Gym to Keep a Warrior Hungry….

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  1. Chris says:

    Blood and guts…LOVE IT!

  2. Braden Walker says:

    Turning men into WARRIORS…

  3. Warrior says:

    Old school here, boss. Bars out the ying-yang and 3000 lbs of iron off in the right corner of the pic. Cleans, squats, deads, bentover rows…due those till sick, then the other stuff. Always.

  4. Chris says:

    That’s a thing of beauty. Nothing better than a home gym. I’ve been Killing The Iron for over 22 years in my home gym. It’s in my garage. You freeze your ass off in the winter & sweat like mad during summer.The thing with home gyms is,” all you got is yourself to depend on”. Some may not be comfortable with this but training isn’t about “comfort”. It’s about busting balls & kicking your OWN ass.Plus you don’t have to wait for machines , deal with crowds,Shitty hours,bullshit trainers,or any other distractions. For me, the pros out do the cons with a home gym.

  5. Rick Strom says:

    nice setup! Give it hell!

  6. Rick Strom says:

    Need a maintenance worker! LOL!!!

  7. Billy Bonnell says:

    Reminds me of my old gym..Looks like i have seen you do a post from there?…I have a bow flex now…started working out on it about 2 weeks ago never have used one before…But it seems like its working good…Nothing like the feel of could steel..See you Warrior.

  8. Andrew says:

    Nice setup! How much can the WM bench press?

  9. Chris H says:

    I have a small one bedroom apartment (VERY SMALL) and have, until recently, had a weight bench in the middle of my living room. Kind of like the ultimate bachelor pads “pièce de résistance” centerpiece. My 3 year old son was obsessed with the thing, every time he was over to visit, he used it as something of a jungle gym…but expressed an interest on how it works whenever Daddy was on it and using it. Can you say “PROUD POPPA?”!!! Now he does mini workouts with Dad. Which at this point in time because of his age, consist on cheering daddy on, and I have some 2 1/2 pound dumbells that he curls with for as long as his attention span will allow. (Which is all of 2.2 nano seconds) Can’t wait until he’s bigger so that we can REALLY work out together. Strong bodies make strong spirits. And strong spirits are the foundation of strong minds. I truly believe that.

  10. Mike says:

    I Love home gyms!! Train whenever one wants and create OWN atmosphere.

    But if I may ask…as you get older, how do your joints feel??

  11. There’s quite a lot of pine deployed in this house.

  12. Stephen says:

    Looks like a WARRIOR’S gym to me. No B.S. just hard work. From the look of you it seems you put it to good use. I can’t imagine what Warrior man MAXING OUT looks like.

  13. kimberly hall says:

    Wow! WHAT A GREAT WAY TO KICK YOUR OWN ASS! That is freaking awesome, but you YOU WARRIOR are awesome all the way through! To hell wiht that all the blind haters say!

  14. kimberly hall says:

    How much can you bench, clean, squat?

  15. JAMIE says:

    People who ask questions like that should ask those questions to themselves!!! How is knowing that gonna enhance your life?

    Taste life guys, c’mon

  16. Jeff Johnson says:

    Awesome setup! The kind of place where REAL men are forged, and mountains are moved.

  17. C.J. says:

    What does it matter what the WM can bench? What does it matter what the person asking can? Unless you’re going into power lifting, or power pro wrestling, it doesn’t matter. What does is you kick your OWN ass in the gym, and put in the effort. WM found that volume is better for his goals and liking than going for 1RM’s. I love HIT myself. Just doing something so that you’re not like a lot of other folks; sitting on the couch, eating potato chips, getting fat, and wondering why they’re pre-diabetic…

  18. JJ says:


    Just the way a REAL gym should be — no pretty set up and fancy looking equipment, but instead, basic, traditional weights and devices which force the individual to really WORK! Gotta love it!

    Nothing beats the traditional stuff which makes one fully exert themselves. The modern machines which do 50% of the work for the person are something that never will make sense… It’s shocking how they’ve become so popular.

    It’s definitely inspiring to see the Warrior gym!



  19. Brent Basstian says:

    It had to be a ‘warriors gym’ for a Warrior!

    Have a great set up myself now, power rack, eliko bar – which bends with anything over 400Lbs and ‘comes alive’ platz style when powering out of a squat.

    ‘Iron master’ adjustable dumbells which go up to the 170lbs (the best on the market), a lat pull down, multiple benches including a narrow grip for close grip benches to blow up the tris.

    Also got some dumbell stands that you can easily take the weight off at shoulder level, so no more having to hammer curl up the 120lbs into position for seated dumbell presses. All free weights, no bullshit, is great to compare gyms.

    All the best my friend.

    your student


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