Respect for those greater…

My beautiful little daughters, Indiana Marin and Mattigan Twain Warrior, showing their respect and reverence for those courageous human beings who’ve put their own lives on the line to protect and secure our American freedoms.

Thoughtful and soul-full day yesterday visiting the National Cemetery here in New Mexico.

Each Memorial Day we stop by with our girls for the fly-over and to pay our respects, let our little Warrior patriots bring a smile to a few faces, some tears to more than a few eyes. Nothing melts the tough, somber and worthy soul of a veteran more than the twinkle of a little girl’s eye and a soft and tiny voiced, “Thank you, sir, for your service.”

The winds were really stout and almost all the little headstone flags were uprooted and scattered about the grounds. Indy and Mattie, bothered by the sight of it all, encouraged their parents to spend the better part of the afternoon sticking them back down in the dirt, their tiny hands on top of ours as we all pushed. Indy ask me, “Daddy, who would do such a horrible, dishonorable job at this? After all, these soldier’s burial places are sacred.” I told her the Boy Scouts (who they get to perform the task). She called them “sissies,” figuring that “any boy, Boy Scout or not, should be tough enough to stick these little flags down in the ground deep enough so they won’t fall down, no matter how hard the wind blows.” It was hard to disagree. Besides, as a father knowing my future is going to be trying enough when it comes to beating back the boys (any boys not just Scouts), I like their simple “boy=bad” logic and, for now, will just leave it as it is. The longer they think ALL boys are bad, the longer I’ll have peace of mind. Anyway, here’s a picture of them deciding on their own to say a final goodbye before we left the cemetery.

Peace of mind isn’t exactly what I got when I gazed up through the headstones of over 41,000 interments set up the steep New Mexico hillsides in perfectly aligned rows. Standing in a National Cemetery on Memorial Day while the fence-sitting chaos, ongoing turmoil and American death in Iraq continues doesn’t give me any peaceful thoughts. The unrest weighed even heavier when I thought about that earlier in the day, before we came down to the cemetery, I got to experience the excitement and pride of watching my own daughter, Indy, ride her bike for the first time without training wheels, and now, here I was staring at the fresh gravesite of a young soldier killed in Iraq who will never get to experience the same joy.

The failed leadership and moral cowardice of this country’s elected officials, including President Bush, is abominable. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t suddenly taken up with the other side — the enemies within…the modern-day, anti-war liberals. I’m still a conservative by its pure measure — just as I’ve put forth in previous my “conservative” commentaries. I’m just not a conservative by the definition today’s mainstream conservatives use, and I’m definitely not a republican in the adulterated sense today’s elected republicans practice. In fact, I’m still very much pro-war; that is, I am pro-war when we are at war, as we happen to be right now.

My problem is that those who defend involvement in the Iraq war — for all the right reasons now that we actually find ourselves in the muck of it — don’t practice “pro-war” military engagement. They preach pro-war but they actually practice anti-war. This, to me, is worse than even doctoring the intelligence — if they did — to precipitate war. Not that I’m not convinced the Bush administration did. I believe there were WMDs and they were removed before our invasion. If our intelligence was no good, is still no good, as we have ostensibly found out having gone through all the congressional madness, then how can we know with certainty that our intelligence did not, also, miss the removal of WMDs? Intelligence missed everything else — they could have missed that, too. But whether the administration did or did not doesn’t matter now. Arguable as it all is, we are, in fact, at war. And for Bush and his administration, defending what they have done and the war we now find ourselves in, to march our American military warriors on the battlefield without “pro-war” orders of engagement is, indeed, a dereliction of duty.

In fact, the simple, unexpressed problem with the military entanglement we now find ourselves in is that it is not being engaged, literally, as a war. Military engagement is not deadly enough. Our military warriors are not being allowed to kill the enemy by means or methods demanded by war. The long term strategy, decried by everyone for not existing at all, should have simply been the same as the short term strategy: Kill the enemy. At any and all other costs. Don’t stop killing until they are all dead and defeated. Once done, bring our own warriors home.

