Reset Your Soul’s Compass.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  

~ Mark Twain
All right, you did it, right? 

You reset your SOUL’s compass and you’re now in pursuit of your Destiny, right?

Yes? BRAVO!!

No? $#@ me — why not? I thought we made an agreement? What agreement? The agreement you agreed to when you subscribed to the Ultimate Warrior E-zine, the fine print on the subscription release. This right here:

“By subscribing to the Ultimate Warrior E-zine of thy own free will, fellow warrior agrees and promises that he will aggressively and intensely and with a warrior attitude pursue his unique Destiny in this life, and will use any and all violent means to eradicate and annihilate any and all obstacles that attempt to interfere in said pursuit.”

See. Don’t tell me you didn’t see that. You swore to an official oath. You are to have allegiance to your Destiny. Do you know how far you could have come by now, in the last few weeks since the first E-zine where I laid things out for you in basic, blunt, bold and no BS terms? Do you realize how many vices and oppressions and depressions and faults you could have conquered by now if you would have just simply STARTed? Or should I say, simply honored your oath?

Look, there will be no change in anything about your life but the different clothes you put on each day if you do not START with small steps. And who knows, after a few more years of facing life with your head down, you may not even be motivated to change those anymore. That would be weird — and smelly. Let’s don’t go there.





Serious, dedicated, consistent change is the only way you are going to end up living your life true to its Destiny.

You aren’t happy with where you are in your life right now, right? You don’t enjoy doing what you are for a living? There is no satisfaction you’re getting out anything you do anymore? You can’t stand the way you get looked back at in the mirror? Come on here, help me out. This stuff isn’t coming to me because I am reading your mind. This is stuff you have sent me — yes, you!

So, if you’re going to get on a different and better life ride, you have to start making changes. And one that we talked about is getting more in touch with what your Soul is telling you you should go out and do with your life. Call it your heart, your instincts, your spirit…hell, I don’t care what you call it. What name you give this voice inside of you does not matter. What matters is that you start tuning into its frequency. Change in this, fellow warrior, is good. Trust me.

Look, you will always be shocked by how little “change” you can see in the course of one 24 hr day. It won’t seem like much and it can be discouraging. But you have to find more stamina that that. One day is jack. Your view and patience have to be long-range. You have to find the wherewithal to hang. You can’t expect your life to be turned rightside up in one day or a week or a month after all these years of it being wrongside down.

But if you will start and go day by day and do a little more and a little more in each successive day that passes, you will be amazed to see the huge, accumulated “change” after a chain of days has passed. You can’t skip small steps altogether! If you haven’t noticed — you don’t live life in a chain of days. So to get in the habit of making change and sticking with it and seeing it all the way through, you don’t look at more than one day at a time. You keep your eyeballs and mind’s eye on one day and work with that.

This Destiny thing we are talking about. Pursuing IT is your quest to bring you face-to-face with your one-of-a-kind magnificence. Believe it or not. Like it or not. Bothered by it or not. It doesn’t matter what you feel or not. This Destiny thing inside of you isn’t going away. So my advice is to get in line with it and quit pissing it off by not living up to it. It’s in you and a part of you for the very reason that you are supposed take it out into the world and show it off. And it’s not really pleased by how you’ve turned your back on showcasing the “more” incredible version of yourself.

Look, I get it. Your parents and elders and other numskull adults pounded their ideas and beliefs into your developing mushy mind and shaped and influenced your philosophy of life. To hear you tell it, it wasn’t all that inspiring or positive. Fear, doubt, indifference, timidity — all these life dis-easing viruses common to conformists and pessimists, as the adults rearing you were, got thrown in as part of the deal.

It’s shitty. I agree. And here you are today still dealing with the after-effects, at a time when you thought once you grew up the pieces of life’s puzzle would all fall into place.

But it’s different…

The potential of your life that once seemed limitless when you were young has taken on limitation. The clean, blank slate (tabula rasa) of your mind you began with is tarnished and weighed down with the huge nasty chunks of the depressed, non-thinking behavior other human beings have tortured it with. The bright, lively, abundant perspective you once held about life now seems dark, narrow and confining.

You’re beat up more than a little bit and your days are spent mostly being bummed out.

Yes, yes, yes…it’s all true. I get it. All of it. I know exactly what you mean.

You know what else I know?

Nobody gives a shit. Nobody gives a fuck. Nobody really cares.

Nobody really cares that you can come up with excuses and provide explanations about why you are living below your potential. Nobody really gives a shit how big your tears are or how broken your heart is. You can throw your whole life away and nobody will give a damn for one moment longer than it takes for them to get back to whining and complaining about the misery of their own life.

Frankly, your willingness to let go of your dreams of living a inspired, energetic and kick-ass life comforts this crowd of people. It makes all the other slaves and sycophants in the world feel better about themselves. Your decision to toss in the towel relieves them of some of their own guilt over the fact that they sold out their Souls and Destinies a long time ago.

