Overtraining is bullshit.

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.


Got quite a few emails about my comment that I believe overtraining is (another) sissy modern day concept — and BS.

Many of you who commented couldn’t believe I said such a thing. You think I should explain myself — “if you can,” you snidely add. Apparently, you’re concerned young kids following my BODY advice might be “mislead.” Going by your training standards today, you might be right. Young kids who follow my advice would be mislead in how to become champions — winners. And God knows, we can’t have any winners in our culture today. Not when kids are “lead” to be losers.

I found it interesting that the majority of you commentators seem to think you also read that I said rest or recovery is not necessary at all. Along with disagreeing with me by believing overtraining is possible and legit, you support your believe by chastising me, “You know rest is important for the body to recover, Warrior, so I don’t understand why you would put forward any idea that it is not.”

Yes, Einsteins, I do. I do know rest and recovery is important. I never said they were not. I never put forward any idea as you imagine. You read something into what I actually said that was not there at all.

What I said — and absolutely still stand by — is that overtraining is not possible unless you believe so in your mind.  Oh, and it is BS.

Like most of the modern day theories intended to stifle action but stimulate a lot of yakkitty-yak,  overtraining is one of those state-of-the-art suppositions that keep people from doing the THREE tried-and-true things they actually most need to do to build up their physiques or their physical strength:

Train. Train Hard. And TRAIN HARDER.

For good measure you might want to throw in a fourth thing if the three above don’t seem to be working.


Training is what people of all ages, young and old, need to concentrate on before they think too much about doing anything else — including the silly idea that they might be overtraining. Actually doing the exercise work at hand will do wonders for your body you would not believe. I guess, though, this isn’t a training method scientific enough for today’s trainers and trainees. On the other hand, thinking and talking too much can actually prohibit training altogether. Go figure. Walk into any gym today and see this self-evident truth at work for yourself.

Young recruits today think they need supplements like pro-hormones and NO2 stimulants before they even go to the gym and experience what it is like to grab the iron and throw it around for awhile. In my mind, a long while, say 3-5 years, for starters. Maybe after they put in that kind of time and commitment they can start having some serious thoughts about what might be important next.

I must get 50 emails a day asking me what is the best prohormone, and what is most important, working out? OR food and supplements? And they do not mean food and supplements to go along with the working out they would do at the same time. They mean — is it more important to eat food and take supplements OR workout to build my body? Yes, fellow warrior, you are understanding me correctly in the way I’ve written this. Somehow or other these kids have the idea that they can eat food and supplements without working out and build their bodies that way. Exercise might not be necessary according to the newfangled bodybuilding theories they hold.

This is a direct result of the fraud and idiocy the health and fitness industry perpetuates, to sustain their desire to keep people ignorant, stupid, and confused. If a young kid is going to be mislead, and potentially do harm to himself, it is the modern day crap that it is going to cause it, not me saying overtraining is bs. My advice will actually help the kid!

Back in my bodybuilding days it was typical to train bodyparts three times per week, including even the compound exercises — squats, deadlifts, bentover rows and heavy bench. I continually and progressively got huge and strong (all the monsters I knew then did too). Gritting, grinding, grunting, gnarling and growling were training concepts regularly witnessed, but overtraining? Never heard of it.

Train big. Eat big. Get plenty of good, sound rest. Period. All kinds of bodybuilders and strength athletes thrived off this simple three part formula. This was before they had all the theories, all the science, all the trainer certifications, and all the mad, over-the-top chemical experimentation that goes on today.

During my sports entertainment career, for over 5 years of a practically straight-through tour of duty, I traveled on a plane nearly every day, never missed any hardcore HIT workouts (no less than 6 days per week), survived on 3-4 hours sleep a night, and ate mostly 5-6 cans of tunafish per day (and practically nothing else when I could not find eating establishments that served good, clean food). Many times I would go 24 hour periods without any other kind of food — no carbs, no fats…just tuna out of the can.

That’s 24 hours where I would have also executed my workout and performed a wrestling match. I worked nearly every night of the year, pushing my body and energy reserves to the absolute limit. My success was dependent on my physique and physical conditioning. It was not something I could leave to chance or give silly, half-ass attention to. The limited caloric intake and the extreme workload never manifested anything but the most positive effects. My body ALWAYS took whatever exertion I subjected it to and it responded by getting better and better over time even though the mental and physical demands became greater and greater at the same time.

The problem with young people today is that they are doing too much theorizing and talking and not enough damn work. It’s no mystery that athletic champions in any sport put in a lot of hours — a full day’s work of 8-10 hours working on what needs to be done to succeed at the highest level.

