Macho Man Tribute

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  1. Allan Moore says:

    I can feel your pain on this one Warrior and I’m really sorry for what a personal loss this must be for you. Randy really seemed to be one of the ‘good guys’ who just got it. On Friday when I heard the news I was (and still am) completely gutted, a real sense of disbelief. I couldn’t at first understand why I felt it so profoundly in an age now where death (especially prematurely) in the wrestling industry has been so common. Then I realised that when Randy was in the industry it was his life. He gave his all for his fans, and importantly in an industry where it literally takes two to tango, he always gave his all to and for his opponent, determined that every detail would ADD something… MEAN something. And he meant a hell of a lot, evidently as is now being shown, to both his contemporaries and his fans the world over. Man this has hit me like a family member, like a favourite uncle I haven’t seen for a few years but always knew was there. Thank you warrior for being able to put into words quite perfectly in such a dignified way on your videos exactly what I, and I’m certain everyone else who is watching has been feeling these last few days.

  2. GC says:

    Great tribute to a great man. Thank you Macho Man for some wonderful wrestling memories.

  3. Mark says:

    thanks warrior for a great tribute, totally agree with you how a handshake tells so much about a man.

  4. Rockwarrior1985 says:

    Warrior could not have said it any better.
    It’s great to see Warrior put the truth and some emotion out there.
    Wrestling or the “business” will never be what it was nor the characters, and the plots, and story lines behind those modern day gladiators.
    RIP Randy Savage.


    This video was a fantastic tribute to Randy Savage. Sorry you lost a friend Warrior. WM7 Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior is one of my all time favorite matches along with the WM3 Steamboat vs Savage match. Randy Savage provided me with some of my greatest childhood memories. I define my childhood by 4 men Hulk Hogan,Ultimate Warrior,Andre The Giant and Randy Savage. Now 2 of the 4 are gone. I am glad in the last year of his life we the fans got Savage in the form of action figures and a video game and some great promo videos about them from Savage. If you watch these videos you will see that he NEVER lost it. He could cut a promo better than any of the current superstars and they could all learn from Savage. In fact we could all learn from Savage. His greatness DID silence them all.

  6. Phil says:

    Well said Warrior, as a fan of yours and Macho’s it’s hard to put into words the range of emotions felt during this time. The points you made on childhood hit home man, if we could only use Macho’s intensity to help us make our lives better…..I think Macho would be a happy man, Dig it.

  7. Jesse says:

    That was really moving Warrior.
    It seemed so real and passionate.
    In every shoot interview Macho did he always spoke highly of you and always said you were a real good guy. I remember in one interview they asked him about you and he said “he’s a little out there, but so am I…..we beat to our own tune”.
    You and Macho always seemed to have a strange kind of spiritual bond. (the Ultimate Maniacs were so cool! why didnt it go further)?
    I really enjoyed your tribute, but more importantly I know Macho would have appreciated it.
    Its so nice to here you telling stories of the past! more please?

    Anyways Macho Man R.I.P or R.I.I.L (rest in intensity land)

  8. Jesse says:

    On another note while working out today I was listening to Macho’s rap song about Hulk Hogan called ‘Be a man’ . It just reminded me of his intensity. I recommend you give it a listen as kind of a tribute.

  9. David Dolbin says:

    Warrior – Very nice tribute to Randy. What a class guy, who will be missed by so many. I saw Randy wrestle many times during the 80′s in Hershey, PA. I remember how athletic he was in the ring.

    Also, I saw your wrestle many times in the past, and you are still my all-time favorite wrestler. I don’t follow the WWE these days, but still enjoy watching old matches from the 80′s from time-to-time. My 6 year old son has an 12″ Ultimate Warrior action figure on his dresser, and everytime he jumps on my back to wrestle, he says, “I’m the Ultimate Warrior”, and puts me in a choke hold.

    David Dolbin, Mechanicsburg, PA

  10. Craig Taylor says:

    Being 29 years of age i grew up with Randy Savage as one of two of my favourite wrestlers, The Ultimate Warrior being the other. A peice of my childhood died on friday. Macho was such a great performer and i loved his matches, the match he had with you warrior at mania 7 is my favourite match of all time, i have watched hundreds of times and never get bored of watching it. Wrestling just isnt the same these days, and will never be the same. And a part of my love for wrestling also died on friday.

