Warrior Thoughts on Insurance…

“The Greatest Good to the Greatest Number will obviously be reached when each individual of the greatest number is doing the greatest good to himself.”

“Individualism has the strength to resist all attacks.”

Rose Wilder Lane

The health care situation is interesting. I’ve a few thoughts…

The vigorous opposition to more government in our lives is a good thing. Several intelligent, limited-government voices not pulling any punches are getting through, connecting and being heard. The genuine instances of this are inspiring.

About the rest, I have to to be honest, I find it all disingenuous and none of it inspiring. More…

Hannity and Colmes Video…

Tonight…July 3.

Hello warriors. The reason given for my non-appearance last night is legit. The hookup was set to happen from the State Capitol building in Santa Fe. When I got there, there was one tech and he could not get an audio signal to go out. The young kid tried as hard as he could up till only ten minutes remained in the show — at that time they killed any chance of my appearance happening. As the kid let me out of the empty building he turned to me almost ready to cry and told me he’d always been a huge fan and really was sorry he let me down.

Those of you who immediately assumed I flaked don’t belong here. Nothing I’ve ever done in my life is inconsistent with the man I’ve long been honestly telling you I am. I never flake — every single second of my life I show up. You write and comment that you have been let down. Let me be clear about something, here. My life is not driven by a concern whether or not I will let you down. It is driven solely by my concern that I will never let myself down. And when I don’t, you won’t be.

I’m making the trip to Albuquerque this afternoon. Tonite I will be on the show. What I have to say has not been said by anyone else. Remember, I blow up bridges, I don’t just burn them. I’ve come too far in building up the principles and man I am to ever sell either out. It’s Always Believe, not Sometimes Believe.

Hannity & Colmes….

Hello warriors. Yes, I have agreed to make a rare public appearance on Hannity & Colmes. Yesterday, I tentatively agreed to this evening, Friday. This morning we were contacted by the show and told there was a shift in programming due to the London Bombing attempt. So, I decided that Monday would be better.

Of course, I’ve been paying attention to how the Benoit incident has unfolded. I’ve drafted up a post — your typical Warrior masterpiece — and will put up the polished piece after my appearance over at Fox. I’ve some original ideas about this incident — what’s new? — and want to showcase them on TV, first.

I’m not sure yet, still have to do some howling atop my mountain for further enlightenment, but probably just go on Fox with my typical eloquent knack to say what others are thinking but don’t have the courage to let slip past their lips. You know, the usual brilliant, “self-destructive” stuff.

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,

Always Believe,


No Sweat. Iron Sheik’s Ass Kicked by Warrior’s Mind.

On May 6, I made a rare appearance at a sports memorabilia/autograph show. Not only was the production first-class, so was the professionalism of the young gentleman, Mr. Bernie Gernay, who contacted, negotiated and worked with me to make the event happen. I can’t say enough about the mature, professional conduct of this young man and how his efforts squashed much of the built up skepticism and cynicism I’d acquired over the years while working with incompetent con-artists who rarely ever delivered on what they’d promised to do. His company, Pro Sports Investments, and he have a bright, successful future ahead of them and I am proud to have worked with him on this event and am positively looking forward to working with him in the future. I also want to thank his family, his wife Fran, his brother Dean, his sister Diana and her fiancé Brian for their hard work and making me feel welcome. There are other friends of Bernie’s who helped and I thank them, as well.

Of course, there’d been no reason for me to thank these people if there weren’t, first, the other people: the Ultimate Warrior fans. In YOUR case, it is not so much that I can’t say enough, it’s more that there are no words to describe the emotions I have when it comes to all of you. You were the best and you still are. One of the expressions I created many years ago still fits today: “Created by Destiny. Bonded by Belief.” How true it still is.

The Ultimate Warrior persona impacted all our lives in a positive and inspiring way and even as the years go by our affections for the experience and the bond that was built never fades away. Our lives are still powerfully influenced and our hearts are still warmed by the memories of Ultimate Warrior’s energy and determination and the statement he made. You drove hours from others cities, brought your own young children who were not yet even born when I was active in the business but have been turned onto Ultimate Warrior through the pictures, videos and stories you cherish, and you even flew from other countries to just smile, say hello, shake a hand, snap a few pictures, grab a couple of autographs. As many of you witnessed for yourself, you tugged at my heart until I was, often with moist eyes, wearing it on my sleeve.

Not just now as I write this but that whole day, there were several instances were there were not words to tell you how much it meant. I know you came to see me, but I need you ALL to know the honor of meeting you made an equal heartfelt and lasting impression. The only words to describe the fondness you shared is to tell you that you are the best — and you are better. You were better fans and you are better people. I will never forget what you meant to the success of the Ultimate Warrior and how much that experience we “lived” together still means to the living and learning I get to do in my everyday life. Thank you for being who you are. I know our paths are destined to cross again.

Further poignant commentary about this video and this incident is forthcoming late tonight my time, plus some news about what has been going…what hasn’t been going…what is going to be going on…

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,

Always Believe,



Being a man of good manners, I want to somewhat apologize for not being able to provide some kind of preliminary warning about the video clip, even better yet, some kind of password authorization for it to be played, but I don’t know how to set something like that up yet. I post the clip here only for the reason that I want what I have to say about the event to be understood in the proper context and that would be more difficult to achieve if the video has not been seen. It does contain “vulgar use” of adult language and it does bother me that young kids will potentially view it without proper adult supervision to explain why I’ve posted it here and what I have to say about it. If you have some type of parental control, please use it.

Let me assure you right now, as I move forward with posting audio and video clips of my OWN you will never find me using graphic adult language in the tactless, vulgar way the Iron Sheik does here.

The video clip, you would think, is pretty self-explanatory: there ARE former pro-wrestling talent who are “self-destructing,” but not yours truly. Unfortunately, this obvious conclusion is not the one many of today’s unmannered, mindless miscreants — spawned by today’s degenerate culture — arrive at. It seems that “self-explanatory” to these crackpots means not what you actually see and hear but what your hallucinations induce you to deliriously believe.