Karma Collects In Toto

Hulk Hogan has told lies about me for almost 20 years now. Me telling the truths about Terry Bollea for about an hour is justified as far as I am concerned, and long overdue.

There are Eight Parts and a Bonus.

Enjoy. Thanks again, all you UW fans, for all the great memories.

A warning: there is some strong, adult language in these videos; not much, some. There ARE NOT streams of cuss words and there is NO language — NONE– that is sexually explicit, but there are a few choice F’bombs. Just letting you know in case you might decide to watch these clips in the presence of kids. My advice is to not do that.

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  1. Warrior you are the LEGEND!!!

    ciao ciao from Rome!

  2. Jay (jlr9ca) says:

    Well worth the wait Warrior! Even my wife enjoyed watching these vids. Cant wait to see whats in store for us Warriors next. Thanks.

  3. Michel R says:

    I vividly remember the times when Ultimate Warrior rocked my world back in the late eighties, early nineties.

    You inspired a whole generation with the energetic, wild and positive energy you brought to the WWF table. You inspired me in so many ways and I’ve always kept track of what you were up to in your life. Now almost two decades after the pinnacle in your wrestling career, you continue to inspire but not in a mere physical way, but in a intelligent coherent view on what all humans should strive for: Being straight forward and above all honest in their strive to be a better person towards themselves, their families and friends.

    I’ve watched all vids and without any doubt in my mind believe you. You’ve been there, you’ve witnessed what happened with and by Hulk Hogan. For instance many of us have seen or heard what he said on the accident his kid caused. We heard what he said about his kid’s friend who’s now in coma for life. We heard, understood the words, understood what kind of person says such things and later denies all of them… Sickening… You said it all with the bad karma.

    Now putting Randy down. Interview done a month before his untimely death and saying the things on camera about this man… Well, someone who calls himself a (one time) friend, doesn’t do this. He doesn’t put (ex-) friends down like that… This IMHO only shows what kind of person Hogan is. A honest guy doesn’t do this…Sad, real sad…

    Anyway, I’m glad you put out these vids and showed the world what the truth behind all these lies is. Yet I don’t think you need to prove yourself to any warrior-fan out there. We all know in what kind of backstabbing environment you had to work in and above all things remained true to your beliefs, true to your fans and above all honest to yourself. You don’t take no bullshit and that what makes you a man amongst cowards.

    To me, you’re an example and a person showing us how we all should strive to be like.


  4. jz1500 says:

    Hogan is just a scumbag.

  5. Anon says:

    What a load of rubbish…you may make it as another youtube greats like the starwars kid

  6. Justin says:

    Warrior, the first part of this series about hoping to see your peers in the wrestling business like Hogan eventually evolve into adults one day down the line makes me think of a quote from Muhammad Ali… something along the lines of “a man who views the world the same way at age 50 as he did at age 20 has wasted 30 years of life.” Nothing could be more appropriate to describe Hogan.

    Hogan views the world today, at age 58, with the same set of eyes he did at 50, at 40, at 30, and so on. He never did anything in his past 20 years of being involved in the wrestling business to bring somebody else up into the limelight with him. He keeps his leeches and enablers around him like Brian Knobbs because those clowns worship him and allow him to cling to the persona that he so cherishes from the 1980s… but he never went out of his way to help anybody in the business out of good will.

    His last two stints in the WWE were a complete sham. His involvement had nothing to do with helping out the company or any of the wrestlers longterm. When he came back and had his feud with Michaels, all that was for was to promote the start of his reality series. Michaels had nothing to gain at that point in his career by working with Hogan, but he did it anyway. Michaels could’ve been utilized to help mold a young, up and coming star during the summer of 2005 (something Shawn did very well after coming back in 2002, he had no problem putting any of the young talent over during his comeback) but he had to work with Hogan and help put him over so Hogan could promote his show. Here is Michaels, a guy still on the active roster able to outperform virtually the entire talent roster of younger guys, and he’s having to job to a guy like Hogan who could barely walk to the ring. Who did that help besides Hogan?

