Don’t doubt yourself…or what I tell you.


You’re doing well….I know you are.

In my April 1 post I listed the general philosophical things I do to live a productive, healthy, positive, and happy life.

Some of you wrote and said you don’t grasp the significance of what I meant by telling you that I remind myself what I am, a human being. You don’t understand what I mean by telling you to keep this foremost in mind, or how doing so is going to do anything to help you with creating change in your life or help you handle negative circumstances you are, right now, contending with.

I’m not surprised anymore by the ignorance. I was for a long time. For years, whenever I’ve been asked for a bit of inspiration or life advice, I always end and begin with telling the individual to concentrate most on what they are, what abilities and potential this thing they are has, and that what they are makes all things possible. Rarely does anyone get the significance of what I mean. Unfortunately, there is greater evidence than my own personal experiences to prove it. The multimillion (maybe Billion) self-help and self-improvement industry is subsidized by people’s inability to grasp the importance of focusing on what they are, too. Aside from all the various and different practical tricks and gimmicks each uniquely styled and flamboyant peddler includes in the products they produce, there is one fundamental condition in evey single one of these products that the user must meet, yet the majority fail, time and time again. This condition is grasping what it means to be what you are and realizing that at some point and time “help” and “empowerment” depend on “self.”  Only you can help and empower yourself, and you do that by understanding, using and putting into action the human being that you are.

The human being is the rational animal. Being the rational animal means you have a mind capable of rationality, which means you have the faculty of “reason,” which gives you the capacity for intelligence to figure things out about yourself, other people and the world you live in. It gives you the ability to understand and be understood, acquire and learn knowledge. Reason gives you the capacity to act in accordance with reality, gives you the power to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, what works from what does not work, and use these judgments to make choices that guide the direction of your life. Bottomline, your mind — your rational mind — is your most basic means of survival.

Before you casually dismiss what I am explaining to you here, because you are unfamiliar with the terms or think it is all over your head, beyond your comprehension, or you think it’s a bunch of philosophical gibberish you don’t need to understand, let me try to get your attention another way.

Do you know that your freedom in this country is derived from this one single idea — that you are a rational animal? Is that simple and important enough to get your attention? I thought so.

Where in the Declaration of Independence it states that “all men are created equal,” what do you think that means? How are all men created equal? We — all men — are created equal by virtue of the fact that we are all created as rational animals. That’s it. Nothing else. That is the one single thing that makes men created equal. The Founders didn’t put “all men are created equal” in the Declaration just because it sounded good. They put it in there because it means exactly what I am telling you it does.

So, now that you know, what is it you don’t understand about that what you are — a human being, the rational animal – is indeed what you do need to depend on first to make your life work, create and change the circumstances of your life. Your mind gives you the power to control the direction of your life. It gives you the sole authority to handle your life.

I think it’s interesting to point out that of all the excuses people use to explain their failings at properly and effectively conducting their lives, no one ever tries to get away with: “I don’t have a mind.” People will defend themselves by claiming, “I lost my mind,” I lost control of my mind, and, “I was out of my mind,” but no one tries “I don’t have a mind.”

Remind yourself what you are. Over and over. Toward thinking, knowing and believing how you can, there is nothing more important. Nothing.
Always Believe,


Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right.

Hello.  Thinking positive that you are all doing well. Always do.

I’ve been offline since last Summer. You’ve been aware of this. But that didn’t stop you. You went right on writing emails. Over 20,000 of them landed in an email box and sat waiting. A few days ago I peeked inside. I’m glad I did.  It’s been awhile since I touched base, and you had a lot to say.

You wrote about many things…the bailouts…the state of our government…Conservatism…CON-servatives…today’s liberal kooks…our culture…the Barack Presidency and its Socialist/Marxist power grab…your family…your kid’s schools…Wrestlemania 25…new dead drug addict former WWE wrestlers…The Wrestler movie and the self-destructive actor they hired to play the role…appearances…speaking engagements…being inspired by what you found at Warrior Web…your own words of encouragement.

Nearly all of you asked if I was ok and how I’m doing…if I’m alive…how my family is doing…what (if anything) I have in store for you next…what I’ve been up to…when you can expect to hear from me again. I appreciate that. Thank you. I’m fortunate to have you all as supporters over the years.

I am still alive. If I were dead, I suppose, as some believe, I would have written and told you so. (Long time visitors to the Warrior Web will get the tongue-in-cheek.) My family and I are doing super. My baby girls, Indiana and Mattigan, are becoming little ladies — way too quickly. But I am keeping my stamina high so that I can stay ahead of it and catch as much of these beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime moments as possible. They are both off to great starts to live strong, bold, confident, and brave lives.

Their mother seems to have found a fountain of youth around here somewhere on our property. She just giggles when I ask her to tell me where it is. We’ve been married 10 years now and I still can’t get enough of everything about her. All the countless stupid decisions I made in my life are totally counterbalanced by the one smart one I made letting her fall in love with me falling in love with her.

