07252012 WEAPONS

Hello, warriors.

Thinking positive that your Summer is just as you dream. My Warrior girls, Indy and Mattie, have kept their Dad busy…enjoying every minute of it, though.

Here are more Commissioned Weapons I’ve created for others recently.

These are, now, added to the entire Weapon of Warrior Wisdom catalogue and can be used by others seeking a commissioned art piece.

More awesome portraiture Weapons posted in coming days.

Buyers can mix and match artwork and quotes, or have an original custom Weapon created.

Price for Weapons of Warrior Wisdom is $295 plus shipping and handling.

Each image here in this post is LINKED to larger images of ALL Weapons and more info.

Info for less-expensive high-quality prints can be found at this link, too.

Email Warrior at warrior@warriorgallery.com for invoice or more info.

Always Believe,


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