Jacko. Finally, he beat it.

I imagine all the crying about the death of this recent drug-soused entertainment freak has most to do with the unfortunate inconvenience that the other drug-soused entertainment freaks now face. They will have to look for another local, safe and reputable babysitter. No longer will they be able to drop their kids off down the street at Jacko’s to be watched for the afternoon and spend some play time with his own kids.

I hate the paparazzi, and think they should all be shot for the obsessive invasion of privacy. But I’m really going miss ALL those TMZ and Entertainment Tonight video clips of Jacko’s and other celebrity kids playing together. You ever see any of those? Weren’t they great? Didn’t they make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside? Worked for me. Every time I caught one it made me believe maybe he wasn’t a pedophile. After all, famous and rich entertainers, with all kinds of money to go to any expense to have things accurately checked out for themselves, wouldn’t let their own little babies near a pedophile…would they?!

Well, you gotta give him credit for one thing. He spent all his money (and then some) before he died. And that’s not an easy thing to calculate. Go ahead, ask your financial planner if he has a plan to pull it off. For all the horrific mismanagement of millions and millions and millions of dollars, here at the end, Jacko did a pretty damn good job at balancing the books in his favor. Sorry, at my new age and with the way the Obama economic plan is going, I couldn’t help but recognize this stunner.

Your Founding Father of Intense Sarcasm…

Always Believe, Warrior

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  1. Fredooch says:

    Hey Warrior,
    Yeah gonna miss those TMZ shorts as well. As far as Jacko the Entertainer goes, well you can’t deny the guy his due. His was a great entertainer and performer just like no one can deny you your due. I felt a little bad that he died at such a young age but when it’s your time it’s your time. I wish I had his bank account before the debt hit as well. The guy was at 400 million in debt….How in god’s green earth can one accumalate that much debt and still get a credit line? Anyways, hope all is well in Warrior land.

  2. Jesal says:

    Excellent blog Warriorman!

    As we’ve come to expect (and DEMAND), the blog is full of the blunt and brutal FACTS that phoney pc people wish that we would turn a blind eye to.

    Jackson’s accomplishments in the music world are undeniable, and he did make his mark… BUT, the person himself was a disgrace — irresponsible, self-pitying, and without a shadow of doubt, self destructive.

    Just because he made his mark in music, he (or anyone else for that matter) does NOT have a ticket to squander life. Life is to be used constructively all the way to the finish — no ifs or buts about it.

    He was shockingly irresponsible with money, health, and life.

    The guy was definitely a substance abuser… and therefore, he always had one foot in the grave. I fail to understand how celebs are calling the death “shocking” and “unexpected”… looks like those celebs are stupider than I give them credit for being.

    If you don’t look after your health, your health won’t look after you… and by abusing his body with drugs the way he did, Jackson knocked out his heart real bad — it was just a matter of time before his heart finally caved in. There is NOTHING shocking about that!

    All in all, I’d say he was a great musical talent, but disgraceful person. He got what was coming to him.

    God bless.

  3. Superstar says:

    Hey Warrior, Happy Birthday for last week.

    Jacko is possibly worth waaaay more money now, dead than before. Perhaps his credit line was payable on death? His estate now is gunna reap the $ in.
    It amazes me, how the media, gloryfies Jackson as if he’s some great guy who we should all be mourning, when the bottom line, he was a dirty paedophile, who, if he wasnt a license to print money, would have been in prison or an asylum.

    He was a self made mutant. French Newspaper La Nouvelle Republique wrote Jackson was “neither black nor white; neither old nor young; neither child nor adult; neither man nor woman” but rather a “sort of androgynous imp”.

  4. TIM says:

    I knew we could count on you for timely commentary on Jacko.

  5. Tyler says:

    how about u lay off the guy how about u remember him for all of his music and not for his problems.

    W — hey, how about you lay off glorifying his music talents and recognize he was a freak, pedophile, drug addict and killed himself abusing his mind and body and need not be made out to be a god or hero because he sure as f’ wasn’t one… hey, how about it

  6. SavageNationMember says:

    The celebrating of a junkie pedophile is a disgusting display from the media. Praise of this horrible excuse for human flesh is beyond sick. Only Michael Savage had a sane opinion the rest including fox news are a disgrace. Savage is all I have left in the media. North Korea wants a nuclear war but I have to hear about this man and how he touched so many when all he cared about touching was children.

  7. JT says:

    How can YOU call Michael Jackson a drug-soused entertainment freak…….


  8. Ben Chance says:

    All this blog seems to be the rants of a very bitter pointless human being who in his life managed to achieve nothing in comparison to what somebody like Michael Jackson managed.
    I would like to directly ask you this question, ermmm is it Warrior? or maybe Ultimate i should refer to you as?
    Michael Jackson was proven innocent in a court of law for all his so called antics with children, however too this day despite all the controversy and all his many mental problems, he is still mourned worldwide!
    In truth Warrior, really nobody cares what your two cents on the matter are. You sound like a very bitter, sad, human being! And i would like to state right now that when you do finally die for all the steroids you injected into your body, despite all your controversy, nobody will give a damn! In fact if you asked MJ’s family for their comment they may say….Warrior Who?!?

