The Movement: One Warrior Nation.

Hello, warriors.


A few weeks ago there was some buzz that I was potentially going to be involved in some media/entertainment project. And at the end of one of the Karma Collecting videos there was a mention of a television project in the works. I wanted to let you know that I am actually involved in the development of a project but I don’t have enough details to make me feel comfortable in telling you too much at this time.

In fact, when that buzz a few weeks ago starting coming out, I killed it because I knew in my gut some of the specific information that others I am working with on this project wanted to release would have to be retracted not long after an announcement was made. Specifics that are on the table now do not altogether interest me. I need to be proud of anything I do and be inspired by the idea of doing it. I’m not interested in doing anything along the lines of your typical reality TV show. Any show I do must have substance and a purpose. So we will see how things turn out over the next couple of weeks. I will let you know that the show will have much to do with one of my long-time interests, mentoring people in a positive and inspiring way, instilling a desire in people that life is worth kicking ass at, in a warrior way, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I have an opportunity to do something on my desk right now, an opportunity that will give people a chance to see a side of me they’ve never seen before. By the middle of this week a date will probably be put to pen on the calendar. I will let you know.

In a few days, will close to under go redevelopment, not just redesign but total redevelopment. There will be a clock ticking down on the home page, along with something else that I think you will really enjoy. This clock will be set to a time 3-4 weeks in the future and when all the sands of the hourglass have leaked through, my web presence will relaunch as One Warrior Nation. One Warrior Nation will be an online community for people who want to live positive and inspiring lives, be the best of the potential they have to be — live their lives AS warriors. Rumor has it that my Alter-Ego will be making surprise appearances. Intense dude, that guy – still continues to inspire me even all these years after my time in the ring.

O.W.N. will be the first major step in what I meant by saying Karma is Coming to Collect. Terry Bollea does not have anything I want. Nothing he possesses is of any value to me.  I don’t need his wrestling ring or his wrestling show.  I’ve no desire to have his silly and superficial fame and celebrity. The spotlight he stands in is shady and stained. I don’t want or need it. What I am and what I have to offer is brighter and more honorable than his gimmick and anything he is doing. The impact and impression I can have on an audience being the man I am today will be greater and deeper than any “pop” Hulk Hogan ever heard or felt.

I never stopped believing that the day would come. That day has come. The Movement: One Warrior Nation.

I have attached an audio clip. With the newly developed O.W.N. site, interaction will be consistent and content will be varied. There will be written pieces, video and audio. The development team tells me audio would work great because it can be downloaded to your Mp3 players and iPods. 

For years, you have been asking me what I do to be successful at living. Two things I do every day:  I write (in my journal) and read. I read great stuff, not cheap shit. I read to be inspired for kicking ass. Today, I am going to start sharing my reading inspiration with you. This audio-file is a trial run — a very rough trial run. I even mistakenly sliced off the beginning of the audio where I was telling what book and author I was reading: “Unrevealed Secrets of Man,” By George Jowett.

This is an idea I’ve had for years. In fact, I’m going to call it: “This is What I Want You to Know…”, using what I have long-titled the Journal I’ve kept for my daughters since the day they were born.

The total time of the file is just over 13 minutes. Four minutes is of me reading from my book and the remainder is me giving you my POV on the ideas put forward in the reading. Going to see how things go with this and and I am open to hearing any suggestions you may have. Ultimate Warrior reading children’s stories for your kids sounds like a winner to me, how about you?

Anyway, take what I share with you to Mind, Body and Soul . Then use it today to kick your OWN ass.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity,

Always Believe,



33 Responses to “The Movement: One Warrior Nation.”
  1. Kody Palmer says:

    This is Awesome News! Thanks Warrior!

  2. Braden Walker says:

    Whew, sounds intense Warrior Man. I’m excited to be on for the ride during this remodification. One Warrior Nation is at its peak, only to find that there is yet another peak to achieve. It’s high time we all stand up and EACH one of us, find a higher peak in our OWN lives, and start heading towards it.

    Warrior is giving us ALL a few weeks to find that self peak; then he’ll be personally guiding us there. Don’t be left behind by having absolutely NO ambition or goal in life, (like someone we all know, Mr. Boella), and take this opportunity to improve our OWN quality and future.

    This is one train that I will not miss as it comes through town. Lead on Warrior! I will be prepared.

