Weapons of Warrior Wisdom

Hello, fellow warriors –

The other day a new art acquaintance was over in my studio and he spotted a big stack of 6×9 pieces of watercolor paper with drawings, quotes and doodles up on them. He started going through them and asked me what they were.

I told him they are my Weapons of Warrior Wisdom. It just came out without really thinking about.

He couldn’t believe how many there were and that they were just sitting there piled up one on top of the other. There must be 500 or more. He said, “Well, whatever you call them, they’re damn good… unique…and inspiring…and you ought to consider making these available for purchase as one way of selling more of your art.  You said you’re not sold on doing prints of your larger original pieces, so then sell these as originals.”

So, I’ve posted just few to start. You can click on each and it is linked to another page with a larger view.

Each of these pieces is on a 6×9 piece of 400 Series Strathmore cold press Watercolor paper and drawn/colored with Archival Inks that won’t fade. I’ve also framed them — nice quality white wooden 8×10 frame with glass — desktop size. They are Numbered and Dated on the back of the black mat paper.

I do one every day. (The first thing I do at 4 am when I get up is read. The next thing I do is draw/sketch these pieces.)

I do sketches of individuals who inspire me (authors, creators, doers, thinkers, historical figures, etc.) and scrawl a quote of theirs beside the drawing. Or I do doodles using my Ultimate Warrior logo or Always Believe. I do these as part of my daily self-study and to inspire myself and get into a positive, ass-kicking frame of mind for the day. As I’ve told you before, you can’t depend on others to motivate you. You have to do the work yourself and you have to do the work every day — every single day. Me, too.

The starting bid on these is $100.

I’m going to let the bidding on these 6 pieces run till Wednesday, October 6. From that point, I will post a new one M-F and let bidding run till the clock strikes midnight of the day it is posted.

Send me an email telling me what one you would like to bid on and what you would like to bid. I will follow up with bidders throughout the day with updates.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity,

Always Believe,






2 Responses to “Weapons of Warrior Wisdom”
  1. Mark says:

    Yup, I had heard the death rumors. and when it came up again I decided to search for The Ultimate Warrior……glad the rumors are false. After nosing around the site here it sounds very much like you have stayed true to your convictions…..congrats!! You should hold your head high with pride for that. So many *entertainers* loose that. Rock on!!

  2. Shane Stables says:

    You are the f*cking man. End of story.

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