They got in line. They shut their mouths. They tossed away their spirits. They got with the program. They signed on as automatons. These are the people who hate themselves and the trainwrecked lives they inhabit — but they’re done. Cooked. Toast. They have nothing on the inside left — for themselves or you.

And now, they celebrate because you are ready to drag your ass down the same route. Is this is the kind of crowd you want to hang out with the rest of a dreary life, these kind of individuals who approve and support you giving up on believing in the Destiny that stirs inside of you?

I hope not, because giving up is a dirty, vile thing.

You know what hasn’t given up on you? You know what still does give a shit about you and your life?

That tiny voice inside of you that has never silenced itself. That’s what. Not once has it left you alone. Throughout your whole lifetime it’s never quit trying to concentrate your full, undivided attention on the fuller, richer, more powerful picture of yourself you need to have and the greater relationship your Destiny intends for you to have with the infinite universe.

That tiny voice deep inside of you has always been YOUR heroic life calling out to you, urging you on to step up and claim your rightful throne — the throne of your Destiny.

But it is not automatic. Ordinary is automatic.  Boring is automatic. Mediocre is automatic. Giving up is automatic. Dying without really living is automatic.

You know what isn’t automatic? The courage, confidence, and belief it takes to engage a warrior’s desire, dedication and discipline to travel the extraordinary path concealed in your Destiny.

You can’t let your belief in your Destiny be snuffed out by the practical realities of modern life. To follow the path of your Soul it is not enough to only handle the responsibility of the real outside world. You have to employ yourself in a different kind of learning. But this is not a departure from behaving rationally. It is the full engagement of it. Your Destiny is real — like concrete.

You can’t reject your innate spiritual connection to the infinite universe and simply chalk it up to fantasy for fear of being trivialized or ridiculed. There is “more” to life than you are experiencing and your gut instincts are telling you this every day. Every minute you feel discontent about your OWN life is proof that the longing of a Destiny is alive within you.

You can’t wake each day and recommit yourself to struggle among the drudgery — spending your time, energy and ambition to make misery and handle drama, not magnificence of yourself. Your dedication can’t be to status symbols. What you wear, what you buy, what material possessions you own, how others perceive you — these silly, superficial and sad things cannot be what drive purpose in your life. It provides all the status quo to sustain a functional life, but it provides nothing toward enthusiastic or inspired living.

You cannot pursue more leisure time only to continue wasting it at spinning your wheels at not doing or accomplishing anything of real value or meaning to your life. You cannot allow yourself to only be stimulated by the negative, destructive, and deviant that saturate our culture.

You can’t live your life afraid, or let it me it be run by the opinions and criticisms of others. What that “more” is to your OWN life will never be revealed to you unless you face the fear you may have of its mystery and stand up and show that you are willing to fight for it and embrace its greatness.

WHY, you must ask, should it do for you if you will not do for it?

A Destiny’s impressiveness can’t survive in a body and mind that is weak and insecure. It will not tolerate an atmosphere or attitude of fear or the necessity for certainty. Fear and the need for certainty, above all other weaknesses, have brought you to where you are now in your life — a place of boredom and complacency and passionless living.

Powerful as it is, your Destiny will not force itself on the outward existence of your life. It cannot thrive under the conditioning, order and restraint of our workaday, unidealistic, sacrificial lives. Constant absorption in the mechanized objectivity of your day to day life will only bury it deeper inside of you. But it doesn’t want to remain unknown. It doesn’t want to be kept a secret. The Destiny in your Soul wants to reveal itself to you so you can live your life without boundaries or limitations.

Your Destiny absolutely cannot and will not tolerate resistance or restriction. Once set free, it must be allowed to rule. It must have the freedom to be the Master Storyteller from that moment forth. When it wants to express thoughts and speak dialogue that will explode once they land on the ears of those listening — you stay out of the way of its tongue and let it. When it brings forth ideas that are mad to the whole rest of the world — you run like the Ultimate Warrior to make the delivery. When it wants to burn the bridge so there is no way to return — you blow it all to hell and laugh the whole time you do it.

Great souls live great lives because they jump from the cliff without gear. When yours takes you to the edge of each cliff — push yourself off.

And finally, your Destiny will not tolerate you believing in your Soul’s existence on faith alone. You must believe your Soul is discoverable — here and now. You must believe it has an identity as real as anything you can touch, see or feel with your bodily senses. You must believe it is here and exists inside of you for your guidance right now.

Your Soul is the source of real life power. Setting it’s Destiny free and putting full trust in it is how you live an extraordinary life. A warrior’s life.

We choose.

We choose to live as warriors or ordinary men.

Your Founding Father of I OWN I,

Always Believe,


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