Awesome Day June 23, 2011

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  1. J.P. says:

    You have an awesome day too, Mr. Warrior! Thanks for posting the insightful videos on the Hulk Hogan ordeal. It was definitely a real eye opener for sure! I’m even more proud today that I was and always will be an Ultimate Warrior fan.

    God bless!


  2. Rob Riley says:

    Ultimate Warrior:

    In the late ’80s I took custody of my then 8-year-old son. I needed lots of help (and got it, thank God.) But one big, big deal was he and I watching the WWF and catching on with the Ultimate Warrior. We watched every show (2 hours on Monday nights in those days) and went to every WWF match in Milwaukee for about 3 years. We forged a bond that last til this day. (He’s a “warrior” himself today, being a sergeant on the Milwaukee Police Department. I myself am a now-retired detective.)

    I can’t tell you how much you guys meant to us, and how much my son Adam idolized you. It was all positive and great fun, and something that had a lot to do with helping me connect with him, which helped me raise him right.

    God bless you for the positive influence you have on your fans.

    Rob Riley

  3. jman says:

    Right back at you big guy! The videos were great and I share your views and feel that as a species we are so off track at what we need to be doing to be great. How do we shake the world so that the crap stops? There seems to be no accountability for anything from anyone….frustrating. Keep the positivity alive, it’s all we have!!

  4. usmc3073 says:

    When I first saw the Ultimate Warrior running out to the ring and shaking those ropes like a raving lunatic I was inspired. Once again thanks for the motivation warrior man!

  5. Michel R says:

    Have a great day too, Warrior… Life’s about meaning something to ya family, friends and even strangers.

    It’s great you update this blog frequently. Always great to hear and see stuff from ya.

    On a sidenote. Thx for this vid… Intensity redefined… Warriorstyle…

  6. Neil says:

    Right back at ya, big man!

  7. Billy Bonnell says:

    Right back at you Warrior..Keep it coming…cant get enough of your Blogs or your inspirational Warrior Wisdom and truths.

  8. Have an AWESOME & ULTIMATE day Ultimate Warrior!


    Danny Wissert
    from Norristown, PA.

  9. Emmanouil A. says:

    You always have a way to be so direct and talk straight to the heart, with every word and every move. There is an aura of sheer energy and positivity around you. That is why the Warriors are not just fans. They BELIEVE in you and they are connected with you through the energy and positivity we share all those years.

    Have a great weekend Ultimate Warrior. The best to you and your family.

  10. Adam H says:


    I am going to be 24 years old in July, but even when I was a little kid I remembered seeing you wrestle. Though through my time growing up I did not always stick with wrestling, I am very happy to check up on you recently.

    I wanted to thank you for giving me the much needed motivation into working out again (I stopped for a while to enjoy the simple things in life and complete college). I’m 2 months into my program and I feel better than ever!

    With this said, I am glad to see you still thriving today and enjoying life despite all the drama you had to deal with. Always belive.

    With all this said, I hope you have an awesome day too!

    Little Falls, NJ

  11. O'Day Williams says:

    Hey Warrior,

    I’m 20 years old about to graduate college early this summer, The Ultimate Warrior has helped me kick ass in the Gym, on the Football Field, and now in College!!!! He has always been an inspiration for me to go BIG since I began watching wrestling as a child.

    Thanks Warrior!!!

  12. Mits87 says:

    Hey Warrior,
    I hope you have a good day aswell. The Ultimate Warrior was my favourite wrestler as a kid. Your probably one of the main reasons I started getting into bodybuilding. The Warrior wisdom quotes are really awesome aswell. Really inspiring stuff.
    Have a great day Warrior.

    P.S This video has become my new pre-workout supplement before I go gym. just because of the sheer intensity.
    “Dig your claws into my organs,Stretch into my tendons,Bury your anchors into my bones,for the power of the Warrior will always PREVAIILLLLL!!!”

  13. Matt .Ciancio says:

    I love it…Always believing down under Australia

  14. pettyone says:

    You have a good day as well Mr. Warrior. Keep the positive attitude because it does make a difference.

  15. Chester Moore says:

    You have a positive day as well. You have inspired me over the years to use my God-given gifts of thinking, charisma and motivation to inspire others. Keep doing what you are doing and thank you for being who you are.

  16. Andy says:

    Right back at you Sir.

    I kinda live day by day now after struggling with both illness and a drugaddiction for many years. 7 years clean now and im still struggling. Your inspiration helps tho. Im sick and tired of beeing the one i am, but im getting there. Slowly, im getting there…

    Always believe…

  17. wilber says:

    hey mr. warrior, i´m a great fan, you always be the number one for me. your positive attitude is ispiring. Cheers from Brasil

  18. Ronnie says:

    Hello Warrior,

    The 23rd was an awsome day because my baby girl was born that day. She is doing well, and we are so happy as parents me and my wife. Hope you are safe and you have a good day.


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