Karma’s Coming to Collect

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  1. Dave Troppe says:

    Looking forward to next’s week post Warrior, good to see you still looking healthy and keeping in shape! All the best to you and your family.

  2. David Rosenberg says:

    Looking forward to this one. I gather there are few that have not been stepped on by the ego that is Hogan. Hogan even bragged about obama using his ’80′s entrance music at the Washington Correspondent’s dinner. I would consider that an insult.

  3. stanley bielawski says:

    Cant wait for the post next Warrior….someone need to call out Hogan for the classless individual he is.

  4. John says:

    Warrior never measured up to Hogan.

  5. Mike says:

    Warrior and Bret Hart need to get over their BS. Even Randy Savage and Hulk tried to make peace before he died. In a way, Warrior is actually honoring Hulk Hogan because there’s no other wrestler Warrior likes to brag about beating other than Hogan.

  6. scott stewart says:

    Hey Warrior!!! I decided to look you up today…. i wanted to let you know your my favorite wrestler of all time. Glad to see your still looking good and KARMA is coming.

  7. Joe M says:

    I,m excited now. I feel like i did back when i watched wrestling every weekend and waiting impatiently for next weeks matches or interviews. Can’t wait to see what this is.

  8. James. A says:

    Hey Warrior
    I cant wait for your next video!
    Peace from us all here downunder

  9. Braden Walker says:

    I’m excited too Joe M. Karma must be amazing. I for one appreciate what Warrior is doing on this website and respect the choices the man makes in his personal life.

    As for John and Mike’s comments, i find them uncalled for. Warrior has time and time again delivered his opinions to us with no BS. He’s living his life as a man, and Hogan is still trying to squeeze what little honest fame he has! You would never see Warrior dancing around in a tutu for some Nanny movie. He aint no sell out.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Very interesting!Hope this all plays out in Impact wrestling!Warrior and Goldberg return to wrestling!!!!I live in Crawfordsville Warrior country!

  11. David Rosenberg says:

    @John. Warrior never measured up to Hogan’s B.S. only.
    @Mike. It’s hard to make peace with Hogan when he’s an incurable sellout who’s only inches from putting that knife in your back. Has everyone else forgotten the lengths he went to to try and clear his son’s name? Or calling his then-wife trash on a national radio show. Hogan has sold out time-and-time again.

    I guess you could say his real life is based on the fantasy character Ted Dibiase played as the Million Dollar Man. The Training, saying your prayers and taking your vitamins was B.S.

    I have seen the little clips Hogan made about Randy Savage. Did everyone notice they were all about his favorite person, himself?

  12. Larry says:

    “You Hulk Hogan must self destruct.” – Warrior (1990)


    “Karma‚Äôs Coming to Collect” – Warrior (2011)

  13. Mike says:

    This is my problem with this video. Minute 1: an annoucement about an annoucement. Minute 2: Warriors trademark thesis-less psychoramble mixed in with his newfound “I’m smart” campaign.

  14. redders says:

    hello WARRIOR, just found your site after just looking around online..its a cracking site with some very good stuff/info on.

    thanks for taking the time to post all your videos and blogs and what not.

    as a WARRIOR fan i think its really good of you to keep your fans up to date with your goings on.

    seen a vid of you working out the other day, you are looking very well still, keep it up big man.

    i have your entrance music as my ringtone on my phone!…..RAW ENERGY every time i hear it i feel the WARRIOR!

    thanks again WARRIOR.


  15. Sam says:

    I, too, am looking forward to what Warrior has to say about that sellout Hogan. Hogan still loves hogging the spotlight more than anyone else. He’s the ONE who needs to get over his BS, NOT Warrior. Why should Warrior make peace with someone whose only goal in life is to stab other people in the back? PLEASE!!!

  16. robert says:

    I am a warrior fan and a hogan fan….its hard to try to tell whats the truth and what aint! I am a huge wrestling fan love hart,randy,jake,junkyard dog,davey boy,eddie,rock and austin…I am excitied to c that piece bout hogan to c if it matches up with stuff…but i guess we will c…i was not there so we r going off hear say…i wish u would have keep wrestling but u did what u did for ur reason and wwe and vince say u did it for there reasons…all HEAR SAY HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA…

  17. David Rosenberg says:

    Newfound “I’m Smart” campaign? Warrior’s never pulled any punches with his comments. Something Hogan always does. Hogan’s always looking for the next buck, the next wave to catch onto, the wrestling organization to extort and destroy.

