041311 Weapon of Warrior Wisdom

Hello warriors.

Here is today’s Weapon of Warrior Wisdom.

If you won’t quit — you won’t fail. A lot of you guys out there write me and tell me about all the difficulties and problems you face in your life (and your family’s), and that to go by the news it doesn’t seem like things aren’t going to get any better for a while.

You tell me this stuff like I have some secret and should turn you on to it.

I don’t.

I also don’t have your solution.

But I can tell you this, as long as you sit and whine and complain, things are not going to get better, they are only going to get worse. Whatever you have before you to do to cure your ills, you should do it fucking right now — whatever it takes. Whatever price you have to pay. Whatever you have to give up. Whatever sacrifice it will take.

There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat;
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose the ventures before us.

– William Shakespeare, Julias Ceasar

Even if you fail at everything else, don’t fail at being a man and doing what it is that a man must do.

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Your Founding Father of Life Intensity,

Always Believe,


3 Responses to “041311 Weapon of Warrior Wisdom”

    What Warrior just said can be summed up with this quote by someone that Warrior has mentioned in the recent past.

    “Anything in Life is Possible, if YOU Make it Happen!” ~Jack LaLanne

    That brief quote says so much.

  2. Christoffer says:

    Well,I think much of this problem stems from how the society (schools in particular) is controlling us already from a young age. We learn that being good at something isnt something we should be proud of, we learn that we should all strive to be the same, be mediocre, cause then you wont upset anyone.
    On the other hand, if you suck at something, then by all means feel free to talk as much as you want about it, cause many people like when people around them are not doing so great. Their self-esteem gets better, sad, but true. These people that think this way are always themselfs loosers and just wants company in their own, miserable lifes.

    But if you arent going to upset anyone, you wont get anywhere, at least not anywhere benefitial for your own sake. Todays society is so synthetic, we have to hide our own personalities all the time in order to not upset anyone and god forbid should we speak our own mind, no its safer to say what others want us to say. Safety and greatness doesnt go along. All these demands, on beeing someone else compromise ourselfs and breeds miserable humans.

    I have always thought that getting the approval of others isnt worth much if you dont approve of yourself in that same process.

    We have to educate ourself through life, we cannot rely on others to fulfill our dreams and goals, we have to strive for them, and see them clear as the sky for ourself. People rely to much on others in their life, dont. Find a girl that supports you and your goals, find friends that dont drag you down, its better to have no friends than 10 bad ones, and my best advice would be, be your own best friend.

    Make each day count, make each day a stepping stone to fulfill your dreams.

    Just some thoughts on making your own life, indeed your own.


  3. Mere Takoko says:

    Wow…ultimate warrior huh. So cool your still around living the life you always dreamed. I always wondered why you left wrestling. But I’m so glad you didn’t die lol. Geez what some people will believe. I’m probably the antithesis of all of your fans. I’m a girl for a start and I pretty much quit watching wrestling when you left. I was a big fan of yours growing up. I’m now 33 and am happy to report that I have made it…in terms of growing up that is.

    Anyways…I sure would love to see you speak sometime. I’m from Aotearoa (New Zealand) but I’m living in Luxor, Egypt at the moment and am about to move to the USA (Minnesota…Fargo country) in June. You sure bring a lot of happy memories for me. I remember kissing your picture as a teen. So funny. Anyways…live well. I’m really inspired to see you went your own way. Not a lot of us do there my dear.

    AROHA, Mere xox

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