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For nearly 11 years now “Warrior Web,” my official web presence, has been online. In the spring of 2007, “Warrior’s Machete,” this blog, was created to take advantage of the tighter organization and simpler viewer navigation blogs better provide over websites, especially one like “Warrior Web” which has acted as the only archive for hundreds and hundreds of pages of updates, commentary, discussion and opinion.

For the most part, all of what was at “Warrior Web” has been transferred, incorporated and is now stored here at “Warrior’s Machete.” (*This writing was posted mid-May 2007, so re-uploaded files are continually coming online until they are all transferred.) Still, the site remains and sometimes there are links here on the blog that take you to one of its pages.

For instance, this “Warrior Web” Welcome page (great graphics!) and its essay which has always existed at the site to say Hello! and provide a general overview about me and what you can expect to find therein, or, as the case is now, herein at the blog. That essay is provided here below, as well.


Welcome to Warrior Web. The official web presence of the man who Created, Performed and OWNs The Ultimate Warrior. I am that man. My (full, legal) name is Warrior.

First, the slaughtering of a few inveterate rumors.

1) There was only one Ultimate Warrior. That is, in Sports Entertainment there was only one person who “did” Ultimate Warrior — that was me. There were not different guys or a twin brother or look-a-like cousins who also “did” him. I created him; I was the only one who ever legally and legitimately performed him; and I own the USPTO legally registered trademark rights of Ultimate Warrior as an Intellectual Property.

2) I am not dead. Nor have I ever died. Don’t laugh. There are plenty of kooks (too many) who write and inform me that I am or that I have — and then demand I write back and confirm it!

3) I lead an active, constructive and fulfilling life. Despite inaccurate rumors, vindictive mischaracterizations, and flagrant defamation claiming otherwise, the reality is I have built an incredibly empowered life on my OWN terms. As a devoted husband and father, I could not have custom-ordered a more loving, healthy, spirit-filled, and happy home life. And as a man who has throughout his whole life been inspired by the setting of new goals and their different challenges, and the ability to think for oneself which accompanies these, my day-to-day life environment is creative, productive, and positive.

To find those who truly have self-destructed, keep your eye on the obituaries and visit the gravesides of other WWF/E talent who’ve died of various forms of self-indulgence, beginning with their refusal to mature as real men and grow up and act their age. When you are done there, go look into the hollow-souled eyes of those Sports Entertainment figures you once thought defiant, strong, proud, and independent who’ve crawled back into the cave to have their minds, lives and characters controlled because they were afraid of being real men, afraid of the real world and real challenges, and felt safer, as Plato showed us, viewing the shadows from the inside.

If you’ve believed any of these rumors you were duped. Plain and simple. If you want to continue to believe them — as some, for whatever sick reason, do — then I can assure you the objective, sane, clearheaded thinking going on here will be of little interest to you.


Warrior Web found its way into digital existence late 1996-early 1997 (just after my last appearance in the WWF). I took a simple software program that was available back then and I threw it together. My goal was to simply have a web presence. Nothing fancy. Just something easy that would recognize Ultimate Warrior’s existence and that I could use as a forum to discuss all that lie ahead for me in a future outside the ring I positively looked forward to getting on with.

Although since its inception both the site and I have gone through some changes, Warrior Web in its simplest, yet significant, terms still remains a journal about my life and my interests, and the beliefs that make up the philosophy of life by which I live and its natural, healthy evolution.

If you have come here expecting to find endless archives of Ultimate Warrior wrestling analysis, biography and fanship, you’ve come to the wrong place. I am a man who believes setting different challenging goals and learning new things is something you do throughout your life. No matter the degree of previous success. When it was my goal to succeed in sports entertainment, I devoted everything I had to give — time, energy, thinking: every breath of my life. Now that it is no longer my goal, I don’t.

It’s not that I do not appreciate all those who were fans. I most certainly do. I’ve never forgotten (or will ever forget) how instrumental fans were to Ultimate Warrior’s success. Anybody who communicates with me through the site, met me out in public casually or professionally on one of my speaking engagements, knows this very well. But my life has moved on to other really productive, positive, and spectacular goals, and my time today is very much spent on those, learning from them, enjoying and succeeding at them; all of them at this moment, outside a wrestling ring.

Each day new visitors to Warrior Web write comments to me similar to this: “I started to read what you had to say; at first I was under the mistaken impression that you were quite possibly still running around doing your character from the ring. But, after reading further reading, I found that you had deep insights, you had used your experiences to shape and strengthen you.”

