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  1. Benjamin says:

    OWN in my spirit, and in my children’s spirit – FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jay (jlr9ca) says:

    Great to hear of your Happy Birthday Warrior! Dude,Ive been checking Youtube hourly for more vids, you got me hooked! I as a fan appreciate you taking a moment to say thanks to us fans( and the haters). Ive been a fan since 89 and continue to be this day. Not simply the wrestling aspect, but your writings in your internet sites Ive found thoughtful and most interesting. Keep up the great work Warrior, and keep on killing it in the gym.

  3. ringo says:

    Warrior, Its nice to see that you are happy and healthy. I have watched wrestling since wrestlemania 1 and can remember the day when every wrestler’s character stood out. You could identify with each one unlike today’s tallent which is cookie cutter at best.

    I cant watch todays product. there is to much chatter and not enough wrestling. Ultimate Warrior will always be my favorite wrestler. Thank you for the brilliant performance.

    I have also read your web site from time to time and although I dont always agree with your views, I still find it very insightful. Keep up the good work.

  4. Peter P. says:


  5. Martin says:

    Hey Warrior. I Believe most of the things I hear about him because as you said it isnt just you. Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart Ted Dibiase and countless others have said how he carries himself outside of the ring. Also on WWE\s DVD “Top 50 Superstars of all time’ (which you should have been on for sure) they let the superstars vote and they put Hogan so far down that list that even the host and alot of people were extremly shocked as to why he wasnt even in the top 10. I think that showed the fact that alot of wrestlers did not respect him or like him enough to place him where he probablly should have been. Glad to see your alive and doing well Warrior Happy Belated Birthday! BTW I dont know If you saw any clips yet but they made you pretty awesome in the WWE Allstars video game! (which to me is funny that they always dis credit what you have done in the business and yet always include you in their legends section on their video games)


    Happy belated birthday. I’ve been a pro rasslin fan all my life and will be until the day I die. I remember watching Wrestlemania 6 and crying because of the outcome. The great and mighty Hulk Hogan lost. At that moment I realized I would be a fan for life. My childhood wasnt all that great but pro rasslin was an escape from reality for me and I am grateful to you for bringing some joy into my life when their wasn’t any. I always knew it was entertainment but I believe its the best entertainment in the world. I wonder if you remember Summerslam when you beat the Honky Tonk Man in 30 seconds. Those 30 seconds told a great story and was so entertaining. Some talent today cant tell a story in a 20 min match. That just goes to show how talented you really are. My birthday is coming soon and I want to thank you for my early birthday gift- you releasing Karma’s coming to collect today. Thank you.

    From the state capitol to the nations capitol to the pineapple to the big apple there will only be one Ultimate Warrior.

  7. E.J. says:

    The time has come to undo all of the injustices that have been going on for years and years.

    We are with you Warrior, as always – be proud and bold!

  8. FRANK says:

    In the words of The Macho Man Randy Savage.
    Ooooooooooh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Dig It!

  9. Joe Anton says:

    The thing that makes me truly laugh (and I’m talking belly laugh) is that we get to see all these videos about how you moved on and how you wake up everyday like it’s Disneyland yet you are going to come on and bash Hogan on how he killed Hulkamania? LMAO! Hulkamania made more $ for Terry in the time it took me to post this than anything The Ultimate Warrior ever did. Your interviews were horrible, your matches (well not all but 90%) weren’t PPV worthy and your bitterness that continues to thrive inside you over guys getting paid while you sit at home is apparent. You are a sad, sad soul Jim and I hope someday you do truly get over the fact that you were never a draw and still aren’t.

  10. man with tourettes says:

    Ultimate warrior you are the man ! fair do’s warrior. You know when the wwf first came over here in the 80′s via sky tv and i watched the wrestling there was only one wrestler that stood out from the rest and that wrestler was and still is The ultimate warrior, what a physique you have and what a body rush you must have had running to the ring and doing your thing.I watch wrestling today and its is not the same as it was way back when, but sometimes i see Ultimate warrior posters etc in the wwe. Good luck warrior and hurry up and post this video we have been waiting for ages ………..

  11. Steve Saunders says:

    Most of the wrestling world tried to make Warrior out to be some kind of sputtering fool. Here he is, though, and he speaks with lucidity, intelligence, and authenticity. A lot of people are eating crow; however, I somehow doubt they’ll admit it.

