The “Lowlights” reel…

Hello, warriors.

Here is a preview of the Full video soon to release. I have always been honest with you and will continue to be. As for why it will take till the 17th to have the Full video up, I have no idea. Those I am working with have picked that date. I will work to have it posted before then, as soon as possible.

They say, “Most people on the internet only have so much attention span. I say (after I laugh), “You worry about ‘most people’ if you want, but I’m ONLY going to focus on my warriors and feeding them the truths, no matter how long it takes. I know them. They have patience and know how to give attention. They chew on good meat until they get all the juice out of it.”

Typically producers release a “highlights” reel, basically giving all the best stuff up front to entice you to buy a ticket. I haven’t done that.

First, there will be no ticket you have to buy. This video is my gift to you, and the beginning of something big together.

Second, take my word for it. These are hard-hitting ”lowlights” compared to the ball-busting “highlights” within the Full video.

Movie night with Warriorman, what could be better than that?

Not even TNA PPVs provide quality entertainment like this, so the so-called experts claim:

“Right now, this feud between Hogan and the Warrior is better than any feud
that TNA has going on right now. In fact, this is the best feud Hogan has
had since 1998 and the NWO.”




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  1. Paula says:

    I have never had much respect for Hogan, and now I know that my suspicions were correct. To me, Hogan seems fake from the minute you see him. He uses excuses to get through his life, and I think that if there was a match between UW and Hogan…you would kick his ass so bad he wouldn’t know his head from his a** anymore (not like they are much different).

  2. warrior fan says:

    warrior, it is great to see an honest, straight shooter like you put a piece of feces like terry bollea in his place.

    hogan is a washed up has been who still plays rassler at the age of 58.

    he is an egotistical loser who has stabbed the back of hundreds of wrestlers over his 40 year career.

    if he was a big star in 2011 ,then tna would not be getting 1.1 ratings each week or airing their shows from a soundstage in orlando.

    please put has been hogan in his place for good, slam him aS HARD AS YOU CAN IN YOUR VIDEO so his spinal cord sanps like a twig.

  3. karthik shivaji says:

    to esquiredon: ok I am seeing a lot of steroid comments coming up so its time i set the record straight. having trained in a hardcore training compound for powerlifters/bodybuilders/and strongman, i can tell you that someone who simply takes steroids is not going to see any changes in their physique or strength, period!!! I don’t know why some of you guys fuss about steroids and how they are or something, you for starters must know nothing about human anatomy, without steroids in a male body, a man WOULD DIE!! steroids are produced from a compound called testosterone in the male body and also androstenoids are produced in the male testes that also produce a compound called “steroids”. as a matter of fact steroids enhance a person’s brain, not damage brain cells, what does damage brain cells is the type of activity that you “esquiredon” does a lot, hate speech fueled by junk food, and beer/cigarettes which kill your testosterone levels and gives you really bad halitosis, and reduce your penis size and test levels.
    if you pretend to be stupid and say you didn’t understand a word i said, esquiredon, its proof that you have a lot of brain cells that have been destroyed. case closed!

  4. karthik shivaji says:

    to warrior fan man- what you said about Hogan was appalling to say the least. Hogan is a well trained person, and no one’s body COULD EVER FOLD LIKE A TWIG, period! you must have no idea of the human anatomy is or what it was designed for.

    to Daniel- well to each his own, in many people’s eyes including BRET THE HITMAN HART and UNDERTAKER, on their recent interview, Warrior is a success story because he made a living outside of the world of pro wrestling which he wasn’t around like some leech, and looks great even today, and please no drug related comments about that, read my response to esquiredon, about that answer!

    and both Bret Hart and especially Undertaker, don’t give NOBODY a break, PERIOD! if someone’s slacking, or being a bum they will criticize and bury them to the ground. NOTE also that both these wrestlers especially Undertaker was not a part of the Destruction of Warrior video, geez i wonder why?

    Warrior is a big time success story, even for you, because you bothered to take time and energy out to comment on this video, I rest my case, as a matter of fact, the so called video of Destruction of Warrior from the WWE, has done Warrior a huge favor, revitalized interest in his character! when i saw that video i saw awesome promos and intensity and charisma, i had to see more videos of him on youtube! WWE failed big time in trying to bury him. cause Warrior has fans all over the world, physical proof of this is when WARRIOR made his comeback by wrestling impromptu in NWE against Orlando Jordan at the last minute!, and also according to a recent WWE poll, Warrior has been voted the highest to be next to receive the WWE Hall of Fame award, and also EVEN TODAY Warrior’s match with Hogan in Wrestlemania 6 is shown on WWE confidential, on the website is voted as being in the top 10 matches, and was mentioned on a recent episode on Raw by Cena, 5 months ago by Edge before he retired, and by other wrestlers, and is shown in the opening SEGMENT OF MONDAY NIGHT RAW, that is a true testament to the power of the Warrior character,
    what do you say now?? Daniel, its obvious you put your foot in your mouth! please in the future, back your statements with facts, not LIES that have no TRUTH in them.

  5. Chris says:

    To all the non-believers out there the Warrior thanks you!

    Thanks for coming to his site and proving that, whether you love him or hate him, you are still intrigued by the man’s words and actions. What he has to say. And what he is doing.