    Then you fastforward a couple years to when he came back to feud with Randy Orton… another stint that happened to fall perfectly in line with another one of Hogan’s projects on the side… the release of his daughter’s album. That’s what that whole comeback was all about, promoting her. Once again, it had nothing to do with making Randy look good, helping out his career, helping out the company longterm… it was all about having Hogan come back to embarrass himself in the ring and put himself over once again. Here is Randy, a young performer in the prime of his career jobbing just like Michaels did to a guy incapable of moving around the ring at a pace much faster than that of a corpse. In both the Michaels and Orton feuds, valuable television time was wasted for several weeks on end that could’ve been set aside to give younger talent more promo and in-ring exposure to help Hogan put himself and his side projects over. And what’s most pathetic about it all is that Hogan went out in the ring and did his same old predictable act (at about 10% of the blistering, and I say blistering sacrastically, pace that he did in his prime). Hogan’s on-camera act has become so predictable that my unborn children can see the “hulking up”, the finger in the face, the big boot, the big legdrop, and victory after 15 minutes of mounting zero offense in the match coming before it even happens.

    Hogan is the ultimate revisionist when it comes to telling how things went down and that is where his #1 character trait of being a pathological liar really shines through. The hypothetical situation that you described in your one video about what probably brought Randy to the hospital where this interaction with Hogan took place is probably exactly how it went down; far from how Hogan would lead one to believe. There is no depth of lying that Hogan will stoop to to make himself look good regardless of how far-fetched and disconnected from the truth it actually is.

    He can try to exercise his revisionist historical perspective on your career when you were in the WWE with him but anybody that grew up in that era that doesn’t suffer from severe amnesia knows that you were not just a “background character” with the company while Hogan was the one raking in the revenue. Watch any pay-per-view event from 1988-1992 when you guys were performing events together. Your ovations were every bit as loud, and in many cases, louder than the ovations Hogan received. You earned the right to become the face of the company as world champion because you brought your character up to a level that enabled you to do so.

    I think the fact that unlike your peers backstage at the time who he could easily influence and control, you never bought into Hogan’s backstage political bullshit or wasted your time playing his political games… I think that was probably a big reason as to why you achieved a level of success during that time period that rivaled Hogan’s and some people could easily argue surpassed Hogan’s during that period. Hogan likes to think he was the be all, end all of the WWE’s success during those years and perhaps by trying to brush off the obvious (that you were right at his level for those four or five years) it somehow allows him to believe that fallacy that he created for himself inside that shiny, bald, extension clad dome of his.

  7. Christoffer says:

    Hallo again Warrior!

    Great to finally hear your thoughts and feelings on this. Ive been so tired of that I only could hear the voices of the people that wanted to talk you down for years now, Im thinking in particular of the dvd, the self destruction of UW and HH in general. God, I wanted to pull my hair out when watching that one. I despise, in general when people are mocking others and talking trash and the ones that are mocked cannot fight og talk back on the same level. Thats just something i despise of. Its just plain cowardness from WWEs side and anyone that participateted in that dvd.

    The worst thing is that many wrestling fans bought into this shit, and started quoting certain things that were said on this dvd, without questioning the agenda. God, thats also something i hate, when people only follow like sheeps without questioning!

    Warrior, I always think that there is no need for a mind if youre not going to speak it. And Im glad you did, setting the record straight, both for yourself and every Ultimate Warrior fan out there.

    Greetings from Chris, and greetings from Norway!

  8. Steve says:

    Great video, Warrior! I enjoyed every second of it. You should post more videos, not just about wrestling, but regarding current events or anything else that you just want to get off your chest. YouTube is a powerful tool for those who know how to wield it!

  9. Joe M says:

    Warrior, this is definitely your best video i,ve ever watched. I really admire someone who holds nothing back and speaks their mind with such passion especially when it’s most needed. Hogan or i should say Terry may just be nearing the end of what’s left of his hulkamania. But he is just one of many who has talked trash about you. I read Bret Hart’s book where he says you made a dying kid wait to meet you back when you were champion. But i looked though some photos and found one of you meeting some little kid who looked almost like the kid described in Hart’s book. Except he had some hair on his head but looked like he was close to dying for sure. But he got to meet you and it was a really touching photo. You seemed to have really made his day. I expected better out of a wrestler i respected and liked for years(i,m referring to Bret Hart). But i can see wrestling is filled with fakes, phonies and liars. In fact the entire entertainment industry seems to be overloaded with them. But anyway, i enjoyed the video. Keep them coming and make the phonies feel the power of the ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!!!