  18. ryan says:

    hello m a fan from warrior you were my favorite wrestler growing up im a fan from northern ireland been watching over 20 years,loved the macho man tribute he and you made magic together in thr ring that kind of stuff will never be seen again.Cant wait for the hogan video its good that people like you have the balls to call a spade a spade and say what kind of a asshole hogan really is,he clearly cudnt take it that u were the man that got the 1st clean win over him as champion,that promo you cut on him in wcw was classic lol keep up the good work mate hope to see you in the hall of fame someday purely so that your fans can give you the appreciation that u deserve as one of the best of al time,that respect that randy derserved only to be shunned by the wwe scumbags

  19. Derek Francis says:

    Hey Warrior, why not get in touch with HD Net and get on the Voice Versus. Michael Schiavello is a great interviewer and better than anything the wrestling media can produce. I would love to see a proper sit down interview with the Warrior and it will be a better medium for your gripes with Hogan.

  20. Shibo says:

    Hey Warrior! I always really enjoyed your work in the industry as I was growing up. I was reading on Michael Schiavello’s facebook page that he’d be interested in doing The Voice Vs. The Ultimate Warrior. The Hogan interview was a lot of fun in the sense that the public got to hear a few stories about some of the people we always enjoyed watching, like Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, the Iron Sheik, and others. So, how about it? I know you have some things you’d like to set the record straight on, and some great insight from your years in the business. How about giving the fans an hour of your time and doing an interview with The Voice? You’ve given us all a lot in the past, but what a great gift to the fans this would be. Think about it?

  21. I OWN MYSELF says:


    When I was a kid you were hands down my absolute favorite. I started watching around the time between WM6 and WM7. I had ever Hasbro figure, posters ya name it, I seriously want to say THANK YOU, and what ya said about all the stories in Macho’s tribute, did pull back that deep wound, and made it a bit easier to swallow that pill. It is true, and it does revitalize the spirit to remenese, just sad that it so takes one’s death to bring up that rekindling. Again thank you…

    As for Hogan, you PWNED, or I should say OWNED his sorry keyster from the beginning. He has shown his colors, and YELLOW is appropriate. Can’t wait to see what ya have to say, I’ll then judge, and better yet can’t wait to see Hogan’s reaction.

  22. Warrior….

    Time to get back on the juice and bulk back up to 280!!! gorilla pressin’ time:) those canonball delts you had back in the day were incredible( so were the lats and tri’s )

    avoid GH…growth gut is BAD

    It would be awesome if you were back in prime time shape again when Vince finally calls you to do the Hall of Fame and have one last feud, this time with him…. it would be such a HUGE draw…..

    Your comeback in 2008 just wasn;t the same without the old gimmick with the original entrance music and long flowing hair….

  23. Dave Francis says:

    I’m very interested in what Warrior has to say as well. He is the only person who knew the people we grew up watching. Some are still around today, others are not. I commend him for sticking to his principles, and not kissing Vince’s ass. I also commend him for sticking to his guns also knowing he’ll never show up in TNA/Impact Wrestling.

    I lost all respect for Hogan when his son went to jail, and just when I thought I could ever have any respect for Hogan again he shot so many holes in it when he commented it was Graziano’s fault he ended up in that shape when it was him that gave alcohol to Nick, and John Graziano. Also Hogan wanted to make Nick’s jail time a reality show. Don’t believe it was Nick’s idea. That shit was all Hogan. Then Hogan rips on his ex-wife like its something to be proud of. There are some things that should remain private even when you are a celebrity. The truth is the only person Hogan cares about is himself. Point blank. If Hogan really cared about more than himself then why did he go to TNA? When the show became more about Hogan and less about making TNA a wrestling company that would succeed then you knew that was the beginning of the end. And just now TNA is starting to get back on track with his Impact Wrestling deal.

    But getting back to my original point Hogan killed hulkamania when we got a glimpse of who the man is behind the character. And for those few of you who believe Hulkamania is still alive you better believe that Warrior will kill it off permanently on this next message. Warrior tells it like it is truthfully like it or not. I admire Warrior for standing up for what is right. I may not always agree with the man’s statements but he is one of my childhood hero’s growing up. I’m looking forward to seeing the humiliation that is Hogan finally being put in his place.

    Keep it up Warrior we are all behind you.

  24. James. A says:

    Hey Warrior,Michael Schiavello(The voice)is challenging you to a sit down interview. What do you say ? Would be a really interesting interview……

  25. Sam says:

    I saw the Hogan interview on The Voice Vs. and Schiavello came across as a schill and a mark for Hogan, dyeing part of his beard yellow for the interview. So I would understand if Warrior refused to do a sitdown interview and instead chose to respond via his website only.

