Sickens me.

People write and ask me all the time whether I still pay attention to any of the going-ons in politics anymore. I have kids growing up in the world, so, of course I do. The last time I said anything about politics was back at the end of 2006 just as the 2008 election campaigning was getting underway.

Anyway, yes, I am paying attention. After all, I am unfortunate enough (my kids, moreso) to be living in these historically significant times where America is transforming itself, under the watchful, vigilante eye of the Marxist Obama regime, into AmeriKa. (I use vigilante correctly, here. True Americans who do believe in original American principles ARE considered the criminals by Obama, and his anti-American administration IS violating every law it can to bring us Americans and this country to justice as they see it.)

More on that in time, I suppose.

Right now, though, what I wanted to briefly comment on is this Sanford debauchery. What a small-balled and small-minded man this guy is. Absolutely pathetic.

And here, so many conservatives were fooled into thinking otherwise, admiring the way this guy handled himself on public forums and conducted his governing affairs. He was held in high character and was building huge clout in conservative corners and here he goes and blows it all for a stupid piece of ass.

There are a lot of ways to f’up your life, but none better than infidelity to brutally f’up many more lives than just your own. Masculinity aside, a real man would not do it. Real men do not screw up their loved ones lives.

During the fallout of the financial crisis there was talk by some Republicans and even some conservative citizenry that self-inflicted seppuku would go a long way in restoring moral confidence. Naturally, once the word got out about it being said, there was plenty of clarifying CYA by representatives who only fantasize, while among the heroic, manly monuments in DC at the people’s expense, that they would have the courage to redeem themselves in this honourable manner if caught up in equal shameful behaviors; of course, none of them believe their daily crimes against our Constitution qualify as equal shameful behaviors. I was disappointed with clarification. And I know I’m about to be disappointed again. This time not only will the Republican representatives and CON-servative talking heads not mention any need to restore moral confidence, they won’t give us any inspiring punishment ideas we can dream about.

If they change their mind, I’ll supply the machete.

Yours in Intensity and Motivation,

Always Believe,


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  1. Roger says:

    I agree. A real man wouldn’t screw up the lives of his children, wife etc. That’s why at 40, I am still unmarried. I worked in the Fitness Industry throughout 90′s and early 2000′s as a Personal Trainer, and there is no way that I could have ever been faithful. It’s messed up at how some jerk off can do that to a WHOLE LOT of people. Hopefully now someone special will come my way for life, now that nearly all of my testosterone has been exerted on those women who mean nothing in the grand scheme of my life.

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