  12. Gagarin says:

    @Joe -
    It’s not what you MADE, it’s what you SAVED. Working a week with Hulk Hogan in the house show circuit could net you 60-90 THOUSAND DOLLARS. For one week. In 1987-1991 dollars.

    How many of these silly fools are broke now with broken down bodies?

    How’s Hogan’s bank account doing?

    Somone’s doing Rent-a-center commercials and it ain’t Warrior Man.

    It’s not what you MAKE, it’s what you SAVE.

  13. usmc3073 says:

    Absolutely motivating Warrior. As a birthday present for you, I am gonna kick my ass all over the gym! Happy Birthday man!

  14. Billy Bonnell says:

    Happy Birthday Warrior, Just wanted to say you have been a inspiration to me in my life, About 5 years ago i was in a horrific car crash, Was paralyzed from the waist down and was in rehab for 6 months came back home and was very depressed, Before the accident i was a what you could call a UFC fighter and was always in very good shape bodybuilding shape, Then i spent allot of time on the computer and came a crossed you web site, I was a fan of you and had forgotten what had become of you, Could not stop reading all about you and what had become of your life ect, You could say that you saved my life the way you talk is very inspirational, I had shrinks doctors, friends, family , Nothing was helping me get out of the hole i was digging to put my body in to die. Warrior you have single handily did what no one else could do.

  15. Ed Anderson says:


    First off Happy Birthday! Second I cannot wait for your video on Hulk Hogan. I am a big fan of yours and again Happy Birthday!


  16. Justin Jordan says:

    I for one grew up watching the greats of the squared circle with friends and family. Wrestling used to be somthing that brought people together for fun and entertainment. Those days in my eyes have been long gone….and alot of people see it to. I recently watch the documentry beyond the mat with a buddy of mine who ive known my whole life. We started to go down memory lane with eachother who are both in our late 20′s. We started talkin bout the greats and and our favorite of all time THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR. I had somthing popin my head where i was thinkin what ever happened to our hero. Now when i was a kid i was told there were like 3 or 4 warriors and up until couple days ago i always thought it to be true. My buddy and i started to look to see what the word was on the warrior…..low and behold still alive and doin well. We we more jacked up after seein this and reading up on you warrior. We started watchin old paperview events with you in it and remebering what the warrior brought to the table! Then i started to relize now after watchin videos and readin on this site that the warrior is far more then just the icon that we knew him as. As far as me ive been through alot of hardships in my life and was always able to keep my head up abd believe that one day id make it all work….now i relize that the warrior spirt was installed in me along time ago. I beleive that everybody who gos down a rocky road in life and comes out the other end better and stronger then ever find the warrior inside them. The past few days ive been more inspiered then ever. The warrior in me has been awoken and ready to do battle!!!! Ive eve thought about starting a small club where me and some friends and family will start gettin together for some fun where we will be showin old paperview events and reliving the days when wrestling was the best it ever was and will ever be starting it all off we will have our fist party watching WRESTLEMANIA I. Now when i posted this idea on my facebook page you wouldnt beleive the amount of people who were like yes this is what im talkin about and started talkin bout there heros from the era. In closing i would like to say im was the biggest Ultimate Warrior fan in life there couldve ever been, and still to this day i am the lil warrior that will never stop believing

  17. David says:

    EVEN if all you say about Hogan is true.. does it need to be exposed to the world… what could you possibly get by exposing this poor soul… I thought you were all about positive thought and spirit.. i never thought you would have so much anger and hatred for anybody… I am dissapointed in you… i thought you were bigger than that….

  18. Mike says:

    Mr. Warrior,

    I am one of your biggest fan in the world and I was angry when CHristian and Jericho made fun of your promos.
    I saw the video of your career in WWE and Hogan was not as mean-spirited as the other commentators.

    1) He did mention the time you had a contract dispute with WWE and that was collaborated by 3 folks including McMahon. If it’s true, then you can’t blame him.

    2) Unlike other wrestlers mocking your career, Hogan actually said he liked you in the video.

    3) Overall Hogan did helped you with your career by
    1. Handing you the title in Wreslemania.
    2. Convincing WCW to hire you and pay you alot of money.

    So on one hand, I understand your bitterness towards the wrestlers who had stated their opinions and disrespect. For Hogan, I see him as a guy who had helped your career and in the videos that I have seen so far, just basically spoke his side of the truth and he was quite respectful to you.

