You ask. I deliver.

Every single minute of everyday someone writes and wants to know if I still have “it.” I’m tired of being asked, so here’s the proof.  (Thanks, Troy, for making the Warriorman look so good and keeping the Ultimate Warrior spirit alive!)

3 Responses to “You ask. I deliver.”
  1. Jason says:

    This guys face looks similar to Warrior, but his whole body looks about as thick as Ultimate Warrior’s right arm. The Warrior IS TRULY the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. There are only 3 good wrestlers presently, or in history that “do it” for me as far as giving you chills of excitement and made wrestling worth watching. They are as follows:(1) Ultimate warrior (2) Hulk Hogan (3) Undertaker (in that order) However, Ultimate Warrior’s “short career” did more for me than 20 straight years of the undertaker and hogan put together. He’s THE MAN in every aspect, and without a doubt my favorite of all time….am i still rambling? Love ya Warrior

  2. Chris says:

    Over the years W.W.E. has done everything in their power to dicredit and destroy the persona of the Ultimate Warrior. As you can see by this picture, his character and electricity are as strong as ever in the fans. Vince might not like it, but The Ultimate Warrior will be remembered and is currently the best of all time.

  3. Christopher Flores says:

    Yes, it is good to see people keeping the “warrior spirit” alive. The man, himself, doesn’t seem to think the wrestling fans who grew up adoring him deserve another round.

    People miss you, man. I know you have your reasons for why you don’t want to get back into the WWE, but why won’t you do it for your fans since you’re constantly rambling about how everything you do is for them?

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