  3. Bob S. says:

    Bring it on Warriorman-
    Whatever it is..I’m IN !!
    O.W.N. will kick ass !!

  4. Matt says:

    Sign me up for One Warrior Nation – the new site sounds terrific.
    I am anxious for the potential reappearance of your alter-ego!
    I’ll queue the into music…

    Keep the positivity flowing Warrior.
    Matt from Boston

  5. Gil Viator says:

    Thanks Warrior. I know you’re never going to even read this, but I don’t agree with you on everything, and my battle is already lost, and I think you’re just looking to sell books in the future, but thank you for making me think you cared even about me just for a few minutes and giving me tears. Sadly, I myself am too old and wise to believe any of this stuff anymore. Wanna be happy in life? Get $$$. That’s all that matters in the end. That’s what you’re aiming for too here with this entire angle.

    Well, I won’t believe in your preaching for the same reasons I don’t believe in God. It’s a nice thought. It truly is, and I wanna believe. I wanna believe in something, but I’m almost 30-years old, and I’ve discovered for me personally, it’s all BS. All of it.

    And when the curtain is pulled back, all you see is a man looking for money.

  6. Steve Saunders says:

    A man with a firm purpose is a formiddable force…

  7. karl says:

    Thank you very much. You have definitely inspired me today. You are so right on about the subjects you speak on. Keep up the awsome work. Love the blogs. I don’t know if you answer questions but i’m working out constantly, I get a buzz from working out, I love it. Anyways I want to get freakish but have a hard time keeping up with eating stomach kinda gets upset. What supplements do you recommend and what’s a good way to get extra protein. Still believing!

  8. Jonathan Lo Re says:

    very well put warrior!!

  9. Pedro says:

    By far the best self help material I’ve ever heard Warrior. I’ve listened to all of them and NONE of them have come close to this. I’ve always had the mind of a child until the last 2 or 3 years when I started to believe that maybe I had to be more “adult” like and get a “real” job and stop living in fantasy land. FUCK THAT SHIT! Always believing!

  10. kimberly hall says:

    some trolls just don’t get it. anyway, warrior i just want to say that these things are the reason why i love you! dust the trolls and haters off! you are using your status and fame for all the right reasons, what they were intended for in the first place! iam proud to be an ultimate warrior fan, proud to call you my hero, and SIGN ME UP FOR ONE WARRIOR NATION!! FEEEEEEEL THE POWER!!!!


    Too much of our culture caters too and glorifies weakness. They cater to the offended not the strong one with the guts to offend. They cater to the tattoo covered pierced all over degenerates with pink hair. They think drugs are the answer to everything. Got a headache? Take a pill. Feel sad? Take a pill. The worst case of this is when a child has energy and shows he has some spunk and some brains they invent a disorder they call ADHD and give the kid a pill which destroys his soul print.

    Our society is completely upside down but I am glad Warrior man has things right side up and so do the Warriors. All the Warriors need to raise their kids to use other kids as a shield. There is hope for the greatest country on this earth the USA.

    Looking forward to the OWN website Warrior Man!!

  12. Ben C says:

    So inspiring. My little sister started fighting back last night. We figured out the sacrifices she must make in order to get what’s best for her. It was always there, but she couldn’t see it. Yesterday, she was essentially packing boxes like the young man from the UK. Today, she began the march towards a Phd in psychology. More importantly, she reclaimed her life.
    You taught me how to kick my own ass too, in and out of the gym. We exchanged emails as I progressed from a meaningless job out of college, to enrolling in grad school, to (finally) making it in dental school.
    OWN: We’re definitely on board.

    Always believing,


  13. kimberly says:

    i just listened to the message, and wow, i want to hit a dead gum brick wall! there has been alot going on in my life, and i have not felt the greatest spritually lately or anything like that, but this warrior has lifted my spirits! i will not let society dictate to me how i should live my life, i will not confirm to the ways of this world! but i confirm to the truth, and puriest way of living, the warrior way of living, the kind of living where when you have problems that come in your life, trails, you look them in the eyes and face them dead on, pedal to the metal, and you fight until the battle is won! thank you warrior for rekindling the fire within me, NOW, ITS TIME FOR ME TO KICK SOME ASS BABY!!!