  26. David Rosenberg says:

    I just watched the Voice as well. Now I see the reason Warrior is angry. Hogan just dumps on anyone. He said worse things about Savage in this interview than he did about Warrior. I know Hogan felt more threatened by Warrior. I have heard rumors over the years that Hogan was whispering negative things about Warrior in Vince’s ear the entire time Warrior was champion. I believe this was because his movie career did not take off like he thought it would and always had wrestling to fall back on. So why not dump on the current popular champion to make yourself look like the savior.

    Notice how Warrior never did get a story line pay per view rematch against Slaughter. Hogan knew he could not face Warrior, again, as a baby face and take the belt off of him. The fans would not buy it and Hogan would come off as the heel. And there was no turning Warrior heel. The fans would not accept it. So a pro-Iraqi heel, Slaughter, was to be the transition champion to bridge the gap for the title to go back around Hogan’s waist.

    So, Wrestlemania VII was built on the shoulders of the Gulf War, and the “Real American” Hulk Hogan would take care of Slaughter like our soldiers took care of business in Iraq and Kuwait, in Hogan’s eyes. Notice how no one ever talks about the Hogan-Slaughter match from Wrestlemania VII… No. They talk about Warrior-Savage. I bet that sticks in Hogan back like a thorn bush.

  27. John says:

    Awesome promo, Warrior. Proof, as if there needed to be, that you are one of the greatest speakers the wrestling business ever had.
    If you ever make an appearance in TNA and are allowed to speak in your OWN words, you’d blow away the likes of Sting, Flair and Hogan on the mic. And also do what they haven’t been able to do; get the TNA pay-per-view buy rate higher than five figures!
    I’m sure some would question any type of comeback in the shark-infested waters of pro-wrestling, but they’d be forgetting that Warrior is a great white himself and would have nothing to fear.
    It would be great if you could update your Weapon of Warrior Wisdom blog more. Inspiring stuff. I also think many would like to hear your opinion on Twitter and whether there’s a chance of you appearing on it?

    Always Believing,


  28. David says:

    Very excited about Warrior’s upcoming post..am I right in thinking it’ll be on ‘the same warrior time..same warrior channnnnnel’?

    For everyone who enjoyed Hogans sit down interview just remember this-Hogan did his interview for publicity, Warrior did his post out of respect.

    In the words of Randy Savage (on his diss track ‘Be A Man’) “I smell a coward, is that you Hogan?”

  29. Tony says:

    In ring persona vs. real life. It seems everyone is mixing the two up. I for one do not know Warrior or Hogan, so it would be disrespectful for me to comment on them other than their In ring work. Hogan/Warrior 3…Big Money…Big Match. Everything else is between the two monsters of the ring. I say God Bless America, and Stars and Stripes Forever. There is 3 sides to every story…Warrior’s…Hogan’s.. and the truth. Hulk Rules…Warrior Rocks.

  30. K.Nolan says:

    I doubt hulk sellout hogan the all american fake ass will be able to mentally keep up with all this. Warrior he is like a shivering girl when reminded of you . Mix that with how fake the sellout dropkick is and i cant see him being intelligent enough or honest enough to keep up with you. GOD BLESS

  31. Benjamin Cooperman says:

    @Mike Where were you when Hogan made his comments about Warrior? Were you telling him to “get over their BS”?! NO!
    Because you’re so stoic that you can be at peace with yourself when someone shits on you?
    Warrior doesn’t take Hogan’s shit, don’t you get it? Mike, you’re probably used to having your boss shit in your mouth so often that you think others should take it too. I’m not like you, no Warrior is like you, and THE Warrior is certainly not like you. So take your advice elsewhere

  32. Seth H. says:

    Hey Warrior,

    I just would like to start off by saying you are and always will be by number 1 wrestlers of all time. I have to admit I was also a fan of Hulk Hogan and 3rd would be Randy “Macho Man” Savage. I have a lot of respect for what you have done and look forward to see what you will accomplish in the future. Like I said I have always been a fan of yours. I really wished I could have met you in person as I know a lot of your fans would also like. With that said, I really don’t know where you are going with your comments on Hogan. I know I heard him pop off about you, but I know he is just jealous because of the popularity you had and still have. I really find you to be very motivating not only in life, but I find inspiration in trying to live life to its fullest. I am one of your biggest fans and would love to see you hand it to Hogan one more time, but I know that he would not let that happen. I do agree with Hogan on one thing and that wrestling is not as entertaining as it was back in the 80′s and 90′s. Even though I am only 27 years old, I have always been a fan of wrestling. Anyways, It is good to see you alive and well and I look forward to your next blog and video you put up. Good Luck and God Bless!

