Yes or No.

“The heaviest charged words in our language are those briefest ones, ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ One stands for the surrender of the will, the other for denial; one stands for gratification, the other for character. A stout ‘no’ means a stout character, the ready ‘yes’ a weak one, gild it as we may.”
~ T.T. Munger

Hello fellow warrior,

Free Will. An incredible power. An incredible responsibility.

Simple things like right or wrong, true or false, good or bad, accurate or inaccurate, effective or ineffective, constructive of destructive, proper or improper…what side you come down is regulated by how you choose to use your Free Will.

Every moment of your life you have the power to choose not only which direction your immediate life will head but where your life will end up down the road, as well. Days, month, and years from now, you will find yourself in the exact destination you drove yourself while being the sole designated driver of your choices.

Wherever you find yourself in your life, to know how you got there, look in the rearview mirror. It may do a great job of making the memories and timelines of the choices you’ve made all fuzzy and faded, but the consequences of your choices, of them, the rearview mirror holds not the magic power to erase.

The consequences…they hang on for the ride, all the way to the end. To haunt or help, they sit in the backseat, crunched up on their haunches on the edge of that rear seat, their fingers clinched around the two tiny bars of the headrest, pulling the faces of their histories up close enough to be breathing down the back of your neck, screaming and whispering, taunting and telling, never letting you forget what damages and deeds you’ve left behind on the highways you’ve traveled in your life.

Free Will is the only Master with Power enough to control the Monster’s appearance in the rearview mirror.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity –

Always Believe,


Overtraining is bullshit.

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.


Got quite a few emails about my comment that I believe overtraining is (another) sissy modern day concept — and BS.

Many of you who commented couldn’t believe I said such a thing. You think I should explain myself — “if you can,” you snidely add. Apparently, you’re concerned young kids following my BODY advice might be “mislead.” Going by your training standards today, you might be right. Young kids who follow my advice would be mislead in how to become champions — winners. And God knows, we can’t have any winners in our culture today. Not when kids are “lead” to be losers.

I found it interesting that the majority of you commentators seem to think you also read that I said rest or recovery is not necessary at all. Along with disagreeing with me by believing overtraining is possible and legit, you support your believe by chastising me, “You know rest is important for the body to recover, Warrior, so I don’t understand why you would put forward any idea that it is not.”

Yes, Einsteins, I do. I do know rest and recovery is important. I never said they were not. I never put forward any idea as you imagine. You read something into what I actually said that was not there at all.

What I said — and absolutely still stand by — is that overtraining is not possible unless you believe so in your mind.  Oh, and it is BS.

Like most of the modern day theories intended to stifle action but stimulate a lot of yakkitty-yak,  overtraining is one of those state-of-the-art suppositions that keep people from doing the THREE tried-and-true things they actually most need to do to build up their physiques or their physical strength:

Train. Train Hard. And TRAIN HARDER.

For good measure you might want to throw in a fourth thing if the three above don’t seem to be working.


Training is what people of all ages, young and old, need to concentrate on before they think too much about doing anything else — including the silly idea that they might be overtraining. Actually doing the exercise work at hand will do wonders for your body you would not believe. I guess, though, this isn’t a training method scientific enough for today’s trainers and trainees. On the other hand, thinking and talking too much can actually prohibit training altogether. Go figure. Walk into any gym today and see this self-evident truth at work for yourself.

Young recruits today think they need supplements like pro-hormones and NO2 stimulants before they even go to the gym and experience what it is like to grab the iron and throw it around for awhile. In my mind, a long while, say 3-5 years, for starters. Maybe after they put in that kind of time and commitment they can start having some serious thoughts about what might be important next.

I must get 50 emails a day asking me what is the best prohormone, and what is most important, working out? OR food and supplements? And they do not mean food and supplements to go along with the working out they would do at the same time. They mean — is it more important to eat food and take supplements OR workout to build my body? Yes, fellow warrior, you are understanding me correctly in the way I’ve written this. Somehow or other these kids have the idea that they can eat food and supplements without working out and build their bodies that way. Exercise might not be necessary according to the newfangled bodybuilding theories they hold.

This is a direct result of the fraud and idiocy the health and fitness industry perpetuates, to sustain their desire to keep people ignorant, stupid, and confused. If a young kid is going to be mislead, and potentially do harm to himself, it is the modern day crap that it is going to cause it, not me saying overtraining is bs. My advice will actually help the kid!

