Weapon of Warrior Wisdom PRINTS…


Due to demand, beginning September 12, 2011, all Weapons of Warrior Wisdom are available as 6×9 prints.

Prints are on Professional Fine Art paper and a High-Quality Fine Art printer is used. You may have your choice between Matte or Gloss Paper.

The cost is $60 plus shipping ($6 for USA and $12 for International).

If you would like your print framed and matted, it is an additional $25 for the frame and shipping increases $10, respectively ($16 for USA and $22 for International).

All prints are signed and dated on the back.

For Buyer’s information:¬†Final bids on auctioned Weapons are NOT $100. Bidding begins at $100 but the average Final Bid is 3-4 times the $100 starting bid. I let the bidding run its course. People pay what they want.

I take commissions for custom Weapons, yes.

The price for custom, commissioned Weapons is now $250 plus Priority Mail shipping ($20 if you live in the US or $45 if you live International).

You can choose a design that I’ve already done or you can mix and match images and quotes. I do not replicate the pieces exactly. That is, I do NOT copy them. I start from scratch and redraw/rewrite so that you get a “true” original. I put your name (to prove you commissioned it) and the date on each (new) original, recorded on the rear of the black mat paper.

As a BONUS, each custom commissioned Weapon comes with a phone call from Yours Truly. Ask Warriorman what you’d like know about what you might do to end up doing THE WORK of YOUR OWN dreams.

I accept payments via Cashier’s Check, Google Checkout or Western Union. I no longer use paypal. (If you ordered through paypal, no worries, your order will still be delivered.)

Send me an email (mrwarrior@ultimatewarrior.com) with what you would like to order and how you would like to pay and I will send you an invoice.

Weapons of Warrior Wisdom found HERE.

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