This war could have been over as quickly in time as the time it took our ground forces to enter the city limits of Iraq; and over with much less expense in treasure and toil. We were, at that time of invasion, a Nation agreed upon one single goal: Kill the enemy. We should have kept killing until ALL the enemies were dead. Instead, our military and all of us back home took a (premature) celebratory breather. When we did, political-correctness crept into the coverage and the debate. Once it did, there was no more room for the unconditional killing of enemies or unequivocal war success. And as long as our politically-correct leaders in Washington, DC don’t have the stomach for killing, body bags filled with our own countrymen will keep being sent home. Justification for entering into war, faulty intelligence or neo-con concoction, is one thing. But there is no justification for not letting your warriors war once they are on the battlefield. None.

It’s the 21st century. It should be a rare occurrence when one of our own dies on any battlefield. We have the weaponry and technology to limit it. And every American soldier has shown they have the might and mindset to get the job done. They should be allowed to. They are not. Americans who are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms should be afforded the the best chance there possibly is by their Commander-in-Chief to one day die of old age in the country they defended, not in some other rotting, God-forsaken country filled with subhumans, while fighting a war under orders restraining their lethal fighting capabilities. War is THE rule of engagement all by itself. The nature of war, all alone, is the approval to kill. A soldier, when his own life is in danger, should not have to seek various degrees of further approval for the killing war naturally demands. The enemies in Iraq are responsible for ending the lives of American soldiers, but, make no mistake, the politically-correct leaders in this country are the ones responsible for killing them.

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  1. Nik Orchiston says:

    Hi Warrior. ive always been big fan of yours sir, in and out of the squared circle. But there is one thing id like you to answer for me, and thats, whould you ever consider maybe working as the ultimate warrior again if not in wwe but maybe tna or some other orgnization?? thank you, NIK.

  2. Ben says:

    Nik, I don’t know if you will get a respose from this from Warrior since he has stated many times that, that chapter of his life is over and done with.

  3. Welsh Warrior says:

    Nik, why would Warrior even want to go back? he has no need to go back…he accomplished more in his time in the business than most people do in a lifetime.

    Like Warrior said, not being in the wrestling business is his OWN choice.

    If Warrior wanted to get back into the wrestling business, the company bookers would be around him like flies around shit.

    It’s his own choice.

  4. dafilthymofo says:

    This is what I have been saying. Let America’s Warriors be Warriors. They could be home by now with the job well done.

  5. Simon Lee says:

    In regard to Warriors comments about Indiana Marin and Mattigan Twain, I severly pity the fool who tries to hit on either of them when they get to college/school…!

    ‘Hell hath no fury like a Warrior scorned’

  6. Chris Page says:

    Clear the British and American troop out of Iraq and flatten the entire country. Its full of psycho, crazy religious nuts who are a danger to everybody.

    Drop the bomb on them and get it over and fucking done with. I’m sick of hearing about Iraq, Muslims and all their issues. Get rid of them in one swoop and be done with it. Then we can all move on to more important things, like destroying France.

  7. Dana Low says:

    I always have a bumper sticker on the back of my car that says “Peace Through Superior Firepower” and I think someone with convictions such as yours Warrior will appreciate that. When I met my husband he suggested we hang that on the back of our car and more and more since that time I’m tending to see it’s merit.

  8. diamante says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful photo of Indiana and Mattigan at the National Cemetery with us. I thought it was very touching and precious, and setting a wonderful example for your girls.

  9. Money in the Mouth says:

    Mr Warrior,
    I’d like to ask a pertinent and relevant question with all due respect, and that is: Why have you never put your money where your mouth is and signed up for the US Military yourself?? To be the best of my knowledge, I know of no records of you ever signing up for service.

