Many have inquired to know whether this is legitimate, or not. Yes, it is. They inquire because, ironically, there have been more Ultimate Warrior frauds and wanna-be copycats than any other wrestler since the times of Milos of Kroton. I don’t know why, really. As you know, I’m not too brave or bold when it comes to having opinions. And the last thing I would ever want to do is be controversial, or worse, confrontational. Oh, how I hate that. Just the thought of it turns me into a big old scaredy-cat. You just don’t know. My oh my, how my 3-4 hours of sleep each night would be absolutely wrecked if I knew someone was upset by anything I had to say.

However, if I had to guess, I would say the desire for anyone to embody Ultimate Warrior (or me while they are not in gimmick) probably has most to do with my sports entertainment career’s illegitimacy and that the persona was nothing more than a flash-in-the-pan. After all, unsuccessful, boring and uninspiring people and personalities have historical reputations for sustaining an unique and magical, worldwide, public interest years and years after they are no longer around. Yeah, that must be it. That is exactly what drives so many to want to be it and keep yakking about it all these years later. Ultimate Warrior was never anything and is still nothing now. Beating a dead horse? Perhaps. But it seems more reasonable that critics would simply admit IT was a Thoroughbred they simply can’t kill.

You have to have heard and seen it by now. There’s an absolutely sick-looking and sickminded Ultimate Warrior Wannabe (UWW) puppy in New Jersey. He even signs pictures of my painted face and glorious physique, not his own. In fact, his wife (“Warrior Princess” as she calls herself when arguing with fans who let her know, “Your husband ain’t the real Ultimate Warrior”) sleeps with my picture. That’s right, “a” picture, just one. Apparently, she told a friend that sleeping with more than one would be just too much for any woman to handle.

He claims he’s channeling me, the one-and-only and original Ultimate Warrior. But, hell, that can’t be right. I mean, come on, I’ve had a Self Destruction DVD produced on me by those (liars) claiming they knew me very well. And not even in that fallacious production by these former family and friends was the portrayal of self destruction on the outerspace (or is that myspace?) level this guy has taken it to. And these frauds who created the DVD are pros at making crazy bullshit up! Nope, just ask all my former colleagues in the business. They’ll tell you. This guy from NJ can’t be channeling me. He’s way over-the-top with his brand of self-destruction. He’s over-selling it. Although, if you ask me, if Vince really wanted the project done right, he should have hired this guy to produce it, instead of buying off all the lying hanger-ons and burnt-outs he used. At least this NJUWW has true self destruction down.

An officially served Cease and Desist has been ignored. Let’s see though, Dominic, if you can find a way to ignore the stiff judicial yank you’re about to feel around your neck here as the rope you’ve been running out comes to its end. By all means, wear my gimmick to Court so we can all have one final laugh…at your expense.

Someone wrote after seeing some video of this guy: “This isn’t going to end well.”

No, for one person it isn’t. For another, all always ends well.

Anyway, the One-and-Only will see you at Wrestleslam February 9, 2008.

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,

Always Believe,


5 Responses to “UK WRESTLESLAM Appearance…”
  1. Wow. After watching that, I can’t believe someone out there would actually believe the REAL Warrior would run out from behind a curtain for 50 people. All ass-kissing and posturing aside, YOU are the only wrestler past or present that people still get goosebumps for whenever they hear the entrance theme. Sure, Stone Cold got pops when he would come back from hiatus to “save the proverbial day”, or the 567 times Hogan has “returned”, but I REMEMBER watching all the time and EVERY TIME you came out there was a huge pop. EVERYONE on their feet. Nobody else gets that. Not anyone in the current lineup (which I find hard to watch…stomach?), and not anyone before you.

    Some will hate, some will mock, but The Ultimate Warrior will ALWAYS be exactly that. Ultimate.

    Thanks for entertaining my 13 year old pubescent mind then, and thanks for allowing that 13 year old to pop out every now and then whenever I start taking life too seriously.

  2. Hi Mr Warrior,
    just wanted to say thanks for coming to see us at Wrestleslam in the UK.
    It was a great experience meeting you and the memory will last forevor.
    I have proudly put the signed poster up on the wall and the pictures are for all to see….nice headlock by the way!
    Both my brother and I had a great time meeting you and found you to be nothing but first class.
    Being a fan of wrestling and The Ultimate Warrior in particular since I was 6, it was a dream come true.
    All the best for the future, and I will always believe.
    Many thanks again,
    Martin Ponting
    Aged 26
    Newbury, United Kingdom

  3. I like the fact that you are coming back. Even to this day, I think the performance between you and Hogan was the best I have seen.
    Just be prepared…the audience is much different now, inspiration wise, then back in the day.
    It would be cool to see you in WWE and am not sure if NWE is a subsidiary, but…glad to hear you are back, even if it can only be viewed on youtube or the like.
    Feel free to visit my site and try not to be too hardcore on me if you object to some of the things I write. I have the same appearancve, to others, of being an ass, at times, too. lol

  4. Brian Tingue says:

    Many Warrior fans around the world would like you to return to wrestling. That adrenaline rush of hearing that music to the power of energy made wrestling exciting back in the 80′s. Kept Hulk Hogan on the good side of wrestling when Hogan & Ultimate Warrior were a team turns fans around the world to the most precious icon of the world! Superstars of no fears! I may not be a superstar but until I read your website I thought you were dead. Thank God you are not!!! The Best wrestler of all times! Will there ever be another appearance back into wrestling? If there was that such time, Entertainment wrestling would be a burst refreshing excitement that would blow away the wrestling of today!!!!! Think about it? People love hero’s which you are the Ultimate HERO!
    A true Believer in Legends
    Brian of NY- Dukes of Hazzard-General Lee Builder
    Where legends become Heros

  5. OneManArmy says:

    I saw the comeback video on YouTube and I have to say that no one else at 50 could have done better. Obviously, age had caused you to lose a step and the choreography was off, but the desire was obviously still there. It seems sad to me that the years your body still had it’s youthfulness were not spent wrestling as the Ultimate Warrior persona was the greatest of all IMO.

    I don’t know what your side of the story was completely, but it seemed you may have demanded too much money, hence you banishment from professional wrestling. I don’t think not seeing eye to eye with those people was wrong in any way but it may be your expectations were not anyone else’s expectations. I liked how your character never seemed to “sell out” and always stayed a noble face.

    I think professional wrestling is cheesy as heck, but you were the best at it nonetheless. MMA appeals more to me.

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