The “Lowlights” reel…

Hello, warriors.

Here is a preview of the Full video soon to release. I have always been honest with you and will continue to be. As for why it will take till the 17th to have the Full video up, I have no idea. Those I am working with have picked that date. I will work to have it posted before then, as soon as possible.

They say, “Most people on the internet only have so much attention span. I say (after I laugh), “You worry about ‘most people’ if you want, but I’m ONLY going to focus on my warriors and feeding them the truths, no matter how long it takes. I know them. They have patience and know how to give attention. They chew on good meat until they get all the juice out of it.”

Typically producers release a “highlights” reel, basically giving all the best stuff up front to entice you to buy a ticket. I haven’t done that.

First, there will be no ticket you have to buy. This video is my gift to you, and the beginning of something big together.

Second, take my word for it. These are hard-hittingĀ ”lowlights” compared to the ball-busting “highlights” within the Full video.

Movie night with Warriorman, what could be better than that?

Not even TNA PPVs provide quality entertainment like this, so the so-called experts claim:

“Right now, this feud between Hogan and the Warrior is better than any feud
that TNA has going on right now. In fact, this is the best feud Hogan has
had since 1998 and the NWO.”




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  1. chiproop says:

    @Buzz Bronski -

    AMEN. I couldn’t have said it any better. When did wrestling go from being fun to watch to seeing a bunch of old farts wallow and gripe about each others past?

    Its painful to watch talentless wrestlers (and I’m not just talking about Warrior, although he’s high on the chain) that aren’t even hardly remembered or acknowledged anymore by a new generation of fans hold on so tightly to what they consider is a legacy that got tarnished when they decided to go screw up history at a WCW event. ‘Watch out for that fireball guys!’. We’re not on USA Network anymore… but by God, we’ve got YouTube!

    Speaking of YouTube… I’m really looking forward to the release of this video, because maybe, just maybe, the genius that edited the Warrior Confession will get ahold of it.

    I’m going to get off here and go watch Bryan Danielson wrestle. If Warrior really wants to get some publicity, he should go on Long Island Ice Z. Woo Woo Woo.

  2. Brian Schamber says:

    Thanks for telling it like it is. Hulkamania died for me back around, oh say late 1987 when some fella by the name of The Ultimate Warriah showed up on the seen in the WWF (I am from Dallas and was also a fan of The Dingo Warrior (and The Westway Ford commercial, damn that Joe Greed). What you said was to the point and really needed to be said. I really doubt if Hogan can “Hulk Up” from this one. Maybe if he pulls his head out, he can realize what a jerk off he has been his whole life.

  3. Dave says:

    Wow, you know for all of you who don’t get the shoot, I don’t know if you weren’t paying attention, or if you really believe that when Hogan is in front of the camera playing to the crowd that is the actual man, and not the persona. No doubt about it that is the persona.

    The real Terry Bollea was on those jail tapes saying it was John Graziano’s fault he got paralyzed because he had bad karma. It was also Hogan who was pitching who his son Nick Bollea about a reality show about how he changed his life upon his release. Thank God, and every other power above there is that we did not see that brought to the already craptastic world that is reality television. Hogan was also the person who creepily was putting sun tan lotion on his daughter in what appeared to be an area he didn’t need to be in.

    Now I understand the rest of us are no where in comparison this messed up, or perhaps some of you are. I don’t really know. What I do know is there is absolutely nothing wrong with Warrior spreading the real truth about Terry Bollea the man. Terry Bollea has made a mockery of the Hulk Hogan character by insisting he have complete creative control over his character, and storylines. This allows him to milk it for all its worth, when it today’s wrestling world Hulkamania is dead. It’s an afterthought no matter how much you hear different on that alternative brand of wrestling.

    Being PC or politically correct is what killed this country, and it killed wrestling. Wrestling is an escape from what’s going on. Warrior has every right to expose Hogan for being every bit as underhanded, selfish, disturbing, and down right pathetic as he wants to. I think he did a very good job of it since he is the only source we have. The only source who won’t give a watered down version but an open and honest one. Warrior moved on from the wrestling business. I’ve read that the business can be a cancer that just eats your life until there is nothing left. The same can’t be said for everybody but the analogy is true when you look at who we’ve lost over the years.

    If you don’t like the references contained in the videos you need thicker skin. This world is tough and if you don’t have thick skin you’re not going to accomplish the goals you want. “Hulk Hogan” may be your hero on television. But the man is a piece of garbage. Any man who gives his son, and their friend booze while on his yacht then blames the victim for what happened is not truly selfish person, but the scum of the Earth. Where was the Hogan who wanted to pay all of the victims hospital bills out of the kindness of his heart because it was the right thing to do?

    He didn’t exist, and now we’ve got Hogan parading himself around trying to ride the coat tails of TNA’s home grown talent, like he actually brought them some where. If anything he’s taken them light years behind of where they could actually be. That’s a separate issue. The real issue here is the man Terry Bollea was put in his place. Not even he can ressurrect his career, or make up for the thousands of wrongs he’s put people through.

    Why be disillusioned by Warrior? If anything you should be thanking him for his insight. You should be disillusioned by Terry Bollea. A man who has to live the work 24/7 because he apparently can’t separate fantasy from reality.

    Great work Warrior. Can’t tell you how pleased I am that Hogan was finally exposed for what he is.

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