Aristophanes, a classic playwright, wrote, “let each man exercise the art he knows.” The heroes of his plays were resourceful, independent-minded and self-reliant. (Nearly all the plays are part of the Great Books.) As I was thinking about the subject I wanted to write about in this post, it seemed to me a perfect fit to impose some creative liberty on his classical words to create this post’s title. After all, what greater piece of art is there than the human body you own.

Spring is here. Summer next. Sunshine. Heat. The beach. The pool bar-b-qs. Shorts and tank tops. Bathing suits. Time to shred the winter wardrobe and get outside and have some physical activity and fun. What about you?

Every single day someone writes and asks me “how” to get in shape and live a healthy life.

Frankly, “how” is easy. A “fitness trainer” search on Google digs up 2,680,000 links. “Fitness training” pulls up 34,600,000 links. “Exercise advice” pulls up 23,000,000 links. All these same searches at Amazon bring up over 20,000 books and dvd products. Google “exercise science” and 33,100,000 links pop up.

That’s a whole hell of a lot of “how.”

Makes you wonder why then there are approximately 127 million adults in the U.S. who are overweight, 60 million obese, and 9 million severely obese. And what about all the other millions who do not do any exercise at all and miss out on the great life-quality benefits.

What’s missing? Same thing that is always missing. The unvarnished truth and people’s unwillingness to accept it.

My Warrior Workout START Kit is the truth. The kind you sometimes are not in the mood to hear, let alone accept. But it may just be the very thing that pisses you off at yourself enough to finally inspire you to get up off your ass and get your health and fitness act together once and for all — for good.

It’s time, isn’t it? Too much time has gone by already, and time has this funny thing about it that once it is gone you never get it back. If you want to better the quality of your life (well, do you or not!?), START with bettering the great piece of art you already own — your Body. Exercise WILL do this. I promise. If you are ready…START now…purchase at paypal.

Still not convinced? Read on…

Blunt. Basic. No Bull.

It’s up to you now. You can’t blame anybody else. If you don’t act NOW — you are all out of excuses.

For years I’ve envisioned that there would be a way for others to ‘get-it’ about exercise as I do — have people grasp these simple basic ideas: 1) Your body is the vehicle that takes you through the journey of your life. 2) It is built the way it is for a purpose — its design demands exercise. 3) Exercise will better the quality of your life. Period. Period. Period.

I think exercise advice should be uncomplicated and stick. That is, the advice is easy to comprehend and put to use — and once you learn it, it becomes exercise knowledge that is never, ever outdated.

I’ve been exercising for thirty-seven years. That’s a lot of experience. Especially if you are good at paying attention. I was. I am. It’s also a lot of experimenting and learning. And in some ways, it is exactly the experimenting and learning that keeps you going. You don’t fully understand this yet — but you will. I promise. It’s one of the meaty chunks of wise knowledge you will get out of the START KIt.

Another one is this: for all the little exercise particulars I fiddled with, changed, and modified, there were always the bigger, critical basics that I kept at hand, always turned to and used to keep me grounded, successful and fulfilled. Most of these have nothing at all to do with how heavy you lift, but everything to do with where your head (MIND) is at when you do the exercise. This knowledge is timeless. It works at the beginning when you first take up exercise — and it will continue to work at any stage throughout your journey in exercise.

Inevitably you will cross paths with influences, variations, fads and gimmicks. Few have the confidence or strength to turn away. Everyone is looking for a “secret.” What if the secret was that there is none? In the START KIt I give you this incredible, rarely spoken of knowledge and I lay it out in a manner so that it sticks. And it’s what you use to START over and over and over again — AT making yourself stick with what works. (There you go. Another chunk of knowledge you didn’t know — you will always be START-ING over and over.) The START KIt is knowledge that will always be there waiting for you — always waiting there for you to use to set yourself straight. Knowledge that will always work. Always.