  10. Kevin Snyder says:

    Hulk Hogan is the Isiah Thomas of professional wrestling………he ruins everything he is a part of the keep his spot. Hogans an ego maniacal self serving ass! He needs to go away and stay away.

    I greatly enjoyed the videos thank you so much for setting the record straight! You are and have always been the better man.

  11. Charles says:

    Agree HH is annoying but isn’t life too short to bear these grudges? What would Randy have done?

  12. David Davidson says:

    Hello Warrior Man!

    Just finished watching all the videos and bonus footage concerning Terry Bollea. Thank you my friend for saying what needed to be said for a long, long time! Saying what has been on my mind for a long, long time. The whole thing was cathardic for me man just a real venting of the mind and the heart. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You my Friend, JOB WELL DONE, God Bless….

  13. Don says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day Warrior.

  14. Jim says:

    Nice Video!

    Like everyone else, it’s finally nice to see someone step uo to him. It’s true what you said about the melted rotten cheese. Look what he did to WCW and what he’s doing to TNA… sorry Impact wrestling. Let’s load that bullet and pull the trigger.

  15. marcus sawyer says:

    hey warrior, i think your CONTACT ME button isn’t working.

    anyways, i had a question, my buddy is looking for a video of you completely destroying a cage (possibly more than one) from a multi cage match? he says you tore up some cages, and we are looking for a video.

    Do you remember what/when this was? so i can get a better idea of how to find it possibly.

    Thanks a bunch, and Happy Fathers Day!!!

    Chincho Chichi

  16. Kevin says:

    Thank you Warrior for always telling the truth and standing up for what is right. Doing that is never easy, and it seems there are always those that are trying to drag you down to their level. Keep fighting the good fight, much respect and admiration!

  17. Justin says:

    Hey Warrior, I just thought of another great example of Hogan thinking he was the only character from the old school WWE era that mattered and how he always has to put himself over in any conversation.

    In an interview he did some time ago, Andre was brought up and Hogan was asked about Andre’s impact and greatness in the sport. Hogan was like “oh man, Andre was great brother!” and then immediately went on to put himself over… talked about how he took the torch from Andre and took wrestling to greater heights than it was at when Andre had the torch, etc… He then went on to disclose some other private and embarrassing details about Andre and how he used to have to put newspapers on his bed in hotel rooms because he had “accidents” due to heavy drinking and also that Andre had to put newspapers on the floor to defecate on because he was too big for the toilets. How any of that stuff had anything to do Andre’s legacy or greatness is really anybody’s guess but it was very relevant in Hogan’s mind. Hogan took the question and turned it into a self-promoting rant about how his legacy was greater than Andre’s. It was also very admirable that Hogan would disclose such private details about a man he supposedly had great respect for and who has been dead for a long time now.

    I think that’s a big reason as to why Hogan has been so insecure with his comments whenever Warrior’s name is brought up. He likes to think he was the be all, end all of that golden era of the WWE. He would like himself and others to think that no other characters mattered during that time but Hulk Hogan. The fact that other characters not only mattered, but that there was one other character from that era that was just as big as he was, is a bitter pill of reality that he can’t seem to swallow. He is in denial over it and will take any liberties he can to erase that fact from the minds of others. That may work on the easily influenced flock of sheep that call themselves Hulkamaniacs, but for those of us who are much further entrenched in what is known as reality, it makes us laugh at how insecure he is in his own legacy.

    He and his other cronies who would like to lead people into believing that Ultimate Warrior was just a flash in the pan are out of their minds… a little too many days with pot and sunshine on their planet if you ask me. How many talents can say they’ve had a Hall of Fame worthy career in professional wrestling with only five years of work in a major promotion? How many talents can say they’ve put together such a career within their first five years in the business? Does that sound like a flash in the pan? No… that is the antithesis of what a flash in the pan is! Warrior accomplished a level of success and a legacy within his first five years in the business virtually unparalleled in modern wrestling outside of guys like The Rock, John Cena, and Randy Orton. Would anybody have remembered the contributions of guys like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and Ted DiBiase if they ended their careers after their first five years in the business? Doubtful… hell nobody even remembers Ted now except for when his swollen face is forced upon us in some capacity by WWE powers that be.