    Hope he is in a better place, i know people say that all the time but what can you say………. words cant do macho man justice.

    You warrior are the last remaining childhood hero left and i am damn proud to say that you inspire me daily.


  11. Shane says:

    Very classy and touching tribute to one of the greatest of all time.

    I grew up watching you and Randy do your thing. You guys had this chemistry that was amazing, whether you were friends or foes on camera.

    I started watching wrestling in ’91…you and the Macho Man had me hooked. WrestleMania 7 was one of the all time greatest matches of all time. Everything from the beginning of the match to the very end was very well executed and the match still stands out to this day as one of the most memorable in WrestleMania history. I remember owning a tape of WrestleMania 7 as a kid and watching that match over and over again.

    Summerslam ’92 was another awesome match with the unique twist of it being good guy vs. good guy. When I opened up an issue of the WWF Magazine at the time, and it listed Macho Man vs. Ultimate Warrior (before it out announced on TV), to say that I marked out would be an understatement. I was so excited to see you two wrestle at Wembley Stadium in a rematch from WM7…and the tease of one of you turning on the other made it even more intriguing. I recently watched a match between you and Randy from MSG, I think it was early ’89, and it was also very intense. And who can forget the Ultimate Maniacs? That was off-the-charts intense. Great stuff…

    It was an era in wrestling that will never be topped. The larger than life characters, the creativity (there were no Hollywood scriptwriters to hold your hand), the character development, the intensity in the ring… was all very awesome and a very big part of my childhood. Thanks for the memories.

  12. kimberly hall says:

    wow! that is the single most heart felt, beautiful tribute to someone ever! I am crying so much inside because of it! Randy was also one of my childhood favorites, and I used to impersonate him with my brother while he would impersonate you. My brother would run like you did to the ring in his underwear and pretend to shake the ropes, while I would be the doing the macho mans voice and go oooh yea like he did!

    He really was great in every way shape and form, and the lord has a special place for him in heaven. I feel like a peace of my childhood went with him, which is even harder for me in one sense, because my mother is no longer he either, and she loved him as well.

    You are a very special man warrior, and know this the macho man is looking down upon you from heaven, and he is smiling from ear to ear, he is that proud of you!

  13. ULTIMATE MANIACS are One Of A Kind!!!! WARRIOR & SAVAGE will always be the best in my book. – RIP “Macho Man” Randy Savage – Warrior, I don’t know where you and WWE are today, Meaning if you still communicate with them, But I really think it would be so cool if when they pay tribute to Randy that you would be present as well. Warrior you will and have always been my #1 inspiration in the WWF/E of all time along with Randy as well. I just got a few autographs and pictures with Jim Duggan, Rikishi & The Patriot. I really wish you were there to sign all my Warrior gear. They are saying they may have a wrestling ring there next year to buff things up. That would be ULTIMATE if you were there too. Either way, I love you & always will for inspiring me all these years and hope one day to see at least one more run or appearance in the WWF/E. WARRIOR RULES!!!! & always will. ULTIMATE MANIACS [Savage & Warrior] FOREVER!!!! Mr. Warrior, Please personally email me. I will “ALWAYS BELIEVE!” Danny Wissert.

  14. David says:

    Mr Warrior,

    Thankyou for these words and sentiment. It means alot to us all for you to share these with us as most of our childhoods were spend being entertained by you and Randy on a weekly basis (the likes of which can never be duplicated. Ever)
    With Randy goes alot of wonderful memories and moments, your Wrestlemania 7 masterpeace being the defining one.
    Alot of people have said about Randy now being inducted into the hall of fame, but people don’t seem to realize that Randy aswell as yourself have been there since it began and neither of you ever needed a plaque or phony event to confirm it. We all know because we all remember for many years who were/are the greats.
    Thankyou for your words, they are the only ones that seem to mean anything at this time.