Me? Same O. Ornery. One-of-a-kind (so are you!). I’m enjoying life, day by day, trying to refine this to minute by minute. Always reading and learning to stay inspired — mentally, physically and spiritually. Training, staying healthy. Building an art career, something I’ve been teaching myself to do over the last 7-8 years; finally starting showing my works. Warrior Gallery is set up down on the famous Canyon Road, here in Santa Fe. Stop by and say hello if you are ever out this way. My website, “” is in its initial stages of being built. More will be coming online soon.

Enough about me. Let’s talk a little bit about you and how you’re doing.

When I was reading your emails there’s something else I couldn’t help notice. A lot of you seem to be feeling plenty of despair these days, some of you claim to be outright depressed. Many of you tell me you are consumed with doubt, fear and worry. You’re worried about your jobs and financial security, what the future holds for you and your family. You want to know how to better the quality of your attitude and lives. Many of you write and want to know what I do to keep my head on straight to keep moving forward in my life in a healthy and positive way. You want to know how it is that I was able to move on with my life in a productive, fulfilling way and keep a confident and bold attitude.

For starters, I never forget what I am. Not who I am — what I am. I’m a human being.

This alone makes me capable of handling my life and the direction of it. Its circumstances. Its quality. Its outcome. It’s influences. My attitude. I stop and remind myself of this very important thing whenever I begin to “feel” (instead of, accurately, think) like challenges and circumstances I may be dealing with aren’t in my control. This reminder, sometimes sternly applied, brings be back to reality. The reality that the human being is created to have control over their life. No (sane) human being is absent this control. Yet, many people, when they find themselves in difficult or troubling circumstances, roll their eyes and look at anyone or anything else to assign blame. And, as for getting out of the mess, they sit and wait and do nothing but fantasize that their rescue is going to drop from the sky.

There are events and issues that happen that we cannot control from happening. I know this and I’m not denying it. There are unexpected disasters, tragedies and challenges we find ourselves faced with that we can’t control. Take the worldwide economic situation right now, the very thing causing the worry and concern so many of you hold. Even if you have lived your life prudently and are prepared for a tough time like this, there’s no way you could have controlled the imprudence and lack of preparation others in the world live by. Yet, fact is, we are all now paying for it in one way or another. This bigger economic fallout is an example of something you could not have controlled.

Still, powerless as you are to stop or effect the overall situation or any one other’s individual situation, you do hold the power to not only control what you will think about it, what your attitude will be about it, but also what you will think to do, or not do, about it. Your power of choice does not lie with anyone else. Your power to make choices and take action lies in your mind, not someone else’s. You DO hold the power to handle your life and the circumstances dealt you.

Most of the anxiety and loss of control people sense is created by outside influences. Negative influences can have no other effect on your state of mind than negative. You have to remove yourself from negative influences to be able to shut down negative thoughts in your head. You have to get away from them, entirely. There is no other option. There is no compromise you can make. If you won’t, you choose not to. If you don’t, your negative mindset will never change. No one else can force you to have negative thoughts or an negative attitude — be worried, doubtful, and fearful. Only you can. And if you subject yourself to these kinds of destructive influences, which inevitably generate like thoughts, no one else can remove you from them. Only you can. You own your mind — and its power to make you act. You control the ability to set your attitude and course of action.

I remove myself…

Get away from tv and radio news programming, and online news sites. Don’t listen to talk radio programs that discuss the state of our government and what is going on economically. Don’t watch tv programs that do the same. Turn them off. So much of what is going on in the world today to create the negative environment, you have absolutely no control over. No control whatsoever. Whether you pay attention or not will never matter. Any attention given is time wasted. Don’t fool yourself into believing that by giving attention to the negativity and misery you are somehow becoming more intelligently informed or might be inspired to come up with a solution to it all. The full truth is never given or fought for on these programs and you can’t save the world all by yourself. (Although, improving yourself to be the best you can be and being a a positive and inspiring example to others can and will change many lives one life at a time.) Build a impenetrable kind of self-discipline whereby you don’t even spend the energy to ignore the negative, two-faced and biased “news” of the World. Act like it doesn’t even exist. When someone ask you what you think about all that’s going on, tell them you don’t. “I don’t. I don’t think about it.” Make a promise to yourself that you will be so strong that nothing can disturb your optimistic frame of mind. Turn the news off and try this. I guarantee you that within 48 hours the heavy depressing weight of the doom and gloom you feel will disappear completely from your mind. Trust me, if we come under some existence-threatening danger, you’ll get the news of it instantly from the reaction of people around you. In the meantime, quit subjecting yourself to the fearful anxiety of it all.

Okay, you’ve stopped giving attention to the bad influences and rid your mind of negative thought. Now it is time to do the opposite:  fill your mind with great ideas, motivating creativity, and energized belief.