Back in my bodybuilding days it was typical to train bodyparts three times per week, including even the compound exercises — squats, deadlifts, bentover rows and heavy bench. I continually and progressively got huge and strong (all the monsters I knew then did too). Gritting, grinding, grunting, gnarling and growling were training concepts regularly witnessed, but overtraining? Never heard of it.

Train big. Eat big. Get plenty of good, sound rest. Period. All kinds of bodybuilders and strength athletes thrived off this simple three part formula. This was before they had all the theories, all the science, all the trainer certifications, and all the mad, over-the-top chemical experimentation that goes on today.

During my sports entertainment career, for over 5 years of a practically straight-through tour of duty, I traveled on a plane nearly every day, never missed any hardcore HIT workouts (no less than 6 days per week), survived on 3-4 hours sleep a night, and ate mostly 5-6 cans of tunafish per day (and practically nothing else when I could not find eating establishments that served good, clean food). Many times I would go 24 hour periods without any other kind of food — no carbs, no fats…just tuna out of the can.

That’s 24 hours where I would have also executed my workout and performed a wrestling match. I worked nearly every night of the year, pushing my body and energy reserves to the absolute limit. My success was dependent on my physique and physical conditioning. It was not something I could leave to chance or give silly, half-ass attention to. The limited caloric intake and the extreme workload never manifested anything but the most positive effects. My body ALWAYS took whatever exertion I subjected it to and it responded by getting better and better over time even though the mental and physical demands became greater and greater at the same time.

The problem with young people today is that they are doing too much theorizing and talking and not enough damn work. It’s no mystery that athletic champions in any sport put in a lot of hours — a full day’s work of 8-10 hours working on what needs to be done to succeed at the highest level.

How all this BS started that the body of person working out with weights can only handle 90 minutes of training a day only a few times per week, and the remainder of the time should be spent laying around eating gourmet health foods and shoveling down expensive supplementation, I don’t know. But I do know it is all BS because I speak from experiences that undisciplined, weak-minded individuals and skinny fitness-training theory freaks never had. All of this nonsense came from out of the minds of midgets who saw big money in marketing easy muscle building strategies to the masses of lazy, afraid-of-hard-work losers like themselves.

Sounds like excuses to me. Damn pathetic ones. Ones not tolerated around here. Get to the gym, shut the fuck up and train your guts and brain out. Your body will tell you when it needs rest and recovery. When it does, give it some.

But don’t be a slave to its whining. Your best and most effective muscle building workouts will be when you least feel like going to the gym. Don’t be a sissy to soreness and hard work — or even pain. Try it — I promise, if you are serious about building muscle, you’ll love it.

If being big and muscular was natural, we’d all be big and muscular. Your goal to be huge is not natural and your body is going to try and come up with all kinds of excuses because it does not like what you are making it do. Tough shit. Engage Mind over Matter and go back and torture the crap out of it again.

Any kid out there training 5, 6 or 7 days a week and doing everything and anything, giving it his all, keeping his attitude positive, paying attention to what his body is telling him, drinking gobs of milk and not worrying about whether he has the new age supps — now, that’s a kid you do need to be afraid of. There’s a kid you will want to keep your eye on. Why? He’s been mislead, and he’s certain to be a future champion  — and warrior.

Kicking your OWN ass is the best way to discover what it takes to kick the ass of your competitor — in any game or sport. Leave your OWN blood and guts in the training arena and your opponent will leave his on the battlefield.

Your Founding Father of Kicking His Own Ass in the Gym,

Always Believe,


Let Books Invade Your Mind.

“One can resist the invasion of an army but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.”

~ Victor Hugo
You have to read. You have to go to the library, or you have to build your OWN.

I’m never without book. I love a great book.

I really love one of The Great Books of the Western World. They not only educate me, they enlighten me, make me more aware of how important understanding philosophy is to one’s life.

I also read and enjoy books that inspire and empower practical aspects of my life.

Set yourself up on a reading program to read at least two books per week. Find an hour or two to read everyday. You have the time — you just aren’t making it. Create this habit and it will change your life. If you have to get up an hour or two earlier than you normally to do your reading, do so. Increasing your knowledge and bettering your life takes discipline.

Turn the TV off. Leave it off if you don’t have the discipline to only watch quality stuff that empowers your life. Better yet — throw the damn thing out. It never makes the quality of your life or your attitude any better when you watch the news or the junk programming (basically what ALL TV is today). Every time you watch this crap, it makes your attitude and quality of life worse.

