Karma’s Coming to Collect

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  1. Joe says:


    Don’t worry about that bullet you found, I don’t think you need it anymore. Terry did an excellent job of killing Hulkamania and any illusion of dignity he might have had in the eyes of anyone.

    It’s obvious that Hogan is insanely jealous of you, Warrior. You were able to leave wrestling at your peak and find success in other ventures. Hogan, on the other hand, is still trying to hump the wrestling business for every thing it’s worth. It’s rather pathetic.

  2. JD says:

    Hogan is a fake and a liar. His whole wrestling career is based on lies. He claimed to be the first to slam andre the giant but he was not. He claimed to have the biggest bicepts but he did not, he told us to take our vitimins and he took steriods. He had a cartoon that he did not even voice. The fact is Wrestling made him. You made Wrestling and you knew and still know how to act with class. Hogan let fame go to his head and he is riding a dead horse and taking all those on his coat tails with him. The older gerneration remember him but the younger have no idea who he is. Its sad when a 50 year old man goes on a nickelodeon show demanding they let his daughter sing. How lame. Hogan will ruin TNA. Just like when he took famous stars and tried to do a wrestling show, just showed how desperate he is.
    Keep doing the right thing and keep us proud.
    Once a warrior, always a warrior.
    Glad you kept your integrity.

  3. Warrior.

    so where is the follow up to this? you can’t let Terry’s interview go unchallenged… unless of course it was true that you wanted to “go home” after 5 minutes into the match…i watched the match from beginning to end, and i couldn’t see anywhere in the match where you and hogan were talking to each other during a chin-lock that even remotely looked like a discussion…

    BTw, did hogan still weigh 300 pounds back then?

  4. ben says:

    hey warrior, its funny because you left in your prime and went on to other ventures, while hogan is 2 decades past his prime, and is still milking whatever is left of his name through tna, and he acts like your the one who needs a life xD

  5. Brian schamber says:

    You have developed into a fully actualized man, which is in sharp contrast to the walking contradiction that is Popularity Hound Hogan. You speak your mind and stand on your own convictions. For that reason alone, I respect you. What you did in your days in the ring is legendary, and anyone who mocks it is simply insecure. When you came running to the ring it was damn exciting! It was like that seen in Conan The Barbarian were Conan tips the huge bowl of human stew over with the main theme music playing, and all Rexor can say in disbelief is “You!”. That, just like what you did, is epic, damn inspiring and pretty cool. I still like the thought of the epic gallop form “Parts Unknown”. What makes it even better, is the kind of person that you really are in “real life”.

  6. David Rosenberg says:

    I compiled a short-list of some of Hogan’s nasty ways over the years. Most of them are post WWE.

    1. Son’s jailhouse reality show idea during jailhouse phone call; 2. Trashing son’s seriously disabled car accident victim/friend on jailhouse phone call; 3. Quoting the Bible on Larry King to try and gain favor from bad press during son’s trial; 4. Trashing mother of his children/wife on national radio show during divorce; 5. 6. Oiling his daughter’s bikini butt; 8. Exposing his daughter’s body in Maxim and pretending to be mad about issues on newsstand for his TV show, Hogan Knows Best; 9. Suing Post Cereal over cartoon character that looks like him; 10. Suing wife over toilet; 11. Pretending to expose his manhood for video game commercial with daughter, Brooke, right next to him; 12. Pretending to announce that he was running for president of the United States. This was right around the time Jesse Ventura had just won or had already won the race to be Governor of Minnesota. And he talks about Jesse being jealous. Anybody have any to add?

  7. mike says:

    Hogan ratting jesse out to mcmahon because he wan’ted to unionize wrestling. that would have been good for the other talent, however that would have hurt hulks paycheck.