I read and listen…

Read inspiring literature. Only. Nothing else. Start with self improvement books and audiotapes. Although my overall cynical opinion about the majority of hucksters who market this kind of stuff has not changed, there is a lot of life-empowering information throughout these products, especially the classic stuff put out years ago when the authors intention to help people was genuine. Until you build pure self-motivation, you have to expose yourself to motivating ideas wherever you can find them. You will do so by reading and listening to these products. While you are doing this, also begin a Great Book. I’ve mentioned my own interest and learning journey with the Great Books of the Western World many times before. I can’t say enough about the penetrating inspiration I’ve gotten back in return for reading these books that may at first sight seem above you, but, by making the effort, heighten your belief in the awesome human potential we all hold. I’ve said frequently that people before us have faced greater challenges and done greater things than any of us living today. Reading the Great Books will prove that to you, and also inspire you to raise the standards by which you live your own life.

(Btw, for those of you who have children, find at least 15-30 minutes a day to read to them. Turning them on to the power and wonder of reading, and stimulating their imagination, is one of the greatest things you can do.)

I exercise hard…

Exercise your body with intensity for at least an hour and a half a day, everyday. Go to a gym and kick your own ass. Or create a full body program at home and kick your ass there. Jumpstart the performance enhancements and stress relievers your body holds and doses out naturally. Physical activity is the quickest and most effective way to kill worry, doubt and fear. The mortality rate is 100%. Everything about you and the quality of your life gets better with exercise.

I eat healthy food…

The quickest most effective way to begin building healthy eating habits, especially if you do not have the habit of doing so, is start with removing all junk fast food from your diet. Stop eating it altogether. This will be a huge first step if you are like so many other people who eat out more than they eat at home. The quick and impressive results you get from this will motivate you to want to learn more, and from there, the knowledge is easy to find.

(About exercise and healthy eating habits, I have the Warrior Workout START kit if you’re interested. It gives the you the blunt, bold, no bs lowdown on what you need to do to get your health and fitness act together.)

I am thankful and grateful for what I do have…

This is an old cliché, but the reason it’s not worn out is that it rings so true. If you take the time to look around — really take the time — you will see that you already do possess so many things that you should be grateful and thankful for, things of incredible wealth.  If you lost every material thing you may, right now, be worried about losing you would still have so much. And all of it is priceless. None of it can be replaced with money. I believe that until we are grateful for what we do have we aren’t deserving of much else, and karma has its way of keeping you stuck with what you have and where you are until you get your appreciation priorities straight.

I tell them…

Tell the ones you love that you love them, every chance you get, because you never know when your chances will run out. A lot of times life doesn’t come to an end with a date and time announcement. One moment someone is here, the next moment they are not. And even when we know an end is forthcoming, never can we be fully prepared. Love for someone is the greatest booster of happiness for our hearts, and one day down the road, the greatest breaker of it, too. You never know when…none of us do. But if you take advantage of every chance you get, you won’t ever have to wonder if your loved ones always knew.

I Meditate…

Spend a little bit of quiet, undisturbed time in deep thought. Just find a place where you can sit quietly and spend some time thinking about your life, your human potential, and envision the quality of life and experiences you want for yourself and your family. Concentrate on your breathing and peace of mind. You can find out all the basics you need to have to properly begin doing this, online.

I Laugh…

Make the time to find the humor in something everyday. Every chance you get even make fun of yourself. There will always be the serious things you have to tend to, and you should pursue them seriously. But there are plenty of funny moments you cross paths with throughout the day. When it happens, chuck the seriousness for a few minutes and have a big laugh. If you have kids, you won’t have to wait long.

I Pray…

Pray and give thanks to whatever Creator you believe in. NEVER pray for help. Pray for greater and tougher challenges. He Created you with all the help you will ever need. Don’t disrespect Him by asking for more. NEVER pray for guidance. Pray for exposure to deeper mystery. Fear of finding your own way in this lifetime is not living, it is passing wasted time till you are dead.

I Believe. Always. I always believe that I have within me the potential to do something unique and do whatever I set my mind and actions to do.

In some wonderful one-of-a-kind way you are unlike anyone else. All of us human beings here on this planet, all of us so much alike in so many ways, but each of us with our own life story. Your story is your story, not anyone else’s. You were created with a singular unique soulprint to do something creative like no other human being who has lived or will ever live. What that “thing” is that only you can do has unlimited potential. However, because that thing is yours to do and no one else’s, no one else can discover it for you. Only you can. You find it by believing that it does indeed lie inside of you. It’s not that you have to know, right now, exactly what that unique creative thing is you have the potential to do. What matters is that you believe with all you are that it lies inside of you. This is where you start. Nothing matters more than always believing in the potential you hold to do something no one else can and the potential you have to think and act to bring it to life.

These are the “philosophy of life” things I practice everyday to stay positive and inspired. There are many specific practical things you can do to start changing the circumstances and quality of your life, but I’ll leave those alone for now.

There is a lot of fearmongering going on right now, I know. But now is not the time be afraid. It’s the time to be braver and bolder than you’ve ever been. I know it’s not easy to stay inspired. But you have to make a way. Make a warrior’s effort.

Always Believe,