    Folks out there that don’t believe should break down the walls of ignorance and listen. It’s not hard folks. It’s not hard, that is, to see reality. Or reality television that is. Have you seen the mockery Hogan has made of himself? What his actions he has passed along to his family? How awful those spoiled, obnoxious kids are? The reality shows. The pimping of his children on TV? Is it really that hard to believe he “pimped” his wife? I, for one, can absolutely “believe” it.

    Has anyone actually listened to the vile prison recordings of that punk and his OLD man talking about getting a reality show once he gets out of prison. YOU AWFUL TROLL!!! YOU RUINED SOMEONE’S LIFE and all you can think about is making money? Please..

    And what about the cocaine allegations? Why wouldn’t you believe them? Have not scores of professional wrestlers died to acute cocaine overdoses or the mixing of drugs which somehow included cocaine. Wasn’t Brutus Beefcake, Hogan’s pal, not addicted to coke? The Nasty Boys, Jimmy Hart, I mean really..Who in Hogan’s “clique” wasn’t?!?!?!? Makes you think, no?

    And let’s not get started on Randy. It was pretty well documented the disdain those 2 had for each other.

    Just open your eyes people. The writing is there on the wall and the Warrior is only going to enlighten those of you that are too lazy not to put the pieces together.

    You don’t have to agree with everything the Warrior says or does. We are all individuals and individuality is a blessing. But give this man his due. The guy speaks his mind. The guy is often right on with what he is saying. And the guy, unlike most of these other trolls, made a living for himself, and his family, OUTSIDE of the squared DEATH circle. I mean seriously the fact that Warrior was the top dog among these folks and controlled not only his, but many others destinies, and was able to walk away free and clear with his dignity, self respect and most importantly health and mental faculties all in check is a testament to the man and his beliefs! The scores of those left behind in the wake of the pro wrestling business are long and scary. The Warrior is beacon to those that you can make it. If you are strong enough.

    I, for one, will be listening intently. Not only on the 17th. But going forward. As I always have and always will. Not because I’m a drone but because I’m an individual who enjoys listening to others who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

    Always believe and live strong!

  6. Teddy says:

    If only WWE would create a “Self-Destruction of Hulk Hogan” DVD. I can tell you this, it would be grounded in fact and not petty jealousy.

    FACT – Hogan purchased alcohol for his underage son, who then crippled his friend while street racing drunk, in a car Daddy purchased no less. This was a year after Hogan received a “Father of the Year” award – what a joke.

    FACT – Hogan was a recreational drug user, and more than one person has gone on record to opine on his cocaine usage.

    FACT – Hogan cried foul when his wife started banging a 17-year old friend of his daughter, then banged one of Brooke’s friends. Hypocrites are the lowest level of human being, and Hulk Hogan embodies the term “hypocrisy”.

    FACT – Hogan contemplated suicide after his life crumbled before his eyes following his divorce, and put a gun in his mouth before Laila Ali called and “saved him”. Do you honestly think the Warrior would ever be that weak? Absolutely not. Especially considering most of the things that brought Hogan to where he is were of his own doing.

    Warrior OWNs his own life. When faced with hardship, Warrior lowers his shoulder and runs the f*ck through it. WWE tried to fabricate a story that painted the Warrior in a negative light, but all it did was turn a new generation of fans onto his accomplishments because his intensity is unparalleled. Hogan’s story needs no fabrication. He is a self-serving, immoral, lecherous, liar.

  7. Michael7 says:

    Hogan admitted massive drug use in his book, “My Life Outside the Ring”

    Link should work. If not, check out page 111 of his 2009 book. He admits to doing unbelievable amounts of cocaine and said that he’s glad TMZ wasn’t around then or else Hulk-a-Mania would’ve never had a chance!

    Give em hell Warrior!

  8. WARRIOR RULES!!!!!!! He always told the truth. Hogan wants to sue Warrior because he thinks it’s only ok for him to diss Warrior, But Warrior shouldn’t give him payback & defend himself? I don’t think so. Hogan is nothing more than a two faced liar just like the ones who badmouthed Warrior on the Self Destruction DVD. They did it for money!!! So now, Where’s Flair, Biscoff & Hogan? in TNA and not in WWE. Yeah, The same ones who said stupid things about Warrior are gone out of WWE. The same ones who left for WCW battling Vince & WWE the first time and now again. Go figure! VINCE, Warrior & Savage[RIP] along with Mattel, THQ have put/burried there differences in the past and now get along just fine, While Hogan, Flair & Biscoff are battling WWE once again. Yeah Randy passed away, But at least Warrior & Savage both could see eye to eye. So look forward to seeing Savage & Warrior in the WWE Hall Of Fame very soon. “ALWAYS BELIEVE!”

  9. Chris Morgan says:

    Cheers, Warrior! I just wanted to ask if there was any continuity between you’re somewhat cryptic (or veiled) comments to Hogan in the ring when you made you’re surprise WCW debut and the upcoming “Karma” video? Hogan & Bischoff expressed great concern over your ad-libbed promo in the “Self-Destruction of UW”. One comment you made to Hogan concerned how our actions define who we are (very true). On the surface, it sounds like you were rambling a bit, but with this “Karma” video coming out I see there is indeed a thread between the in-ring comments you made to Terry in 1998 and today’s “Karma”. Hopefully, you can verify this for me.