  14. Ken says:

    I was a huge Ultimate Warrior fan back in the day. I was excited to find your site. I am even more excited to find out the intensity is REAL! The passion is REAL! Reading your blog and watching your videos makes me an even bigger fan than I already was. Thanks for keeping it real!
    Now I live the Warriors ethos of the U.S. Army…
    I will always place the mission first.
    I will never accept defeat.
    I will never quit.
    I will never leave a fallen comrade.

  15. Hey Warrior, Awesome. This is fantastic. Inspiring. Positive.

    Individuality, self belief, and determination are seemingly ground down throughout society until people just “accept” the hand they’ve been dealt in life. Sometimes the School system, teaching many children to follow “the pack” and make choices at too early an age, media imagery, or peer pressures and demands often go a long way in putting out that fire within our spirit that we all have as a child. Many people don’t understand that the “hand they’ve been dealt” can simply be turned from what they see as a “negative” into a “Positive”, all based on their actions. I believe the law of attraction with the universe comes into play.

    As a 30 year old male, I am not happy with my job, and other certain aspects of my life, however, I am still happy to be me. I wouldnt want to be anyone else other than me. I see something within me, that I dont see in many other people, that is Positiveness, self belief. Lots of self belief. I am one of a kind. The last of a kind. We are all the last of our kind, as there will only ever be one person with our OWN individual traits, and characteristics.

    Warrior, for 21 years now, You and the Warrior spirit, have inspired me. Thank-You. I look forward to the O-W-N.

  16. Billy Bonnell says:

    I could go on and on about this Warrior, But all i can say is…….THANK YOU…YOU ARE BRINGING BACK THE WARRIOR IN ME THAT ONCE WALKED UP AND DOWN THE CORRIDORS OF MY SOUL….

  17. bib lou says:

    Hey warrior do what you do i know you laugh at trolls like gil who is lost and admits it hence all the attention seeking.But i truly hope he finds the light and that his 30 years have not been a waste because all and all i think he is a good but missed guided guy and i wish him the best.And warrior your little warrior Kimberley deserves credit for the time she puts in defending o.w.n and the great page ran buy james wildness i know your not on facebook but i want you to know the people in the trenches for you.And im glad you are redoing the site and your getting excited about what you are doing.So good luck god bless and remember o.W.N today in the face.

  18. Jimmy says:

    You would make a great life coach.Love what your saying in this video!!!!

  19. Cory says:

    I’ve always looked to Warrior as my “spiritual mentor” – the way an Eckist might look at Eck Masters, Scientologists look at LRH, Heavens Gate look to Ti and Do, and Christians look to Jesus. Find your foke, with a Warrior-consciousness, understanding the depth of the story that’s told through his comic series and blogs (which could collectively be called the OWN ‘scriptures’). “Do in your lifetime that which will live forever” is the key statement to setting goals, fulfilling obligations, taking care of yourself, and being more than competent at everything you put your mind too.
    Those who follow/join the One Warrior Nation are in fact becoming involved in a path, not an organized religion, but a spiritual path. I’ve always believed, with Warrior as my hero since 1992 (and even more so when I rediscovered the 1996 comic series in 2003). Warrior is “my” LRH, Jesus, master, guide and spiritual mentor and I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.

  20. thejman says:

    I won’t take up your message board with what I think is wrong with society right now (it would take to long). There is sooo much negitivity out there right now that it turns my stomach. I have always lived on a positive plane and I have tried to inspire others through the actions of my life.Long story short, coming from nothing to owning a house and making it in todays economy by nothing more or less than kicking OWN ass every single day. I have been following you through your web site for a few years now and was a HUGE fan of your creation of the character UW. You are and have always been inspiring and I am PUMPED to be a part of this “movement”. Surrounded by all of the positive WARRIORS, life has just gotten even better!

    Always and Forever Believing,

  21. Merc says:

    Thank you, Warrior. That was very inspirational. Your rebellious nature is one thing that really sets you apart from other individuals who are also great motivators.

  22. JAMIE says:

    Gil Viator – That was the best piece of writing I have ever read. Your a credit to yourself. I have never read something which portrays such a pathetic human output. Being tied up under HH’s bed must be real hard for you.

    Stop eating. You disrespect the energy you eat. If I was a fruit and you picked me up, I would dissolve in your hand.