Don’t read garbage. Garbage in your mind, garbage out through your thoughts and actions.

Thirteen Great and Must Reads for warriors (from a spectrum of subjects):

The Prince ~ Nicolo Machiavelli

The Essays ~ Montaigne

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ~ Mark Twain

Art and Fear ~ David Bayles & Ted Orland

Two Treatises Concerning Civil Government ~ John Locke

The Power of Decision ~ Raymond Barker

The Call of the Wild ~ Jack London

Study Methods and Motivation ~ Edwin Locke

Psycho-Cybernetics ~ Maxwell Maltz

Mere Christianity ~ C. S. Lewis

The Books in My Life ~ Henry Miller

The True Believer ~ Eric Hoffer

The Republic ~ Plato

Your Founding Father of Mind over Matter,

Always Believe,


13 Books that are Great Reads

“Until lately the West has regarded it as self-evident that the road to education lay through great books. No man was educated unless he was acquainted with the masterpieces of his tradition. There was never very much doubt in anybody’s mind about which the masterpieces were. They were the books that endured and that the common voice of mankind called the finest creations, in writing, of the Western Mind.”

~ Robert M. Hutchins

The books are from diverse topic areas. I can’t force any of you to read. But you always ask what I do to stay inspired and positive in my own life. I read books. I spend at least two hours a day reading “good-to-great” books.

To gain knowledge that can help you live a better quality of life, you have to learn it, and to learn it, you have to read books or get the knowledge from some other source. Access to books is easy. Most of them cost little. A library card cost $5 — and is an awesome place to read. You can find many of the classic Great books online for free — Project Gutenberg is a good start. And in my opinion, reading makes a greater impact on your mind.

Thinking and learning, the kind that makes you more powerful in your life, is not something you do passively. The more engaged your mind is, the better. Watching video or listening to audio to learn is nothing compared to having your mind absorbed with the structure of a book and the process of piecing together ideas and concepts from words and sentences.

Even when it comes to fiction, there’s nothing like imaginatively and creatively becoming one with the story inside a book. Even the best movies leave the best parts of a story out.

Success in life in its most fundamental way is effort and work. Books leave you no choice. Effective reading holds your mind captive — it makes you make the effort and do the work. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing.

It’s easy to find myself in conversation with people who want to better their lives. It happens frequently. But rarely is the person who wants change doing anything to learn more knowledge to create it. Developing the habit of daily reading WILL change your attitude and your life in dramatic ways. Up to you. Always is. NEVER anyone else.

Nicomachean Ethics ~ Aristotle

The Magic of Believing ~ Claude Bristol

The Virtue of Selfishness ~ Ayn Rand

Economics in One Lesson ~ Henry Hazlitt

The Aeneid ~ Virgil

How to Read a Book ~ Mortimer Adler

Dumbing Us Down ~ John Gatto

Meditations ~ Marcus Aurelius

The Book of Virtues ~ William Bennett

The Odyssey ~ Homer

1984 ~ George Orwell

Who Killed Homer ~ Victor Davis Hanson

Dear Theo: The Autobiography of Vincent Van Gogh

Your Founding Father of Mind over Matter,

Always Believe,


Reset Your Soul’s Compass.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  

~ Mark Twain
All right, you did it, right? 

You reset your SOUL’s compass and you’re now in pursuit of your Destiny, right?

Yes? BRAVO!!

No? $#@ me — why not? I thought we made an agreement? What agreement? The agreement you agreed to when you subscribed to the Ultimate Warrior E-zine, the fine print on the subscription release. This right here:

“By subscribing to the Ultimate Warrior E-zine of thy own free will, fellow warrior agrees and promises that he will aggressively and intensely and with a warrior attitude pursue his unique Destiny in this life, and will use any and all violent means to eradicate and annihilate any and all obstacles that attempt to interfere in said pursuit.”

See. Don’t tell me you didn’t see that. You swore to an official oath. You are to have allegiance to your Destiny. Do you know how far you could have come by now, in the last few weeks since the first E-zine where I laid things out for you in basic, blunt, bold and no BS terms? Do you realize how many vices and oppressions and depressions and faults you could have conquered by now if you would have just simply STARTed? Or should I say, simply honored your oath?

Look, there will be no change in anything about your life but the different clothes you put on each day if you do not START with small steps. And who knows, after a few more years of facing life with your head down, you may not even be motivated to change those anymore. That would be weird — and smelly. Let’s don’t go there.





