031111 Weapons of Warrior Wisdom

Hello warriors.

Here are today’s Weapons of Warrior Wisdom.

You believe in yourself and you do the work, you will NOT fail.

The histories of human beings who did just this are endless and can be found out if you will just look.

Study them. Be inspired by them. Emulate them.

One day, become one of them.

The Weapon of Warrior Wisdom images are linked to another page with more Weapons, a larger view, and more explanation.

The starting bid is $100. (Priority Mail Shipping is NOT included and will be additional.)

Bidding on these Weapon of Warrior Wisdom Art pieces will run till midnight, Sun, Mar 13.

Send me an email telling me what you would like to bid. I will follow up with bidders throughout the day with updates.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity,

Always Believe,


2 Responses to “031111 Weapons of Warrior Wisdom”
  1. Rick Strom says:

    Hello Warrior… Just wanted to know what you thought about Trump running for President!The last few weeks have been interesting.Do you think that he is kinda like Ross Perrow not sure of the spelling lol!just in there to educate the public and give it over to Mitt R. or Gingrich.Also ever thought about doing online quick videos on working out correctly,I’am turning 50 in May and the last several years i have gained more muscle then ever with just taking some Whey Protein and switched to a Bowflex with high reps w/ slow movements. Take Care!RICK STROM

  2. Cj Day says:

    I have always wondered what ever happened to you! After reading your complete bio and blog…I am blessed to hear that you are doing so well and keep your goals in focus no matter what the cost may be! Continue being you…life is too short to miss out on your future and goals yet to be achieved!

    Cj Day

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