    Isn’t it ironic, Warrior, how Vince’s burial video of UW only wanted everyone to rediscover MORE Ultimate Warrior? I’ve always suspected Terry of being a fraud and the proof was in the pudding when those infamous recordings of his jail conversations with Nick were made public. I’m proud that you have come foward with “Karma” to defend both Savage and yourself. I just can’t wait to see the art of the shoot interview taken to its most ULTIMATE intensity. Keep on keepin’ on, Warrior!

  10. Justin says:

    I have family down in the Clearwater area where Hogan “raised” (if that’s what you want to call it) his family… lets just say the apples did not fall far from their trees. Nick has been a well known boozer and recreational drug abuser since his middle teens, and Brooke is well on her way to surpassing her mother’s number in the male partner department. Sadly, they grew to be this way because of the quality of parenting they received while living under Terry’s roof.

    To the non-believers who discredit Warrior and hurl their groundless insults (such as calling him a loser), take time out to look in the mirror and reevaluate the qualities of a loser and just how they pertain to your support of Hogan. Warrior hasn’t been a fulltime competitor on any professional wrestling promotion’s roster in almost twenty years, and I’d be willing to bet that he has more money in the bank than Hogan. A loser has no control over his marriage or children. A loser searches for solutions to his problems at the bottom of a Jack Daniels bottle when he is in his 50′s. A loser holds a loaded gun to his head pondering whether or not to pull the trigger because he cannot properly cope with the challenges of his life. A loser lives in the past embelishing in what they once were and tries to live their future through that past without evolving as a human being. That his Hulk Hogan.

    Warrior accomplished a level of stardom within four years that 99% of professional wrestlers will never attain, then he moved on in life. It is easy for lifers like Hogan, Ted DiBiase and Bobby Heenan to discredit his contributions when their words are fueled by jealousy… jealous that a guy who didn’t need professional wrestling to define his life accomplished as much or more during his time in a business that they do not know how to live without. Consider the source. Warrior has proven he can hold up just fine without professional wrestling as the catalyst for his life, these other individuals haven’t. He is free to explore other things and interests in life… he is unlike them in that sense because he doesn’t have to degrade himself by being on promoters’ speed dial when cravings for the spotlight resurface.

    Warrior was right when he said you could make a cartoon out of Hulk Hogan the person. Anybody who is 60 years old and still feels the need to be such an onscreen presence in a wrestling promotion does so because A) They need the money, B) They can’t step out of the limelight and let others have their chance to shine, or in Hogan’s case, C) both. Quite pathetic.

    The fact that Hogan could allow a past and present strung out cocaine junkie like Jeff Hardy to play such a prominent role in his wrestling promotion speaks volumes as to where Hogan’s values lie in that regard.

  11. Jay (jlr9ca) says:

    I cant wait for this. You hit the nail right on the head Warrior. Hulk Hogan is one of the most classless human beings Ive ever seen. It amazes me how blind so many people out there can be, thinking this man-errr guy ,(you have to be responsible for your own actions to be called a man)is a hero. Glad you touched on the whole Nick Hogan car crash incident. That poor kid in the passenger seat is going to be a f*cking vegatable for the rest of his life because Nicks dad never taught him to be a man and act in a responsible and respectable manner.Digging the vids Warrior! Keep fighting the good fight.