Serious, dedicated, consistent change is the only way you are going to end up living your life true to its Destiny.

You aren’t happy with where you are in your life right now, right? You don’t enjoy doing what you are for a living? There is no satisfaction you’re getting out anything you do anymore? You can’t stand the way you get looked back at in the mirror? Come on here, help me out. This stuff isn’t coming to me because I am reading your mind. This is stuff you have sent me — yes, you!

So, if you’re going to get on a different and better life ride, you have to start making changes. And one that we talked about is getting more in touch with what your Soul is telling you you should go out and do with your life. Call it your heart, your instincts, your spirit…hell, I don’t care what you call it. What name you give this voice inside of you does not matter. What matters is that you start tuning into its frequency. Change in this, fellow warrior, is good. Trust me.

Look, you will always be shocked by how little “change” you can see in the course of one 24 hr day. It won’t seem like much and it can be discouraging. But you have to find more stamina that that. One day is jack. Your view and patience have to be long-range. You have to find the wherewithal to hang. You can’t expect your life to be turned rightside up in one day or a week or a month after all these years of it being wrongside down.

But if you will start and go day by day and do a little more and a little more in each successive day that passes, you will be amazed to see the huge, accumulated “change” after a chain of days has passed. You can’t skip small steps altogether! If you haven’t noticed — you don’t live life in a chain of days. So to get in the habit of making change and sticking with it and seeing it all the way through, you don’t look at more than one day at a time. You keep your eyeballs and mind’s eye on one day and work with that.

This Destiny thing we are talking about. Pursuing IT is your quest to bring you face-to-face with your one-of-a-kind magnificence. Believe it or not. Like it or not. Bothered by it or not. It doesn’t matter what you feel or not. This Destiny thing inside of you isn’t going away. So my advice is to get in line with it and quit pissing it off by not living up to it. It’s in you and a part of you for the very reason that you are supposed take it out into the world and show it off. And it’s not really pleased by how you’ve turned your back on showcasing the “more” incredible version of yourself.

Look, I get it. Your parents and elders and other numskull adults pounded their ideas and beliefs into your developing mushy mind and shaped and influenced your philosophy of life. To hear you tell it, it wasn’t all that inspiring or positive. Fear, doubt, indifference, timidity — all these life dis-easing viruses common to conformists and pessimists, as the adults rearing you were, got thrown in as part of the deal.

It’s shitty. I agree. And here you are today still dealing with the after-effects, at a time when you thought once you grew up the pieces of life’s puzzle would all fall into place.

But it’s different…

The potential of your life that once seemed limitless when you were young has taken on limitation. The clean, blank slate (tabula rasa) of your mind you began with is tarnished and weighed down with the huge nasty chunks of the depressed, non-thinking behavior other human beings have tortured it with. The bright, lively, abundant perspective you once held about life now seems dark, narrow and confining.

You’re beat up more than a little bit and your days are spent mostly being bummed out.

Yes, yes, yes…it’s all true. I get it. All of it. I know exactly what you mean.

You know what else I know?

Nobody gives a shit. Nobody gives a fuck. Nobody really cares.

Nobody really cares that you can come up with excuses and provide explanations about why you are living below your potential. Nobody really gives a shit how big your tears are or how broken your heart is. You can throw your whole life away and nobody will give a damn for one moment longer than it takes for them to get back to whining and complaining about the misery of their own life.

Frankly, your willingness to let go of your dreams of living a inspired, energetic and kick-ass life comforts this crowd of people. It makes all the other slaves and sycophants in the world feel better about themselves. Your decision to toss in the towel relieves them of some of their own guilt over the fact that they sold out their Souls and Destinies a long time ago.

They got in line. They shut their mouths. They tossed away their spirits. They got with the program. They signed on as automatons. These are the people who hate themselves and the trainwrecked lives they inhabit — but they’re done. Cooked. Toast. They have nothing on the inside left — for themselves or you.

And now, they celebrate because you are ready to drag your ass down the same route. Is this is the kind of crowd you want to hang out with the rest of a dreary life, these kind of individuals who approve and support you giving up on believing in the Destiny that stirs inside of you?

I hope not, because giving up is a dirty, vile thing.

You know what hasn’t given up on you? You know what still does give a shit about you and your life?