    A lightbulb went off in my head this afternoon. Since Hogan’s finances have been sucked dry and he is ever the opportunist to sell his soul to make a quick buck, I think he should start selling stock in his psyche. Warrior can be the chairman of the company and the Warriors can be the shareholders haha.

  18. Dave Francis says:


    I both applaud, and admire you for these videos. I lost all respect for Hogan when those tapes from jail were release. Only a truly demented, and sick individual would tell his son that A. the victim was to blame, because he had it coming. That is no way to treat a person, especially a soldier who just got out of the war. Then the whole lets to a reality show bit showing on Nick Hogan has changed his life. Really? Are you fucking kidding me? How about we see Nick devote the rest of his life to paying half of the Graziano’s hospital bills. That would be a start in the right direction, but that little bastard should pay 100% no questions asked. Its down right despicable what Hogan, and his family have become.

    What can I say about Hogan that hasn’t been said, or that he hasn’t done. You were there so you know better than any of us but I applaud you for giving us the real insight to what Hogan is about. Himself! Many of us have been saying that for years. Hogan and Vince? I know it must take an iron will to be around the both of them. Oh another thing that disgusted me about Hogan is that there was a photo release of Hogan putting sun tan lotion on Brooke. Now this would usually be fine but A) she looked about 17 in the picture, and more than capable of putting it on herself. and B) Hogans hand looked like it was in between her legs. Who the fuck allows themselves to be seen in that way? Honestly its too degrading to live that kind of life, and then tell the world you’re proud of yourself for it. But Hogan does it because in his mind the work will be remembered, not what a poor, broken down, selfish fuck he was for his whole life.

    Keep up the great work. I’ve been a fan of yours since, well since as long as I can remember. We all support you, and we’ll all continue to shoot holes in Hulkamania. And continue to watch Hogan kill it off himself, because one day, and that day is coming very soon Hogan won’t be able to milk the persona any more.

  19. Well that was a remarkable series of videos. Having not heard him speak for 20 years – and even then – in character, I have to say that it is quite mesmerising and there are few people I could listen to comfortably for an hour.

    If there emerges an autobiography, I am a buyer of that, but I am not a buyer of any wrestling match between the two men.

    I applaud segment 4, in which the point is well made about Randy Savage’s wisely placed erstwhile protectiveness towards his wife, and the spiritual observation that his heart had passed to his new wife, directed to those commenting on his rejoining his former spouse in the afterlife.

    On a lighter note. The speaker has amazing teeth. Are they real or false !!

  20. charles blumer says:

    Let me start off by saying you were always my favorite character in the WWF. And you still are to me. My father was a hulkamanic and we argued all the time who was better. In honesty, you both were awesome. I watched all your videos about karma coming to collect and I have to say, why warrior? I understand your hatred of Terry Bollea for what he said about you and the macho man, but Warrior don’t do it. Don’t attack his family or that they are swingers. warrior you are above that. Who gives a rats ass if Hulk Hugan was full of shit. You all played characters and we loved you or hated you. I am still a Warrior fan. That’s all I want to say to you. Terry maybe a douchebag but he did a lot for wrestling, as did you. I would love to hear back from you because I am a one warrior nation.
    P.s. were you the disciple in WCW with Hugan?

  21. Cameron Gee says:

    I’m proud to say that you were the first face I saw on my journey to becoming a 20+ year wrestling fan. It was your excitement and passion that drew me in, and the parallel between that moment some 24 years ago and what I watched today is uncanny. I was glued to your every word and amazed by its substance. I honestly feel as if you took it easy on Hogan. I’m sure you have stories galore about events that you’ve witnessed involving the Hulkster. The day your book is released is the day that I hope to learn more about the charade that’s been played on all of his supporters. I don’t necessarily know your feelings about Bret Hart, but he’s made it no secret what Hogan is all about as well. Bret is a victim of the political proceedings of Hogan and speaks candidly about the type of person he feels Hogan is. Nobody has spoken as candidly as you though, and I’m very happy and proud to have watched your evolution and maturity throughout the years. Thank You!

  22. kimberly says:

    This was so long overdue, and I am glad that you did it Warrior! My respect for you has risen to new levels!! You are a strong man with a great mind, great spirit, and what I love about you is that you don’t take no crap from noone! You speak your mind, stand behind what you believe in no matter what! We need more people like you in the this world! You are my all time favorite wrestler, since the age of 5. In saying that, so was Bret Hart, until I read his book and read the lies he told about you! I will not even get started on him! LOL! Thank you Warrior, for being one of the last true heros left!

