011911 Weapons of Warrior Wisdom

Here are today’s Weapons of Warrior Wisdom.

The Weapon of Warrior Wisdom images are linked to another page with more Weapons, a larger view, and more explanation.

The starting bid is $100.

Bidding on this Weapon of Warrior Wisdom Art pieces will run till midnight, Thurs, Jan 20.

Send me an email telling me what you would like to bid. I will follow up with bidders throughout the day with updates.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity,

Always Believe,


4 Responses to “011911 Weapons of Warrior Wisdom”
  1. Jon Southard says:

    Dear UW,

    Your art has inspired me to go to college for Art, and you’ve also inspired me to wrestle for Coastal Championship Wresling in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. You should check out that school in Ft. Lauderdale, the CCW. Love the Art man, keep up the great work!

  2. Erick J. Aviles says:

    Wow Warrior , you really full of surprises , never though this would come out , hey im on bodybuilding in my early age between of 20 :) , when i have the chance ill share my results , any one can doit if you have the heart and determination to accomplish anything!

  3. Juan Andino says:

    Hello Warrior, Ive wondered what happen to the wrestler the ultimate warrior until i read a documentary about yourself, if true or not it doesnt matter the past is the past and I do believe at one point you were screwed by not what is Mcmahon but what is the world now. Anyway I say its an honor to have read about your site and know about yourself you were my idol as a child and as an adult now I show my kids who you were and how much I loved to see you in action in the ring but reading your blogs is another reason why the warrior remains ultimate, thank you for your time in reading these if you have.

    A distant fan

  4. rick m says:

    you are still the best ever in my world and my kids love you also.i met you some yr’s ago and im a ex pro fighter myself.you have inspired me.i am coming back for a fight at 50 yr’s of age and .i am in better shape then most 20 yr olds.thank you for always being there for your fan’s.you once told me to never give up and i did’nt.and i won the heavyweight kick boxing belt.and now im making a come back .well sort of .thank you warrior.and best wishes to ya.always believe.your friend hawk.

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