Well, for starters, if you came here expecting that the guy who created the Ultimate Warrior gimmick would not be intense, I guess you’re going to be in for a surprise. After all, the intensity and physical explosiveness Ultimate Warrior displayed is the most fixed impression you and the Sports Entertainment industry will never, ever forget. (Witnessing how so many others have so pathetically tried, many even under the duress of management instruction, to replicate it sadly informs all of us of the hard-nosed reality of this.) Yes, wrestling is choreographed, but there are just some personality aspects of the business and its talent that can’t be faked. Ultimate Warrior ran because I was running him. He was intense because I already was. So mind your manners and be thankful that I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy who believes there are some traditions better left unchanged. My natural personal intensity is one. It never will. Whatever I am doing – wrestling, writing, working out, speaking, even weaving pot holders — I am going to do it with action and intensity.

It also seems very natural to me that I have allowed my experiences to shape and strengthen me. And I am always a little surprised others are surprised that I have. I just don’t think it is a thing to be surprised by — or give praise to. I think it is better that we save ourselves to be surprised, and ashamed, of others who don’t. It’s also just as natural that my philosophy of life — fostered by my life experiences — was forged, and has subsequently evolved throughout the years, by experiences that are entirely unique to my life. I am who am I today, and in the past been who’ve I’ve been, in direct accordance to the sum total effect of the experiences I have had at any distinct moment along the timeline of my life. I wasn’t the same whole person after I had the experience of my wrestling career as I was before; and the same holds true, now, 20 years after my beginnings in that industry and 10 years removed from it altogether.

Misbelieve what you want, but “Ultimate Warrior” as a “persona” didn’t just drop from the sky and create itself out of thin air. I created and performed and evolved him, creatively, out of who I was and what I believed at the time. “Persona” is, after all, even uncannily more so considering my Ultimate Warrior gimmick and his performance apparel, Latin for “the psyche behind the mask, the soul behind the exterior of one’s character as one presents it to the world, masking one’s inner thoughts, feelings.”

Ultimate Warrior was simply and purely an exterior amplification of my own character, creativity, and charisma — my OWN ideas and my OWN beliefs; all of them attributes which a character like The Ultimate Warrior would have to be made of. There was no one to hold my hand or nobody who handed me the gimmick and instructed me about how to portray and evolve him. Yes, “no one” and “nobody” includes Vince McMahon and his sycophants.

For twenty-five years before I ever crossed paths with the unusual proposition of getting in the pro-wrestling business, my “character” was inevitably shaped and strengthened by my other life experiences that had already well-forged the philosophy of life I entered the business holding.

Ultimate Warrior’s philosophical core paralleled my own — and that is what, I believe, contributed, in largest part, to his success.

Ultimate Warrior was a “persona” who embodied energy, strong work-ethic, unconquerable determination, self-discipline, self-responsibility, self-accountability, and self-belief. He was inspired by great acts and ideas, and believed in time-honored virtues like integrity, honor, loyalty, and heritage. He was interested in actualizing the potential of his life, being the best as much as he was created to be, and believed in earning what he got by his own merits.

He creatively engaged inspiration and guidance from the warriors of the past. He believed in the worthiness and honor in seeking challenge and making sacrifice. He believed in an immortal spiritual existence, a continued karmic interaction and connectedness with the souls and spirits of warriors who had already lived and warriors yet to live; time past working energetically with present time and time yet to come.

He also believed in that basic, classic battle cause, the singular reason to stand up and step in and fight for what you believe, even if you had to give your life for it: Good vs Evil. There was one or the other, just like there was either right or wrong, true or false, and he had no tolerance for any forms in-between.

Ultimate Warrior believed that life meant more than just a purposeless passing of time, an insignificant trek from its birth to its death. He believed in destiny, not coincidence, and ideals that were greater and longer living than just the time period of his one life. No one gave ME these creative expressions — they came from inside.

Like it or not, believe it or not, accept the reality of it or not, nothing is more clear: One cannot do what one is not capable of. Ex nihilo nihil fit (Nothing is created from nothing).

So it was, too, that the disciplines, traits, virtues, and beliefs that made me capable of creating and performing Ultimate Warrior would, in time, also be the same disciplines, traits, virtues, and beliefs giving me the strength and confidence to reject certain personal behaviors and business practices of people and go on beyond Sports Entertainment and achieve other goals. Looking back now, 20 years removed from the beginning, it’s clear to see that it was inevitable that sports entertainment would be only a chapter in my life, not a whole book.