  23. ringo says:

    Nice video warrior and a lot of what you said I have heard from others. You have Hogan pegged very well.

    Terry Bollea is an old insecure washed up has been that needs to do exactly what you said “pack his gear bag up and go home”

  24. Justin says:

    Bret Hart is one of those individuals who thinks that matches and titles in professional wrestling are legitimately won and lost between the ropes… that the ability to apply a reverse chinlock, a Sharpshooter, an armbar, and the like all play some role in winning matches. Those are great self-defense moves to be equipped with if you are fending off a street mugger, but between the ropes in professional wrestling, they put people to sleep. Check the TV ratings and pay-per-view buyrates for the WWE in the mid 1990s when Hart was the face of the company. He couldn’t draw flies with a mouthful of shit. If you want to win in a legitimate, competitive athletic event with those moves and impress somebody with them, take up mixed martial arts.

    In those days all that mattered was coming up with a creative gimmick and finding a way to channel your charisma into that character to make yourself successful and keep the revenue flowing in. Guys like Warrior and Hogan got that aspect of the business better than anybody in those days. It’s like Warrior said in his open letter to DiBiase awhile back. Guys like Hogan, Savage, and Warrior were the ones whose contributions were bringing in the big bank for the WWE… the “technical wrestlers” who took their own shit way too seriously. They funded the petty cash of the promotion just as Warrior said… paying for the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers in Vince’s bathroom.

  25. Dharma says:

    the movie Warrior referred to that Hogan was in was “The Ultimate Weapon” in 1998 . . . the story about Hogan getting in Liz’s ear happened in 1992 when Warrior/Macho were fueding – and then tagging together. (Warrior was essentially Hogan’s replacement after Wrestlemania 8)

  26. Cameron Gee says:

    Hey Justin, I tried to read your post with an open mind but the information you presented us with was asinine at best. If everybody was like the Ultimate Warrior then what would make the Warrior so special. The best part about wrestling (at least what used to be the best part) is the fact that you have an eclectic group of guys with various skills; and that’s how wrestlers used to stand out. Bret Hart was the best technical wrestler in the WWE at that time, nobody else had that gimmick. The best part about “the Hitman” is that it wasn’t a gimmick at all, he was legitimately as good as you saw. I’m sorry that you don’t appreciate any era of wrestling preceding the 1980′s, before it became entertainment; but I get a thrill out of watching Edouard Carpentier, Bob Backlund and Billy Robinson. The fact that ratings were down in the WWE from ’92-’97 is due to the steroid scandal that was nationally covered. Bret Hart kept that company from completely falling apart! Maybe not everybody enjoys and appreciates a match that has a story that builds within a 15 to 30 minute timeframe, but I certainly did. You didn’t want your money back after seeing Bret perform. He didn’t Hulk up, or shake ropes or even skip around like Tatanka; but he fought realistic matches and applied realistic moves that brought realism to the exhibition. I don’t know how anybody can be a fan of wrestling and not respect what he brought to the legitimacy of this business.

  27. Michael doran says:

    Hey warrior I love seeming the videos glad to see the truth bout Terry come out I grew up to u I was always a huge fan and still am the day u came to wcw to take on hogan and the nwo was great but if u have been watching he has turned TNA into wcw with having a super power crew in immortal just like the nwo I know u r probably done with the wrestling business but I know I wouldn’t be the only warrior that would love to see u bring the OWN to impact and take hogan and immortal out once and for all just like u did in 1998 u two are one and one I just think u beat him one more time I am sure it will put him down for life love u warrior one of u biggest fans Michael

  28. Justin says:

    I think you slightly misinterpreted what I was trying to say. Bret Hart has said that guys like Warrior were not better than him. In terms of being able to utilize realistic holds throughout the course of a match and make matches look like “real fights” if that’s what you want to call them, yes, he is right. Nret did have a unique and rare ability to make his matches look very realistic. But that was not what professional wrestling was about by the time that era came around. It was about having a captivating gimmick, getting people to watch you, and make money. In that regard, no, Bret Hart was not as good or successful in the business as Warrior or Hogan. He was never a big magnet for television ratings or pay-per-view buyrates, even when he went to WCW with all that momentum following the Montreal incident. WWE skyrocketed to a new level of popularity after redefining their image almost immediately after Bret left and WCW sank like a stone. I’m in no way holding Bret accountable at all for the failure of WCW because it was quite evident that company had no longterm direction, but his arrival there after the 1997 Survivor Series made zero impact with the promotion. If Warrior or Hogan jumped from WWE to WCW in their primes, you can bet there would’ve been a noticeable increase in television ratings for WCW.