  12. James says:

    Cannot wait for this full video. Hogan (Bollea) is so full of shit it’s hilarious. Are we meant to believe Savage ‘made up’ with him barely days before he passed away??? He must think that wrestling fans are mindless gullable idiots. You only have to go on youtube and search the Macho Man dot com vids he made a few years ago for his official site, where he tells his fans what he really thinks of Hogan – “a punk”, “F Hogan” etc – and he was calling out Hogan and Preparation Triple H for matches!!!! Hogan obviously arrogantly ignored him, and no doubt called him crazy just like he calls Warrior, or any one for that matter who doesn’t blow his trumpet and hangs on his every word and believes his bullshit. Warrior and Savage were and never will be pathetic bitches like Brutus the Barber Beefcake for example!! Saw a vid of Beefcake calling Warrior a joke. And this was a recent vid of a near 60-year old Beefcake in his wrestling tights about to wrestle some beyond low-key match in a high school gym. Yeah Beefcake, Warrior’s the joke no really!!!! People/fans who do nothing but make fun of Warrior and critize him should look in the mirror – what have you done with your life that even comes close to what Jim Hellwig/Warrior has accomplised??? Yeah, I thought so. Jealous ignorant uneducated morons or Hogan/Vince McMachon bitches no doubt. Jim Hellwig created the Warrior character, and set himself goals to achieve in the world of wrestling entertainment. And he achieved success and those goals in a matter of less than 4 years – more success than most could and do ever achieve throughout their whole careers… and his character was more ‘over’ than any John Cena, Mysterio or Preparation HHH will ever be. Then he saw beyond the world and life of spandex and the ring, and actually made something of his life. You will never see Warrior pimping his family out on TV like Hogan did!!! Warrior has said it himself… that he would actually get more credit if he was some bum still in the business trying to recreate and hang on to his glory days (like Hogan and Flair are). It’s sad and pathetic that some wrestlers and fans are jealous that Warrior infact did not self-destruct as the WWE wants you to believe. Anything but. Jim Hellwig may be the only real wrestling success story as he didn’t stay around in the business like a bad smell or let Vince or anyone jerk him around or treat him like their bitch. He has always been his OWN man. And has accomplished more outside the ring and the make believe world of wrestling, than guys like Hogan, Flair etc could ever dream of. Who is it exactly who are still, well into their 60s, making jokes of themselves on TNA thinking they are ‘God’, strutting around with the divas??? Only you Flair. Hogan’s close behind. Must be a great 3 sum between Flair, Hogan and Bischoff ;) each feeding the others’ ego! Guys like Hogan and Flair can’t let go of wrestling because they have nothing else in their lives. In the last decade we have seen Hogan self-destruct and personally dismantle and ruin his family and reputation/legacy, pimping them on TV for $$$$$ and then TRY and make a new show out of his scum son’s jail time, bang his daughter’s teenage friend while Linda did the same with a male friend too. So sad it makes you cry almost. And doesn’t Hogan himself admit to drug (cocaine use and addiction) in his book “My Life Outside the Ring”??? Let alone how he apparently almost committed suicide a few years ago after his family fell apart!!!!! So how can he call Warrior crazy and threaten him with a lawsuit???? Billy Jack Haynes also stated about Hogan’s drug habits years ago too. Hogan is only deluding himself by refusing to admit and confront his own demons and can’t handle anyone knowing the truth or calling him out on them! I bet Terry Bollea can’t even look himself in the mirror – he probably has a photo of Hulk Hogan circa 1987 in it’s place!!! Growing up, I was a fan of Hulk, but a massive fan of Warrior. Watching back old matches these days…. damn how repetitive and stale does Hulk look?? Such an egomaniac, using any excuse to get himself on camera or in the ring to do his narcissitic posing routine for hours. he never could handle any one else being Champ or in the spotlight. Was why Andre never got the belt, why Savage lost it back to him at WMV, and why he whispered in Vince’s ear to let him get it back at WMVII – notice how Warrior never got a rematch against Slaughter after Savage cost him the belt – it was all set up for Hogan to come back after he made flop movies, and then to make out like he was single-handedly winning the then-Gulf War in Iraq by beating Slaughter. Pleaaaase. Bret Hart also wrote about his discontent with Hogan over what Hogan did at WM9, where it was set up for Hogan to come back again and get the belt, this time though, seconds AFTER Hart had lost the belt to Yokozuna!!!! Hogan never wanted to put Bret over – was all about Hogan getting ‘his’ belt back and to feed his ego, no matter how lame he did it! Then months later he was off to WCW. So much for “retiring at 38″ eh Terry!!! Nearly 60 and still parading himself on TV for his power-hungry maniacal ego to keep living. Flair and Hogan are like bad farts you can’t even get rid of with Febreze – just insist on staying round thinking they own the place. Sorry Hogan, the only person who OWNs you is Warrior!!!!

  13. Never Mind (UK) says:

    If you believe in Karma…Warrior its gonna turnaround and bite you in the arse – Your probably censor this as you did my last post as you are all for free speech if it goes your way brother! Wrestling is an entertainment business, its not real and those in it can say what they want as its not real…if you don’t like, switch off and experience fresh air…How my opinion of you has changed, but then again I’ll switch off and go sample something else.

  14. Paul says:

    So where’s the karma for you hating on the gay people Warrior? Haha. You’re like the Jose Canseco of wrestling.

  15. Gagarin says:

    NeverMind, your post doesn’t make sense. What’s this got to do about this being an entertainment business? If a participant in that business wants to set the record straight about something.

    Warrior Man’s not changed his tune since I first started reading his website… right after he put it online. Gosh, it’s been years. My opinion he’s NOT bitter, jealous, crazy, detached from reality, instable, or obsessed. Closed minded – yes – but everyone with conviction is. Manic? Maybe a little…most creative people are.

    Warrior could have been drawing a living from the “business” for a long time but he hasn’t – he’s been doing things that he likes to do, and maybe draw income because others are interested in him because of his career. But in general that’s a small audience. It’s not like he’s been doing a ton of indy-shows, RF shoot interviews, or Legends Events to make a living. He does some, but he’d much rather sit and paint and read books and be with his kids. Not that I know him, but that’s what I get from his site.

    Through the years the narrative on Warrior was that he was crazy, hard to work with, self-destructive, etc. And I think that’s all bogus. Hard to understand? Sure. Wasn’t going along with the crowd back in the day – sure. Rubbed people wrong in the locker room? Maybe. There’s a TON of guys that did and made real trouble and stuck around, he left, so it’s easier to pick on him as the one that left. Warrior was a kid when he got there and he matured.

    I think some of his beef is that lots of the boys never grew up. Many of them are dead because of it. And he’s supposedly “the crazy one”? Warrior’s (probably) living off dividends and interest in the permanent summer of Arizona. Rick Flair’s going to be thrown in jail because he’s (literally) writing checks his body can’t cash. Hulk Hogan lost hundreds of millions of his life earnings because he couldn’t manage his household and he’s a damn near cripple. Who’s self destructive?

    Warrior’s character never got the storybook ending in the ring.
    Terry threw his character’s storybook ending away – more than once.
    So did Ric.

    But so far Warrior’s personal life hasn’t gone up in smoke.
    And I hope it doesn’t.

