05252012 WEAPONS

Hello, warriors.

My alter-ego Ultimate Warrior came out to play the other day in my recent video.

He’s very hardcore and extremely intense, and he isn’t for eveybody. I get that.

But the quality of my life is better because of him. He always comes around when I need him, to demand of me that I STEP UP and OVERCOME my OWN fears and doubts and the destructive, goal-destroying consequences that go along with these two prevalent forms of RESISTANCE.

UW will not let me take shit from myself.

As I have said many times, I don’t want you to BE ME.

I want you to BE YOU. All of YOU.

And if you have made a long, bad habit out of NOT being YOU (the REAL YOU) because of Mr. F’ing Resistance, and you are unhappy and unfulfilled in your life because you know this to be a fact, then you have to SHOCK yourself into a whole totally different way of viewing your life and your place in this world.

You have to KILL what RESISTANCE is KILLING you. And you don’t do that by trying to make nice or be pleasant or by compromising.

To defeat a killer who only wants to kill you, you only have one choice — KILL IT.

I go to my UW’s F’ IT zone to do my killing. It works for me. And I ONLY want to BE ME, not anyone else.

If a F’ IT zone laced with F’ BOMBS doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. Create your O.W.N. zone. But don’t take so much offense to the zone I ENGAGE that you become blinded to the most important objective of my message for you:

BE YOU…and BE WILLING to FIGHT, KILL and even DIE for IT.

Always Believe,



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