Yes or No.

“The heaviest charged words in our language are those briefest ones, ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ One stands for the surrender of the will, the other for denial; one stands for gratification, the other for character. A stout ‘no’ means a stout character, the ready ‘yes’ a weak one, gild it as we may.”
~ T.T. Munger

Hello fellow warrior,

Free Will. An incredible power. An incredible responsibility.

Simple things like right or wrong, true or false, good or bad, accurate or inaccurate, effective or ineffective, constructive of destructive, proper or improper…what side you come down is regulated by how you choose to use your Free Will.

Every moment of your life you have the power to choose not only which direction your immediate life will head but where your life will end up down the road, as well. Days, month, and years from now, you will find yourself in the exact destination you drove yourself while being the sole designated driver of your choices.

Wherever you find yourself in your life, to know how you got there, look in the rearview mirror. It may do a great job of making the memories and timelines of the choices you’ve made all fuzzy and faded, but the consequences of your choices, of them, the rearview mirror holds not the magic power to erase.

The consequences…they hang on for the ride, all the way to the end. To haunt or help, they sit in the backseat, crunched up on their haunches on the edge of that rear seat, their fingers clinched around the two tiny bars of the headrest, pulling the faces of their histories up close enough to be breathing down the back of your neck, screaming and whispering, taunting and telling, never letting you forget what damages and deeds you’ve left behind on the highways you’ve traveled in your life.

Free Will is the only Master with Power enough to control the Monster’s appearance in the rearview mirror.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity –

Always Believe,


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