    Take Care,

  15. My favorite moment other than the matches you and Randy had was your 1992 Interview where Randy goes “OH YEAHHHHHH!!” & Warrior goes “DIG IT!” – I love that moment and always laugh & smile when I see it again. Two true WARRIORS bond that have made history in the wrestling business. I really wish ULTIMATE MANIACS could of become WWF/E Tag Team Champions, But you both will always be ULTIMATE Tag Champs in my book. I will never forget that magic you/Warrior & Savage had. You are so right when it comes to that manly handshake. It’s gotta feel so good to know two Warriors shake hands & bond as one. One Warrior Nation FOREVER!!! There are so many moments & matches involving Warrior & Savage I will never forget. I hope a new Warrior 3 Disk DVD gets produced with Warrior commentary & Warrior paying tribute to Randy Savage on it. I know it would sell crazy!!! P.S. Mr. Warrior/ULTIMATE WARRIOR, Would you please come visit my hometown along with doing some kind of wrestling show with other Legends? Thank You again for all these years along with Randy “Macho Man” Savage of inspiration. Please email me. I will “ALWAYS BELIEVE!” , Danny Wissert

  16. Thank you very much for that heartfelt tribute. Your matches with the Macho Man at Wrestlemania 7 and Wembley Stadium are 2 of my all time favorite matches, but to hear you speak of Randy as a man meant everything. Thanks Warrior.

  17. Dustin says:

    Warrior, Thank you so much for that. I was heartbroken on Friday, and nobody really got why I was so upset over Randy’s passing. He was one of the very few wrestlers that was able to make you feel what his character was feeling, or at least understand it. Whether it be misguided jealousy, the underdog with the heart of a champion, or pure madness. He gave every program the little bit of depth it needed to be believable. I’m so glad to hear from YOU, that my gut reaction to the news was justified. I know you don’t throw around praise lightly, and when you do, it really means something.

    I’m 29 years old now and I still pop in your Wrestlemania VII match with him from time to time. It is my all time favorite Wrestlemania moment. I remember hating Randy through that entire match, the first time I saw it. I remember being so concerned that you were going to “Retire,” because of something Randy or Sherri would do. I’m still amazed today at how hated he was, and the minutes that followed the match with Elizabeth, and that pop from the audience when he stopped her from opening the ropes for him and then opened the ropes for her. There was never a wasted move with him, and everything had meaning. Going from hating him to loving him all in a matter of minutes, I can’t think of anyone who could do that today.

    This was a beautiful tribute to him, and it really means a lot to me to find out that Randy really was the stand up guy that I imagined he was. Thank you! You’re one of those guys too, and I really hope you guys know how important of a role you guys played in so many people’s lives.


  18. David Rosenberg says:

    Such a sincere tribute. You had me choked up a bit. You and Randy are rarities in the business. You both have kept mostly to yourselves since being away from the business for most of the past 10 years.

    I always believed you guys were alike, and watching your video tribute just cemented that belief even more.

    My all-time favorite Macho Man-Ultimate Warrior moment never happened on a pay per view, WWF Superstars, Challenge or a Saturday Night’s Main Event. My favorite happening was February 1989, Madison Square Garden: WWF World Heavyweight Chmapion, The Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Intercontinental Champion, the Ultimate Warrior. The match itself foretold all the great work you both would do together until about 1992. The involvement of Ravishing Rick Rude as he colluded with Macho was classic heel work. You lost the match, but got the better of the two before they shuffled off to the back. I still have the tape, which I recorded off the MSG Network. I have since transfered it to DVD to make sure it stays in my collection. I also noticed another person commented here on the same match.

    I would have to say that Wrestlemania VII is my second favorite memory of the two of you together.

    I remember hearing the shoot interview you did with, I believe Mike Johnson of PWInsider, and you spoke very highly of Randy then. That was my favorite part of the interview because there are so many in the business who don’t carry themselves the way both of you have, and the fact that you showed him respect then showed me that you guys were most likely friends beyond the ring.

    Thank you, Warrior, You’ve always been an inspiration to me in the gym and in life.

  19. Bill M says:

    Thanks for a very nice tribute Warrior.

    I’m a child of the 80s when wrestling was all about larger than life characters. When people ask me to name 3 wrestlers from the late 1980′s period, three names come to mind – Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage. 3 guys who were larger than life.