How all this BS started that the body of person working out with weights can only handle 90 minutes of training a day only a few times per week, and the remainder of the time should be spent laying around eating gourmet health foods and shoveling down expensive supplementation, I don’t know. But I do know it is all BS because I speak from experiences that undisciplined, weak-minded individuals and skinny fitness-training theory freaks never had. All of this nonsense came from out of the minds of midgets who saw big money in marketing easy muscle building strategies to the masses of lazy, afraid-of-hard-work losers like themselves.

Sounds like excuses to me. Damn pathetic ones. Ones not tolerated around here. Get to the gym, shut the fuck up and train your guts and brain out. Your body will tell you when it needs rest and recovery. When it does, give it some.

But don’t be a slave to its whining. Your best and most effective muscle building workouts will be when you least feel like going to the gym. Don’t be a sissy to soreness and hard work — or even pain. Try it — I promise, if you are serious about building muscle, you’ll love it.

If being big and muscular was natural, we’d all be big and muscular. Your goal to be huge is not natural and your body is going to try and come up with all kinds of excuses because it does not like what you are making it do. Tough shit. Engage Mind over Matter and go back and torture the crap out of it again.

Any kid out there training 5, 6 or 7 days a week and doing everything and anything, giving it his all, keeping his attitude positive, paying attention to what his body is telling him, drinking gobs of milk and not worrying about whether he has the new age supps — now, that’s a kid you do need to be afraid of. There’s a kid you will want to keep your eye on. Why? He’s been mislead, and he’s certain to be a future champion  — and warrior.

Kicking your OWN ass is the best way to discover what it takes to kick the ass of your competitor — in any game or sport. Leave your OWN blood and guts in the training arena and your opponent will leave his on the battlefield.

Your Founding Father of Kicking His Own Ass in the Gym,

Always Believe,


15 Responses to “Overtraining is bullshit.”
  1. Kevin says:

    Thank you for this informative and incredible post on health and bodybuilding. Considering how incredible your physique is, I cannot fathom why ANYONE would question your weightlifting wisdom.

  2. SubVersive515 says:

    Brilliantly put. Brilliantly put Warrior

  3. Al says:

    Finally. Some no bullshit advice. Best advice I have heard in years and years. Keep it up.

  4. ben says:

    thanks, god i cant believe how much pussy shit ive read about training, like in triple h’s book he says that you should just try to get a little pump going and leave it like that, dont push yourself too far,

    honestly the best kind of workout i got was a 70′s style high volume workout, 6 days a week, that at the age of 16 got me 18 1/2 inch arms without anything but protein, yeah that means no creatine, steroids, tribulus or whatever, and im in amazing shape, i bust my ass in the gym and train twice a day on monday wednesday friday, and once a day on tuesday, thursday, saturday

    i just read this HIT book and i followed it for a while, 1-3 sets per bodypart to failure and working out 2-3 days a week, no more or it said i’ll overtrain, guess what happened i kept up my same big diet program and just gained a lot of fat and i didnt gain any muscle like it said i would

    it said that since casey viator did this everyone should, which was complete bs

    thanks for being such a bodybuilding inspiration to me and when i turn 18 i plan on starting to compete , keep up the good work warrior and run for some kind of political office someday, because im so sick of these stupid retarted republicans who pretend to be conservative *cough* John McCain *cough* but are actually just a bunch of socialists

    we need to return to the kind of government our founding fathers set up, and honestly i have never been a live to see that government, neither have you, because ever since good old FDR was dicktator, and yeah i spelled it that way for a reason, he made a america a socialist wasteland and he kept the great depression going on longer than it should have and ruined american freedom, which the history books honestly will never say,

    which brings another point, good old Barry Obama had another back to school speach, in which he said it takes hard work to reach the top and blah blah blah, funny to hear that from a communist who believes that everyone needs to be on the same level even those who work harder than others

    thanks warrior, i hope that you read this, but who knows, you keep me strong and focused so thanks

  5. ben says:

    and another thing, nothing against HIT, i follow it, but i also follow HVT, because i find that you can do both even though everyone says that you either follow on or the other

  6. Die says:

    I have been training and taking supplement – but reading this has open my mind. I find it hard to put on muscle but just going to train as hard as I possibly can, and eat big and wait for the results. I have been training at 75% if I am being honest.

  7. Good site. I constantly train hard at least three times a week and after a demanding session your body requires the best quality protein to repair you for your subsequently workout. I at all times go for lean protein as the most effective muscle building food, essentially poultry, turkey in addition to fish. I also consume scrambled egg whites for breakfast.I usually combine these meals with a complex carbohydrate along with vegetables as well. I stay away from protein shakes because I see them as a waste of money, the body is intended to digest foods and drinks lack the thermic affect of foods.

