America needs another George…

Soon enough I’ll be posting a videocast discussing Conservatism (should always be spelled with a capital “C” out of respect) in the way I define the true, real and pure version of it. On this occasion let me just say this. Although all the republican candidates were running to be the next Ronald Reagan, become the embodiment of what they and the pseudo-conservative punditry called Reagan Conservatism, I think Ronald Reagan, himself, would be the first one to say, “Gentlemen, what this country needs right now is not another Ronald Reagan. What America needs is another George Washington.”

Conservatism, men and women, didn’t begin with Ronald Reagan. He didn’t create it. He didn’t found it. Even he admitted and told us this by speaking so frequently, eloquently and inspirationally about this country’s history and what from there we should be most concerned to preserve. Those who speak from their highly-rated and -paid pulpits telling us Reagan did create it and only he represents what Conservatism is are only revealing their complete ignorance. Of course, most of today’s populus is ignorant right along with them.

Recapturing Conservatism back to the Founding of this country would be one thing and it would be great if we could only just do that. But Conservatism, as a philosophy, is something you are born with, and the enlightenment and evolution of it are one and the same as Western Civilization. Reagan was a cowboy who admired America’s homegrown western traditions. But Homer is where you must start to be grounded in Western Civilization. There are the 80′s of the Nineteen Hundreds and there are the 80′s of the BC years long before the, now past, few thousand years since then. Way, way, way back there is will where you find the original and purest ideals that define Conservatism. Beginning with this one simple idea: the human being is capable of thinking and providing for himself. The entire, true essence of the Founding of this country rests on that one simple idea.

If you think Conservatism began in the period of history only 20-30 years ago, you are nothing more than a classic moron who’s doing nothing to conserve anything except silly stuff and your own superficial ass. If you know Conservatism has been there since the beginning of man’s time, you’re a real Conservative in the true, classical philosophical sense; and you understand the innate responsibility every human being is born to “Conserve” what is important for all mankind and the prospect of continued civilized times.

Happy Birthday, George Washington.

Your Founding Father of Classical Human Conservatism,

Always Believe,


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  1. We definitly need a president who can answer questions from the good and the bad people, whether they are right or wrong.
    But one thing is for certain, Whoever is or was president, Not everybody is gonna like who it is.
    You can’t satisfy everybody.
    I have no problem saying George W. Bush Jr. is or was not a bad president in some ways, But then again not that great in some other ways.
    Like my music idol or rock hero Sammy Hagar with Van Halen wrote about in a song called “Right Now”, “Do it right now, It’s your tomorrow.”
    Words to survive by.
    As well as my wrestling all time hero, your words Warrior: “You must show no mercy…Nor have any belief whatsoever in how others judge you…For your greatness will silence them all.” Words of wisdom.
    “If I could put both my idol’s & inspiration’s… Ultimate Warrior and Sammy Hagar in one nutshell, What would you call or make of it?”

  2. commonsensewarrior says:

    All Americans should read this 5 times to learn what America should always be.

    After reading Warrior’s blog and listening to Savage every night he seems to be on the same page as Michael Savage.

  3. Chris Jennings says:

    You are a great man who speaks what I believe as though I were the author myself. Thank you. Please keep blogging so I know there is at least one more sane person in this politically correct age.

  4. Justin says:

    Just coming across your blog for the first time, today, Warrior. I actually have some time to relax away from my college schoolwork, and I was just scanning the internet for new, interesting stuff, and I came across your website.

    I haven’t watched wrestling with any regularity in over 10 years, so I’m not sure what made me type in “Ultimate Warrior” in google.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see you’re doing well.

    I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of your political thoughts, but they are thought-provoking. The world would be a better place if people questioned their own beliefs and were more willing to listen to the opinions of others. It’s important to be aggressive for what we feel is right, but we should never stop learning.

    I’m sure your mind is a busy place: being a husband, a father, a motivational speaker, and having lived a life with wrestling and everything else that has exposed you to more thoughts, opinions, and emotions than most people. I’m sure it’s frustrating to meet or talk to people who watched the “Self Destruction . . .” DVD or disagree with your political thoughts and feel a need to blast you on your own website. Don’t stoop to their level and waste your time responding to them. Your blog entries are much better when you concentrate on your own thoughts. This one was well done.

    Again, glad to see you’re doing well. If nothing else, you were one hell of an energetic, exciting wrestler who entertained a lot of people. Have a good day.

    - JB

  5. keegan says:

    warrior always speaks his mind, the number one entertainer ever

  6. Tyrone says:

    Warrior, I have only just found this site today, after watching the dvd THE SELF DESTRUCTION OF THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR for the 8th time! To be fair I don’t believe everything the people of the WWE say! You were my idol from the age of 6 and I am now 20. Whatever you did or do in your life is your business! nobody elses! The self destruction dvd, is basiclly putting you down and making you out to be some kind of weirdo. Example: your interviews, everyone claims they didnt understand a word you were saying, isnt that the idea!? your ACTING! The athletesism is in the ring, the ACTING is in front of the camera. I rekon Vince and the guys wanted you to be simple in everything you did. I just wanted to say that your blog says it all and you sound like a great guy. I will always love the era of The Ultimate Warrior, NO MATTER WHAT! yours T.K

  7. dave from another galaxy says:

    hey Mr. Warrior you should get a “YOUTUBE” account!
    and make it easier for me and the rest of the fans or enemies out there to reach out and touch.
    I mean eventually sooner or later
    just hope you respond back.