    I was in a similar problem where I worked for someone who slandered me. I could have went after her for libel, yet my church told me to forgive and move on. Even though I was mad for her defamation, I was appreciative of her giving me the opportunity to work and the money I have made. I’m not saying it is easy to do, yet it brings me peace and I hope you can find peace.

    Please let me know if I am wrong. I think it’s best for Hogan and especially you to forgive and accept his olive branch. Life’s too short.


  19. GermanWarrior says:

    i know it’s too late but happy birthday warrior.
    love & respect from germany !!

  20. Marcus Sawyer says:

    Dear Ultimate Warrior,

    As you said in a lot of your videos, you have received many thanks from fans all over for the inspiration and joy you brought us as kids. And let me tell you i am no different, but now you are doing one better, you are bringing happiness to me again in my 30′s because you did not follow the status quo, seems to me like you used that dream and your creativity to create a wonderful life for yourself, instead of wasting it like so many people with selfish glory hounding and trying to stay current, you accept that you were an icon of an era, and MOVED ON! kudos a million times over. Some people say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, in the same vein i’d say an ounce of fame is worth a pound of Disease, because so many people squander their influence in petty affairs.

    I just love that you are back in my life again warrior, in a relevant way, not like Hogan still strutting around like a gussied up cock. Now that being said, i do anticipate your return to wrestling, but i must also say that i think i really enjoy more; your candor and honesty.

    I wish the best for you and your family in disneyland.

    Much Respect,
    Marcus Lee Sawyer

  21. Matt Klette says:

    happy belated birthday

  22. Joe Anton says:


    He just got divorced, his bank account took a hit I’m sure, have you ever been divorced? Plus what’s hilarious about your comment is Hogan is still being asked to perform, is Warrior? /rest my case

  23. dan porter says:

    ive been a massive fan of u since 1989 i beleive u deserve more respect for the impact you made on the wrestling industry than you get. from the moment your music hit the crowd was on there feet glued to you till you kick some ass and return to the back. its so diffent now all the wrestlers look and act the same.
    im looking forward to the karma vid i do still like hogan and prob will after vid but if you got stuff to get off your chest then do it.
    i was thinking its lucky you didnt get paid by the hour because 90% of your matchs were over in 2 mins lol.

    all the best
    ps my 5 and 3 year old children play with your action figures although my boy broke one of your arms.

  24. Mr. X says:

    I hope this epic video will not be as big of a letdown as your last run in WCW was.

  25. Stephen Ashworth says:

    Hi Warrior,

    I hope you are well and enjoyed the birthday celebrations yesterday!

    First things first I want to say a big thank you for taking the time to record and post the Karma Collect videos, not to mention the melted cheese bonus video! I thought that was such an apt way at looking at the effect Hulk Hogan has on the business and also the people and talent he is around 24/7 by the way.

    I have to say after watching the videos it’s shocking to hear that someone who preaches say your prayers and eat your vitamins, someone who wore a cross around his neck and gave the impression that he was a true christian in all sense of the word. You know being responsible, being caring, being unselfish, being a good father to his children and actually thinking about the effect he might have on people around him. You know being a good human being, something that many people in the wrestling business and around the world are in capable of which makes me sick to my stomach.

    A lot of people wonder where I have gained my maturity from, where I have gained my caring nature, my constant yearning to create and be creative, a yearning to develop as a man and human being. My responsible and unselfish nature, my driven attitude and you know the more I think about it the more I truly believe after following your career and also getting to know the man behind the face paint on the Warrior Machete blog that it has a lot to do with YOU. The example you set, the inspiration you gave me, the morals you stood by and the constructive nature that you have. These have all rubbed off on me and you know I have touched on this previously in another email but you truly have inspired me and many Warriors to become better men or women. To truly grow and mature in all departments, to be driven and to have goals that you want to achieve in life.

    How many Hulkamaniacs can say the same?

    You know I actually respect Hogan as a performer, and for being a talented wrestler and knowing how to work a crowd. He has a real presence as ‘Hulk Hogan’ but beyond that I really don’t respect him at all.

