In memory of D-Day…..

Hello warriors. Culling through some Classic Warrior posts from the past and came across a stockpile of Iraq War commentary I wrote. In memory of the brave, great, patriotic lives of all those who have fought for our freedoms I thought it would be fitting to post excerpts from those, here and now, for another read…

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

John Stuart Mill

I wonder what it is like to be on the ship when those guns go off? I would love to strap a Liberal (or CON-servative – added 06.06.07) to those 16″ barrels! Better yet, strap a liberated-at-the-cost-of-many-an-American, mealy-mouthed Frenchman to them! Pâté anyone?…truly the only kind of guts you could ever get out of a Frenchman anyway.

(*UPDATE: Turns out I was wrong about that being the only way to find guts in a Frenchman…my sources tell me they carried out the experiment and there were no guts. None.)

The United States going before the United Nations to seek approval is like me asking the bum on the street for approval to do what I need to do to make my life work. It used to be that when someone wanted to know how to do something right, be the best at what they had their mind set on achieving, they would go and seek guidance from the best.

America is the best. America is its own mentor. Because it is…it should not be asking third world thugs what it should do. The United Nations is a disgrace to humankind. They have never stood for, or up to, anything. America should airlift it in its entirety, along with every single subhuman employed by it, and unload ALL the waste along with the first dropped bomb we unload on top of Iraq.

Does anyone see, like I do, the irony in the fact that The United Nations is located in New York (arguably the best city in the World) and not in any country more like the oppressive, tyrannical, odds-and-ends make-up of its body? Not one of these people likes or cares enough about their own country to just stay there. Can you imagine how dissolute and profligate these people behave, now, while here in this great land of wealth and freedom? These non-American knaves from countries that worship elephants, eat bat feces, mutilate children’s genitalia, practice incest, condone and praise polygamy, stone people to death, have no utilities such as indoor plumbing, have no roads except dirt roads, drive dilapidated junkers built in the 50′s, ride camels and donkeys, build houses out of the camel and donkey dung — can you just imagine how subhumanly these people conduct themselves let loose in New York City, the World’s largest, finest candy store capable of satisfying the most perverted desires? A credible author should do an exposé on the inside-modern-civilized-borders activities of these cretins.

Americans who want America to get United Nations approval are Anti-American. Too many so-called Pro-American pundits with public forums, also making the case against going to the UN, conditionally soften all their criticisms and arguments of the Pro-UN crowd by saying, “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling anybody Anti-American.” This is two-faced appeasement and hogwash. They don’t believe what they say and they are further fracturing the integrity of this country by saying it. They need to find the courage to use their minds correctly. Because as long as they are passive and nonjudgmental on this vital distinction, the philosophy of America they say they want to preserve is going down the toilet, and if they are contributing to that, they, themselves, are Anti-American. These Pro-UN, Anti-American kooks on our own streets — our OWN enemies within — are a bigger long-term threat than any third world dictator with a small man’s complex.

My kids are depending on me to protect them from not only from the imaginary big, bad wolf in their dreams, but the potential threat of ruthless, torturing tyrannical thugs that have more commonly come to rule throughout history. No? Read some history and get back to me when you’ve cured your ignorance. People who impugn America’s superiority, people who irrationally and unjustifiably attack the character of our country’s leader, people who will not accept what is true when it is right before their eyes — all these people are just as harmful, maybe even more, to the safety of my children as third world kooks who pay homage to clairvoyance by smelling one another’s armpits.

People say “debate is good,” “the free flow of ideas is good.” Good, good, let it stand at just that — let there be debate and the free flow of ideas. People can be entitled to their opinion all day long, but that does not make their wrong opinion right. It is still wrong. Diplomacy and decency only have so much flexibility. Of late, its been stretched so far even Gumby would scream in pain.

Standing up for what America correctly is and pointing out who and what the enemies of IT are cannot be a part-time or half-ass effort. As usual — I’m not sorry to say it.

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,

Always Believe,



11 Responses to “In memory of D-Day…..”
  1. conservatismistheway says:

    Wow now that’s an awesome post about the United Nations! I’m glad Warrior sees the United Nation for what they really are. As I said before America is the power house. I know alot of people don’t want to realize it but its true. USA!! The greatest country ever :)

  2. dafilthymofo says:

    We should stuff the UN up the ass of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

  3. nicelemon says:

    I was always under the impression that the U.N. is nothing more than the U.S. and a bunch of political ass kissing countries and governments that basically try to show the world we are not following the leader (The U.S.A.)

  4. nicelemon says:

    (About the French) ……….

    ….France is not only rated the #1 international tourist destination in the world, it’s people are rated among the top “ignorant” people to interact with.
    It’s basically within their culture to be “natural” assholes. The French in Paris and the Russians in Moscow should have a reality T.V. show to see who are the asshole champions of the world. Studies show U.S. tourist numbers are decreasing in France (Mostly because of the ignorance of the French along with the skillful thieves there). They wind about their economy but they make it tough for teenagers to work, here’s a tip for the french – (In the U.S. teens spend over 8 billion a year just on school clothes, Ipods, etc.)
    Even the people in Canada would agree the French don’t recoginize Quebec French spoken in Canada.

    Since I’m on the French topic, Presidential debates are under way for our new president in the U.S. in 2008. (R) Mitt Romney from Massachusetts said “(D)Hillary Clinton couldn’t even get elected in France if she tried”. All I have to say is that anyone who’s NOT French can become a better president in France to fix up that shit country. France and the French problems are that of their way of thinking and treating people. I don’t feel sorry for a country that has a great tourism industry and has stupid laws to stop teens from finding work easy.

  5. jeffsculptor says:

    Great post!!!! The power of those guns is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!Notice the water displacement. Ha! When you first posted that coffee item, I printed it and proudly hung it on my fridge, and there it stayed for months!!!! Jeff

  6. gary says:

    Agreed! America is the greatest country in the world and if we want to continue that greatness we need to keep our OWN counsel. I very much like how Warrior, when talking about conservatism, talks about relying on that which has worked in the past. A big part of what has made this country great throughout history has been keeping our own counsel, having leaders with big balls and taking decisive and un-apologetic action when called for.

  7. Krueger says:

    So, if someone has an opinion different than yours, that makes them a pansy fag liberal?? Way to divide the country pal.

  8. Joe says:

    Warrior, you’re a great american as well as every other patriot that posted comments here.

  9. Stan says:

    Warrior, you are a jingoistic, know-nothing, dick-head yank wanker.

  10. Paula Schaber says:

    What I’m about to say has nothing to do with D-DAY but I’m a life long fan of the warrior and hate to hear people talk shit about him so here goes:
    STAN – who the hell are you and where do you get off talking about Warrior like that? Growing up in Dallas Texas I had the pleasure of knowing one of the biggest wrestling familys ( The VonErich’s) and during this time I was lucky enough to know a guy who went by the Dingo Warrior and he was one of the most caring down to earth people I’ve ever known and he still is today even though he goes by just The Warrior these days so Stan please have a little respect for the man because no matter what you think he did alot for the bussiness and made alot of people make ALOT of money

  11. American Sailor says:

    You are a true American patriot. Thank you for your view points brother. I couldnt agree more. You stand as a role model for Americans who truly love their country. As for the liberals, we could always strap them to the 5″/54 caliber guns onboard my ship.

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