    Aidos Mr Ultimate

    W- You’re all the same. You’re all insane. You write no one gives damn what I say but you use your time to pay attention. The whole world mourns? No, only the nutcases. You live to mourn, whine and bitch about everything that distracts you from handling your own lives. This freak’s funeral will be an international farce and circus solely for the family to repugnantly cash in on the hype, and give people who live equally dysfunctional and doped up lives as MJ another excuse to put off the responsibility of their own. Face it, you who live lives resembling trainwrecks need a MJ, a Heath Ledger, or other drug-addict, self-destructive celebrity to die or at least hit rock bottom so you can feel you have a reason to keep on living. After all, somebody has to stick around to buy up all the new lines of drug addict, OD’ed superstar memorabilia.

  9. Jambo says:

    You do not pay 22 Million to keep a case from reaching the courtroom if you are innocent. That is all that needs to be said.

  10. Craig says:

    F’ Sake have a little respect.

    How can you call him a peadophile when he was cleared of all charges and try looking into the background of the cases before you write some more of your crap.

    And your one to talk. What about your substance abuse and the mess you have made of your life. At least he will be remembered. As for you…. Nah i dont think so.

    Im sure you will censor this anyway but im just saying what the rest of the world feels

    W- Substance abuse? PROVE IT. Mess of my life? PROVE IT.

  11. Matthew Best says:

    Ben Chance,

    MJ was presumed innocent because he would payoff the child’s pathetic parents! Yes, the same idiot parents that dropped their kids off to this wolf. MJ had a dark side and he was sick. He was calling out for help, and the people around him just saw dollar signs. The best thing for MJ was to get prosecuted so he could become clean and surround himself with professional help.

    MJ was a train wreck waiting to happen…

    The Warrior is saying the same thing about other professional wrestlers on a monthly basis. Yet nobody wants to hear it…just like MJ. So we will keep hearing about sudden deaths from our most famous/notorious figures. BECAUSE! WE KEEP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THEM!

  12. Ryan says:

    do the world a favour and kill yourself

  13. TIM says:

    Ben Chance: OJ Simpson was aquitted in a court of law, too. Do you believe that dirtbag was really innocent?

  14. Tanman10 says:

    All I have to say is that since MJ is 99% plastic why don’t we just melt him down and mold him into lego pieces so that children can play with him for a change.

    W –LOVE IT!!

  15. Kelly says:

    Ryan, MJ is already dead.

    Oh, wait, you took MJ’s death personally and no one is supposed to point out his many, ahem, flaws.

    After all, pedophilia is just a minor character flaw. Right?

  16. Ganglabesh says:

    Warrior is awesome for telling things the way they are, people are really angry when someone as courageous as warrior speaks against the things that “society” force as “normal”.

  17. Ganglabesh says:

    and to everybody who says “michael was never proven guilty” well, so does this mean there will be a tribute to OJ SIMPSON when he dies?….he was never proven guilty for the horrible stuff he did….

  18. Chris says:

    Why do people always say, Just remember the good things he did. Yeah lets just remember Charles Manson for all the academic achievements he’s made while in prison. Hitler wasn’t so bad, he wrote Mein Kampf, that was a good book, forgoet about that whole Holocaust thing, he wrote Mein Kampf. The fact is, regardless of how good a musician he was or wasn’t, he still was a deeply disturbed and goofy individual.

  19. KeSsEr says:

    i agree.. he led a messed up life.. beginning with a messed up childhood that most didnt have.. fame at the age of 9.. probably more people caring about his death than anyone else writing a comment or a blog in this little chat.. including you warrior.. who here has never used a controlled substance.. or been looked upon as a freak,, yea cigarettes and beer count on that too people.. so yea while his life was messed up.. more people are looking at the music rather than his personal life.. because if it was only personal life we followed.. how many idols would anyone really ever have? especially because you usually find out after a persons death.. what dark secrets are you hiding warrior? i am a big fan though lol

    W — Dark secrets? I eat a handful of chocolate covered almonds every Saturday when my wife, daughters and I do a thing we call Movie Night. Oh, my back is hairy and I shave it. Do coroners shave backs? I wonder….

  20. JD says:

    Warrior, have you ever heard of the expression “criminalizing the sympthom”?

    A lot of people will resort to drugs because they carry a heavy baggage that makes them miserable and it provides a for-the-moment, escape from the pain they feel.

    I am today a strong person mentally and I have my own past problems sorted out. Although I never did drugs, I was depressed and descructive in other ways. There was a time when I wasn’t that mentally strong. How could I be when I had been diminished and broken down my entire childhood?

    If you can’t relate to this I would say you’ve have been very lucky. You shouldn’t be so fast to judge people. Not to mention, how could anyone besides Elvis even remotedly imagine what it was like walk in Michael Jackson’s shoes?

