in preventive health care have to pay for any other individual’s lack of investing anything in it at all? The science is not OUT anymore when it comes to the benefits of good, sensible eating and/or regular exercise. The science is IN.

There’s no reason except laziness and lack of self-discipline that men are sporting three chins and a waistline bigger than their chest by their mid-thirties and women end up having asses the size of semi-truck rearends. (Laugh if you want...many of you are the husbands who have written me for advice on how tell your wife she’s fat and you no longer find her desirable.)

You can’t abuse your mind and body for 30-40-50 years and not expect that its ability to function won’t collapse. You can’t get around what’s been said for centuries: You can make time for health and fitness now or plan on making plenty of time for illness later.

Those who let their health and fitness go all to hell need to subsidize their medical repair bills themselves. And they should do so for as long as they, alone, are able to write the check. If you want insurance and can find what suits you, get it. But when the insurance company has to operate as the business it is and draw lines in the sand about what they cover and do not by the terms of coverage you originally agreed to, don’t whine and complain. And if you find yourself with an ailment that is not covered under the terms you originally agreed to, don’t find some unethical legal hack (are there are other kind) to file litigation for millions of dollars no one owes you. The insanity with litigation is costing everyone except the scumbag lawyers. And there is no freedom-sacrificing law that can be created to handle this problem better than getting back to the use of common sense and decency. Every single out of control problem we humans face today is driven by our refusal to think and behave as the best human beings we have the potential to be.

More dignity and courage are in order. These are two premier virtues our ancestors held, and they held them high. They are virtues we should exercise more today. Founding people risked and sacrificed for posterity’s sake. They considered with respect what the future would hold for American citizens many years down the road. Don’t you think we should do the same? Burdening our own posterity with debt is wrong and undignified and a coward's way out.

When your time has come to leave this planet you should embrace your mortality with dignity and courage. If you can afford to pay for the medical resources to buy yourself more time, great. But don’t ask others to shoulder the expense for you. Find your peace and let go.

Maybe you didn't see it in the fine print on your birth certificate, but it is there. It says: “you live, you die.” Who does enjoy the prospect of dying? Maybe only former WWF/E talent. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Dying is going to happen to you. So face it like a human being who isn’t going to get out of it when the time comes.

Religious conservatives and born-again christians need to quit being the biggest pansy-ass hypocrites there are about this. You all show the most fear about dying and do the most screaming and yelling about what you are due from others when you are faced with death. I don’t need to explain it anymore than that. Everybody sees it for themselves. It’s obvious to anyone with decent common sense -- endowed to us by a Creator -- that too many of you do not practice what you preach. At all. You use your religion as an excuse, not an empowerment. And you do because you don’t truly believe in your soul what you claim to and want everyone else to buy into. It’s shameful. Find some God Damn dignity.

We all get older, but we don’t all have to get older the same way. You can live an active, healthy, enthusiastic and energetic life all the way through but you are going to have to do some work and put in some time along the way to make it happen. Too many don’t. Too many forgo the responsibility while they are capable of handling it and then cry foul once it is too late. Demanding that others be sympathetic, concerned and supportive once you’ve shot your load and spent a lifetime ruining yourself is weak, and wicked.

I will end by saying that I find the whole insurance obsession very uninspiring. All it does is instill fear throughout. There’s a written record of mankind going back over 3,000 years. There are stories of incredible challenges, none of them faced with assurances, guarantees or insurance of any kind. The Founding of this country is but one example. The signers of the Declaration of Independence put it all on the line: ”we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

It’s pathetic that in just over 100 years, since the beginning of the industrial age and the production of comforts and conveniences, the human being today is inspired more by what insurance and assurances he can arrange than the unknown risk of opportunity and challenge. People don't do great things playing it safe and being surrounded by security. That’s why truly Great, Capital “G,” things aren’t happening anymore.

In my opinion, insurance ends up costing you a hell of lot more than money. Insurances of any kind have a tendency to dull your senses, suffocate your innate desire for freedom, demotivate your excitement and enthusiasm for life, and weaken all the virtues you were naturally endowed with to face any crisis or challenge you will come up against throughout your whole life. Some of your greatest life moments happen when there is nowhere to turn to be saved. It's no coincidence that insurance salesmen have puny chests, timid confidence, and no passion for life. They market in fear and death, not courage and life.

Think about what I say time and time again. Greater people before us have lived and they have done much greater things than any of us living today. You think what you want. I think it has everything to do with that there was no insurance, not health insurance, not life insurance, not accident insurance -- not insurance about anything, against any risk.

Life comes with unexpecteds and without guarantees. The quality of your life will be better the less you try to run and find safety nets and havens from them. Your life is better served if you take it as it comes without over-thinking or over-planning how you can beat the odds of the unexpecteds and what-ifs.

Your best insurance is to spend your energy, time, and thought on taking care of yourself better than you take care of anything else. Pay attention at all times to everything and always keep learning throughout your whole life. Accept all life has to offer and don’t fight in anger or self-pity with any of it. There are good lessons to learn in everything. Even pain and suffering can teach you things that are good.

Always Believe,