    You have hit on many reasons yourself in these videos and I have already gone over some of those reasons above but the biggest reason for me is this. You cannot have a gimmick that preaches say your prayers eat your vitamins and to be a christian. To be a true patriot. When the reality is you are a drug addict, a cheat, a bad father and husband, a childish and negative human being. You don’t take vitamins Terry you snort cocaine, smoke pot and take gimmicks to help you get through the day. How can you preach to being a christian when you have an open marriage? I just don’t get that Terry. I am not even married and I am 31 and I have more of a grip on reality than you do brother. Shouldn’t you be ashamed Terry?

    Warrior you made so many good points in these videos and I enjoyed getting more of an insight into Terrys life, the way he operates, the effect he has on those around him, his relationship with Randy, how Randy may have been a ‘recluse’ because he chose to care for his dying father, and the way they have tried to belittle and disgrace you at every opportunity they have.

    There’s so much that I get from these videos and I truly believe you did the right thing in letting us know exactly the kind of individual Terry Bollea truly is. He has let everyone down in his life including himself.

    It’s time that Terry grew up, matured, took some time to reflect on his life and on his mistakes and become a better man. As you have said he still runs around with the same head on, unlike you who doesn’t run around with the 30 year old head on anymore you developed as a man and you applied yourself to mature both educationally and in your life beyond the wrestling business.

    Hogan is still selling his soul to this day, he is going the same way as Ric Flair is and he’ll still be wrestling or making appearances 5 years from now like Ric Flair just to pay the bills and to pay his ex wives. You on the other hand have a stable and creative life, a life that’s productive and gives you great pleasure. It’s full of positivity and it shows in you.

    I hope that Terry can learn something from these videos, and not just Terry for that matter but for any selfish, unproductive, negative, man childs out there in the business or outside of it. We truly have the power to change, all it takes is dedication and a will to become a better person but most are too lazy to give it a try, most have given up and will stay on self destructive paths and by then it will be too late not just for them but the people around them.

    I guess you could say that some will simply never learn Warrior. Some will never learn!

    I really like the idea of a Warrior community by the way, the Warrior spirit is a powerful entity that has the potential to change so many lives.

    Thank you Warrior!


    P.S Thanks for really telling it like it is, I can’t tell you how much we all appreciate the insight and inspiration you have given us, for you to take the time to construct these videos and post updates on Twitter and the website is really very much appreciated.

  26. Jimmy says:

    Happy Birthday from Crawfordsville IN. !!!!

  27. Emmanouil A. says:

    It seems that some people are admired for being filthy rich by selling their beliefs, family and sacrificing every human value a man can have. It is also remarkable that some people judge a mans value by the dollars he makes. As a Warrior i am happy to see real men standing up for their beliefs, refusing to sell out and live by the sword, even if that costs careers and opportunities others would only dream of… I am happy for the beautiful life you live, for the beautiful and healthy marriage you are having, for sharing these videos with us and letting us know that our childhood hero is here, strong and well. You still are and always will be our inspiration. Happy birthday.

    With utmost respect
    a Warrior from Greece

  28. JJ says:

    Greetings Warrior!

    I thought I’d check this video out before moving on to the 8 part series which thousands upon thousands have been waiting for. Videos like this are really cool — it’s always good to know that a person is living a GREAT family life. In this world, there is very little out there that can compare with the joys of having a loving, principled, and positive family. It’s priceless, and it constantly inspires one to live an inspiring and meaningful life. Great stuff man!

    I only saw Hogan’s video yesterday night on a wrestling news site, and to me it just looked like Hogan being Hogan. I remember sometime in 2009, on a forum somewhere, someone posted a video of an interview he did on the Howard Stern show, and the Iron Sheik was one of the guys that called in. At first, Terry said that that Sheik is an idiot (one of the few times that I’ve agreed with him), but after speaking to Iron Sheik, he tells him that he loves him. Typical Hogan BS. He trashes people, and then when things get heated, he resorts to his pseudo-positive, “I love you my brother” routine. It’s tough to take anything Terry says seriously. It’s disappointing to see a grown man (who inspired many people in his prime) resort to being so fake. It’s all about truth, and for Terry’s sake, I hope he can one day take a REAL step towards being the positive person he CLAIMS to be by finally growing out of his hypocritical ways. He still has some time to grow a set, and finally be REAL.

    My take on liars is quite simple — they shouldn’t ever get away with it. To do nothing about liars almost serves as encouragement for them to continue spewing their falsehood. For the good of the world (especially the young generation), people really need to ensure that tolerance to lies is never accepted — I truly believe that everyone should go out of their way to be absolutely intolerant to lies, and liars!

