Karma is Coming to Collect Update…

Hello, warriors!!

Some information you want.

My Karma is Coming to Collect VIDEO is almost one hour-long, 57 minutes — and it is coming online very shortly. More on that in a second.

I am developing a major media project. I have agreed to do some social networking, as evidenced by the recent launch of my Twitter account.

I want to emphasis some. I will not tweet every hour on the hour as many others do. Works for them, fine. Not for me.

Still figuring out how to work Twitter. Once I get it down, I’ll level you warriors with clotheslines of creativity, courage and wisdom — each thrown with Ultimate Warrior intensity.

Making your life happen on your OWN terms is not easy. In our Warrior World this is a good thing. We don’t want easy. Challenge is good. Attention on superficial shit will not get you to where you dream to go. MY Twitter will post intense thoughts and ideas that focus on strength and self-discipline, not life-destroying crap.

About the Karma video. I now have access to professional editors that can tweak my videos and audio in a way I never could. They are breaking this one-hour video into pieces. Segments will start rolling out next week. After all these pieces are online, more details about the media project will be provided. Time is close to rip fresh ass.

Gotta run.

Before I do, I want to let ALL you warriors, Ultimate Warrior fans and ALL warriors otherwise (you don’t have to be an Ultimate Warrior fan to live your life with the spirit of a warrior), that I appreciate every single email I get. The stories you send are the best — the ULTIMATE.

Words aren’t enough to have you know how much they mean to me. Sometimes I have a great deal of frustration that I can’t personally respond to each and every one. Sometimes it rips at my heart. Even if there were 48 hours in each day I still would not have enough time. I just don’t want any of you who write to think your email went unread or it was just a waste of time to sit and reveal your thoughts, ideas and feelings.

I read every single one, without fail. And I promise you, I always will.

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,

Always Believe,


57 Responses to “Karma is Coming to Collect Update…”
  1. Billy Bonnell says:

    All The Warriors that have read and understand truly….We are with you..We have followed your blog and the ones that have read everything …And have Warrior Minds …Will know why …

  2. Billy Bonnell says:

    Warrior, You ever thought about running for something?

  3. Kent says:

    Thank you so much for your Karma Collects videos. They served as a powerful reminder to me that my thinking and beliefs are not as wrong as everyone else says they are.
    I live in a city that has been rapidly turning into a toilet.It has all the garbage that should make everyone sick. Teen pregnancies, perverts running rampant and more than capable people outright refusing to work because its easier to sit on their ass and collect a check, etc. This would be enough but then they push further. When you stand against this somehow you become the bad guy in the issue. After seeing your videos i realize that as bad and irresponsible as thos things are, it would be worse if i sat down, shut up and said nothing. So again, thank you.
    When you stood up to Terry Bolea for his attacks on Randy Savage it hit a very personal note for me. I lost a friend to the garbage i mentioned. He was sucked into a very self destructive world that eventually killed him. Days after his death, his girlfriend who drew him into that world and loved him so much, (as long as he had money to pay for her habbits) found a new guy and smeared my friend to anyone who listened. He needed a voice and I took that fight for the man i knew before the garbage. Im not a mean or cruel person and for some time i questioned my decision to take that fight. After seeing Karma Collects, i can honestly say i did the right thing and i should be proud of myself. I would say to the crittics of those videos that they simply do not understand
    You may love to be inspired but thank you for inspiring me to continue keeping up the good fight, never dought what really right and ALWAYS BELIEVE!

  4. donald lee says:

    dear mr. warrior i grew watchin you wrestling in ring . but you know that people will talk but one of these days they’ll meet the good lord above. the one thing that helps me threw the tough times 1.) the best book ever written and thats the bible and 2.) is a good long talk with god. god loves all of us even those that don’t think that exist. and i love to be a friend to the one the only warrior.

  5. Meik Gehring says:

    Hail Warrior !!!

    Those videos served as an inspiration to me .

    I was born in Germany , youngest of 3 , son of a German who married a Brazilian.

    Now I´m living in Brazil since 1999. Here we don´t have easy access to internet , so I was kind of lost in terms of wrestling.

    Since I can remember my father loves wrestling , and one day ( I was 4) he came in and told me : ” Finally he is gonna get what he deserves at Wrestlemania 6 The ultimate Warrior will destroy him” !!!!

    I asked: Who? ( this my father told these days after I called him telling about your videos)


    Than , (and until today I don´t know how) he got me the VHS of Wrestlemania 6 as birhtday present.

    Warrior, when I saw your match , I told my father : One day I´m gonna be a fighter!!! And today I am. Unfortunatly not a pro wrestler like I always dreamed of , but a Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt ( maybe this year Black belt).
    My passion was always wrestling.

    But before i turned into the man I am today , i had a hard life in Germany.

    I was born with my two knees hard like butter ( x-legs ) and suffered with overweight, at age 10 I had almost 100 kg.
    The kids in the neighborhood used to kick my ass 24/7 and sometimes they really hurt me.
    Than one day the doctor said: “You need surgery”. I said ok.
    Then when I went to surgery , when I woke up I was still at the surgery table.
    The next day was the worst day in my life. I woke up at 7 something (am ) because of the pain, but then around 8:30 I felt such a deep pain in my heart and started to cry out of nowhere. My parents only showed up at night , and my father was extremely frustrated. I didn´t know why !!!
    The next day my parents came to me and told me my oldest sister had had an accident but she was ok. Then the next day they told that my sister had died at 8:30 am the day before. It was very hard (she was a really good person), but I told my ohter sister that i would be there for her no matter what, no matter where.
    I dedicated my recovery to my sister.The first place I went was her grave.
    In total I had 11 surgeries from 1995 to 1999.
    Then I moved to Brazil by age 13/14.

    When I arrived , I saw a different world. People here treated me as one of them. I lost 40 kg and then my cousin told about Jiu-jitsu.
    Since then I practise it.
    My friend always joked : I would love to see you in Germany now , You would destroy those guys that kicked your ass back than next ). I said : why? they are gonna get what they deserve.
    One day a recived an e-mail from Germany. There my friend told me about those kids who used to hurt me and had grew up. 2 died shot by the police assulting a gas station, 1 is in jail and one got his back smashed in a fight.
    It was Karma.

    So I would like to thank you Warrior ´cuase you really inspire people.
    Back when I was a child , until today.

    I had , I do and I will always belive!!!!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    For the power of the Warrior will always prevail !!!!!!!!!!

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