  33. David Rosenberg says:

    Did anyone see Hogan’s Tweet where he said: “Negativity and Hulkamania – 2 things that don’t go together. Finish your weekend strong Monday, ignore all the rest.”

    Total B.S. All Hogan does is dump on people, but tries to project this good guy image on social networks. A lot of people buy it.

    Only he can figure out in his head how to deal with the nasty things he said about Randy on “The Voice.” I know it was made before Randy died, but what he said was nasty. Warrior can handle what was said about him. I can’t wait.

  34. K.Nolan says:

    To all the so-called warrior supporters on this site who agree with both warrior and hogan get a f***en life. theres simply the truth and real people and the fake and hulk followers. Saying you support this page and concept but also idolise wrestlers and hulk. This isnt a suck fest where you say how you love warrior and hulk second and randy 3rd. This is for real people who want real results and honest people in our self-destructing world. If you manage to put your ass kissing on hold and look at what the warriors views are in and on life you may learn and see what a terrible state the world is in at the moment because of the week minded idiots running it. Its the same here in new zealand and we need someone of the warriors mind here to help. Make the most of what you have america. GOD BLESS

  35. James. A says:

    Warrior is just like us Aussies he is a real man he says it as it is an he dont take crap from anyone. RESPECT

  36. #1-ULTIMATE WARRIOR FAN…ALWAYS!: Hey Warrior,… (1) I can’t wait to see what’s in store from you for Terry. (2) Hitting the gym huh? So cool! Ring Return? 3 Disk DVD? Visit my hometown in PA? (3) I hope your up to something huge for the ULTIMATE WARRIOR “ALWAYS BELIEVE” fans. – WARRIOR WILDNESS FEDERATION and ONE WARRIOR NATION will always RULE! Grrrrrrrrrrr! I will “ALWAYS BELIEVE!” Forever… Danny Wissert

  37. Craig Taylor says:

    just watched the voice vs hogan interview, why does hogan never have anything good to say about you warrior or the ultimate warrior character!! He says he passed the “torch” to the wrong guy in you and you werent ready. Thats BS warrior!!

    When he dropped the strap to you at wrestlemania 6,in my opinion you were bigger than hulkamania which had gonna stale. You were one of the greatest wwf champs ever. Hogan cant get over him dropping the strap to you!! why else did he bring you into WCW. All the pro wrestlers who have negative things to say about you all have jealously running through there veins, at what you did in pro wrestling. I mean look at the dvd they did on you warrior….. you didnt self destruct.

    look forward to you putting hogan in his place. No1 warrior fan

  38. David Rosenberg says:

    @Craig Taylor

    I could not agree more!

  39. David Rosenberg says:

    Anyone catch Hogan bashing Warrior some more today on the Bubba the dirty sponge show? When he’s not bashing Warrior, he’s begging fans to like his facebook page.

    It’s interesting to note how Hulkamania was dying by the end of the 1980′s. Not only was Warrior more popular, but Savage got bigger pops from the crowd. Once the ’90′s came around, Undertaker got bigger pops, and so did Sid Vicious, Ric Flair, The Road Warriors and Roddy Piper. Hulkamania was dying. Vince knew this as well. I remember the boos from the crowd at the Royal Rumble.

    Hogan also bashed Jesse Ventura in the Voice interview. Hogan has hardly a leg to stand on in this argument. While Ventura is suing the government for what the TSA groping him, Hogan is busy suing Post cereal for using a cartoon character that looks like him and suing his ex wife over a toilet.

  40. LSTINE says:

    Shake it up Warrior it’s Gorilla Press Slam Time!
    Michael Schiavello is a tool.

  41. Braden Walker says:

    I agree with Craig Taylor. It seems liek the simple minded fools always have something stank to say about Warrior. well excuse him for living his OWN damn life! He doesnt have to be tied down with anyone else in the business. The industry alone has not been the same since Warrior’s departure. The reason they attack him is because they are upset at themselves for losing the steam engine that kept the train rolling!

    As for that DVD, Craig, what a load of cow manure. Anyone with half a pea brain can watch that tell it is all one sided. What a poor attepmt to get at a man that they have no effect on. I could post on this topic for hours!

    Keep it up Warrior Man, we’ll be here waiting to hear about he Bullet! I’m gonna like this…

  42. Craig Taylor says:

    David Rosenberg,Braden Walker thank you. I agree the DVD sucks! so called respected workers in the business for example the million dollar man ,” hes left a legacy and its not a pretty one”, couldnt disagree more you left a legacy that is second to none, everybody will always remember the ultimate warrior character. You left the WWF they try and kill you.

