Class begins right now.

Ready to post videocasts.

Here is the a link to the full 39 minute recently posted video. I’ve got to figure out how to embed it into the blog…and it sounded to me like the audio was kinda odd. Let me know.

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,

Always Believe,


One Response to “Class begins right now.”
  1. Dear Warrior,

    I agree with this video of your comments and so fourth.
    I even read an article that says the word “GOD” is only supposed to be used in America or to call it The United States of America. I agree and don’t know why other countries use our Lord’s name in a bad manner or other way. And yes, today’s world sucks! Even young girls that are growing up look like there in there late 20′s or 30′s. What some today call jail bate. I have my OWN Dj, Karaoke & Trivia company and website, I created. Yes it’s in the style of my music idol, Sammy Hagar, But Sammy Hagar takes care of his family the right way like you do. Would you be interested in doing some appearances and speaches in my hometown of Norristown, Pennsylvania? Also, Would you give my website a look and give me some feedback of what you think about my company? I have only 2 number 1 heroes in my life that make sense to me, It’s you, pro wrestler Warrior and musician Sammy Hagar. With those two idols and inspirations in my life, I always have a positive attitude and really believe that I can make it in every goal I think of or dream of. Please contact me soon or whenever you find the time available.
    “God bless you and your family and wish you all the best.”
    From a #1 always and forever fan who believes in Warrior,
    Until next time, Congrats! to your career, awards, appearances & so fourth.
    P.S. I hope to see you in a ring or some other place in or near my hometown someday.

    Danny “The Waborat” Wissert
    @ Waborat Sounds – DJ, Karaoke & Trivia
    http://WWW.WABORATSOUNDS.COM – (484)682-5700

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