  8. Kevin says:

    First of all I want to say I was a big fan of yours as a child and I love your work with Randy Savage. Secondly, Hulk Hogan is a bullshit artist, and always has been. That thing he said about Bad News Brown reaching into his bag for a weapon is just fucked up. He tried to paint Bad News as a common thug when we all know Bad News was a world class judo player and would have turned Hogan or Andre into a bloody mess. Hogan’s been making classless comments like this for years, like the time he said he took the spotlight back from you at wrestlemania.
    Regardless wrestling isn’t very entertaining anymore. I mean it could be, but it seems like most of the talent that come in have their reservations about being a character. I catch a little wrestling buy way of the net and i came across this thing with you and Hogan.
    But my question for you Warrior man is this, why carry on such a pointless feud? You know you left wrestling years ago and that’s fine. But why persist? You know Hogan has nothing left, he can barely walk let alone wrestle. So why not just leave this man alone and target someone who still has a pulse.

  9. Chris"mack"Seals says:

    Sup Bladerunner,Man how the years have flown by.Maybe you can tell by me calling you by that name you can tell that I saw it all,but now we are here in this time with the daunting task of making sense of it all.You always stood out,and unlike many,I always understood where you were coming from and more than anything I admired the iron will you displayed for us,standing by your words and not becoming a disgrace like so many of your peers have.You spoke at great lengths about the incredible man and character that was Randy Savage and how blessed we were to have had the chance to be witness to him,so I say”A spirit with such power can never die,only transend to another plain to live on in the hearts and minds of those who witnessed”.As to “Terry”,I never bought into him as a youth,and only could tolerate him in his true form,a slimball heel.For him to trash Savage after his passing is a new low for the”limbo champ”,and for you to pick up the sword and attack out of friendship and honor is all balls!You flanked”Bullaya”and rolled up his line of lies like a 25year old rug(ha!).I would correspond further if time would permit,to speak of truths,lies,heros and warriors.An old student wishes further knowledge from his teacher..Long live the warriors.

  10. Taylor says:

    Hi warrior I got a question for you. If you really loved this buisness and the fans how come you would miss matches you were advertised for and kept leaving the company and the fans?

  11. Rob says:

    This is all just one big setup! Warrior and HH are buuldin for a TNA match!!

  12. SoloAssaszen says:

    Wow there is really nothing i can add or say,I was in the older generation an i have to say everything that i have seen & read on here about Hogan is so very true.I want to thank you from my heart Warrior for what you said about Randy Savage,He was my favorite when i was a young man.I always beleave that he was the greatest bad guy ever an no one can ever top him.I am so pissed at what Hogan has claimed about him the rumors an the crap.Thank you my friend I also was an still am a fan of yours sir.I hope i get to see what is coming to hogan very soon would love to hear what you have to say more of the truth ,I am 50 years young now seen alot.But as for hogan time will catch up to him it already is Karma IS REAL & ALIVE AN SOON WILL BITE THE PEOPLE IT NEEDS TO.I met Mr,Savage talked to him shook his hand an he heard me talk like him,He asked me to say what i was going to do to the Nature Boy so i did he taped it said he never heard any one sound as good as i did like him,That was a honor for me ,I really miss him, & I hope that you soon make a come back so that the younger gen has some one they can truly look up to,Thank you Warrior for given the old Gen Dreams that can come true ,

  13. David says:

    As part of the bullet to hulk, *or not* would you be willing to send an autographed picture or something of that nature to everyone who sends their copy of the crappy dvd that WWE made? You know, I did like some parts about your interviews, as in, your actual interviews. BECAUSE, if you actually “listen” to what you are saying, it is quite intriguing. I enjoyed some of it, but it was WRONG on the whole. Let me know if you like that idea!!! Why do I own it? well, i picked it up one time thinking it was going to be good….and because of the few good interviews, i still have it…but I find you inspiring, and I would rather not have something that demeans a person who inspires me.

    Thanks for reading.

    David, a father who doesn’t look to Hulk Hogan as “a dad I want to be”.

  14. Glenn says:

    Thanks for the videos about Hogan. People needed to know the truth. The Ultimate Warrior was the first wrestler to ever challenge Hulk Hogan’s popularity with the Warriors without Hogan turning into the bag guy role. That in itself was historic. I like the DVD because it shows you hit a nerve with other wrestlers. They went through a lot to try to tarnish your legacy. It didn’t work.

  15. Kamran says:

    Warrior I think your words speak for themselves .. I respect you for living your life on your OWN terms and your career was short but defining and I believe you will always be remember as an iconic figure in history of sports entertainment.

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