    A friend of mine said something to me on Friday, right after we found out about Randy passing away. He said:

    — “Pro Wrestlers are the closest things we have to real life Superheroes. That’s why its shock, sadness, and disbelief when one of these guys passes away.” It just doesn’t seem like its possible. How can people so full of life, so larger than life, be taken from us? Its not even fathomable in our minds that our childhood superheroes are just as mortal as the rest of us.

  20. Averill says:

    Well, well said Warrior……mourning with you. Macho Man was a huge part of my life, as you were. God Bless……

  21. Braden Walker says:

    Much respect to a man who KNEW how to put fans in the stands.
    Thank you Warrior for putting these together. He will be missed by all and never forgotten.

    Long reign the Macho King!

  22. WARRIORFAN says:

    THANK YOU WARRIOR for this great tribute to macho man randy savage,
    macho man rest in peace !!!

    -Wrestlemania 7 WARRIOR VS MACHO MAN the best match of all times !!

  23. Christoffer says:

    Great videos Warrior, you realy put words to many peoples feelings around the world when they heard this news.
    Whenever i think back, as you said, to my childhood i remember WWF. I remember when I wrestled my teddybears in the living room and used chairs as turnbuckles to jump from… I even made my own entrances, to play the different charachters… That was good times, and I bring all my memories of you guys with me to this day.

    People should never loose touck with their childhood, their childhood is filled with powerfull memories and feelings, and the impact of Macho Mans death just proves this.

    When iI heard the news the first time I was at work… My mind stopped for some seconds and massive flashbacks along with some chills came over me. I sensed that i wanted to look up to the sky, I suddenly became 8 years old again, right there in those seconds… When i came home i gave a little tribute to my Macho man figure.

    I am forever grateful for the sacrifice all the WWF wrestlers did back then.


  24. Joe M says:

    This was an amazing clip. I enjoyed watching the likes of you and Macho Man growing up. It really helped me get through my adolescent years when i needed some form of entertainment that was unique and inspiring. Macho Man definitely deserves being in the Hall of Fame as well as you do. I enjoyed watching those matches of both of you including the promos, the build up, the whole package. Macho Man, you will be greatly missed. Thank you for all the memories.

  25. Donna says:

    I’m glad I found your site. Your Ultimate Warrior was my favorite from the ‘early days’. I’m loving the inspiration here and will be a regular visitor.

    Thank you for sharing this very moving tribute to the Macho Man. It hit me right in the heart.

    Thanks, Randy, for all the joy you brought to millions. Have a good time where ever you go.

  26. Matthew Erich says:

    Touching stuff, Warrior. Well spoken. Transparency and sincerity is a rarity when it comes to “the business”, so nice to hear it.

  27. Scrapiron Bryan says:

    Hey Warrior. I like many others was shocked when I heard the news of Randy’s Passing. My favourite characters were always the guys that were a little (or alot) “out there.” The 12 year old in me will mourn his passing. The adult will celebrate his life.

    Always Believing,


  28. Tim says:

    Warrior: Classy, touching; obviously from the heart.


  29. Paul says:

    Well said Warrior. In a way I feel that I have lost a part of my childhood. The world needs more Randy’s. Thanks for sharing your memories of him with all of us. It is nice to hear the things nobody gives him recognition for.

  30. Mark says:

    In my opinion two classic matches in wrestling are wrestlemania 7 and summerslam 92 both savage v warrior, you had great chemistry together. You are all class Warrior.

  31. Ryan says:

    Hey Warrior, thanks the tribute. I know you did it in dedication to Randy, but you were speaking directly to me and everyone else who watches the video. Like you were having a one-on-one conversation to let us know how much Randy meant to you. This, in turn, causes us to reflect back into our own minds for memories.

    Thanks again man,

  32. StevieA79 says:


    I just wanted to tell you what a touching, heartfelt, strong, light hearted, emotional, well thought out and articulated tribute you gave to Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Not only does it show how close you and Randy were but it really shows the kind of men you are too a handshake truly can mean so much to the right kind of person. You know I have listened to many interviews by Randy and I have never heard him say anything bad about you, quite the contary he was always honest and always had good things to say about you. He would often put you over and tell anyone that would listen how much he respected you as a man, he would always stand up for you if you faced criticism and you know that’s Randy all over he was forever putting people over in so many ways.