  16. James says:

    @Never Mind (UK) – you need to get your facts straight brother – Warrior knows full well (and more than you) that the wrestling business is fake, not real, and full of people who say nothing but bullshit. Also, I think you’ll find it’s Hogan and Flair who need to “switch off and experience fresh air” as you say… something Warrior has been doing for many years now as he himself chose to lead a happy, content and very productive family and business life away from the ring – what have Hogan and Flair done away from it??? Well, we know about Hogan, but he has sunk to the lowest form of low just to earn a buck and keep his name in the media. Flair’s had how many divorces, and now thinks he is ‘God’ on a fifth rate ‘wrestling’ show along with his BFFs Hogan and Bischoff. Warrior is so envious I don’t think. Hogan etc have for years shovelled bullshit and got away with saying derogatory, untrue statements about Warrior, Savage to name but two, and finally, Warrior is taking a stand and has sat down to confront Hogan and tell the TRUTH. Truth is a word Hogan does not know how to even spell most likely as he has an obsession with distorting facts or calling people crazy if your opinion doesn’t fit his or Hulkamania’s – look at how many people he blocks on his twitter just for questionning him – he only likes ‘positive’ people shining lights up his arse and telling him he walks on water, when in reality, Hogan is the one who has self-destructed over the last decade and been anything but a positive role model to his millions of fans over the world… rubbing oil into your teenage daughter’s ass on TV, and then banging one of her friends… yes, aspirations for all Hulkamaniacs to aspire to! And the less said about Hogan and his low life son Nick’s idea to make a new TV show out of Nick’s arrest and jail sentence, the better as that makes me sick and only shows the real depravity Hogan will sink to if he thinks it will keep him in the spotlight. Lovely human being and he must be so proud as a father after what Nick did!!!!!! Though Hogan supplied him with the alcohol so he is to blame!!! And also, you mention about free speech and people being allowed to say what they like… why is it then that Hogan is threatening a lawsuit against Warrior after the preview vid was posted recently??? Think you need to go tell your messiah Hogan to go “switch off and experience fresh air.” Difference is though, that Warrior does not bullshit… he tells the truth unlike Hogan who stabs anyone he can in the back at any given opportunity. You probably believe Hogan when he said he and Savage had patched up their differences only days before Savage died. That’s why only weeks before Hogan basically threw Savage under the bus in that sit-down Voice interview!!!! Yeah, lovely comments to make about someone you wanted to make up with!! And also, it is widely known that Savage called Hogan out for a match before he died, and Hogan must have ignored him – go to youtube and search for the Macho Man dot com vids – where he tells us what he REALLY thinks of Hogan!!!! Savage, like Warrior, knew exactly the sort of ‘man’ Terry Bollea is. Now get back to your Hulk toys and pretend he’s a Real American fighting for what’s right yeah – that part is yes, VERY FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. James,

    The part about Hogan making up with Randy is true. Hogan went in for major surgery several months prior, and Macho showed up at the hospital in Clearwater with his new wife to support him on the day of his surgery. Several weeks before his death, randy went on the air publicly stating in an interview that he was getting involved with wrestling again in the way of a video game deal and RAW appearance, and that he and Hogan had made up after almost 10 years of estrangement.

    Warrior, sorry but that one part of your video low lights reel is untrue. Hogan actually DID make up with Randy.

  18. Greg Cage says:


    Your past blogs reveal a tendency to overreact to criticism. Hogan’s recent comments to The Voice about you “blowing up” and wanting to “go home” at WM VI could easily be addressed by a short, brief video explaining your side of the story. Surely the route you have taken will garner more press, but at what cost? You’re coming across as a stalker and nutcase.

    The shameless suckholing of a few marks not withstanding, your “karma” video comes across to the vast majority of people for what it is: a jealous, bitter, vitriolic attack on a former industry rival. Hogan did coke? Big deal. He admitted as much in his book and the Rolling Stone interview. He and his wife slept around? So what? If true, it would be his private life. He doesn’t purport to being an angel, and your “outing” of his past sins is akin to a little kid tattle-taling on a friend.

    Lastly, if you are adamant about publicly dispelling negative characterizations of you made by former colleagues, I would encourage you to address some of the nastier stories, notably: Bret Hart’s assertion in his book Hitman that you kept a make-a-wish kid waiting all night for a promised encounter, and Ted DiBiase’s comments in a shoot that you told a young fan to “F_ off” when he asked for an autograph on an airplane. If true, your lack of longevity in the business becomes all the more understandable. Granted, these are just unsupported assertions made by former peers – kind of like the content of the video that started this thread.

    Thank you for providing this forum.

    - Greg

  19. Gagarin says:

    1 – Hogan’s Drug Use

    Yes, Hogan admits to drug use in his book. HOWEVER he talks about it being over and done with by the mid-1980s and that he never liked cocaine and how it made him feel. You never got the impression from his books that he used tons of pot, had people fly and drive in his drugs for him, or that he was a huge coke user himself for many years (and still might be). What you get in his books is that Linda was hooked and he didn’t really “get into” that scene as much as her.

    2 – What’s “Personal Life”

    Hogan’s personal life is his business life. He put out books talking about his personal life, including the startling claim that Linda was always paranoid about him having affairs and accusing him of being unfaithful but that he never was. If that’s bullshit, then someone has the right to call that out as bullshit. They made their lives public and have made some pretty strong claims about their personal conduct. They, especially Hogan, have made their personal lives a target.

