6 Responses to “Gym”
  1. Jay (jlr9ca) says:

    Diggin’ the rustic look of the timber beams and bare bones interior Warrior.No need for mirrors when you know you look awesome, right? Any chance of letting us in on your current supplement stack if any? Rage on Warrior.

  2. Ryan Lybeck says:

    Kick some ass Warrior!!!

  3. Christoffer says:

    This is how a gym should look like, simple and effective. No fancy machines or things to distract you. And best of all, no stupid people to disturb you!:p

    Turn up the music, hit the iron and eat like a spartan!


  4. Michael Scarsella says:

    Your Gym looks awesome. !!!!


  5. Alamo says:

    That GYM looks great!!! I myself also make it to the GYM, so like you say “GYM to keep a Warrior hungry”

  6. Russell says:

    Absolutely awesome gym and a true inspiration. I’ve been a huge fan since you knocked off Hercules Hernandez many many years ago by ripping the chain.

    Saw you beat Andre front row in Hartford, CT. and a ton of other matches live. I was particularly thrilled once I learned you were into philosophy and how to think, especially how to simply read a book.

    I WILL have a gym like this within 2 years. Having just hit 40 myself this year, we begin to reflect on what life is truly about. The highs, the lows, and the people we meet along the way who fit into both those categories.

    My best to you and your family. If you’ve ever near Austin drop me a line. I’m sure we’ll have a great deal to talk about.


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