    I will say this though… come 1993 when it was apparent that the WWE product was going in another direction due to the steroid scandal you eluded to, Hogan did drop the ball in a selfish way when he could’ve given back to the WWE and helped that transition along. They wanted him to drop the title to Bret at SummerSlam that year and he wouldn’t do it.

  29. Vikram says:

    Without question a series of true revelations have been revealed…although some wrestling fans had for some time been aware of the “cancer” that is Hulk Hogan it took an honest man…a WARRIOR to finally shed the light…we owe you a debt of gratitude for being strong enough to do what is right…I can only imagine that with Randy “Macho Man’s” passing (RIP) you felt the time was right, that you could no longer keep hidden the truths you have shared. I appulad your courage WARRIOR…you are light years beyond hulk hogan in many aspects…especially when it comes to being a man and telling the truth! oWn for life!

    any fans wish to discuss more feel free to email at oreh01@hotmail.com

  30. Niclas says:

    Thank you Warrior for telling it like it is and setting the record straight regarding Hogan. You are truly a man and a hero as well as a role model. Keep up the godd work. Warrior for life. With the deepest respect, Niclas from Sweden.

  31. Greg says:

    Warrior, thank you for this interview. Not just exposing to the world what Hogan really is, but the other words toward the end. You are very inspiring. I’m 27, married with 3 kids, and all I want to do in life is to succeed at being the best husband/father I can be. I am SO glad of all the guys I looked up to since I was 6, you were the one to be the better man. You were my hero. You still are. I remember going to house shows as a kid with my dad waiting in line to see my favorite stars. I’ve been to a bunch when you were in the WWF and you were at every single one of them. You were electric. I honestly can say, Hogan was never at any of them. He was scheduled to appear, but one of his loop holes, ‘Card subject to change.” Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice. As for Randy Savage, he too was one of the greatest. It was true what you said about a big chunk was missing from me when he passed. Keep doing what you’re doing. I enjoy reading your blogs and watching your videos…

    Take Care,
    Greg H.

  32. thuglordzz1 says:

    WARRIOR…alwayz knew THE BEST..1

  33. Nello says:

    ultimate warrior rules

  34. Nello says:

    i’m italian, ultimate warrior is right

  35. Mike says:

    Thanks for sticking up for Randy, Warrior.

  36. LK says:

    Absolute ULTIMATE SHOOT! Loved it from beginning to end.

  37. Roger says:

    it really is a shame that Hogan had to book himself into Macho Man’s Wrestlemania 4 title win and Macho’s World War 3 title win . . . didn’t Bret say something about Hogan might have no-showed Wrestlemania 9 unless he was booked to win the belt somehow? . . . I see Vince over-pushing Cena now – 8 years is enough. But Cena and Orton kind of play the Hogan and Warrior roles. Perhaps CM Punk fills the space of the Macho King, with John Morrison kind of following the same scenario as the Hitman.

  38. Roger says:

    what does the “Toto” part of the title mean?

  39. James says:

    I liked the way you talk about how randy was with elizbeth, You realy put that in prospetive on how Randy was with her and why. I’m wondering are you getting a TV show on Fox News? I could see you taking Glen Beck’s spot.

  40. The Mechanic says:

    Bret Hart was running his mouth on his radio show about you Warrior. I was stunned about and lost respect for him.