    I’m sure the military could use a specimen like you – 275lbs of muscle, testosterone, aggression and patriotism. You constantly talk of your respect for soldiers and veterans, you repeatedly announce your opinions on the enemy – so why not grab a gun and fight for what you believe in? Or are you only a tough guy and a pro-American when it’s safe to be one? I hope you won’t use the excuse of having a wife and kid who need you, because so do the majority of our troops. And let me tell you – they don’t leave their families with the security and stability of a huge ranch in New Mexico, with a million dollar bank account and intellectual property to sustain them. Many leave their wives in near poverty in order to fight for what they believe in, and when they are killed, they sustain themselves on the pittance that is a war widows pension.

    So seriously – why have you never pulled your balls out and joined our men and women instead of just talking about it on your website??? Does the Ultimate Warrior only join a battle when the outcome is with pre-determined?


  10. Hats off to The Ultimate Warrior for being the ideal in today’s warped world of what a great father truly is. To see such well behaved and respectful children is a RARE thing.

    After getting a taste of family life at Hulk Hogan’s household, and his spoiled beyond words wife and children sucking every last ounce of life out of him, this is a breath of fresh air & renews my faith that tride & true family values still remain.

    My only question to add a spin to things is: would you ever train a wrestler to be a spinoff of yourself? A persona of your Own creation?

  11. Thomas M Barber says:

    I’ve been reading entries from your blog now for quite a while. After taking the time to let your words sink in and digest I’ve finally felt the urge to leave a reply. I’ve always been a deep thinker, very cognitive by nature and I too share MANY if not MOST or quite possibly ALL of your opinions and beliefs shared from the entries I have read thus far.

    The biggest problem I’ve had of late is the daily battle to break away from all things PC. It seems my OWN warrior from within was beaten down and suppressed over the years by a feminized society and cultural norms that have become so far out of wack that it disgusts me and worse yet I disgust myself for conforming to the ways of PC. After watching the underground videos from your now infamous UConn visit, to reading about your dealings at DePaul… I have to say that all of my thoughts and beliefs about the corruption in our public [and often times private] school systems, from k-12 to most Colleges and Universities in all 50 States, are becoming increasingly bothersome to the very point I wonder if there is any hope for anything less than another ‘Revolution’ as you put it.

    Sickening too that we can’t speak logic, truth, intelligence and even good old fashioned common sense with merit with traditional American family values anymore in our society before someones emotions become uncontrollable and all of a sudden we’re in the wrong for disturbing them and their peace and harmony of trying to form a COMMONunity that’s also ‘diverse’ and equal opportunity for all, especially via and through affirmative action.

    One last thought from me for today [YES- I plan to add my two cents from now on]… no words yet, at least that I have come across, from you about our country’s ever losing battle on border control and the illegal immigrants that are being catered to by our liberal, socialist government. I want to read what you have to say and would love to digest those thoughts soon. This is a MAJOR problem in every city I have visited [from Houston, TX -to- Nashville, TN -to- Ocala, FL and every city, township and camping post from and inbetween all].

    Looking forward to exchanging thoughts and continuing to learn from one another. You’re a mentor I am thankful for!

    Bless You and Yours,
    -Thomas M. Barber
    Registered Voter- Duval County, Jacksonville, FL
    Vote 2008
    Make YOUR Voice Heard

  12. Nate Hunt says:

    As one warrior who has fought this battle I agree totally with your comments. Many times while in the heat of battle I have been told to curb my distain for the lesser mortals in Iraq. There is nothing more dishonorable than a soldier who is an Iraqi sympythiser!

  13. gary says:

    The rule of “survival of the fittest” only holds true if one is able to use every evolutionary advantage that one has been gifted with. To go to battle with one arm tied behind our backs makes no sense and is disrespectful to our men and women in the armed forces. George Bush speak to his father George H.W. Bush and be reminded of what it took to quickly and decisively end the Persian Gulf War.

  14. MichaelZimmer says:

    Money in the Mouth, have YOU served? When?
    Are you saying that unless someone serves they have no right to make observations, criticisms, and inject their own thoughts on these matters?

    Who are you to stand in judgement of one’s service to this country?

    Pull your head out of your ass!

