18,534 days.

Apparently, without even trying, I keep shocking everybody.

I didn’t know living to be 50 was such a big deal — or something to be despised or ridiculed. Of course, not many former WWF, or even today’s WWE, wrestlers hang around alive long enough to celebrate their 50th birthday.

I always thought, though, that the mindless misfits and useful idiots charged with commentating on the industry could at least have started and continued that whole posthumous birthday homage media and entertainment pay to all their dead criminal heroes and OD’ed drug addicts. You know, like when they say, “Che Guevara would be 125 today if he wasn’t a thug and murderer who deserved to be executed…long live the revolution!” or, “If Elvis had never left the building and choked to death on his own puke while passed out on his toilet, ladies and gentlemen, he’d be 93 today.” I guess this kind of thing doesn’t go over too well for dead wrestlers though when the Memorial Wrestlefest held in their name craps out after the first year. Still, just a thought.

I really don’t know what my problem is. I guess it’s just that I really enjoy being alive. All of us have our little idiosyncrasies, you know. One of mine is getting myself out of bed each morning instead of putting the coroner through the hassle. Even with all the support, guidance, insight and marketing that’s been done, I just haven’t been able to pull this self-destruction thing off, get it to work right like all the others have.

This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO1Yn2V8TCw) came close to pushing me into that absolute zero zone you need to enter to get the job done right. But by its end my urge was gone and a peacefulness came over me like I never felt before. Serious…even if the Dalai Lama had walked into the room his presence could not have deepened the tranquility I was experiencing at the moment. This excellently produced piece of footage made me feel so good to be alive — and living with my head in the present, not up my ass.

Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. I don’t know. And sad as all my failure at this is, to make matters even worse, I just can’t find it in myself to even apologize. I simply have no remorse. I’m so not sorry for letting so many down. The only thing I have to offer, I suppose, is that I will keep on living. I know, it’s shameful.

Alright, let’s shelve the sarcasm.

For you self-thinkers, who make the effort and do the work yourselves to find out the truths about me and all other things that truly make your lives work, next week I’ve got another Warrior’s Journal coming on line and also a substantive, meaningful post about what’s going through my mind here as I look back at the now gone 18,534 days of my life. In the Warrior’s Journal I will be profiling Marcus Aurelius’s classic, “Meditations.” I believe you’ll enjoy it.

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity and Life Motivation,

Always Believe,


5 Responses to “18,534 days.”
  1. Glen says:

    Hiya Warrior,

    Personally, I’m glad to still see your alive and well, ranting against the forces of hypocrisy, idiocy, and neo-con lib nazi assholes. I wouldn’t mind seeing more post about working out and exercising. I’m a National Guardsman so I have a responsibility to myself and others to stay in shape. I’m an old geezer (42) so it gets a bit tougher to work out (for me that is!). I do 10 minute sprints every other day (Basically I run as fast as I can for 10 minutes). I have a 2 mile requirement to run in 18:38 minutes. I’m doing pretty good there so far. I need to do 32 Push ups in 2 minutes and I’m good there. I simply assume the push up position during any and all commercial breaks and hold it till my show (I gave up watching wrestling years ago so don’t go there) comes back on. The thing that gets me though are the Godd@%$* F*#@ing sit ups. I frikking hate doing sit ups but I need to do something to strengthen my stomach muscles and get rid of my Mountain Dewed pot bellied stomach (I know I need to quit drinking them but I love my soda and there are far worse habits to have out there. I’ve read enough of your posts to know the kind of lecture I’d get about that so I’ll do my best to just stick it out and carry a quart bottle of water around). Anyways, any good tip(s) for creating a leaner, stronger stomach would be welcome. Also on a completely off the wall note I was just wondering if you’ve heard about Miss California and her recent misfortunes after expressing her opinions to this slime goblin calling itself Perez Hilton? Poor girl.
    So that’s it for now Warrior, if you’ve taught me anything it’s: Intensity in training! Moderation in thought! Bravery versus all odds! Thank you Warrior!

  2. Dana Low says:

    Warrior old friend. I hope you had a very happy and meaningful birthday. Those who live to be 50 should thank the Lord, because not everyone is so lucky. Think about it; but a little over 100 years ago, 50 was considered elderly, and you were at the end of your life. Now days, 50 is YOUNG, it’s not even a drop in the bucket considering how long people live today. I know someone who died in my town at 106 years old, can you believe that?! We live in an age now where people are living longer and longer because of the advances in medicine, which is the reason people live longer. Years ago, you worked yourself into oblivion and then you died. But now we are all lucky to live in a time where you can work, play, live and dream, and have wonderful memories and experiences to take with us when the Lord calls us home. Here’s wishing you many more happy and healthy birthdays to come. Cheers! Lilmissd

  3. keith koch says:

    hey glad u enjoy life i can see you on some points and some not but i really wish u would of taken part in the dvd i think it would made it a ton better oh and i hope life is going good i know ur prolly not a hogan fan but i have to say u and him had one of the greatest matches ever but i do have one question for you if u could face one wrestler in these days who would it be and why?? plz email me at sherm102@yahoo.com

  4. Warrior, 50? Hard to believe. I hit 40 back in May. I am still a huge fan of yours, and will never watch wrestling again because, you sir, were/are the best ever.

    Anyway, I love reading your thoughts. Keep up the good work. And where I can a get a copy of your ring entry music? That rocked!

  5. Ben says:

    After reading your article I watched the video link you posted. Its funny, because I have wrestled for that “promotion” and worked the wrestler that was working Snake. National Federation of Wrestling, Ironically another wrestler named Christopher Daniels report in an FHM article that his worst match he ever had was against NFW’s owner/wrestler.
    Im glad I left that “promotion” before Jake the Snake got there. After Beyond the Mat came out, everyone is feeling sorry for him. I don’t, he made his choices. Its sad that every year, around this time of year, we have to have a “fallen wrestlers” tribute. Hardly any of these wrestlers die from plain old-age. Im glad to see a wrestler stand up for himself and his life.
    You may not be as famous as Cena right now, and no wrestler will ever crawl out of the eclipse of Hulk Hogan’s brand, but at the end of the day(life) that doesnt matter.
    You used your gifts to help others and inspire. That’s a lot more then other wrestlers are doing. Hogan has the power to change the world for the better, but he doesnt do it, he’s afraid.
    Thank you Warrior, for reminding me to “Always Believe”, its more than just a catch phrase. It’s an ideal that can move mountains…

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