    You know I do feel as though I lost one of my childhood super heroes when Randy passed away. Just watching the video tribute you gave and also the first class tribute video by the WWE really made me feel like crying and letting it all out you know. Vince did the right thing and gave a fitting testimonial to Randy regardless of any problems they might have had in the past.

    I have to say the video tribute you recorded really touched me. I have always been a massive Ultimate Warrior fan but I think even back then as a child I believed in you not just as the Ultimate Warrior but as a man. Just seeing how you are in such good health and seemingly thriving away from the ring and doing things on your own terms, fulfilling the other dreams you have in life well it just makes me think you know what Warrior good for you man. I would love to see you come back for one last run but maybe that’s me being selfish you are obviously happy in yourself and to me that’s comforting so many ex wrestlers struggle with everyday life but you thrive on it.

    It’s like you said about Randy you could just feel the life force in him and that’s very true. I didn’t know Randy personally and I never met him or seen him wrestle live but he was still a big part of my life both as a kid growing up and as an adult.

    I will never forget Randy, the WWE fans will never forget Randy. He was a true star, in an era that stars were created by the person themselves rather than being fed by creative he was one of the brightest stars of them all.

    It’s like you said Warrior the Macho Man character was Randy’s own character amplified. Just like your character is amplifed as the Ultimate Warrior.

    I have never been so touched by a video tribute as I have been by the video tribute you gave Randy. You have memories to look back on fondly of Randy and I am sure those will comfort you well.

    Thank you for giving such a fitting tribute to Randy Macho Man Savage you helped me come to terms with his passing.

    Take care Warrior.


  33. Jonathan Lo Re says:

    great tribute and great to hear your thoughts on randy savage. wrestlemania 7 was my favorite between you two. it was a great match with a great story with you and him & liz getting back together.

  34. FRANK says:

    Warrior kept his word when he told the Macho Man back in SEP 92 that he would be a friend that would stand by him. He did it with this tribute.

  35. David and Lindsay says:

    Dear Mr. Warrior,

    Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your friend Macho Man. That was an awesome tribute. Thank you.

    I accidentally found your website by clicking the link to your tribute while I was reading the story on ESPN. I felt sort of stupid because all these years I too thought you were dead. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to prove it, you already have, and in a good, manly way.

    But I have to tell you a story that is even stupider. As much as both my wife and I wanted to, I didn’t actually get to watch you wrestle The Macho Man. I was going to, but Bobby The Brain Hennan came on TV right before the match started and said: “We have an awesome line-up for you tonight!; The Ultimate Warrior and Randy the Macho Man Savage…” That part was okay, but then he said; “Now wake up your fat wife and pay attention!” Well, my “fat” wife was already sitting there, she had just given birth to our now 21-year-old daughter. She made me turn off the TV and go to bed. Dang!

    Anyway. I really enjoy reading your Warrior Wisdom. But please read your bible once in a while. I wish you the best of everything in your life.

    David M. Johnson
    p.s. My wife really did want to watch you. She even said; “I like the Ultimate Warrior”.

  36. Jason says:

    Very thoughtful comments from Warrior. A very fitting and beautiful tribute. Randy was an icon of icons and what incredible talent that man possessed, it was simply magnetic. That character that Randy created inside that squared circle will live forever. He set the bar so high for what can be expected from a sports entertainment performer. In the words of Chris Jericho “the absolute best at what he does”. Thanks for the memories “Macho Man”. You truly were one of a kind. God bless you.

  37. PP says:

    I saw you wrestle Randy as the Macho King in a steel cage at Madison Square Garden in January 1991, right after the Royal Rumble.

    Better days are ahead.

  38. Steve says:

    Dear Warrior,

    I am awe of your incredible talent and place in the wrestling world. Thank you for a wonderful career and inspiration.