It’s so eerily ironic. When all I’d been given was the opportunity to prove what I had to offer, I was praised and awarded great success for exploiting my unique disciplines and beliefs through the performances of the Ultimate Warrior persona. Then, they got behind the self-disciplined goal-setter and serious soulsearcher and introspective person I was. Then, the popularly embraced character (by a huge fanbase that still survives today) and indisputable success of the character never bothered those who owned and ran the company. Yet today (and for the last 10 years), I’m vilified, ridiculed and portrayed as being “Self-Destructive” and as having “confused fantasy with reality” for, in truth, simply having the courage and confidence to use my OWN creativity, make my OWN choices, and take my OWN risks to pursue success at life challenges and goals other than pro-wrestling. Oh, there’s something sickminded and sorry about it, all right, and there’s definitely someone who’s committing perversion. But it isn’t I who needs counseling or needs to apologize.

The truth about me is much more than what you think you know. I am a man who likes to have his head where his life actually is. At 47 years of age, I am a man who believes it is a natural expectation that a male should rise up to the different phases of maturity, masculinity and mentoring that he comes to stand before in his life with dignity and a wiser life perspective, not stoop down to in a pitiful, immature attempt to psychologically fit in with youth 20- 30 years younger. It’s a long time adage of mine: when one grows up, one should think and act like it. It’s my personal belief that this tradition is not being put into practice enough by people who are of an age to abide by it.

Although certainly an atypical career experience, being involved and highly successful in sports entertainment by creating and performing a persona like the Ultimate Warrior, make no mistake, it is certainly not the only experience that has made me the man I am today. Warrior Web exist to reveal what has. If you came with any preconceived “silly ideas” you should probably set them aside for the time being and get ready for the lesson of your life. Around here, those kind of childish misconceptions are accustomed to being destroyed.

Now imagine having the physical intensity and creative energy to perform Ultimate Warrior practically day in and day out, throughout the year without fail, year after year. Now imagine you aren’t doing that anymore. That energy has to go someplace. I didn’t let myself down. I got busy pursuing other goals.

The site is divided into Body, Mind and Soul because these are the three pillars of the philosophy of life I live by and have used to succeed not only in my Sports Entertainment career, but at life. These are the three fundamental faculties I was endowed with at birth to make my way here on this planet we call Earth. And they are what I’ve long used to guide and build the structure, quality and end-destiny of my life.

Here at Warrior Web I’ve put down plenty of serious thoughts in my own words. There are many. Some going back to 1997. Some posts run 20-25 pages alone.

(NOTE: with the November 2006 redesign many of the previous posts are being reformatted and edited, some even put into the form of PodCasts. Several posts will not be linked until the revised version is completed.)

What are the writings about? Everything.

* My thoughts on why I’ve always believed in destiny, not coincidence, since I was young kid; and how creating and performing Ultimate Warrior, as a gimmick, was simply a precursor to my discovery that Warrior, as a human being and man with that name, wasn’t one.

* My thoughts on standing up and fighting for my rights when Titan (the McMahons) attempted to tell me they owned what they never had the power to create and I knew my life was MY registered trademark, and MINE ALONE.

* My thoughts on where the business is creatively today, why I’m not in it “on principle,” why its storylines and content are degenerate, depraved and worthless, and why it’s contributing to make today’s culture the exact same way.

* My thoughts on other wrestling talent who have died while bent over their dirty little bags of street drugs, cowered to their filthy refusal to grow up and become real men.

* My thoughts about adults behaving like kids and mentoring gone all to hell ruining our youth.

* My thoughts on having the unique experience of being a heroic role model to young minds and then later in my life coming to find and call the Founding Times and Founding people the absolute heroic role models.

* My thoughts on discovering my love for America and American History.

* Writings about my self-learning journey with “The Great Books of the Western World” (the writings by mankind’s greatest original seekers of knowledge).

* Writings about my unusual exposure to the philosophies other adults hold, philosophies that are anti-life, anti-American, dependent and pathetic — literally subhuman.

* Writings that refuse to cut anyone any slack when it comes to the inescapable fact that there is an undeniable responsibility that comes with the inalienable right.

* Writings about that there is an irrefutable line between what is right and wrong, good and evil, true and false; and how the tolerated blurring of those lines has spawned the gravest dangers we face today in our society — Political Correctness and Moral Relativity.