    3 – Hogan’s Draw

    Hogan’s fanbase is based upon the fact that there wasn’t another career like his, his character was based upon the idea that there wasn’t any other wrestler (or “professional athlete”) like him. Obviously his fans expect him to be different than the rest —- all that “take the high road” stuff. That’s what his fanbase expects of him. If he’s not and lying about it, that’s a problem.

  20. Sam says:


    While I agree to a certain extent that Warrior may be overreacting to criticism, I believe the point of his video in response to Hulk Hogan’s comments on The Voice vs and perhaps to comments in his two autobiographies and on Bubba The Love Sponge show is this: since you seem to get some satisfaction out of airing other people’s dirty laundry (i.e. mine (Warrior’s) or Savage’s and so on), let’s see how YOU (Hulk Hogan) feel when it’s done to you.

    Obviously, as the video states, he is going to bring to light, so to speak, the kind of person Hogan was from the moment he met him back in 1987 to now. Whether he’s going about it the right or legal way seems to be irrelevant. I think what Warrior is trying to say is that Hogan has NEVER been held accountable for his actions or his statements. Is he the right person to do it? I don’t know. But, regardless of what I or anybody else thinks, he’s going to do it anyway. I, for one, am intrigued to see what he has to say, mark or no mark.

  21. Sam says:


    I forgot to commend you though on bringing the Bret Hart and Ted Dibiase comments to the forefront and asking that they be addressed. I think many people would be interested to hear what Warrior has to say, if he chooses to address them. However, I don’t think that they had any link to the amount of time he spent in the business. I don’t see the connection. Everytime Vince fired him, he would always contact the Warrior and ask him to come back. There is definitely more to that story.


  22. Ray says:

    I am 39 years old and have been watching wrestling since i remember. My grandparents worked behind the scenes for the Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, NM. in the ’70′s and early ’80′s. I was a fan because of one person, Andre the Giant. I got to shake his finger because his hand was to big shake but I will always remember that infectious smile. I had never heard of Hulk Hogan until one movie came out, which was his best to date, RockyIII. Hell, I actually thought his actual name was Thunder Lips. That was when he got his push. I was a fan as a kid and I actually got tired of Hogan’s boring assed matches with the same old leg drop pose crap back then and I hated that WCW paid to get him only after he testified to a grand jury about the steroid allegations made against one WWF and Vince McMahon back then, remember that? Not to long after I remember two guys starting in the UWF I think, please correct me if I am wrong, sometimes i forget stuff. One young Sting and a fella that went by the moniker “The Dingo Warrior”. I wonder who that was? :-) Anyway, I brought up Andre because he stepped aside when it was time for Hogan’s push but when Hogan was supposed to step aside for Warrior, Savage, Hart, Taker, Goldberg, wait, you see a theme here? Hogan has never been able to give it up. Even when WCW’s rating went in the crapper, by that time, the damage had already been done, remember the cattle prod incident and the flop Nash did for Hogan. Sad. The same shit is happening in TNA or Impact or whatever the hell they are calling it now. Oh and don’t forget that little shit stain Bischoff, always there to feed the ego. They thought they could move from thursday to monday to compete with RAW which was an absolute disaster, completely ego driven. Any intresting story lines have been squelched, Foley has been let go, not sure if Sting, who can still perform, is going to stick around, if it is not centered around Hulk, Flair, and Bischoff, it doesn’t fly. I bring all this up, because everyone said that Terry’s Hollywood persona was the closest to his real personality and the fact that Warrior hit it stright on the head about the stuff with his son and the infamous phone call. The stuff about Randy Savage pisses me off. Class-less, simply class-less. I felt the loss. It is a shame that it went that way for him and I hope that even though he left this life to early, I do hope he left it on his terms. In closing, to you TNA fans, If Bolea and Bischoff don’t get out of the way, Impact will be doomed. I say this with reverance to the buisiness, WWE can’t be the only dog in the fight.

  23. Greg Cage says:


    I understand where you are coming from about Hogan’s tendency to speak bluntly about fellow talent, and I won’t lie and say I do not plan to watch the Karma vid once it’s released. Like you, I imagine, I will be one of the first in line to check it out.

    But Warrior comes off as extremely bitter and jealous in his blogs and vids. I find this disheartening, as I was one of the ALL TIME UW MARKS as a kid. I actually PRAYED (!) before Wrestlemania that he would win, and the moment the ref’s hand slams the mat for the third time makes me emotional every time I see it. That is not hyperbole. I actually feel a lump in my throat.

    Accordingly, I feel the fans deserve better than seeing the creator of one of the all time great wrestling characters reduced to sitting in his den and lobbing rhetorical hand grenades from the New Mexico desert. He comes across as unhinged and ill-composed, a disappointment considering how articulate he can be in interviews.

    Further, he seems hellbent on validating his life decisions via his repetitive “I live life on my OWN terms” boilerplate. I mean, his response to DiBiase’s passing comment last year that UW should not be in the hall of fame was a frothy-mouthed diatribe that went on so long I needed two separate sittings to get through it.

    Again, that may well be his appeal nowadays, and the fact that I check out his site a couple of times a week may speak to that, but I cannot help but feel disappointed in the way things have turned out for him.


  24. Simon says:

    “notice how Warrior never got a rematch against Slaughter after Savage cost him the belt ”

    I watched this with my 6 yr old Alex at the weekend. He wanted to know if being hit on the noggin with the Macho King royal sceptre hurt. I said that I presumed it did.

