Clarity on HdNET “The Voice” interview…

Hello, warriors. I wanted to clear up any rumors or misinformation about the HDnet “The Voice” interview…

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  1. Rick Strom says:

    Thats to bad would of liked to see the video!Micheal seems like a huge fan of hogan.Probably would have been a snake conducting the interview.I know what you are saying i am about your age and the people in there 30′s and then 20′s donot act like adults.I think that they are basically spoilled punks!Anyway Hogan is the one that has dropped the ball! He’s not even going to responded to your comments.All that hollywood trap was tarnished his soul print!

  2. Bob S. says:

    Are you kidding me !!! That chump in no way DESERVES any of
    your time.You know darn well it’s only to better his otherwise
    crappy show and a push for ratings.
    All of us in Warriorland are behind you in your decisions and any way this thing plays out.
    Hope you and the family are safe and secure,good luck and thanks for the video posts,great to see you !!

    Always a believer.

  3. Adam S. says:

    Warrior, it amazes me that this chump “the voice” does at least try to get his fat ass in shape after spending all if his time with fighters and other athletes. I will say though I would love to be able to see you rip apart his flesh (via the interview of course)and destroy his manhood with only your spoken words. Thanks for all the updates and I am glad your family is safe.

  4. kimberly says:

    the fact that the voice , and all his little stupid cronies, were classless enough to say stuff about you? they don’t deserve your time! HOW DARE ANYONE GET MAD AT SOMEONE, FOR PROTECTING THEIR FAMILY FROM A WILD FIRE!!! my god, where have you gone as a country, to where we are so selfish to expect famous people to bow to our every demand, be superhuman, when they have lives and families!!! these wildfires are nothing to play around with, and as bad as they were warrior, i was worried sick for you , your family, and all the folks of new mexico! TO HECK WITH THAT DICK your family, and yawls safety and well being are far more important! thank you for always standing up for what is right warrior! ONE WARRIOR NATION FOR LIFE!

  5. Keith Davies says:

    In England we have a word we use for people who are underhanded, two-faced, cowardly e.t.c, the word is no-mark,and thats what all these people are they are just no-marks, they don’t even deserve the things that they have got, because they probably haven’t even earned the right to be where they are, they probably just sucked alot of cock at the right time and place.

  6. usmc3073 says:

    Its very easy to judge a man when you look into his eyes. When you look into “the voices” eyes you see a desperate little man who lacks the courage and discipline to stand behind any of the words he spews out like vomit. I see him on HDNet fights and he sits there running his mouth about the fighters yet would not last 10 seconds in the ring himself. Like my wife says all show no go…Anybody can run their mouth, and have a larger then life personality. Very few people actually live a healthy, disciplined life full of all the fruits of real labor and effort. Nobody sees the value in real suffering anymore everyone just wants the quick fix, and easy answer. I respect the way you live your life Warrior. Leeches like this idiot will just move on and suck the blood of the next body. Head high Warrior!!! OWN


  7. Francesco says:

    “Honor is self-esteem made visible in action.” from Philosophy: Who Needs It? by Ayn Rand.

    Warrior, you are the living manifestation of this quote!

  8. Drew Babik says:

    Warrior –

    I always read your blog, keep up with your insights and have always been a Warrior since a young buck –

    I say go for it. Go in front of the world and tell your story – unfiltered. If this chump tries to pull any shit, then he won’t be the first idiot to stand in the way of the Warrior.

    Just my thoughts. I understand your predicament, but I think more good than bad could come of it. Let the haters watch and hear your side of the story.

  9. frank says:

    The voice is a tool.The guy from 1wrestling Bill Apter would be a better choice for the sit down interview. That phony Mike isnt worthy. You didnt sell out to the WWE Hall of Shame dont do it for this tool.

  10. Cory says:

    I hope Warrior does do a TV interview, keep his name and face visible by just one appearance, say what he wants and needs to say… talk about the 2008 match for once, and just get a larger viewing audience by doing a TV interview. A guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother or Tosh.O would be amazing! That and an interview on the Colbert Report would re-generate huge interest in UW !

  11. Jon says:


    Let it roll off those monster shoulders. Dont even bother…bigger and better things await you. Your word is spreading like wildfire and Hogan is going down. Stay classy and wait. He will bury himself. You truly are one of a kind.

    UW forever.