  41. Larry says:

    LOL look at Hogan’s latest tweet on the Warrior:

    “feel sorry for him,his angle is already out of gas,even the dirt sheets r over him.I just pray for his wife and daughter HH”

    Trying to make it look like Warrior is the crazy one lol…what a sociopath

  42. James says:

    The biggest part of wrestling for me growing up was to see The Ultimate Warrior wrestle. Me and my friends would always catch wrestling on saturday mornings after cartoons. I really dislike hearing that hogan has been put in a light that I personally have never seen. Warrior you are and always will be my favorite wrestler. You man handled Rick Rude, body slammed The Giant, took the perfection out of Mr. Perfect, defeated Hulk Hogan for the wwf title, and brought several kids and adults a very good experience in wrestling. I don’t think for one second you are wrong in discussing hogans information. Hogan thought it would be ok to put the macho mans business out there. He was dead wrong for that interview. The macho man deserves way better from his colleagues than that. The macho mans body was still warm when he did that interview. That was unbelievable for even hogan to say. I feel he deserves more of what he deserves…… to be exposed before his peers. I have always respected and admired you warrior. You are obviously a good father and a good man. I have looked at some of your videos online other than the recent ones. I am impressed. A lot of people probably have no clue as to how smart you really are. I hope you continue to put yourself out there some more. It its really nice to see my childhood hero back in action. By the way nobody I grew up with gave 2 $#1t$ about hulk hogan.

  43. Michael says:

    I still feel sorry for Hulk. To spend a life so terrified of any truth or unable to look any man of integrity in the eye must be a gutless hell. Warrior made many comments I’m sure alot of people would have liked to have made over the years and needed to be made.

  44. Kabba says:

    You have a very insightful and perspective way of looking at things in regards to life, values and quality. I am inspired by Part 8 to make a change in the world, to help take away from the negativity. I think I am going to volunteer more and pass on the message to “Always Believe.” Well done.

  45. Churro says:

    Thank you Warrior. Many of us appreciate your thoughts and your honesty. Hogan was exposed on those tapes with his son, and make no mistake when rubbing sun tan oil on Brooke’s a-s on their show. You have further exposed this and trading on the heels of tragedy, as he did with Randy, is unconscionable.

    For those of you who doubt Warrior, there was an interesting shoot interview done with Konnan years back about the NWO time with Hogan. Hogan and Nash went out of their way to stop the rise of LOWER-MID LEVEL card wrestlers because they were getting attention. He said it was the death of your push if you actually got hot during that time. Remember all the NWO members getting jumped out as time went on….that was it…it was their way to squash it.

    Others in shoot interviews have said similar to what Warrior said, but anyone who wants to stay in the business never says a bad word about Hogan. His tentacles reach deeply….and end careers.


  46. MachoManiac says:

    You claim to be a man of honor. You claim to be an enlightened man. If that’s the case, then why not reach out to Terry and lend a helping hand?

    You ask us to “always believe”. In what? In these videos, you seem to go against everything you claim you believe in.

    Be elightened. Be bigger. Take the videos down and reach out if you think Terry has gone down a bad path. THAT’S what Randy would have done.

    Oh – and by the way – if you’re looking for engagements as a motivational speaker – well, nobody wants a motivational speaker that screams at them and drops the f-bomb.

    Maniac Forever!

  47. JJ says:

    Greetings Warrior!

    My laptop is FINALLY fixed, and so I can finally leave a comment over here!

    Since the videos were uploaded, I’ve watched them a few times over via my cellphone, because there was a heck of a lot in there. Although the phrase “it’s a must see” is overused these days, these Karma Collecting videos REALLY are “must see” videos for anyone who appreciates R-E-A-L-I-T-Y.

    The people who keep themselves updated with the activities of the big names from those GREAT days of the World Wrestling Federation, they would obviously be aware of all of the things that Terry Bollea had been saying (or rather, lying about) for years on end. Recently, the guy really did step over the edge — to mock a man like Randy on Schiavello’s show, and then claim to be reconnected with Randy again after the news of his passing, was, disgusting and sickening. And needless to say, the truckload of lies he spewed about yourself and the career of Ultimate Warrior really did need to obliterated. The legions of Warrior fans were sick of Hogan’s never-ending lies, and we all welcomed the news that FINALLY, Warriorman was going to set the record straight, once and for all!

    Man, the videos really did deliver what warriors love most — hard core, blunt, no BS, and BRUTAL reality, and its natural, unadulterated form! There never was, and there never will be a time where anything is more important than REALITY.

