Welcome to Warrior Web. The official web presence of the man who Created, Performed and OWNs The Ultimate Warrior. I am that man. My (full, legal) name is Warrior.

First, the slaughtering of a few inveterate rumors.

1) There was only one Ultimate Warrior. That is, in Sports Entertainment there was only one person who 'did' Ultimate Warrior -- that was me. There were not different guys or a twin brother or look-a-like cousins who also "did" him. I created him; I was the only one who ever legally and legitimately performed him; and I own the USPTO legally registered trademark rights of Ultimate Warrior as an Intellectual Property.

2) I am not dead. Nor have I ever died. Don't laugh. There are plenty of kooks (too many) who write and inform me that I am or that I have -- and then demand I write back and confirm it!

3) I lead an active, constructive and fulfilling life. Despite inaccurate rumors, vindictive mischaracterizations, and flagrant defamation claiming otherwise, the reality is I have built an incredibly empowered life on my OWN terms. As a devoted husband and father, I could not have custom-ordered a more loving, healthy, spirit-filled, and happy home life. And as a man who has throughout his whole life been inspired by the setting of new goals and their different challenges, and the ability to think for oneself which accompanies these, my day-to-day life environment is creative, productive, and positive.

To find those who truly have "self-destructed," keep your eye on the obituaries and visit the gravesides of other WWF/E talent who've died of various forms of self-indulgence, beginning with their refusal to mature as real men and grow up and act their age. When you are done there, go look into the hollow-souled eyes of those Sports Entertainment figures you once thought defiant, strong, proud, and independent who've crawled back into the cave to have their minds, lives and characters controlled because they were afraid of being real men, afraid of the real world and real challenges, and felt safer, as Plato showed us, viewing the shadows from the inside.

If you've believed any of these rumors you were duped. Plain and simple. If you want to continue to believe them -- as some, for whatever sick reason, do -- then I can assure you the objective, sane, clearheaded, inspired thinking going on here will be of little interest to you.

This is the short story. If you want the long story, go here.

If you don't, then click around however you wish. You will still very quickly get MY story and what I am all about. There are many links. There are several ways to make your way around. Whichever route you take, you are sure to cross paths with everything at some point and time. Warrior's Machete, my blog, is where most of my correspondence is going on, right now. As of April, 2009, some reconstruction of this site is underway. Stay tuned for updates.