  12. warrior says:

    guess warrior is not game. rather he wants to continue his self emposed lecturing on the weak minded. 18mins to get to a video that answered nothing. fact is…we don’t know when that video was provided and how long u sat on it. perhaps u didnt want the escort past to come up. not sure what your reasons are….i do know this…u have an iphone and yet dont how to check messages and make a simple respond back to them or your “agent.” Then you throw your own guy under the bus. Classy…just like bringing kids into the Hogan videos u released. And your acqusations of him sleeping with Brooks friend who is the same age. When Linda confirmed it was a 30 + something year old.

  13. Billy Bonnell1 says:

    Hey Warrior..JUst if you do this make sure that thay are going to let you talk…Unlike that other thing i cant even remember who it was …but thay would not let you get a word in edge wise..But good news i think none the other..Good luck and i will be looking for the video on your webpage…Your friend allways Billy

  14. usmc3073 says:

    Escort past? This is getting so old. It comes out of the mouths of well known liars and you buy it hook line and sinker? Who is the weak minded one? Find me one credible source on that vicious rumor…you can’t. That rumor seemed to come out around the time of his divorce do you think it possible that just maybe a jaded ex wife started spewing off untruths, and that wrestlers with the emotional maturity levels of 7th graders started locker room gossip that became internet untruth? Hulk Hogan on the other hand did pose in Playgirl magazine back in the day…

    Warrior clearly stated in the video that a sense of urgency was not conveyed to him in the request, and that he was concerned about is home. What is so hard to believe about that. Miscommunications occur all the time.


  15. Alex Crepeau says:

    Warrior we’re behind you and beside you brother whatever you decide.
    You call the shots when it comes to what you have created.
    The time you spent in the WWF you achieved the pinnacle of greatness there.
    That doesn’t happen by chance.
    Follow your conscience. You will always be the champ to us.

  16. Sponge Daddy says:

    My old friend,

    The main thing I see happening is quite simple. There are two types of people in this world: those that put family ahead of everything, and, well, the rest.

    Those that do not put their families ahead of EVERYTHING could never understand the mindset involved-that when a need for your family or children crops up, everything else is all but forgotten until that need is satisfied.

    For four years now I have been a full-time father. I put everything else on the back burner until that job is done. Bowling, writing, all of it, is secondary to the needs of my children. The “rest” will never understand the desire within us to drop everything at the drop of a hat for our progeny.

    It is by far the most demanding job in the world.

    It is also, by far, the most rewarding.

    Those that do not understand will always criticize those of us that live the family first lifestyle.

    I have known you for years now, old friend.

    The last thing you are is wishy-washy. Anyone that knows you can see you are true to your commitments.

    And there is no greater commitment than being a family man.

    Be well,


  17. Tim says:

    What truly amazes me is how HH still uses this Hulkamania gimmick. Saying that Hulkamania is not dead is like saying his marriage to Linda is not over. Hulkamania died a long time ago and was buried with that crappy reality show he did. I, along with a lot of other wrestling fans, were repulsed by that show and everything his family stood for. Growing up I was a big fan of both of your characters but as I’ve gotten older and gained knowledge and wisdom I have come to be a Warrior fan, not the character, the person. I realize that intensity was not a part of some gimmick but was you to the core.. From one Warrior to another, take care..


  18. Michel R says:

    Some journalists are all about creating drama. When a hidden agenda is involved, the twofacedness of some will appear real soon. I think your time to officially say your take on things will arrive soon, as the truth always has a tendency to surface sooner or later. Fact of the matter is, and since I’m a European and don’t know the background/reputation of this HD-channel nor interviewer, I sure as hell take your word and reputation on these things.

    We all can make mistakes on all kind of levels, but a man/woman, in my eyes, is also defined by his willingness to admit to being wrong and apoligize for it. Seeing this ‘mistake’ or better yet ‘false accusation’ is done on a mere professional level, blatantly shows there was a hidden agenda with these people and when they need a stick to hit someone, all means are good.

    You correct, Warrior, the world/mentality of people has changed over the last few decades and not in a good way. But it’s people like yourself, that show others what the correct way to behave in many areas is. So t hat’s why you need to persist in this blog.

    Safe to say we got your back and we hope you’ll get your well deserved shot on a more honest channel to spread your word. Although the youtube vids are already very strong in message and truth. And what might appear less professional to some, doesn’t take away the fact that the message and truth always come first here. And that’s what it’s all about (and should be on other channels as well, but isn’t sadly …)

    Take care

  19. JaTT says:

    The ‘voice’??….more like the ‘weasel’.

    No integrity, honour or soul.

    Maybe this was a blessing in disguise.

    All the warriors stand tall and proud with you.