Look around. The billion dollar health and fitness industry is constantly, so they promote as they market themselves, updating the ways to get exercise. What is in today — in equipment, instruction, supplementation, gear to wear, and on and on — is out tomorrow. Why? Because confusion is a necessary part of the scam to make billions. The more the consumer is confused, the easier it is to fall in line for the next fad, machine, and program. Even medicine is in on it. One day coffee, red meat, pasta and jelly beans are no good for you, the next day they cure some disease. No big deal, they figure, ‘the public is ignorant, and they listen to what we tell them to do.’ Call me too smart for my own good but I figure if you pay for exercise information it should work, be rememberable and useable for a long, long time.

Of course, some people don’t want to really learn, or have the program or information work. When it comes to exercise programs, they simply want something else to fail at. In the over 35 years I have been working out and been around exercise, seen all the newfangled fads and gimmicks, there are some people I’ve witnessed who’s only exercise is jumping from fad to fad. I’m serious. They never get any results because they never do anything consistently, confidently or clearheaded enough to get any.

My Warrior Workout START Kit is focused on two distinct things: 1) Teaching you the fundamentals of exercise so that you will have the most vital exercise knowledge to continue having exercise success throughout your life. 2) Instilling in you an impenetrable confidence to know that you DO KNOW about exercise and you don’t need to ask questions of or listen to anyone else ever again– you will become your OWN exercise expert.

Look, any and all exercise can be good for you. Even if you know nothing at all about exercise, just doing some form of it is good for you. When you first start there’s not really any mistake you can make. The biggest mistake you can make is not to exercise at all. No exercise AT ALL not only doesn’t do you ANY good, in fact, it does plenty of harm.

But the problem with nearly all exercise programs is that they don’t emphasize or teach you the blunt, basic, no bs, time-honored, always-effective fundamentals. Instead they do everything they can to convince you that only their cutely designed program is what will work for you, that it is all you ever need to do and if you veer from it you are certain to fail. This is a lie.

To get the best results for your one of a kind physical makeup what is needed is not a workout designed for others, but one that works for you. And the only way to do that is first know the non-confusing fundamentals and remain motivated enough to continue until you ingrain the health and fitness attitude. From there, believe me, you will find your OWN way.

The only thing that will work for you to get your best results is NEVER what works for everyone else. There are too many unique physical and physiological factors involved. Yes, each human being is the same in some ways, but so incredibly different in many others, especially when it comes to achieving health and fitness success.

Sure, you can perform practically any exercise program and get temporary results. Pick one, do it, and you’ll likely see some results. But what should also be going on, from the start, is a learning process whereby you are figuring out what works best for you, becoming knowledgeable enough and confident it to follow it. START Kit does this for you.

Another feature of my START Kit, maybe the most important one, is that you can get my attention when you want it. To begin with, you get a complimentary 10 minute phone call with me. This is included in the price of the START Kit. And after that, if you want more attention you can get it for a very reasonable fee.

No workout program will work for you if you are not, first, motivated to START the exercise! This is why I call my Warrior Workout the START Kit.

“Just Do It.” Who hasn’t heard of this? Nike’s popular 3-word slogan. A brand that is seared into public consciousness. It’s so simple. And toward accomplishing exercise, for many people it works. It’s enough to drive them to make the first move. But for others, maybe you, there is something even more fundamental to overcome. And it is this: To Just Do It, you first have to START. You will not “Just Do It,” if you don’t have a GROUNDED WILL to START. This is the greatest obstacle to achieving success at anything, especially exercise. Simply: START.

And yet, it’s never just about overcoming physical inertia, alone. It’s about getting beyond the inner dialogue in your head. Your self-doubts, your criticisms, your subjective analyses, and those ugly, demeaning shortsighted evaluations that gut the dreams of your long term goals. Exercise won’t happen for you, AT ALL, without the involvement of your mind and its effect on your attitude. And for this to happen your mind must be positively inspired enough to block out the negative interruptions. But if this skill is not a habit, then you need assistance until you it is.