  39. Oney says:

    I have nothing to say that would mean nearly as much to you, as what you said about Randy. I grew up on it, the heroes and villains in the ring. My childhood was all about Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Junkyard Dog, Rowdy Roddy Piper. When I grew up, I didn’t care how real or fake wrestling was. My heroes were still there. But slowly I heard the stories. Guys like Eddie, JYD, Macho Man…my heroes were gone.
    I never met you, and I probably never will. But thank you. When I was alone, a scrawny little kid getting beat up just because of my name, you were a part of what made me go on. Thank you for being a hero to an entire generation. And thank you for sharing your hurt with all of us as we hurt too.

  40. Sheeto says:

    Nicely put. The loss of a friend always makes us ponder our own morality. The mental self-evaluation we undertake is a parting gift from those who pass. To all who read this, remember, it’s never too late to be who you might have been.


  41. Scott Rowell says:


    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and memories on Randy. I also would like to thank you for being true to yourself as well as the fans on all types of various issues. I would like to call out one individual. “Brian Knobbs” Who made a very insensitive and rude comment reguarding Randy Savage. If you haven’t seen or heard it yet it’s all over the web. As far as Knobbs goes In my own opinion I believe this was done if only to score brownie points with Terry Bolea knowing that Terry and Randy have had plenty of heat during the years. I know Terry has put videos of his own reguarding the death of Randy. I’m sorry I’m just not buying it. Anyway Thanks again for being a straight shooter. I can’t wait to see your Kharma video.

    Yours respectfully

    Scott Rowell

  42. Matt M. says:

    Your video tribute, as well as Jay Lethal’s poem, have got to be the best Randy Savage tributes posted. For a man that’s been labeled as “self-destructive”, you sure do have a level head, Warrior (not to mention, a life worth living). Keep inspiring, man.

  43. Craij from New Jersey says:

    A truly moving tribute from the man who pulls no punches, tells only truths and who I admire and do my best to imulate day in and day out. My hero…… Warrior

  44. Craig from New Jersey says:

    A truly moving tribute from the man who pulls no punches, tells only truths and who I admire and do my best to emulate day in and day out living my life the way of the warrior!

  45. Ryan Lybeck says:

    Warrior you have always been my favorite. I was on the edge of my seat at WM7 because I did not want you to lose. Savage was my other favorite from those days. I respect what you two did for the business in every area. The way you worked the crowds, camera, and ring. Even outside the ring you two always had class. I was so shocked to hear Randy had left us. Those were very kind words you left for him and I’m sure he will be looking down on us with his favorite saying…

  46. Joe says:

    WOW….came across this site on a wrestling news page….was awesome to see you after growing up watching you!

    Video post on Randy was great. Very classy. Never have heard of that handshake tradition before….kind of interesting.

    I’ve always felt that You and Randy were two legends that were missing from WWE TV. Fans would have erupted if either you or Randy had ever came down the ramp. Sadly, Randy will never have that chance.

    Best Wishes Warrior!

  47. Rick Strom says:

    Hi Warriorman nice tribute..when you said that his feet or himself was well grounded Definetly!!!! could see that Randy and yourself if i may had done there homework with there charactors and was really fun to watch.Hulk and others definetly are lacking with what they are all about.Also today with people loosing there jobs and having to dig deep and basically standing back and saying WTF!ANY association with hollywood makes my stomach turn.Go get him! LOL!!! I really think that we need you out there man! with your core principles and grounded thinking good luck! Rick Strom

  48. robert says:


  49. Nick Heaven says:

    Dear Warrior.

    Thank you for taking the time to share some of your memories with the Macho Man, I still csnnot believe that Randy is gone and it is no unfair that he has been taken away at the age of only 58.

    I totally agree with what you say, from the minute I heard the news I was taken back in time to the memories of the WWF from 1990 and It is something I will always treasure.

    Thank you again and I look forward to watching your upcoming video that will give someone a huge wake up call.

    All the best

  50. E.J. says:


    The Friday when Randy passed, my friends and family kept asking me – ” Did the Warrior say anything yet ? ” Knowing your style, I told them to give you a few days. And when he’s ready – it will blow all of the other tributes away, because it will be from his heart. True as gold, your tribute was grand, emotional and true. Randy must of had tears in his eyes as those words were coming from your mouth to the heavens. Your match with Randy at SummerSlam 1992 will always be my favorite match of all time.

    A Thousands Thanks, E.J.

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