    We then watched the WMVII match. I daresay that the robe the Ultimate Warrior wore is now worth a few dollars, as is Macho Man’s blue and white ensemble and hat.

  25. John K. says:

    To those who say that Macho Man did indeed reconnect with Hogan, so what? What if he did? Supposedly, it was when Hogan was going in for back surgery. That was months before the Hogan interview in question. Would a true friend throw another under the bus like Hogan did to Macho Man? I think not. Warrior hit the nail on the head when he said Hogan is a piece of shit.

    I still pop in the “Self-Destruction” DVD once in a while and watch it for the comedy. Just the look on the faces of these so-called “icons” banding together to push the big lie. Hogan and Flair were just on there driven by jealousy. Bobby “the Brainless” Heathen, who bitched that Warrior wouldn’t share a dressing room with everyone else, yet nobody cared because they didn’t want to be around him. Then why even bring it up? He also lied about the weasel suit matches; there were more than one. the Brooklyn Brawler???? Who is that loser to comment on anyone?? Edge, who was on the video simply because he was in the crowd at WM6 and got butt-hurt when Hogan dropped the title.

    Most of the “talent” that hate the Warrior only do so because of Hogan, Vince McMoron, and their own jealousy. For the younger guys, it’s because the boss said so.

  26. Brian says:

    After watching as many Warrior matches as I can find on the internet and finally watching the “self destruction” video, I find the comment made by Rick Flare to be the high light. He mentions how the Warrior had no talent. All he did was close lines. Rick, what did you do? Thumb to the eyes, and the figure four. Wooo Wow, I remain unimpressed. Hogan, what did you do? Wave your finger and leg drops. Guys, you are in your twilight years, move on. Warrior did and is very successful.
    Warrior, I motivate myself every morning when that alarm goes off. I make it through every day with the belief that there is a great warrior looking down upon us all and we must serve him. Be honest with ourselves and others, no matter how much it hurts. And when the job comes along that we don’t want to do, look it in the eyes and get it done.
    Warrior, I have a bit of reading for you if you have not done so yet. My dad taught it to me and I live by the words every day of my life. My dad and I are both Rangers. Read the Ranger Creed when you get a chance. That’s what being a warrior is about and I believe it is what you are about. Lead the way Warrior!

  27. Matt .Ciancio says:

    This is why you are the ‘ULTIMATE’ Warrior.
    Your a legend keep it up, your loyal young warrior

  28. Jesper Pettersson says:

    Hello Warrior!

    I am looking forward to hear all the things about Terry, he is one selfish piece of shit! Never let anyone but himself be in the spotlight! Passing the torch is not in Terrys nature…

    You, Texas Tornado and Mr. Perfect were the best wrestlers, you knew what wrestling was all about!! Too bad you just became the world champion.

    Best wishes// Jesper The Swedish WARRIOR!

  29. Tom H. says:

    Is it true that your first wife Shari Tyree had sex with Missy Hyatt? I would love to hear more details about that. Also, is Shari still coming out with her tell-tale book about her life with you? I think since she was a stripper her credibility will come into question.

  30. Simon says:

    “Rick, what did you do?”

    I sometimes wonder why he used to bother trying to climb up the ropes, because every time he did, his opponent would grab his crotch, chuck him off, then he’d hurt his back, then stagger around before falling flat on his face.

    And look surprised about that sequence every time!

  31. Braden Walker says:

    2 more days, Warriors! TWO MORE DAYS! Then we all get served a healthy dose of “Straight Up Reality”. I am personally excited for this video, and I have already taken the next couple days off my job because all I do is talk about it!

    You can bet that I’ll be watching this video all day come the 17th!

    Always Believing, Right Here Right Now


  32. Adam Ciancio says:

    Great stuff Warrior keep it coming man looking forward to the full video on the 17th…your fan from Australia

  33. Denis F. says:

    @ James
    “Flair and Hogan are like bad farts you can’t even get rid of with Febreze”
    Ahahah !!! You couldn’t find a better image !

    I evaluated the level of heart and honesty all the wreslers had when Randy died. How many people said something? Almost none. How can you not say anything more than a pathetic “RIP Macho” on you damn facebook page ?

    And what about Hogan and his home made iphone videos. The fact that he did not sit, the way Warrior did, and just talk positive about Randy and why not even apologize, as a posthume act, for all the mistakes, shown us all what kind of slaker he is.

    This behaviour, this very one, should be enough for us to bury Hogan.

    I am on your side Warrior, and knowing Lanny very well, we both talked last week about the tribute you made by the way. Thank you Jim for your talent and kindness.

  34. JWW says:

    Wow… he bitches about Hogan riding Hulkamania still to this day… It’s quite obvious that he’s still riding this “Warrior” crap. Did anyone see all the “Warrior” merchandise that he displays around himself so that he can never forget that he was famous and actually mattered for 15 minutes. That is more shameless than Hogan still playing the same character that millions of people still love and pay money to see. Hulk Hogan can stay as long as he wishes, because he’s Hulk Hogan. Warrior on the other hand has always showed up for a few big-money matches and then bolted… and no one even noticed that he was gone. Then he bitches about Hogan telling other people’s secrets, and he’s doing the same thing. Hypocritical much? The “Warrior” was a terrible wrestler with deep-seeded hatred towards Hogan because no matter what he did, people still liked Hogan more. He may have said no to Hogan’s wife, but he obviously never said no to the ‘roids, eh? The Ultimate Warrior has never been anything more than a clown that wanted to be what Hulk Hogan was and is. He seen that Hulk has his Hulkamaniacs and so he had to have the Warrior Nation or whatever the hell he calls it now. What a douchebag.


