Ultimate Warrior Halloween Fans

Hello, warriors. I’ve been meaning to post these great pics since I received them but I got busy with other things.

Every single day I get awesome emails from fans all over the world telling me about what Ultimate Warrior meant to them when I was performing, and what the persona still means to them today and how he’s even influencing and inspiring new generations of Ultimate Warrior fans.

It’s incredible, really. I’ve got thousands of heartfelt emails — more like essays — expressing thoughts and feelings about it all that you just can’t read without getting emotional. It was a great and inspiring time for all of us. I’m proud of the impact and impression Ultimate Warrior and his One-of-a-Kind fans made, and am confident it will be going on for many more years and generations to come.

Thanks to Matthew, Scot, Drew (and his sister, Rosanne), and James.

Always Believing is easy with fans like all of you.


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  1. Steven says:

    After reading Warriors blogs i feel 2 feet taller. Please right more Blogs Warrior!

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