For those who have failed for this one single reason alone — lack of self-motivation — it will become my job to insure that you don’t let yourself fail. You can make anything a habit. One day you will wake up and know you can motivate and inspire yourself. It was always there — I will just help you find it.

I will be your habit until you build your OWN.

Sometimes you need a place and voice to turn to which can keep your motivation and confidence high until the time comes that you can guide and motivate yourself. This demands interaction and personal attention from someone who’s done it, and done it well, and has the INTENSE, motivating personality and physical resume to prove it.

Through the START Kit you have the opportunity to personalize your workout even further with “Bolt-On” Interaction Options, where you can choose the level of participation from me in your workouts in terms of private emails, telephone conversations and handwritten letters. That’s right – direct communication from me. Thirty-seven years of experience is now at your fingertips.

This means no more confusion, better performance, better results and reaching the success that for so long has seemed like nothing more than a dream.

Until you find the discipline to summons up your own motivation, I won’t let you let yourself down. Don’t feel like it today? 60 seconds on the phone with me is like drinking a dozen Red Bulls.

In each START Kit, you will receive:

– A High-Quality, Exclusive, Collectible, LIMITED EDITION Warrior Workout START Kit Presentation Wallet; ALL Printed Materials are on Heavy, Quality 65# Parchment Paper with Premium Fine-Photo Ink Print

– A 10 page Foundational Essay jump-starting the whole START Kit, setting the record straight on where your “EXERCISE HEAD” needs to be, written by Warrior

– An Official Certificate of Authenticity numbered and signed by Warrior

– Personalized Welcome Letter from Warrior

– A 75 minute “Warrior Speaks” audio DVD offering you the motivation and inspiration that Warrior is renowned for, all the while he lets YOU in on Workout Secrets That Aren’t Secret

– A 10 minute highly charged, energetic and motivating private phone call with Warrior going over your Personalization Form

– A Frame-worthy 8×10 of YOUR favorite Warrior quote, Autographed by Warrior

– Blunt, NO BS Diet Essay and a Sample Diet

– ‘Personal Approach’ document, allowing you to “Bolt On” your interactive options (additional subscription fee required)

– Access to future exclusive ‘Workout Members Only’ VIP section of Warrior Forum (soon to open)

LINK to PICS OF ACTUAL Kit Materials

The ORDER NOW button below will take you to a secure PayPal area where you can order your START Kit NOW! Upon receipt of Paypal’s notice to me that you have purchased a START kit, I will send you a “Personalization” form with several questions, which will allow me to customize the 10 minute private phone conversation we will have AFTER you receive your START Kit. Answer all the questions on the “Personalization” form candidly and honestly!! Tell me your goals, your experience, your statistics — everything I ask.

After receiving your START Kit in the mail, it’s time to begin.

Read the Foundational Essay and other written materials — digest them.


Read them again — digest them more deeply. Put your CD into the stereo and listen to my talk to you concerning exercise and health. Your road to success, your journey to reaching your goals and targets has begun.

Phone calls, emails, and even treasurable handwritten letters are all at your disposal. You will have me as your personal trainer, personal motivator and personal inspiration whenever you need it. How much interaction you want to “Bolt On” to your workout is YOUR choice — YOURS ALONE.

The exclusive START Kits are unique and individual. Each one Collectible. Each one LIMITED EDITION. Each one assigned it’s OWN NUMBER. Each one a KEY to have my personal involvement in charting the course of your exercise and health success.

All this personal, customized, assistance is available to YOU. All those targets, dreams and ambitions can be achieved with the assistance and support of me.

Together, you and I will reach your fitness goals – now and forever.

NOW, you’re ready!

Tough decision? Compared to what?