    I don’t like WWE or the any of its wrestlers, I mean any!
    I think you need a open platform much like the WWE have a platform (eg. cable tv etc).

    I also have some big ideas in case you want to hear them personally
    that could benefit you and your dogma of “warrior philosophy”

  8. Chris Aitken says:

    How soon we forget. The Father of our country, not only was our greatest leader in office, he fought and defeated the British Empire to make the office possible. He did not have anyone to use as a model for the office he was to hold. Only a faith in God and his fellow man.

    It’s really nice of us today to celebrate our founder, the reason for our comfortable existance, with a holiday called “Presidents day.”

    A National Holiday should be a sacred undertaking. There is only one man who deserves this honor, and he is the reason we are here today enjoying all the spoils (or spoiled) of the greatest country to grace mankind. George Washington, the one, the only, the greatest.

    Keep on going Warrior, your critics know certain truths, however they refuse to admit, acknowledge, and ultimately run. Because the truth hurts and cowards cannot stand the pain.

    God Speed,


  9. I’ve often looked at your site over the years and have, many times, almost posted a comment though, each time, I’ve decided against doing so.
    I’ve been a fan of your wrestling persona for many years and, over recent years, of you as a person and a conservative. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything you say, (though I certainly consider your points carefully), but it does mean I Strongly agree with a large portion of what you believe. Who wants a hundred percent agreement anyway? After all, sheep and drones tend to be boring.

    I wanted to comment on this post you’d made. I truly enjoyed it and wished to let you know that, since a man who’s putting forth his thoughts, thoughts with merit, should be told so.

    For your enjoyment, though you may not agree with it, I’m including a part of a blog that I recently posted regarding something I came across while taking an online class and the directions it pushed my mind in. It’s intended to be humorous, but it’s serious as well. Anyone insulted by a few of the thoughts put forth there…well, it’s supposed to be more or less a free country and such is certainly their right, as I view it.

    You take care and congrats on the return visit to the world of wrestling, it left me yelling ‘YEAH!!!!’.

    Kenneth Crawford

    Food for thought:

    “Ok, I’m taking my online divorce class for people with children…
    Weird thing is, this class is talking about the Democracy of Modern Times and how the world is changing and the old ways of addressing things no longer work in these more modern, civilized times.
    A class on couples who have children divorcing is espousing Politics?!
    Not just in one spot either…
    I can’t figure out how in the hell the weakening of the moral fiber of civilization relates to using new methods (some of which have resulted in children in gangs, kids killing other children and being addicted to video games and high sugar content candies…gawd…let the XBox raise your kids and don’t even think of getting onto them or punishing them when they’re out of line…’Yes Sir’ ‘No Ma’am’ aren’t words, they’re archaic hold outs of past generations, right?) of parenting? Unless it’s actually some kind of concealed effort to further weaken society by further spoiling and wussy-fying our children?
    What’s next?
    Section 4 of Properly Indoctrinating Your Child? Where they’ll offer suggestions on what party to vote for based on the child’s favorite color of pink?
    ‘Yes, if your child likes Hot Pink then you should vote for Hillary…but if it’s more of a Red Pink then, obviously, vote for Huckabee or however your spell his name’…

    Oh…damn…I touched on the Presidential Race…
    Kind of just slipped out.
    But, in case you’re wondering, I’m not going to vote for John, Obama Or Hillary…nor the Libertarian Whack-Job (Which is saying something there, since I’m a Libertarian-Centralist myself), nor would I vote for any of them if threatened with bamboo splinters under my fingernails.
    This time around it’s a case where I view the selection as ‘Who the F*** has the potential to cause the country the Least Amount of Harm??!’.”

  10. Warrior…hope to read some new blogs from you soon. your RSS feed was really starting to get interesting. I would hope that someone as prominent and as intellectual as yourself would get involved with politics on a serious note, run for office and one day become a senator and make a serious change in america for the better. Despite the fact that you come from a wrestling background, your career as a celebrity gives you legitimacy in the eyes of the american public. look at what it did for the likes of Ronald Reagan, Jesse Ventura, and Arnold Scwarzenegger. I hope to see you among their ranks one day, because unlike most of these fly by night politicians, i dont believe you would become another yes man for political interest groups and lobbyists, you would stick to your guns and lead by example, rather than talk a bunch of BS and lies like most of these guys in Washington. Governor of your state is always a good place to start it seems…

    And PS, if you ever do any brief comebacks in wrestling, I have the perfect entrance music for you, its a song called “News@11″ by my rock band, Dark Star Revolt. We are a very politically motivated band that writes our music around politics and government, all the shit that is wrong with the world today. Take a listen and leaves us a comment when you get a chance. Thanks for your time.


    Aaron(Ronnie) Russell

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