    W- No, I haven’t heard of “criminalizing the sympthom.” But I’ve heard of making bs excuses for not handling the responsibility of your life. Any of your therapists tell you that might be your problem? No, of course, not. It wouldn’t be p/c. I’ve carried plenty of heavy bags before; try traveling with three Warrior ladies on your next vacation. But I never did drugs or got depressed or behaved destructively. I just figured that the heavy bags (of life) are there…pick the damn things up and get on with it. Judgment is always fast, for everyone, all the time. And it always should be if your moral compass is set right. Everyday you make hundreds of judgments within a blink of an eye, on silly, superficial stuff…quit dismissing your judgment powers when it comes to judging the serious things. You don’t want the world to think your an idiot, do you?

  21. Blackbird40 says:

    Hey, losing The most intense & powerful force the sports entertainment world has ever seen, as well as the greatest WWE champion ever would be a HUGE loss. Besides, Michael killing himself is the greatest favor any of us could hope for. While all of these two faced celebs pay tribute & shed tears for someone they’ve openly mocked up until a few days ago, maybe some of the children he’s violated can sleep better knowing he’s six feet under.

    That is, lol, until after they mummify him. He probobly put in his will that he wants to be buried next to King Tut, so he can sleep with a little boy forever.

  22. Ramon C says:

    Any educated individual who cannot see past the veil of disguise and nod in acknowledgement that Michael Jackson was a moral and physical abhorrence and obvious poster boy for rich and famous pedophilia leaving broken lives and shattered innocence in a trial of hush money needs to check their sanity.

    Thanks for keeping it real Warrior, as always you are spot on target.

  23. john t says:

    i want to say this one thing if all you guys worry about his case and what he do to kid something is wrong with everybody in here. who give a damn what warrior have to say about michael because warrior aint my god because last time i check i have my own mind about anybody in this world i cry when my family died what im going to do wait until warrior say something about not carrying. so warrior you cross the line with this about mj. because who gives a fuck about what he do on his own time but remeber what he down for the people over seas what you do for the children over seas warrior nothing what cd have you put out that gross over a 100,000 million copies warrior none so what you need to do is go check yourself at the doctors. because i think that steroids is catching up to your brain and it making stupid

    W- you may be right. My brain is having one hell of a time catching on to your unique use of English….maybe if I switch out steroids for 6-7 different painkillers and throw in a dozen or so morphine and demerol injections I will get my head on straight enough to communicate with you…do you have MJ’s doctor’s phone number by any chance?

  24. Matthew Best says:


    Stop thinking and reacting with emotion. The fact is that MJ was a wreck and needed professional help. A jail sentence may have helped him with his sickness, and get him away from his enablers.

    It’s always the so called “compassionate” and “tolerant” people, who are the most hateful. It’s people like Warrior, with blunt truth which save lives.

    If MJ would have listened to someone like Warrior, MJ could be alive today! The philosophy of Warrior’s solves and confronts problems! Ryan, you are an enabler.

    Ryan, if you have a friend who is killing himself. Do you confront him???? Or just let him go on like nothings happening????

  25. bob says:

    Soo…Farrah Fawcett passes on and goes to heaven. St. Peter meets her at the pearly gates and escorts her straight to God. God says to Farrah,”You have been a truly good person and I shall grant you one wish that will last for all of eternity. Farrah thinks about it for a second and says,”I would like see all the children of the world be safe.” God says,”So be it!” Twenty minutes later, all the television channels reports that Michael Jackson has gone into cardiac arrest and…

    W- The end.

  26. Matthew Best says:

    John T,

    You’ve mastered the English language and class like the Iron Sheik. Relax…somebody else in the world has a different viewpoint than you.

  27. Gully says:

    It was plain for any normal person to see that Jacko was simply nuts and him being drugged up half the time is no surprise either.What bugs me is that i never came up with a decent joke.At least the children of my nations capital are spared from the 50 days he was going to set up “neverland” again.eeeeeheee!

  28. bob says:

    On a serious note this time,I think Liza Minneli said it best in that “when the autopsy reports comes out in this case, all hell’s going to break loose.” Also and more importantly, what becomes of his three children? Will they be given to a known abusive set of grandparents. Will they be turned over to a surregate mother that has not been a part of their lives for most of the time they have been on this earth, or do they become wards of the state of California. Tabloids have been drooling for something like this to happen ever since the Anna-Nicole Smith debacle, and I have have a gut feeling this is going to make that case look like a newspaper report of a Friday morning golf league,

  29. Shawn says:

    Wow, I’m a little sad. No not because MJ passed away. But because I thought you Mr. Warrior would have been a little more harsh on him. My opinion is was he a great musical talent, sure. But he’ll always be best known as the creepy looking guy with the messed up life who(after the obvious autopsy results return) died of a drug over dose. I’m sorry but being good at something(Chris Beniot, Heath Ledger) doesn’t excuse you from the fact that you died a stupid death worth of a piece of ….well you know.

  30. warrior's army says:

    Great post Warriorman. NO one speaks the truth like you. I would like to see you write a post ripping into your whore ex-wife, Shari Tyree. I heard that whore was a stripper at one time. Speaking of plastic surgery, her tits are a fake as they come. She is just trying to make a quick buck writing about your time together with her. I bet her book will be filled with lies. Maybe her and that now single Hogan should hook up and self-destruct together. Then she can cheat on his sorry ass. Keep up the great work.