042111 Weapon of Warrior Wisdom

Hello warriors.

Here is today’s Weapon of Warrior Wisdom.

Life is learning. And it should be conducted from beginning to end.

I’m thankful that I’ve been fortunate to never stop paying attention to the lessons that my life experiences have provided me. To those who of you who often seek my advice and answers for the challenges you face in your OWN lives, what I have learned is all I have to offer. By no means do I know it all.

I can tell you with absolute sureness, though, that if you choose safety over the potential risks that come along with choosing freedom, you will never be truly fulfilled in your life. You will always think in the back of your mind that you have missed out on something “special” about life. And as you get older, not only will your willpower to turn things around weaken and eventually vanish altogether, your regret will deepen and your heart will sigh with heaviness and sorrow.

What that something special is, that you will feel you missed out on, is not so complicated or mysterious that it can’t be pointed out. It is no more difficult than saying and understanding the word “special.” You feel like you missed out on something special about life because that is exactly what you’ve done: you refused to let what was “special” about you as an one-of-a-kind human being come to life. You denied its presentation and performance, and over time, its spirit shrivels up and eventually dies and leaves a vacuum inside of you.

The innate desire for freedom, which lies inside every human being, is not there so we will choose fear. It is within us so that we will choose to face it.

The Weapon of Warrior Wisdom image is linked to another page with more Weapons, a larger view, and more explanation.

The starting bid is $100. (Priority Mail Shipping is NOT included and will be added.)

Bidding on this Weapon of Warrior Wisdom Art piece will run till midnight, Fri, April 22.

Send me an email telling me what you would like to bid. I will follow-up with bidders throughout the day with updates.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity,

Always Believe,


4 Responses to “042111 Weapon of Warrior Wisdom”
  1. Jas says:

    Is this really you??.. i loved watching you on tv! If so, drop me an email!.. that would be the ultimate suprise!!!!!


  2. kimberly says:

    amazing article! it is so refreshing, and after reading that, i wanna hit a brick wall and attack anything that moves!

  3. I like the way you’ve made the yellow blend smoothly into the orange. It gives it a real sense of Fire. Just like the passion you put into the art; it shows man. something as simplistic as a Warrior Logo can be amplified 10 fold when its produced through the passion of the Warrior that I have felt all over this entire website.

    Keep em coming!

  4. Ted Dziuba says:

    I bought my first Weapon of Warrior Wisdom a few months back and it is easily the best purchase I have made in the last year. I wake up every morning and get inspired by the quote Warrior inscribed for me, and the artwork is amazing. I can’t wait til the wife gets me another one in the fall! Thanks again Warrior, not a day goes by where I don’t admire my Weapon.


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