  8. Daniel Kayne says:

    I agree with you totally, how can you overtrain the human body when it is a biological machine not an electronic one, one should train untill there body can pyhsically no longer train i.e failure and when you fail you should keep trying, Light workouts = light muscles heavy workouts = heavy muscles simple and the harder you train the more you will want to eat so that is not the problem the problem is too many people worry about what they should do to train rather than actually getting gritty and lifting heavy weight for as many reps untill they fail, and by the way warrior your still my fav wrestler of all time and when I saw the video self destruction of the ultimate warrior it personally made you look just as good as you did when you was in the wwf…….vince….henan…..dibiase…….flair just showed everybody what haters they all are simply because you had the best pysique in the wwf.

  9. The Dude says:


    I’m not intending this, first of all, to attack you, but rather to probe your mind.

    With that in mind, I’ve always been told to avoid over training. That it will increase my chance for injury or slow my progress in the gym. So I basically constructed a 5-day workout cycle, where I target a specific body part and work it to failure. So are you telling me I can do chest three times per week?

    Also, you mentioned living off five cans of tuna per day, sometimes. Wouldn’t that put you in a caloric deficit and thus cause you to lose weight? What I’m really wanting to ask is what you ate/eat to build your physique. From reading your post, I’m not sure if you were busy counting calories/protein consumption.

    Thank you in advance!

  10. Marty says:


    Your “Overtraining is B.S.” article is hands-down the most inspiring and factual ‘rant’ I’ve come across in many, many years. I could not agree with you more.

    Most of today’s ‘whiners’ haven’t been exposed to things like Arnold Schwartzenegger’s original encyclopedia bodybuilding book and things alike from 30 years ago. My passion for working out stemmed from my first encounter with that book. It amazed me – not just the pictoral images of how insanely muscular these guys were, but the amount of intensity and consistency required to achieve that. I was hooked.

    Your post today took me back to those days, when things were secured through hard work and determination. You’re right… today’s generation is visciously misled and “weakened” — from the inside-out.

    It’s sad, but people will one day realize the ONLY way to get where they want to be is through busting their ass and destroying any obstacles in their way.

    I’ve been faced with new challenges these days, stemming from a sudden on-set of diabetes, to an ongoing undiagnosed condition affecting my muscles, breathing, and heart rate. Three hospital stays and 12 doctors later, we’re still up in arms on what’s going on. But we won’t stop until we identify a diagnosis. My kids, wife, and entire family are my driving force. We’ll get there, one way or another.

    Anyway, I love your stance on life… keep going strong, my friend.

    P.S.> My wife and I met you at the Raritan Expo in New Jersey a few years back, when Hogan, Samartino, and the Sheik (and various football players) were all doing signings, etc. That was the day the Sheik went friggin’ nuts and verbally/physically assaulted that guy right in front of your booth. I was highly impressed with how you presented yourself, and made me realize just how well-poised you really are. You’re a class act in my book.

    Take care.


  11. Pedro says:

    This is the best post I’ve ever read. Always believe!

  12. Brian Hall says:

    Who the hell could possibly know better than the Ultimate Warrior?, of all people, seriously? For my two cents, if I may,(feels strange leaving commentation to such a seriously solid post) there was a time when I took NO2 till my hair was silky smooth and pounded whey protien till I shit 5 times a day. Honestly, I look better, harder, and am stronger than ever now and its just lamb, salmon, eggs and walnuts. Can’t really even stomach heavy supplementation anymore. Can’t justify buying it either, I can share good fresh food at my table with my children.

  13. SilverbackJC says:

    WARRIOR- i just read this article this morning and i have to say man, bravo. is there a way of subcribing to recieve all your articles by email id love waking up every morning and reading great literature like this. keep it comming brother. – Silverback

  14. Jesse says:

    I totally agree with you Warrior.
    years ago I would train a bodypart once per week, cos at the time I didnt know much, and the local gymrats told me that was the way. Years later I got my cerrtificate to be a personal trainer and learnt about muscle physiology, SO then decided to train each bodypart 3 times per week with high reps, eg day-1 (chest shoulder tricep calf). day-2 (back bicep thighs)and repeat everyday. All of the local gymrats who had not gained any size in years told me that I was overtraining and doing to many reps and wasting my time. I ended up gaining 30pounds in 6 months.
    You are right, if you train like everyone else you you will only get results like everyone else, but if you want to get huge you have to train different from how normal people train, cos you will only get ‘normal’ results!

    P.S I get great inspiration form Sylvester Stallone, who in his mid sixties is bigger now, than when he was in his ‘supposed prime’ in the 80′s. (which the ‘mark’ in me thinks you could still come back and turn some heads)

  15. matt says:

    Great blog, I train the same way, I get much better results taking my body to the limit and getting plenty of rest.

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