050411 Weapons of Warrior Wisdom

Hello warriors.

Here are today’s Weapons of Warrior Wisdom.

Seal Team Six and ALL our military warriors — human beings to be inspired by! Too bad those charged with operating our government don’t have the character, discipline and fortitude these individuals do.

I’d done this George Orwell Weapon a long time ago and remembered it was in my pile. His quote states the simple fact of the matter, and due to the recent inspiring event I thought it was fitting to add the Seal Team Six emblem, considering also that Orwell so brilliantly, in 1984 and Animal Farm (two GREAT books!), foretold us of the “Doublespeak” we now get from every single spineless and mealy-mouthed politician/leader in our government today.

The Weapon of Warrior Wisdom images are linked to another page with more Weapons, a larger view, and more explanation.

The starting bid is $100. (Priority Mail Shipping is NOT included and will be additional.)

Bidding on these Weapon of Warrior Wisdom Art pieces will run till midnight, Friday, May 6.

Send me an email telling me what you would like to bid. I will follow up with bidders throughout the day with updates.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity,

Always Believe,


4 Responses to “050411 Weapons of Warrior Wisdom”
  1. kimberly says:

    I give this a hell yeah! i normally don’t glorify the death of someone , but the day that ben laden was killed, was a day of great victory for not just the US, but the entire world! I do realize though, that the war on terror is far from over, but this is a great start! thank you for reflecting on that!


    Seal Team 6 are Ultimate Warriors. I wish the US government had 10 percent of the balls they had. Thanks for mentioning them Warrior. They are the greatest part of the USA. Thanks to Seal Team 6!! Everyone should read 1984 and Animal farm especially the communist liberals among us.

  3. Braden Walker says:

    Well, I’ve no idea what a Seal Team 6 is but if they are Warriors, then sign me up. I’m not looking to travel to the arctic to find seals, but I’ll be an at home supporter while you’re tracking them down. Could you imagine how many seals Warrior himself could capture? Whew! That would be a zoo of seals.

    Anyway Warrior, keeping dropping these Weapons, and I’ll keep absorbing the knowledge. I dont care about no politician telling me what is what. Keep it real like Warrior, and you’ll be fine.

  4. john smith says:

    you are right you are saying but you are a grat wrestler i look up to you and randy

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