    Of course, sometimes people are able to change their lives around by themselves after realizing that they’ve done wrong… but the majority (like Hogan), need encouragement to change their ways. There is nothing more encouraging than a pro-truth, pro-reality, and brutal Warrior-intense ass kicking!

    Terry Bollea had his chances to put right all of his wrongs… but he’s blown it by continuing his compulsive lying. He played his cards, but unfortunately for him, karma holds the aces. Time for Terry to face the music… BROTHER!

    Take care, and (Warrior) God bless.

    – JJ.

  29. Gagarin says:

    @ Joe -

    “Hulkamania made more $ for Terry in the time it took me to post this than anything The Ultimate Warrior ever did.”

    You used that to somehow prove that Terry is somehow a better man, a better person, or someone of character. You laughed at Warrior’s expression of finding security and being able to enjoy the fruits of success by claiming that what he made paled in comparison.

    Yes, that’s true. Nobody made as much as Hulk Hogan, ever. Except for Vince McMahon. But none of that matters.

    Because of Terry’s poor choices, all that labor is gone. The car accident. The houses that no one could reasonably afford, even with his wealth. The divorce. The 20,000 a month HGH dependency. He made hundreds of millions of dollars and it’s all gone.

    Hogan is ASKED to work? Sure, maybe.
    Hogan NEEDS TO WORK is more like it.

    In the end Hogan (and Ric Flair) will be just like everyone else making a living on the independent shows, like Honky Tonk Man. Honky is fine with that. He feeds his family. Pays his bills. Has a good time. Stays off TV.

    But Hulk Hogan performing for a few thousand or a few hundred? Making appearances there? Working for a company that gets 7,000 buys on a PPV?

    You see how tragic that is, from a career stand point? Ever hear of going out “on top”?

    “Hulk Hogan was my hero… but now he’s doing Rent-a-Center commercials and hawking multi-level-marketing fake diet supplements…got divorced, makes an ass of himself on some lame wrestling show… why didn’t he just retire after WrestleMania X8? That was as good as it would get man…”

  30. J.J. Saporito says:

    I viewed your 8 parter last night. To finally hear your side after so many have smeared your name because of petty misplaced vindictiveness was a thing of beauty to watch unfold. It was fueled by the purely raw and uncompromising passion that can only come from a person whose attempted to sit back and let the proverbial sticks and stones be flung for a long period of time until they were able to construct a fortress from those sticks and stones to retaliate from. Hogan’s exhausted brick and mortar supply, flung at your feet, has left him utterly exposed. He has nothing left to come back with, or anyone for that matter, as I’ve seen the same recycled barbs and jabs left by Hulkamaniacs as negative comments on the youtube videos which you have already constructed a suit of armor from. It’s been a long time coming and your surgically precise retaliatory sniper “BULLET” shot back was a most satisfactory experience to witness from this childhood Ultimate Warrior fan. But even more than the Karma videos, I enjoyed seeing this video which showed the human being behind all the wild stories and internet gossip of who the Warrior is. I don’t agree with every opinion you’ve had in the past, but I think from watching this video and your Randy tribute that you are a genuine person to the core and it seems anymore that is a rare thing to find.
    And that’s truly inspiring. Even if you didn’t make these videos over the past couple weeks, which I’m appreciative you did, I still would’ve always thought The Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, and Hogan (yes… I know, I know… but it’s true) were synonymous with Professional Wrestling and the WWF. On a closing note, I am kind of tired and worn out this morning but I think I am going to push myself to go out now and do my 3 mile run. When I’m worn out running and want to give up or if I feel I can’t do anymore reps when lifting weights I’ll often think of the image of your artistic creation, The Ultimate Warrior, and I don’t stop.

    Thank You

  31. warrior fan says:

    happy birthday warrior. you are 100 percent right about has been hogan .

    terry bollea is a piece of feces and he is a lying scumbag. no wonder he reached the top of the fake wrestling world because he is a con man.

    bollea will be rassling till he dies because he is a loser who can’t get a REAL job if his life depended on it.

  32. Greg Cage says:


    I checked out your vids and am now officially bereaving the loss of a childhood hero. And that hero is YOU.