That tiny voice inside of you that has never silenced itself. That’s what. Not once has it left you alone. Throughout your whole lifetime it’s never quit trying to concentrate your full, undivided attention on the fuller, richer, more powerful picture of yourself you need to have and the greater relationship your Destiny intends for you to have with the infinite universe.

That tiny voice deep inside of you has always been YOUR heroic life calling out to you, urging you on to step up and claim your rightful throne — the throne of your Destiny.

But it is not automatic. Ordinary is automatic.  Boring is automatic. Mediocre is automatic. Giving up is automatic. Dying without really living is automatic.

You know what isn’t automatic? The courage, confidence, and belief it takes to engage a warrior’s desire, dedication and discipline to travel the extraordinary path concealed in your Destiny.

You can’t let your belief in your Destiny be snuffed out by the practical realities of modern life. To follow the path of your Soul it is not enough to only handle the responsibility of the real outside world. You have to employ yourself in a different kind of learning. But this is not a departure from behaving rationally. It is the full engagement of it. Your Destiny is real — like concrete.

You can’t reject your innate spiritual connection to the infinite universe and simply chalk it up to fantasy for fear of being trivialized or ridiculed. There is “more” to life than you are experiencing and your gut instincts are telling you this every day. Every minute you feel discontent about your OWN life is proof that the longing of a Destiny is alive within you.

You can’t wake each day and recommit yourself to struggle among the drudgery — spending your time, energy and ambition to make misery and handle drama, not magnificence of yourself. Your dedication can’t be to status symbols. What you wear, what you buy, what material possessions you own, how others perceive you — these silly, superficial and sad things cannot be what drive purpose in your life. It provides all the status quo to sustain a functional life, but it provides nothing toward enthusiastic or inspired living.

You cannot pursue more leisure time only to continue wasting it at spinning your wheels at not doing or accomplishing anything of real value or meaning to your life. You cannot allow yourself to only be stimulated by the negative, destructive, and deviant that saturate our culture.

You can’t live your life afraid, or let it me it be run by the opinions and criticisms of others. What that “more” is to your OWN life will never be revealed to you unless you face the fear you may have of its mystery and stand up and show that you are willing to fight for it and embrace its greatness.

WHY, you must ask, should it do for you if you will not do for it?

A Destiny’s impressiveness can’t survive in a body and mind that is weak and insecure. It will not tolerate an atmosphere or attitude of fear or the necessity for certainty. Fear and the need for certainty, above all other weaknesses, have brought you to where you are now in your life — a place of boredom and complacency and passionless living.

Powerful as it is, your Destiny will not force itself on the outward existence of your life. It cannot thrive under the conditioning, order and restraint of our workaday, unidealistic, sacrificial lives. Constant absorption in the mechanized objectivity of your day to day life will only bury it deeper inside of you. But it doesn’t want to remain unknown. It doesn’t want to be kept a secret. The Destiny in your Soul wants to reveal itself to you so you can live your life without boundaries or limitations.

Your Destiny absolutely cannot and will not tolerate resistance or restriction. Once set free, it must be allowed to rule. It must have the freedom to be the Master Storyteller from that moment forth. When it wants to express thoughts and speak dialogue that will explode once they land on the ears of those listening — you stay out of the way of its tongue and let it. When it brings forth ideas that are mad to the whole rest of the world — you run like the Ultimate Warrior to make the delivery. When it wants to burn the bridge so there is no way to return — you blow it all to hell and laugh the whole time you do it.

Great souls live great lives because they jump from the cliff without gear. When yours takes you to the edge of each cliff — push yourself off.

And finally, your Destiny will not tolerate you believing in your Soul’s existence on faith alone. You must believe your Soul is discoverable — here and now. You must believe it has an identity as real as anything you can touch, see or feel with your bodily senses. You must believe it is here and exists inside of you for your guidance right now.

Your Soul is the source of real life power. Setting it’s Destiny free and putting full trust in it is how you live an extraordinary life. A warrior’s life.

We choose.

We choose to live as warriors or ordinary men.

Your Founding Father of I OWN I,

Always Believe,


Busting Ass. No permission necessary.

“Always keep fit! Study your sport deeply, and only pay attention to the advice of those who do things! Leave those who theorize severely alone. Practice and compete with your superiors at your sport. Never with your inferiors.”

~ Maxick

It’s interesting.

In the premier Ultimate Warrior E-zine I talked about how we lose touch with our destinies because we grow up educating our brains and beliefs in ways that turn off the voice of guidance our souls provide. The same thing happens with our bodies  — if we let it.