* Writings about why I am doing what I am today because I am a father and my kids are growing up in this world and I want to do what I can, right now, to prevent an inevitable revolution my kid’s kids will one day have to shed their own blood fighting.

* Writings about culture and politics and liberalism vs. Conservatism — and writings about that liberalism isn’t the classical liberalism it once was and today’s Conservatism isn’t really Conservatism at all either.

* Writings about being my desire to build lifelong relationships with other bold, pure Conservatives, in the truest sense of the concept, through my OWN Mentoring and Leadership Foundation, “Creation Endowed Conservatism.”

* Writings about that there is no NOT ONE one politician from either side who is doing anything to preserve America — the People’s Country, not theirs.

* Writings about the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

* Writings about what I believe, what I think — how to think and why one must.

* Writings about being a physical animal and a rational animal — and how living a full life demands that you are both.

* Writings about what “warrior” as concept means to me and how it evolved into something bigger and braver than a wrestling persona who intensified the hell out of every wrestling ring he ever entered.

* Writings and more writings…Podcasts, too.

Throughout all my writings and commentaries you will recognize more than a few common themes:

1) I can be a sarcastic SOB at times. My sense of humor leans to the wicked side. This sarcasm is too often mischaracterized and has people believe I am a bitter, angry, and mean person. This is simply not true. I just happen to put the fleetingness of our lives in its proper perspective and figure our Creator has to have a pretty wicked sense of humor himself. In instances where hypocrites, liars, enablers, frauds, and other people who generally screw up their lives but never look in a mirror to see who is responsible (which I absolutely loathe) suffer tragedy due to their irresponsibility, I am absent tolerance and sympathy and my sarcasm can be its most biting. Frankly, I think the brilliance of my sarcastic sense of humor really shines in these “cultural battle” pieces, kinda like a full moon’s reflection radiating off a Great White’s tooth right before he chomps his victim’s bodypart off. Shocking, but lethally tranquilizing. I don’t do it to intentionally upset anyone, but if it does, I don’t care.

2) I’ve taken “warrior” and used my unique awareness of it and given it serious thought as a concept; and I have then further used it to develop a personal philosophy, life, and career that have nothing to do with a wrestling career.

3) My belief in the potential of every human life. Whatever else I discuss during the course of a writing, whatever direction a writing takes, it begins and ends with this: the potential of human life. Ironically, much of the mischaracterization there is about me stems from my positivity about this powerful potential and my unemotional unwillingness to give people who misuse theirs a break. Frankly, my position is, if you don’t use the potential you have to live, you don’t deserve to. I believe there is a potential from life that is to be fulfilled. Many people find that my enthusiasm about it is overdone and my lack of sympathy for others who fail at living up to their life responsibilities too harsh. I simply have none to give to those who won’t think and act for themselves to help themselves. Every life is full of potential. Life is not always the way I’d like to have it either but I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself, begging to others that life is not fair and would someone please mend the broken parts. My quick fix is: Quit crying and feeling sorry for yourself. Get up, get moving and get doing. For Christsakes, do something — don’t just sit in your own pile of poop. For starters, you have life — that is what is awesome to begin with!! And that alone is an always-forgiving starting place to make great things in your life happen, over and over, again and again.

4) I am not p/c. (What is true never is.) You will not find any here. I hate it; the only thing I hate more are people who know it is destroying the World we live in but have not the integrity and courage to speak up against it. In fact, to counterbalance the pervasive, destructive p/c out on the street, I press the politically-incorrect envelope to the MAX. I can’t stand phonies and two-faced hypocrites. I have no tolerance for purposeful ignorance or stupidity. Herein there is no hesitation to say so. You will find huge doses of moral prejudice for these types here.

5) I do not live my life second-handedly. I am not, first, interested in impressing others above making a lasting impression with my own life. I get my self-esteem from the inside, huge gobs of it, not by desperately soliciting the praise or approval of others. I have no interest in developing empty, phony friendships or wasting my time indulging silly life dramas and gossip just to make nice. It is not that I am mean-spirited. It is that I am indifferent to it all. I could care less and I don’t feel the need to act like I do. My life is my life, and my life is equal to time and I don’t trade my time (life) for wasteful, meaningless experience.