    Within the scope of an hour you make supposition after supposition (Randy was PROBABLY at the hospital doing charity work? Hogan was IMPLYING in his twitter tweet that Edge didn’t have the guts to stick it out?), you contradict yourself repeatedly (Hulk and Linda had an open marriage BUT his sleeping with one of Brooke’s friends ended their union. Yeah, right.), you hew close to accusing Hogan of having incestuous impulses towards his daughter (Jeez!), and you essentially threaten his life with your whole “chamber the bullet” “shoulder the weapon” metaphor. Sad.

    Further, you seem to know so many details about Hogan’s life permutations that he really ought to consider getting a restraining order against you. You are essentially a stalker. And your signaling out of his kids is sick and pathetic. I mean, even the Mafia doesn’t go after your family.

    Your ravings leave me with little doubt that many – if not all – of the stories told about your are true, and paints a clear picture of a fragile narcissist suffering from toxic jealousy. You hate Hogan. Period. And you hate him because he held onto his spot while you burned out. Of all the Hulk Hogan contemporaries who had the chance to reach his level, you were given the best shot – and you blew it. You repeatedly let your fans down by no-showing live events and refusing to evolve as an in-ring talent. You cared about no one but yourself, and kept few – if any – friends from the business. As Heenan said in the DVD hack job, You were the one guy nobody liked. And now I see why.

    I give you kudos for your comments in the Definitely vid about how your beautiful family makes you feel like you wake up each day in Disneyland. I heard the vulnerability in your voice and saw the tears swell in the corners of your eyes. Do yourself a favor: let go of the rage and cherish that most important aspect of your life. It may ultimately be the real you behind all the anger and insecurity. And do yourself an even bigger favor and yank these vids before more people see them.

    You’ve pushed this Warrior squarely into Hogan’s camp. Lord knows there are probably others.

    Best of luck to you and yours.


  33. Gagarin says:


    It doesn’t take a stalker to follow Hulk Hogan’s family. TMZ. VH1. Wrestling fans writing him and telling him what’s going on. They had reality shows and were on Entertainment Tonight and TV Guide Channel and all kinds of things. Hello. Oh, and the news papers and news coverage following the coverage of Nick’s accident. I didn’t have to go out of my way to hear this stuff when it happened, Warrior didn’t, either.

    Hogan DID IMPLY that Edge wasn’t one of the boys. Thousands of people’s draw dropped when they saw his Twitter/Facebook posting after Edge’s announcement. And his “this was taken out of context/people misunderstood what I was trying to say” clarification didn’t make any sense at all. Warrior Man isn’t jumping to conclusions there. It was plain as day what Hogan was implying, and then he realized he was a dumbass for posting it.

    Randy was always going to hospitals doing charity work. Hey, here’s something else that Terry said about when he met up with Macho Man. “I was going in for another back surgery, and they sent me to a heart doctor, and I looked up and there was Macho. And I hadn’t seen him for 12 years and he was all swollen up standing over me, he looked great. Like he had mysteriously put on some weight, you know what I’m saying…” (Gee, sounds like he and Randy really patched things up..) Hogan implied Macho Man was on the juice again. (Which is weird, because he looked pretty normal from the vids put out from the action picture and his wedding pictures).

  34. Stavros says:

    Hey Warrior,
    Firstly I cant believe im actually typing this to the Ultimate Warrior, crazy. After watching all of the video on Hogan, and reading all of the negative and positive things said on various wrestling forums I would just like to say I was a massive fan growing up, never really dug hogan to be fair, yourself and Macho Man were my heroes lol. I lol because im now a 31 year old man about to start a new family, and amongst all this have been watching some of the old footage on youtube ect and brought back back some great memories, which I thank you. Painting my face and steeling my sisters coloured laces from her shoes and tying them round my arms, man my folks thought I was crazy lol. Didnt realise how much of a scumbag terry actually was, and you can see it in his eyes when I now watch TNA, he is a shell of a man at best.
    Also I must say you do seem to have a very good outlook on life in general and to see one of the largest pro wrestlers ever healthy positive not still caught up in all the crap or in the ground is really great. I lost touch with pro wrestling when you and hogan and macho left wwf. I never knew all the history of what happened and its really obvious now as an adult when you read between the lines what was happening. I watched the wwe dvd and was disgusted at some of the things said. Though it was very interesting to learn about what happened. I dont know if you actually read any of this or reply, I have never done this before so just running with it. Good to see you are alive, healthy and not corrupted by the business. Good look with the future and thanks for the memories.