Most do. Did you?

When you were a kid did anyone ever stop and ask you if your BODY worked properly? Adequately?

When you had PE did your teacher single out you or anyone else as having a BODY not able to participate in the day’s physical education events?

Did you ever stop and get permission from your BODY when your buddies hauled ass across a field just for the hell of it? Wrestled with one another on the dirt ground?

Did your BODY ever put up any resistance when you signed up for any athletic program? Jumped into a pickup ball game of any kind?

Did your BODY ever turn you down when you dared to climb that big ass tree all the way to its top to impress your school girlfriends?

Did your BODY ever reject your desire to put it to work? use it hard? Throw it around and bang it up?

Did your BODY ever stop itself from being put to use day after day even when it was sore or worn out?

Did your BODY ever force you to stop during a whole day’s worth of physical activity and say I can’t go on because I need to refuel my BODY…it’s low on carbs, protein or fats?

The answer is no.

That answer is still no, today.

Your BODY isn’t rejecting you. It’s not putting up any resistance. It’s not stopping you from being physical. You’re attitude and mindset toward your BODY is. You gave up on your BODY. It didn’t give up on you. In fact, it’s kept right on doing all it can to hang in there, even without your help. Hell, you treat your car better than you do your BODY. A long, long time ago you quit listening to its innate guidance about what it needs. What it has always needed since day one. Exercise. Exertion. Sweating. Pushing. Pulling. Twisting. Bending. Banging. Pounding. Testing.

Not everyone coming around here for my BODY advice has the same challenges or goals. I got young kids, young adults, middle-age men, senior citizens, women of all ages and body types, fat, skinny, athletes and non-athletes — you name it.

Some of you have done some exercise and feel like — and see — you’ve gotten nowhere.

Some of you are familiar with exercise through serious athletic pursuits years ago. You were younger, and you have general memories of working your BODY hard to achieve your individual or team goals back then. But when you go looking for advice now you see that health and fitness has come along way. There’s a lot of information to work through. You want to be sure. You don’t remember things being as complicated as they seem today.

Some of you are totally dependent on the advice you are getting from trainers and others at the gyms you go to now. Yet you basically feel lost and know you’ve taken on bad habits. You know you aren’t working hard enough. You sit on the machines and pout or daydream. You use the gym more for socializing than for getting quality workouts. You can barely stand yourself and wish there were spas without mirrors.

And there others of you who are more serious about building strength and muscle. You’ve done some good, hard workouts (so you think), but you want to gain more knowledge. You want to go the next level.

In many ways, the differences don’t matter. The way to succeed is the same: stick with the basics.

Do the basic, compound exercises in the intense, hard way they must be done. Pay attention to what feedback your body and gut instincts give you. Gradually and progressively increase the weight you use in these movements. And, there, you have it. Size, strength, physique development, athletic function — all of it will come to you if will bust your ass and be patient.

I know you want me tell you that is it more than this. More of secret. I can’t. It’s not — and I don’t do BS.

To build your BODY up or take your BODY back — you do the basics. Go old-school. Like when you were a snot-nosed, rough-and-tumble kid who didn’t need to consult with anybody about how to work the BODY he was born with.

Don’t use your brain to get yourself in over your head. This is the time to think with your balls, your manhood. This is the time to rediscover the raw-er, brawnier, meatier, riskier, barbarian side of yourself — the side of yourself you neglected all these years so you could earn the key to the executive bathroom. Shelve the brilliance and intelligence you’ve used to solve obstacles in your professional life and make all the practical aspects of your life work.

Everywhere you look there’s a ton of instruction and direction about what you should do to get your BODY act together. Don’t let any of it get in the way of learning and doing the simple and basic stuff you actually need to do here.  It’s easy to get confused or mislead, especially if you are just starting out.

Stay away from all the scientific modern theories about how to get fit and healthy. If you start with paying too much attention to all the modern information you’ll get overwhelmed and become paralyzed and won’t do anything. Caught up in the whole mad mess of it you’ll find all kinds of excuses willing to be your friend. They are all designed to keep you more confused and less confident about the fact that you can figure things out for yourself. The entire health and fitness industry is built up on this premise. The more people believe the idea that getting their health and fitness act together is not basic and simple, the more they will rely on concoction and complication.

Remember, the most important thing is to START.