    Just look at the hall of fame…..you ,savage,rude etc are not in it. Anyone who has a fall out with vince doesnt go in, its a work, yet bob barkers in it lol.

    keep getting the message out there warrior.

  43. TOMMY PHILLIPS says:


  44. Anthony Sarconi says:

    YOU will always be THE standard of professional wrestling, and all of your words have the ability to cut like the sharpest knife, swift & precise. It made me SICK all of the BS Hogan has been spewing about his supposed rekindled friendship with Savage shortly before he died. I’m sick of this piece of filth saying whatever he can to get as much attention directed toward him as possible. For all the bad things in reality he’s said over the years about the Macho Man, at least when he hit a tree he didn’t leave a young veteran a vegetable to this day like his son did.I’m on board Warrior!!!!

  45. Braden Walker says:

    Oh, I’m with you Craig. You see, you and I are on the same boat! We can see past the phonies of the world. I had not followed Warrior, but a buddy forwarded me a video of him speaking to a bunch of snot nosed brats at a school. I watched it and honestly couldn’t understand why Warrior was getting such static. These whiners didnt even take a second to think for THEMSELVES and listen to him. Everything he was saying made perfect since. It’s sad that the possible future of this country are a bunch of close-minded wimps. The country is raising its humans to be sheep. Follow your leader and never question anything, apparently.

    Oh yeah, and having an opinion apparently is a big no-no, too…

  46. Josh McManus says:

    I never got the chance to write on your Macho Man tributes but i just wanted to say thanks. I got the chance to meet Randy back in his WCW days when he was doing an autograph session i was only 11 years old at the time but it is something that will stay with me forever. Randy is such an nice, polite person when you get the chance to meet him and i really didn’t appreciate the way the WWE portrayed him in their tribute video so for you speaking out on the actual person randy was all of us fans thank you. As for this bullet, man i can’t wait to hear the truth behind the story. I might have been young but we had a video rental store near where i used to live and i got to watch EVERY single PPV all the way back to Wrestlemania 1. It just pisses me off that every chance Hogan gets he bashes not only you but everyone else. So from a Warrior fan since 1992, please paint the picture of who Hogan truly is, i think i speak for all the Warriors out there!
    Always Believing

  47. Shane says:

    Anyone check out Hogan’s Twitter page? He is shaking in his boots! He talks about being positive and staying away from negativity….but he is the one that threw the first stone! He acts as though Warrior owes his career (and his life) to him because of WrestleMania 6.

    Hogan didn’t pick Warrior off the street out of the kindness of his heart and place him in the WM6 main event. Warrior WORKED HIS ASS OFF to get to that level….and it was decided that Warrior would be the opponent that would draw the most money at the time due to his presence, charisma, popularity, and drawing ability. I can’t wait for Warrior man to set him and the rest of his cronies straight. Go Warrior!

  48. Rob says:

    Where is this “Karma”?

  49. John K. says:

    Make no mistake, Ultimate Warrior eclipsed Hulk Hogan during their run in WWF, so it was inevitable that they would clash in the ring at some point. Warrior is the only man to cleanly pin Hulk Hogan in the ring when Hogan was still at his peak. The claim that Warrior couldn’t measure up to Hollywierd Has-been Hogan is simply absurd. Hogan is a very disturbed individual, who doesn’t act like the icon he should have been. It says a lot about Hogan that he has to trash talk about the Warrior every chance he gets. He’s only admitting what’s been obvious for years; Ultimate Warrior is better than Hulk Hogan.

    I think it’s long overdue that Warrior addressed the Hogan issue, and I am really looking forward to hearing from Warrior next week. It’s time that cockroach Hogan finally got sprayed with some ultimate strength Raid. Warrior is the true icon, and he doesn’t have to put up with Hogan. That’s for guys like that queer HHH or Hogan’s personal bitch over the years, Brutus Beefcake.

    In closing, I’ve learned what Hulkamania’s colors stand for. Red is for the Kool-Aid drinkers that continue to bash Warrior and his career and continue to follow Ego-mania. Yellow is for cowardice, because Hogan is a coward who has to lie and trash talk about everyone who doesn’t bow and kiss his ass.

  50. Darren uk says:

    Hey Warrior just came accross your website and its great ! Hogan is a tool that is a fact ” Vince mcMahon’s puppy dog ” I cannot wait to see your next blog keep up the good work and yea keep it real ………………..

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