  15. Money in the Mouth says:

    Zimmer, Warrior likes to talk about this great nation and how important it is to serve one’s country. But I don’t see any service from Warrior at all. What does he do for the USA? When 911 happened, did Warrior use his 6’6 275lb frame to help clear the debris? Did he use those biceps and pecs to help save some of the dying and desperate in New Orleans? Did he open his huge acres to the homeless during the recent hurricanes? The answer to all three is no.

    Warrior loves the USA simply because its the only country on earth where he can make thousands of easy dollars from retarded wrestling fans who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of his used, skid-marked trunks.

    Warrior looks after his own and fucks everyone else. I wanna know what he does for his community and country. Cos aside from a few internet posts and forgettable college speeches, I don’t see a whole lot of impact.

  16. C. hodge says:

    Warriors make war. Thats what we do. Not because some politician says so(they only tell us which battle to fight.) We don’t have the luxury of picking our battles.
    Most of uf us fight because we have an innate need to serve you. Some want education,some want stability,but mostly its you,the civilian, we fight for.
    Iraq is a dangerous battleground. If we didn’t have an all consuming media presence,this war would have long been over.Im not a cruel man. Nor are my troops. We have families,dogs,etc,. WW2 was won in 4 years because our troops were able to work without scrutiny.
    Cut your t.vs off a couple months and let us win this thing.

  17. Rob says:

    Hello Warrior. I remember you as a wrestler of quite some reknown but you didn’t impact me like you have in the last few years as a warrior of conservatism. I’ll say you better not let up one iota or one hair, or expect your ass to be thoroughly pounded to a pulp…

    With our minds of course.

    Troll in the Cave, Lure In the Water, Feces in the Mouth…

    Our military is the greatest ass kicking machine on the planet because of this: Not everyone can be a soldier. Only those that WANT to be a soldier and have the aptitude can be a soldier.
    Let’s not forget why we have a military: To protect the liberties of you and me who lack the aptitude for killing or are physically challenged. To protect ordinary family men whose path in life is to raise moral, free children, contribute to society, and nourish the young. To protect the man whose lifelong ambition wasn’t to wage literal war, but to cure the sick. Our military insures he has the right to pursue his dream and for people like you and me to DO GOOD WORKS AND JUSTICE.

    I haven’t served and I owe everything to our armed services for giving me the liberty to pursue my path to happiness. They paid for my freedom and I repay them by practicing my freedoms to the fullest moral and physical benefit of society. Those who haven’t been privileged with service are not immoral or hypocritical in paying respect to those young men and women who paid the ULTIMATE price for me and you. Those who hold a career in the military in the highest regard do so out of gratitude and not hypocritical warmongering. I want ONLY THE VERY BEST in our military. Our freedom is of such high value that it deserves only THE BEST to defend it. Military service is not a right. Military service is not mandated and it is not required to be honorable and courageous as we ordinary men conquer the challenges of daily moral living and the inherent dangers of freedom. Military service is a PRIVILEGE OF THE ELITE!


    So that our military IS THE VERY BEST.

    The job of the military is to protect freedom, not to practice it or to practice equal opportunity. That said, keep the military for only the elite men and women. Leave the literal ass kicking to the legitimate ass kickers of which I humbly submit I am not. With a fifth of the men, we squashed the million man army in a month.

    If it weren’t for the elitism of the military, you and I would wake up in totalitarianism tomorrow, where dreams and hope are forbidden.

    What a wonderful country that allows a man like me, who is not a legitimate death machine, to partake of the fruits of liberty and freedom and appreciate the sacrifices therin without shame.

  18. Paul says:

    Just wanted to say what Great site, how come i haven’t seen a link or this site advertised! it makes a refreshing change reading (intelligent) views from a retired wrestler who isn’t ranting on and trying to relive their glory days! Great stuff.. I’m in England an get called a racist for having patriotic views.. lets hope the Pc brigade/liberals don’t do the same in the USA!
    You really should get into politics!

    Glad to see your not dead (lol)

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