Looking in the mirror.

I’ve been told to look in the mirror before I judge others.

I have.

MJ now lives through UW.

What do you think? More off the nose?


4 Responses to “Looking in the mirror.”
  1. Matthew Best says:


    It’s always the enablers who tell other people to look in the mirror. This is a ploy to take the focus off the real problem. I hate people who try to hurt others, but the people who try to protect these people are just as bad. Then you throw in little children to consider??? Why people defend MJ is beyond me.

    I didn’t want him to die. In fact I think the whole situation is sad. He had the entire world at his fingertips, yet he squandered it! What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses his soul? I hope MJ changed his life before he died.

    Perhaps if MJ didn’t have money…he’d be in jail right now and alive. But instead he paid off all the children’s parents and he’s dead.

    The enablers said there wasn’t a problem and he didn’t need professional help. I think they have egg on their face now. I wonder if they will ever learn. Maybe it will take more children to get hurt, and more deaths for them to wakeup.

  2. Jeff Johnson says:

    Awesome!!Heh Heh! Your paintings in the background are great, BTW. Jeff

  3. Brad says:

    What’s the only difference between Disney Films and Michael Jackson now that he is dead? Disney Films can still touch children.

  4. warrior's army says:

    Way to silence the critics Warrior. Funny post! Again, I would love to see you do a post ripping into that whore of an ex-wife Shari Tyree. I don’t believe any of the shit she is saying about you. She is just trying to make a buck. You should do a picture shrinking her tits down to nothing since they are the product of plastic surgery, but I guess we should expect a boob job from someone who use to be a stripper. She and Hogan should get together now that that loser Hulk Hogan is single; they can self-destruct together and then she can cheat on his sorry ass. Thanks