Get the basic information that assists you in learning the basic exercises, and leave it at that for now. Do these basic exercises with your own body-weight. Focus on getting the proper form down. This matters.

Do these until you have control over the basic muscular function of your BODY.  Do as many repetitions as it takes to feel a great deal of discomfort. Do dozens, hundreds, even thousands of reps if you have to. (My best leg development came from doing thousands of free squats — every single day sometimes.) Muscular soreness is a good thing. No pain, no gain — this is what works. I know you won’t find people telling you this today. That’s why I told you to not pay attention.

Grasp the fact that the best program for you is the one that works for you, not the ones others do for themselves or other experts tell you to do. The only way you find out what works best for you is to hurry up and get busy at the DOING — the doing of anything, and even everything, at the start. Overtraining is only possible if you believe it in your MIND. (Overtraining, another sissy-ass modern concept.) Your BODY can take whatever you throw at it.

As you go along your BODY will talk to you. When it does you listen to what it is is telling you. Doing this will have you discover what works best for you quicker than listening to the paid or unpaid advice of any other. Use your MIND as you use your BODY. Pay attention to what is going on with “you” while you are doing things.

Once you move to a gym, as you likely will do unless you set up your own home gym (great idea, btw!), enter with a warrior’s attitude and keep it from the moment you walk through the door up until the moment you go back through the door to leave.

The gym is not a place to work on making friends. It is a place to be fierce and loyal to yourself and your goals. Be polite and mind your manners, like decent, civil adult human beings should, but when it comes to doing the business you came to do — fuck everybody else. They can’t do your pushups for you — only you can. Train your mind’s eye to not even notice others in the gym.

Don’t spend time talking in the gym to other people about what they do, or what they think you should do. Stay focused on your own DOING. Those who would allow you to talk them while they are working out ARE NOT WORKING OUT and don’t know jack about what they are doing themselves, anyway. They’re lost — and warriors don’t get lead by those who are lost. All any of the GD talking does is lead to greater and greater confusion — and less activity at being busy experimenting on yourself.

When there is no activity, only talking and fantasizing, there is nothing at all to show for your efforts because nothing at all has been done. There is nothing to show because there has been no effort put toward producing results of any kind. There are no positive results or negative results.

Understand what I am telling you, here.

If you aren’t doing any of the work to produce any results, not only are you not going to see any positive results, you also are not going to get the negative results that naturally come along with the overall learning you set out to do. Finding what works best for you is a matter of learning it all — both the positive and the negative. There is no way around this. This is how you become “wise” about anything — you learn the knowledge from all angles. It is only by experiencing both that you become sure about what you ultimately need to do — what to keep, what to throw out. This way you don’t have to spend your time and energy wondering or being in doubt or asking others. Do you realize how much time you waste in your life being curiously engaged by absolute wacky ideas others bring up and discuss? When you are wise enough to know they are wacky you don’t have to spend any of your time entertaining them. You can move on and spend your time on building greater wisdom.

The basic BODY improvement principle is that you must move you muscles and use your muscles to move things. If you are having a hard time even moving yourself  – as many of you have told me — start with that! Move your own fat ass! This right here will be resistance for you!! Get up. Get moving. Do something — anything.

Once you can handle the weight of yourself you need to move heavier things. Work your way up to being able to move greater and greater weight. This is it. Once you learn this simple principle you are on your way. I put it these simple terms to make you understand that it is not any harder to understand than this. Yes, it is hard to do. Hard is good. Hard is always good. But it is not harder to understand than this. Don’t make it so.

Keep in mind, fellow warrior, in your life, challenge is a good thing. Challenge is what you pray for, never help. When you see one on the horizon, give thanks. It’s a sign you’re prayers have been answered. Once you come out on the other side of a challenge you become stronger and more confident, more set in belief in yourself.

This challenge of getting your BODY act together is a good thing — a great thing. A warrior thing.

Let’s get off to the right START, here. The START that will work now and throughout the years you continue this physical quest.

I’m sure you now have your heads screwed on straight. So I’ll leave you to do the work only a warrior can do.

Go rip some ass…some bis…some quads…some tris…some pecs…some delts…some abs — RIP IT ALL.

Your Founding Father of Kicking His Own Ass in the Gym,

Always Believe,


It’s coming along…

Several of you have asked about that 24″x36″ Ultimate Warrior painting I started.

Did it sell? Have you continued to work on it? Thanks for asking.

