092611 Weapon of Warrior Wisdom

Here is today’s Weapon of Warrior Wisdom.

I got busy and set aside Classic Great Book reading for a while. Big mistake. Never again.

There is nothing like them to inspire. Nothing. All the contemporary stuff is worthless in comparison.

Throw your TV out. Cancel subscriptions to your other media. Take your life back. Find the Great Books and dig in. Read something that enlightens and empowers you.

Always Believe,



Larger image of this Weapon of Warrior Wisdom image isĀ here, along with views of more Weapons and more explanation.

The starting bid is $100. (Priority Mail Shipping is NOT included and will be added.)

Bidding on this Weapon of Warrior Wisdom Art piece will run till midnight, Tues, September 26.

Send me an email telling me what you would like to bid. I will follow-up with bidders throughout the day with updates.

Email contact at top of page: mrwarrior@ultimatewarrior.com.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity,

Always Believe,


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