  35. Atanas says:

    Man i love what you did and i know all the shit they are talking about are really shit. I would really like to shake you hand some day and i really hope i will but pls take a look of that sixth video on that light you look like you have hitters Moustache.
    No offence just the light makes you look like that.

  36. James. A says:

    what happened about the announcement about the warrior comming back to tv?

  37. David Davidson says:

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WARRIOR! MANY, MANY HAPPY RETURNS SIR, WOW FIFTY TWO YEARS OLD?! MAN THAT’S GREAT. So glad you are taking this opportunity, one of many, to look back on your life do some reflecting and refracting and just thinking about things and how far you have come. Clearly God has blessed you Warrior and is expectant of you to use that gift you have use it to its fullest and maximum potential, and you do that daily, HATS OFF and JOB WELL DONE! All the best to you and your dear family sir, keep on keeping on…….

  38. Dustin says:

    Hey Happy Late Birthday Warrior! You look great man! Keep up the good work! I wanted to thank you for being YOU, and not trying to be like someone else. I’ve been a fan of wrestling for 25 years, but miss those days with you, Hogan, Andre, Macho Man, and many others during the late 80′s, early 90′s. I will be honest, I am a huge Hulkamaniac, and a fan of the Hulk Hogan character, but not a fan of the Terry Bollea character. I don’t agree with how Terry, and other former wrestlers have bashed you’re character, and you. You without a doubt in my heart, are a true wrestling legend, and a great champion. You were never a fluke, or a flash in the pan. You were a WWF CHAMPION MAN! You did more for that buisness than Vince could ever imagined! Because of guys like you, Hogan, Andre, and Savage, I became hooked on wrestling. I never even bothered watching the video that the WWF made about the destruction of you. You’re hard working ethics speaks for itself in you’re matches that I have watched as a fan. I loved watching you domminate you’re compitition. They broke the mold when they made you, and there will never be another Ultimate Warrior ever again! Ultimate Warrior, thanks again for all that you did, and all that you continually do now. We all as wrestling fans love you, and are very appreciated of all you do! Take Care Warrior Man!

  39. Rusty says:

    Happy belated birthday, Warrior.

    I think the most telling thing for me, as a Hulk Hogan fan from the 80′s and 90′s, is that I wonder how I could have been so gullible. I look at Terry’s escapades over the last 10 to 20 years and I wonder; how could I ever have supported somebody who is so lacking in class?

    Well, it’s because I was a kid and I looked at the world through the eyes of a child who couldn’t think that the guy on TV telling you to stay in school, to drink milk and say your prayers was the exact opposite if what I saw on TV.

    And here’s the thing; you’re a fighter. If you weren’t a fighter, you wouldn’t be making these videos. But from where I’m sitting, there’s no need to make them.

    Everybody can see through Terry. We know he’s full of bile and is just a total Jackass. We can’t trust in anything that he says. But you? Your work in and out of the ring, and how you’ve led your life speaks for itself.

    And this comes from somebody who was never really a fan of Ultimate Warrior.
    I know (and I’ll bet anybody who followed WWF during your time there knows too) who’s full of crap (that would be Terry) and who’s worth giving the time of day to (that would be you, in case you missed it).

  40. Robert Robbins, DC says:

    First, Warrior, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I have been following your recent vlog about “Hulk”, and I have to say that I believe you to be one of the few solid men to come out of the wrestling world of the 80′s and 90′s. Many have been corrupted, and too many have died before their time. Not surprisingly, many of the fallen are those that Bollea kept close to him( proteges, “confidantes”, etc.). As an avid wrestling fan, and a dedicated man of health, I wish you the best in your endeavour to set the record straight, and hopefully clean up the prowrestling world of the filth of Hogan. I am a Warrior, and will be for life!
    Dr. Robert Robbins

  41. Chenics says:

    I was with you on these videos until you spewed that overweight people have a serious character flaw. You’re awfully full of your own self importance.

    It appears that most people here will kiss up to you because they remember you from the days when wrestling was good. You may have been good back then, but you’ve turned in to a bitter old man. I feel sorry for you.

  42. Michael says:

    I hope all is well warrior. I have been a fan of yours for quite sometime. Just as yourself, I have and do live a wonderful life, wonderful children, so on…I am just curious as to why not let all the beef go with the other wrestlers? Life is just too short to sweat the stupid stuff. Peace..Mike from Ohio.

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