  20. jack says:

    I am not a Hogan fan, but funny that you accuse him of living out his gimmick, but you change your name to Warrior and surround yourself in these vids with Warrior merchandise. LOL!

  21. Cory says:

    Warriorman needs to do a major interview somewhere sometime if he ever really wants to get his story out. This site and facebook really aren’t the way to go to reach a huge number of people. Warriorman also hasn’t commented on his 2008 match at all and I would love to hear his thoughts and recollections on that. I was glad to seem him return and enjoyed seeing “one last match”.
    Perhaps he could also look into making appearances on How I Met Your Mother or The Colbert Report. I don’t care anymore if UW gets in to the WWE Hall Of Fame… with Drew Carey, Pete Rose and Sunny making the cut before Macho Man, well…lol! That HOF is just a bogus stage show. If (and that’s a big IF) UW ever did another WWE run, it should be something short and sweet, like a surprise spot in next year’s Rumble (entering near the end and lasting about 8-10 minutes) or randomly coming out of the crowd and taking out The Miz or Heath Slater with a clothesline.

  22. UWforever says:

    Hey, growing up I don’t even remember Hogan… This guy was the man.

  23. UWforever says:

    I know the guys are older now… rematch UW wins.

  24. UWforever says:

    Just like before haha.

  25. Michel R says:

    Sounds to me that this interviewer was planning on setting you up, making you look bad during the interview. His true colors came out very rapidly, so no need to feel bad about this, Warrior. Your message came across crystalclear in the youtubevids and it still does in whatever vid/message you chose to share with the world.
    Over here in Belgium we like to call these kind of journalists
    ‘sewer journalists’. People like this like to conduct interviews, then cut and past and make the whole message and interviewed person come across as bad and negative.That’s the plan they start out with and yep, this guy clearly fits that category perfectly… At the same time sounds like someone in the same category as Vince’s ‘selfdestruction of the Ultimate warrior’ DVD outrage, which was a complete and utter misinterpretation and blashemy on the Ultimate Warrior’s career and legacy presented to an entire generation who grew up with UW. But that’s another thing.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and word. We can’t wait for the OWN change within a month. It’s gonna be good and intense.
    And you’re not oldfashioned with your attitude. These days alot of people throw all values and decency off board in order to ‘better’ themselves at the expense of others. You’re doing great with t his blog, so continu the effort. The warriors haven’t forgotten what you presented to them in the past and what you continue to present to this very day…

    Keep it up…

  26. Frankie says:

    I’m a fan of yours Warrior! I agree with alot on here who have commented that your decision to not take the interview with Micheal is a good decision.

    Be good to see you more on a 60 Minutes sorta show.

    Or would be really great to have you mentor people on that show “The Biggest Loser”, just an idea. I know how you feel about them obese people, but for some, there is hope, they just haven’t been inspired.

  27. Deezymon says:

    We will get rain here in parts unknown sometime soon i hope because these wild fires are freakin out of control and our state is the driest in all the good ole of USA.

  28. nyjoe says:

    what a twofaced a-hole (for lack of a better term, though i think it suits), I cant f’n stand people like that, he is right though, as we would love to see such an interview, but not with the abortion of a network that his hdnet.. Its not about money to the warrior, you should get someone and do the interview yourself cause i really enjoy watching your vids (esp karma collects vid)

    OWN.. oh yea.. 4 Life

  29. ringo says:

    Warrior, If I were you, I would never sit down with a half witted wing nut like the voice and let him interview you.

    This guy is an idiot.

  30. Joe says:

    Hey Warrior,

    If I were you, I’d not even bother to do a sit-down interview with The Voice or any of those fuckers. The Voice probably would do some Connie Chung bullshit anyways were he’d re-shoot the questions so that your answers would make you look bad.

    I agree with that Frankie dude, it would be nice to have your presence in the mainstream media. Maybe not The Biggest Loser, but possibly some fitness program.

  31. Killian says:

    Hey Warrior,

    I just listened to Schiavello do a radio interview about this in which he said some pretty disgraceful things about the bush fires in which he basically said that he comes from Australia, therefore you’re not allowed to “use that one”.

    He also accused you of copyright infringement by using footage of the Hogan interview in your Karma collects teaser.

    Whilst spending a great portion of this interview making your guy in California out to be an incompetent fool, somehow found the time to attack your personal character, due to this video and having never even met you.

    Pardon my language, but he can get fucked and you’re better off leaving him to brown nose Hogan and his fictional stories all he wants.

    OWN forever!

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