I was eating breakfast. Typical grub. A dozen egg whites and oatmeal. Lots of coffee. Once done, off to the gym. The house had a small 10 inch TV secured up under the pantry cabinet. The news was on. Fox News. Breaking News. A small piece of a plane was sticking out of the building. I thought, what a dumb ass, someone flew their small plane into the building. I drank, cooked and watched. They showed a view of a plane in flight. I thought it was a replay. It was a big passenger plane, not a small plane. I said to myself, ‘I was wrong, it was a big plane, not a small plane…ok…so, how could that—’ The camera angle changed. It was not a replay. It was a second plane. Damn…

Each image throughout the morning grew more surreal and gruesome. None more so than the ones of those who jumped to their deaths rather than burn to one. Still today, none more so.

When I began speaking on college campuses in 2003, I carried around one of the photos of this horror. It was a shot of the burning World Trade Center, a couple, probably strangers, balanced on a window sill, flames roaring behind them, other bodies in view dropping mid-air, certainly struck with indescribable fear, each horrifically stuck in this life-ending bond having to encourage one another to jump to death.

I told the kids I used the image to remind myself that that was a tough decision to have to make, and any I ever have to make will never compare. None of theirs, either. I’d be in prison right now if I’d smacked every punk kid who snickered.

That picture sits framed on top of my desk. I look at it every morning. It reminds me. It makes me somber. It makes me appreciate. It makes me cringe. It makes me angry. It makes me care. It inspires me. It gives me courage. Still, since that day, no tough decision I’ve had to make compares. All my life, I imagine, never.

Always Believe,


Get up. Get out. Go tear something TODAY!

You know, it’s easy to have big balls when you are 20, 30 years of age. It’s another thing to have that big balls attitude, confidence, courage, audacity, assertiveness and aggressiveness into your 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90′s.

Based on a few hundred whining and complaining responses to my last post on insurance and my typical Warrior-stern emphasis on self-reliance, I have to wonder if some of you mens’ wives don’t often wonder if they are laying next to another woman at night instead of the man they believed they married. Take my advice: you want to impress (or try and get the sympathy of) someone hell bent on getting the most out of every day of their life, don’t write and tell them you were a real stud in high school and wore a letter jacket all weighted-down with pendants all three years of high school but you’ve let yourself go over the last 20 years and starting to feel and see the sorry-ass effects of having done so.

Today’s Labor Day. So how about subjecting yourself to some?! Get up off your ass, get outside…get out and give yourself a gut check. Maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to tear a muscle or two. These kinds of incredible, wonderful pains have a tendency to remind you that you are still alive. When you’ve had enough — which will be way, way before what your body and mind can actually handle — stand there, between your short, wheezy breaths and fear of heart attack, and ponder whether or not letting your physical self go all to hell all these years is really worth all the other comforts and securities you’ve acquired in your life.

If you say no, you stand a good chance at getting your big balls attitude back. If you say yes, you’re destined to live out the remainder of your days thinking, believing and acting tiny.

“Youth is not a time of life – it is a state of mind. It is not a matter of red cheeks, red lips and supple knees. It is a temper of the will; a quality of the imagination; a vigor of the emotions; it is a freshness of the deep springs of life. Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over a life of ease. This often exists in a man of fifty, more than in a boy of twenty. Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years; people grow old by deserting their ideals.”Samuel Ullman

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,

Always Believe,


It’s coming along…

Several of you have asked about that 24″x36″ Ultimate Warrior painting I started.

Did it sell? Have you continued to work on it? Thanks for asking.

Yes. Both. It did sell. A great young kid from NY stole it at the 50% off finished price I offered it at. It’s going to be a killer piece of artwork and an incredible one-of-a-kind collectible.

I’m also going to kick off pre-sales for a Limited Edition Print of it in the next couple of days. Print will run just a little smaller in size and be produced in a limited quantity (very high-quality), each available for signature however you like and a COA will be included.

Here are a few new shots of the work in progress. Inexpensive ELPH digital camera. No professional lighting. No image alteration. Pictures don’t do the thick oil paint and knife-only work justice. Nice wheels, don’t you think?

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity.

Always Believe,