    Mind you, I bet you live on fat and sugar, so one day you may keel over and block the sideway where people will keep walking over you, till you ooze twinkies.

    Your mother must be so proud of you!

  23. clansunstar says:

    After listening to your most recent post “the Movement”, I was moved to take your words to heart and soul. I could sit here and explain how I was abused as a child and how that led me down the path of self-destruction. I could sit here and explain how after being an alcoholic for almost 15 years I quit to become sober for over 7 years. What I can say is in the past three years I have felt a spark inside me that I have not felt in a long time. As a child, I was brainwashed to believe I was not worth anything, and I used to believe it. it took me years to get back to a basic building block of myself that I can take and mold into the real person I am. I may not be 6’ and 300# of muscle but in my 5’6 125# frame, I know I hold more strength and power than most bodybuilders have in their whole body. How am I stronger that a body builder? Simple, I have a will and drive to live and succeed that could fuel a spaceship. The past three weeks have been really the start of my reinvention of myself and after listening to “The Movement” I can say to those who look to stop me from becoming what I will, “just try and stop me”
    No matter what anyone else says, I am a victory.
    Thank you warrior for helping me search inside me to find my true self.

  24. Flower Power says:

    I love u.

  25. Bigg Will says:

    Hey Warrior, I Have been a fan since the 90′s and met you at Smith Haven Mall when i was 7 years old in 1996 when you came out with your comic book I had it signed. I wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and motivation. This video made me think about a lot of stuff. Theres alot of things on this site that have helped me out alot.

  26. marcus sawyer says:

    i don’t know what to say

  27. Billy Bonnell says:

    Hi Warrior…Just wanted to say that you are taking the Hammer and hitting the nail right on the head on everything..And i love the soul print…very unique..Cant wait until you have a another inspirational thing to share with us..Warrior you have the gift..And Iam so glad to be on board….your friend Billy.

  28. Buck says:

    Warrior, I wanted you to know that I think the “What I Want You To Know” Series is incredible. Please continue to do these recordings. Last night, while listening to the first one, I broke down into tears. Thanks for finding a way to reach your fans with an incredible and positive message. You are a great Mentor to all of us Men out there that needed to take control of our lives and stopped being pushed around all the time. Thanks again for all your doing for your fans.

  29. JJ says:

    BRILLIANT! Absolutely brilliant!

    O.W.N. as a concept has always been inspiring and meaningful — something which goes far beyond anything in Sports Entertainment. To be expanding upon the concept and going full blown with it is probably the best thing that we warriors could ask for!

    There is too much negativity and phoneyness out there in the world, and we see it everyday, and everywhere… A powerful movement like O.W.N. will definitely give those who are of type Warrior the ability to awaken the latent power within and basically do the needful to stand up, face all opposition, and kick some serious ass!

    Regarding the media project, it’s definitely another great call by yourself — to not go ahead with something that doesn’t fully inspire you. In fact, one thing that always makes Warrior works stand out is quality and substance — there is NOTHING mediocre or half-baked about any Warrior works. The same all-out, balls-to-the-wall commitment and absolute effort that made Ultimate Warrior one-of-a-kind is also what makes Warrior projects inspiring and powerful today!

    Looking forward to O.W.N!



  30. Donna says:

    Excited to hear about OWN.

    I’m hoping that with the revamp we will still be able to have access to all of the good stuff you’ve posted here. It’s too good to lose.

    Love the idea of the online community. True enlightened support is a gift.

    Thanks for speaking to my soul, which I knew from the first minute I saw you, was a Warriors soul.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, and we will be here, learning how to KICK ASS!

  31. Kull Bedi says:

    This is inspiration at it’s best. Too bad there is not so positive response from a certain individual who by the sounds of it is spiralled too far down the shit pipe.

  32. Nathan Norman says:

    I love the idea of this online community O.W.N

    I thought that Warrior was just that crazy wrestler that I enjoyed when I was younger and still do today, I never thought that behind the face paint there was a scholar who was willing to share his views, most of the things I see about Warrior were negative against him, like the rise and fall of the Ultimate Warrior and several shoot interviews with his peers. I they talk allot of crap about the Warrior. This made me think about how I saw myself and how I saw the Warrior

  33. Nathan Danielson says:

    These videos give me goosebumps warrior! I love it! God Bless.

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