6) I have incredible self-discipline and self-control. I am sure about what I decide and believe and I do not seek or need the advice of others to reach those conclusions. I do not make wrong moral choices. I am not modest about how I conduct myself in regard to all of these. This is off-putting to many people. I do not care. The world is very black and white to me. I know there cannot even be gray unless there were, first, the knowledge of what is black and white. Gray is middle of the road. Gray is wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Life does not work that way. I don’t try to live it that way. I judge people, including myself — HARD. I do not pull my moral punches. If you are put-off by this, then what I have to bluntly state may not sit well with your stomach. Take some Alka-Seltzer or just simply leave.

7) I don’t let my spiritual beliefs pull me around life by the nose. I use the Creator’s gift that I am Endowed with to deal effectively, successfully and happily with my life here on this Earth. I do not use the Creation of my life to make excuses; I use it as an empowerment. I don’t pray for help; I pray for greater challenges. I didn’t come into this life owing anything to anyone and I certainly don’t owe anything to anybody who will not use their OWN incredible Creation of life to do for themselves. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ORIGINAL SIN. Morality for me does not come from a Bible; it comes from the nature of the Being I am Created. After all, HE Created us just as we are long BEFORE the Bible was created.

8) I don’t practice my philosophy of life or its principles, piecemeal.

9) MOTIVATION is a part of ALL that I do.

You want to know more about the Man behind the facepaint?

READ and listen. Just READ and listen.

I am Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,

Always Believe,


3 Responses to “Warrior Web — Home of Warrior. Hello!”
  1. Michael Mahon says:

    I am a 35-year old, successful attorney, husband, and father. I used to watch wrestling as a kid, then again when I got into lifting weights with other law students.

    I never really liked you as a wrestler. I thought you were even more boring than Hogan.

    Now that I read your website, I can honestly say I admire you as a man, a thinker, and a patriot more than any other sports figure.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with all the fans.

    Check out http://www.mises.org

  2. Demos Zachariou says:

    Very Very interesting warrior you have got me thinking about my life! I am from Toronto Canada and I agree with most of the topics you talk about. The main topic Which I agree with 100 percent is where you talk about growing up and you didnt want to be a 50 year old kid anymore! Aslo you wanted to change your career and go to a new path, which is amazing. Im 25 years old and i grew up with watching you on tv. There is one main question that im not sure if anyone has asked you before. I always want to strive for more, but i wouldnt quit something if it could make millions of ppl happy! Now the question i want to ask you is when you quit wwe didnt you miss listening to all your fans cheer for you? If i was in your shoes I wouldnt have changed that for anything! I play music for myself and 2 watch ppls faces smile! When i seen you sign your autograph to that italian man on youtube and he was crying in happiness didnt that make you happy? you were loved by so many and still are! That should have been enough right there to stay in the bussiness!

    I look up 2 you when you were in the wwe and now for what you have achieved and are going to achieve!

    thanks demos zach

  3. jason chase says:

    u are one of the greatist influnces of my life and u have helped me to who i am today i have a very hard life indeed i live in lakewood ny near lake erie and chautauqua lake ny and i have ment u one time in jamestown ny i think in 87 u were the only wrestler to sighn autograps and talk with the kids awsome i was 13 at the time. i learn wrestling in high school i was good at it but then i had a friend who turned his back on my and shoot me in the head with a high powerd bb gun it went through my skull and is now lodged in my left lobe of my brain but i recoverd and fought hard to become i spirital person and i continued to be a warrior fan the sayings u say the thing u do hit me pretty good and i also think u are very spiritual to i mean what kind of guy can come into the wwf take hogan belt pin slam andre in 15 secons and retire savage then get out of the wwf!!! wow i myself fought hard i gradurated high school fought hard got more ed then i whent from job to job from mostly layoffs learned more about the gov. in wich i think it well fuckup the united states there are even some states like texas who dont whant to be grouped like the others the gov is fake court judges somke coke and goverment people buy prosituts with are mony well has time whent by i alo workout lift wights just to tone up and stay healthy allthrough i may smoke weed once in a while but it helps me concentrate because i have add one good thing happend to me i am now working for cummins engine making filtration products for the head of the engine the stock for cummins cmi is doing very well its at 17.00 its now 47.00 its futre index call for it to top 200.00 split and then do the same i recommend any body who whants to make a little go for it. warrior i just whant to say thanx u for being in my life and what u did in life ur a amazing person and helped me become who i am today, maybe a undertaker vs. warrior match one last time!!! thank u warrior my mind heart and wisdom will allways be there for u

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