Yes. Both. It did sell. A great young kid from NY stole it at the 50% off finished price I offered it at. It’s going to be a killer piece of artwork and an incredible one-of-a-kind collectible.

I’m also going to kick off pre-sales for a Limited Edition Print of it in the next couple of days. Print will run just a little smaller in size and be produced in a limited quantity (very high-quality), each available for signature however you like and a COA will be included.

Here are a few new shots of the work in progress. Inexpensive ELPH digital camera. No professional lighting. No image alteration. Pictures don’t do the thick oil paint and knife-only work justice. Nice wheels, don’t you think?

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity.

Always Believe,



Warrior Art.

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.”

~Thomas Aquinas

Summer here is going great! Doing juried art shows, traveling the country…great way to vacation with my heaven-sent Warrior girls! Busy, busy, busy working on building up my portfolio. Have some great pieces completed.

Many of you ask, “Why no UW paintings?” I get this all the time at all the art shows, too. So, I got one under way — a real classic shot of UW shaking the ropes. I’ll be putting up an image of the smaller, 24″x36″ “study” piece I’m working on in a few days to show you the work in progress. After it is near completion, I’m going to decide on whether or not to do a larger work (48″x72″) of it. Going to start doing more self-portraits, as well. Should be interesting.

The sunflower images here are of small pieces I’ve done that go over real well at the shows I’ve been doing. Can’t knock them out fast enough!! They run 6″x8″ to 10″x”12″. I knife the paint on really thick and run it all over and round the edges of the canvas. I know the prices on my large pieces, what I enjoy doing the most, are not in everyone’s price range. These small ones are cheaper…still, ALL Warrior art…ALL oil paint (applied with only a knife), bold, thick!! I’m working on others and will get those up when they are done.

A couple of the pieces here are available for purchase in two sizes. Usually, I do a “study” piece, typically in black and white but sometimes very toned-down color (called a value study), to see how and what I think about putting the image down onto a larger canvas. When you click on the linked image, all the info will come up in a new browser window.

Make LIFE happen! Get out there and do it!! START!!!!

Always Believe,


18,534 days.

Apparently, without even trying, I keep shocking everybody.

I didn’t know living to be 50 was such a big deal — or something to be despised or ridiculed. Of course, not many former WWF, or even today’s WWE, wrestlers hang around alive long enough to celebrate their 50th birthday.

I always thought, though, that the mindless misfits and useful idiots charged with commentating on the industry could at least have started and continued that whole posthumous birthday homage media and entertainment pay to all their dead criminal heroes and OD’ed drug addicts. You know, like when they say, “Che Guevara would be 125 today if he wasn’t a thug and murderer who deserved to be executed…long live the revolution!” or, “If Elvis had never left the building and choked to death on his own puke while passed out on his toilet, ladies and gentlemen, he’d be 93 today.” I guess this kind of thing doesn’t go over too well for dead wrestlers though when the Memorial Wrestlefest held in their name craps out after the first year. Still, just a thought.

I really don’t know what my problem is. I guess it’s just that I really enjoy being alive. All of us have our little idiosyncrasies, you know. One of mine is getting myself out of bed each morning instead of putting the coroner through the hassle. Even with all the support, guidance, insight and marketing that’s been done, I just haven’t been able to pull this self-destruction thing off, get it to work right like all the others have.

This video ( came close to pushing me into that absolute zero zone you need to enter to get the job done right. But by its end my urge was gone and a peacefulness came over me like I never felt before. Serious…even if the Dalai Lama had walked into the room his presence could not have deepened the tranquility I was experiencing at the moment. This excellently produced piece of footage made me feel so good to be alive — and living with my head in the present, not up my ass.

Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. I don’t know. And sad as all my failure at this is, to make matters even worse, I just can’t find it in myself to even apologize. I simply have no remorse. I’m so not sorry for letting so many down. The only thing I have to offer, I suppose, is that I will keep on living. I know, it’s shameful.

Alright, let’s shelve the sarcasm.

For you self-thinkers, who make the effort and do the work yourselves to find out the truths about me and all other things that truly make your lives work, next week I’ve got another Warrior’s Journal coming on line and also a substantive, meaningful post about what’s going through my mind here as I look back at the now gone 18,534 days of my life. In the Warrior’s Journal I will be profiling Marcus Aurelius’s classic, “Meditations.” I believe you’ll enjoy it.

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity and Life Motivation,

Always Believe,