Don’t doubt yourself…or what I tell you.


You’re doing well….I know you are.

In my April 1 post I listed the general philosophical things I do to live a productive, healthy, positive, and happy life.

Some of you wrote and said you don’t grasp the significance of what I meant by telling you that I remind myself what I am, a human being. You don’t understand what I mean by telling you to keep this foremost in mind, or how doing so is going to do anything to help you with creating change in your life or help you handle negative circumstances you are, right now, contending with.

I’m not surprised anymore by the ignorance. I was for a long time. For years, whenever I’ve been asked for a bit of inspiration or life advice, I always end and begin with telling the individual to concentrate most on what they are, what abilities and potential this thing they are has, and that what they are makes all things possible. Rarely does anyone get the significance of what I mean. Unfortunately, there is greater evidence than my own personal experiences to prove it. The multimillion (maybe Billion) self-help and self-improvement industry is subsidized by people’s inability to grasp the importance of focusing on what they are, too. Aside from all the various and different practical tricks and gimmicks each uniquely styled and flamboyant peddler includes in the products they produce, there is one fundamental condition in evey single one of these products that the user must meet, yet the majority fail, time and time again. This condition is grasping what it means to be what you are and realizing that at some point and time “help” and “empowerment” depend on “self.”  Only you can help and empower yourself, and you do that by understanding, using and putting into action the human being that you are.

The human being is the rational animal. Being the rational animal means you have a mind capable of rationality, which means you have the faculty of “reason,” which gives you the capacity for intelligence to figure things out about yourself, other people and the world you live in. It gives you the ability to understand and be understood, acquire and learn knowledge. Reason gives you the capacity to act in accordance with reality, gives you the power to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, what works from what does not work, and use these judgments to make choices that guide the direction of your life. Bottomline, your mind — your rational mind — is your most basic means of survival.

Before you casually dismiss what I am explaining to you here, because you are unfamiliar with the terms or think it is all over your head, beyond your comprehension, or you think it’s a bunch of philosophical gibberish you don’t need to understand, let me try to get your attention another way.

Do you know that your freedom in this country is derived from this one single idea — that you are a rational animal? Is that simple and important enough to get your attention? I thought so.

Where in the Declaration of Independence it states that “all men are created equal,” what do you think that means? How are all men created equal? We — all men — are created equal by virtue of the fact that we are all created as rational animals. That’s it. Nothing else. That is the one single thing that makes men created equal. The Founders didn’t put “all men are created equal” in the Declaration just because it sounded good. They put it in there because it means exactly what I am telling you it does.

So, now that you know, what is it you don’t understand about that what you are — a human being, the rational animal – is indeed what you do need to depend on first to make your life work, create and change the circumstances of your life. Your mind gives you the power to control the direction of your life. It gives you the sole authority to handle your life.

I think it’s interesting to point out that of all the excuses people use to explain their failings at properly and effectively conducting their lives, no one ever tries to get away with: “I don’t have a mind.” People will defend themselves by claiming, “I lost my mind,” I lost control of my mind, and, “I was out of my mind,” but no one tries “I don’t have a mind.”

Remind yourself what you are. Over and over. Toward thinking, knowing and believing how you can, there is nothing more important. Nothing.
Always Believe,


5 Responses to “Don’t doubt yourself…or what I tell you.”
  1. Shadowdancer21b says:

    I watched a video of a speech and QA session you gave for some college kids. I say kids because of the completely immature and disrepctful attitude they displayed. I wonder how many of them were high at the time. I think many people just missed the point of what you were saying and taking snippets out of context. IE the line about queers not making the world work. I think I know what you were getting at: that homosexuality is unnatural. I don’t think that you hate homosexuals, simply that you think they are wrong and not living life the right way. Am I near the mark here? Just wanna say that i don’t agree with all your beliefs, but many of them I am with you all the way. In the immortal words of Voltaire, “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

  2. Regu says:

    This is my first time on this blog.
    I only recently discovered The Ultimate Warrior through youtube (I’m in my early twenties and european..), and I guess I wanted to find out more about the man behind that unbelievably ferocious intensity.

    I must say I NEVER expected philosophy on this website! And rational philosophy even!
    These are some inspiring words, Warrior. I’ve hardly read any of the other posts on this site, but already I can’t help but wonder whether some of those “Great Books” you refer to are written by Ayn Rand. I say this because this post reminds me of Ayn Rand’s titular essay from 1961′s For The New Intellectual. (here’s the pdf-file for those who are interested:,%20Ayn%20-%20For%20The%20New%20Intellectual.pdf)

    In this day and age, reason is a rarity (and if you think it’s bad in Obamaland, try Europe ;-) . Thank you for inspiring fans — old and new — and being a positive force in a rapidly deteriorating world.

  3. Ali says:

    these words push me up , I appreciate your caring about your fans and keep them always in your mind.
    that’s why we ( UW fans ) loves you.




  5. alan hughes says:

    warrior i am 31 from london uk i have been a fan of yours since i was a young have inspired me in life and further more just to say you were the ultimate wrestler those big companies tryed to own what you created because they knew you were the best something noone can speak sense warrior and i find machete a way of staying in touch with what you are up to.i love your journals and the insight you give me and the rest of your fans.thank you for the memories thank you for being you .
    i never stopped believing.
    kind regards
    alan hughes

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