    There are probably thousands of feelings-first Hogan fans out there who are hurt to hear about Terry Bollea’s reality, and I’ve actually heard from a few of them. Funnily enough, NONE of them are able to deny the fact that Terry IS a self-serving, compulsive liar, and none of them can deny that there has NEVER been a time where you’ve lied. They KNOW that Terry’s truth has been exposed, but they object to the video content because their pwetty likkle feelings are hurt by the truth… awwwww. It amazes me (although not in an inspiring way) that so many adults have almost an alergic reaction to brutal truth/reality. It makes me thank destiny even more that I wasn’t born into the same household as such anti-reality fools. On the other hand, the pro-thinking, and pro-reality words and analysis from the warrior fans has been inspiring to read!

    The videos themselves are excellent! Any objective person who watches the videos from start to finish can EASILY tell that there is no “hate”. Yes, there is disgust for Terry’s despicable actions — and so there bloody well should be — and disgust at what Terry Bollea has become (despite having potential to do positive, and inspiring things with his life). It’s tough for any non-moronic person NOT to be disappointed and disgusted by what Terry Bollea has become.

    The points addressed in the video were spot on — Terry has never stopped trying to re-write history when it comes to Ultimate Warrior. Terry admitted himself in that Hogan family TV show that he fears being surpassed, that is damn well what Ultimate Warrior did! Anyone doubting that statement should watch Survivor Series 1990 — Ultimate Warrior was CLEARLY the one who the fans came to see! What Ultimate Warrior did, and how he still inspires millions of fans to this very day is something that Terry cannot change. Clearly, Hogan doesn’t like facts…

    Terry’s drug use (which I last heard, he denied) is definitely true — he’s proudly declared “we smoked weeeeeeeeeeeeed” in that ridiculous stage show with his friends. Linda Bollea was a good-for-nothing whore, and in all honesty, she and Terry deserved each other. The fact that both of them are now hitched to younger looking spitting images of their ex-spouses is hilarious!

    This shoot was definitely much needed. The anti-thinkers who say “Warrior has done a 180 on his positive principles, because this video is negative”, have done nothing more than expose their award-winning stupidy with such statements. REALITY dictates that there is NOTHING negative about eradicating falsehood and putting out TRUTH. On the contrary, allowing people to remain ignorant of truths can be seen as an act of negativity! Okay, the video content didn’t “sound nice”… BUT it was REALITY. That’s all that matters. NONE of it was uncalled for, and Hogan realy did bring it on himself — hence why “karma coming to collect” was the perfect title!

    The Hogan pseudo-positivity con has now been exposed, and now the people have a choice. If they appreciate REALITY, pro-thinking, and positive living, then the One Warrior Nation is for them! If they don’t appreciate reality, and they want BS pseudo-positive-that-is-never-backed-up-with-positive-actions, then they can continue to be part of the Hogan con like “lost sheep”. Any person following Terry on Twitter should be able to CLEARLY see that he’s simply continuing his hypocrite ways — One day he asks people to pray for us all (because we’re “lost”?), and the next day, retweeting BS. One day he spouts abuse, and the next day “I love you my brother”. I’d say that he sounds “lost”.

    One of the primary reasons why the Warrior way of life inspires me and countless others is that you “walk the walk”, whilst others simply “talk the talk”. Any rational mind would know that the Warrior way is the ULTIMATE way. If the Hogans, and Schiavellos REALLY believe that no BS, straight shooting, integrity, and living a principled life with correct priorities equates to “hate”, then yeah, I’d be honored to be a part of Team “Hate”.

    The god power within every human being DEMANDS that justice be done, and that falsehood never prevails as long as the individual lives. Things don’t “just happen” by themselves — they have to be made to happen. Warriorman, you did indeed destroy falsehood, and you made it happen in a big way! AWESOME!

    Regards, and (WARRIOR) God bless.

  48. Gi Joe says:

    Please post your videos at other websites like: metacafe, vimeo,dailymotion.com in-case youtube takes them down or something.

  49. Dave Cammack says:

    Warrior, you truly inspire me to be a mature man, and stand up for those principles that I believe in. Unfortunately, I only saw you wrestle in reruns and videos on YouTube. I am disappointed that I didn’t have your passion and inspiration to help me when I was younger.

    Keep up the positive KARMA you inspire all the Warriors every where to …
    “Always Believe”

    Thank You

  50. Pete says:

    It is so good to find you still out there fighting the good fight. I am so glad tht I found your web site. You, Warrior, inspired me when I was becoming a man, and now still do. I thank you for keeping it real and not selling out, like so many others do.

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