  35. Tom H. says:

    To poster above JWW: those “works of art” in the background are the same ones that Warrior supposedely sold via a competetive auction. LOL. The question becomes if he already sold them, why are they still in his basement? But I know Warrior does not have the balls to post my comment anyway; he likes to censor the comments on the blog and then accuses Hogan of censoring. Ha Ha

  36. John K. says:

    JWW, I used to watch wrestling sometimes when Warrior left. I saw plenty of signs that said “bring back the Warrior”. On the other hand, I’ve seen plenty of “Hulk Who??” signs when Hogan WAS there.

    Hogan, Flair, and all the rest are jealous because Warrior became more popular than them in less time. The younger wrestlers are pissed because there are still fans out there screaming for the reurn of the Ultimate Warrior.

    If Hogan sticks around any longer, he’s going to need a walker or a wheelchair.

  37. Sztyopa says:

    Warrior, you were, and still are, a legend. Good to know you managed to build a life for you outside the ring.

    Don’t go mud wrestling with a pig, you’ll just get shit all over you, and the pig will enjoy it.

    Enjoy what you have, and let karma take care of the rest.

  38. ThE uLtImAtE tAiTeR says:

    You are the best ever man dont let these retards that come on here and want to pop out of hogans coke filled shadow tell you any different. theyre just scared because they knew you would literally beat the shit out of them if they ever said it to your face. I did enjoy the tribute videos for the macho man, espeacially the part about the coffe drinking contests before events and matches me and my buddies go nuts down here doing the same thing. #1 role model thanks warrior

  39. kevin says:

    Happy Birthday Warrior!

  40. John K. says:

    Happy birthday, Warrior!

  41. Denis F. says:

    For Warrior’s Birthday, I suggest this GREAT book, on AMAZON.

    Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes
    Linda Hogan (Author)

    Product Description
    Linda Hogan spent twenty-four years married to American wrestling icon Hulk Hogan. In Wrestling the Hulk, Linda shares her deeply personal stories about life with the WWF superstar—stories of abuse, infidelity, celebrity, her “life on the ropes,” and how the former VH-1 reality TV star managed to step out of her marriage ring and make a fresh start.

  42. Tommy Phillips says:

    Happy Birthday Warrior. 52 and stonger then ever.

  43. smark911 says:

    yeah happy birthday mr. warrior warrior!

    i always respected you until i read that shit you said about bobby heenan and his cancer! i hope that you never expierence what it feels like when someone in your family dies from cancer !!! i can´t believe the things you said about regarding this and this proves to me that you are either a really sick or dumb person, maybe both !!!

  44. Randy’s interview was on a radio talk show, one that is received in tampa bay area. i dont remember which one, as i dont religiously listen to any of them. i was just flipping through the channels, and there he was. he talked about his new Wife, some new WWE promo stuff, including cutting a promo for a new wrestling video game, then he talked a bit about Hulk Hogan and how he and Terry hadn’t spoken in many years, then Randy went to go visit him in the hospital when Hogan had his last back surgery, and now they were friends again, “puttin’ the past behind us” as he said. It was great to hear randy getting involved again….

  45. Brian says:

    Happy Birthday Warrior! Just want you to know, I marked this day on my calender and my mom’s and had cake for you. Thanks for being motivating and being you. Rangers lead the way! and Warriors pave the way!

  46. Leah says:


    Long time fan here, very conservative mama of three. I saw your reply to Terry’s interview, and I must say, that people who do evil deeds usually get exposed eventually. I am glad that you exposed him for what he is. The whole family seems to be a bunch of spoiled, entitled, selfish losers. What finally did it for me was to see the family agonize over Nick going to jail when there was a young man who lost life as he knew it. Thanks for exposing them for what they are.

    God bless you.

  47. Medion says:


    I wasn’t watching wwe until around 1998 when you weren’t on anymore. I did, however, watch a speech you did to a classroom. Here is a link to it: . I watched it probably three years ago, but it stuck with me. You are a great man and I can see why people like you. I agree with what you’re saying, and I look forward to your video.

  48. bj says:

    I am a fan of wrestling loved it growing up I believe warriors, machol man, hulk, flair and the rest are all great sports entertainers . idea have to say randy savage was always my fave sorry warriors. I wonder what’s his thoughts would be and having his name brought up would make him feel. freedom of speech and all. hulk made mistakes ask im sure everyone does but what’s is all this going to prove? love warrior but does it really make it right?

  49. Buzz Bronski says:

    Man this Warrior is an idiot, and you eople are believing in him like he is some kind of fucking god…man this shit is worse than scientology…

  50. Penu1timate says:

    Happy Birthday, Warrior!

    Have a great day, my friend.


    BTW to anybody who is reading that used to go onto the Warrior Central message board, I lost touch with a few of you guys some years ago (Sting, Andrew, Heavenwig and a few others) after we made our own board and then it died… about 2006 i believe it was XD

    well if you want to drop me a line just email me



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