Warrior Art.

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.”

~Thomas Aquinas

Summer here is going great! Doing juried art shows, traveling the country…great way to vacation with my heaven-sent Warrior girls! Busy, busy, busy working on building up my portfolio. Have some great pieces completed.

Many of you ask, “Why no UW paintings?” I get this all the time at all the art shows, too. So, I got one under way — a real classic shot of UW shaking the ropes. I’ll be putting up an image of the smaller, 24″x36″ “study” piece I’m working on in a few days to show you the work in progress. After it is near completion, I’m going to decide on whether or not to do a larger work (48″x72″) of it. Going to start doing more self-portraits, as well. Should be interesting.

The sunflower images here are of small pieces I’ve done that go over real well at the shows I’ve been doing. Can’t knock them out fast enough!! They run 6″x8″ to 10″x”12″. I knife the paint on really thick and run it all over and round the edges of the canvas. I know the prices on my large pieces, what I enjoy doing the most, are not in everyone’s price range. These small ones are cheaper…still, ALL Warrior art…ALL oil paint (applied with only a knife), bold, thick!! I’m working on others and will get those up when they are done.

A couple of the pieces here are available for purchase in two sizes. Usually, I do a “study” piece, typically in black and white but sometimes very toned-down color (called a value study), to see how and what I think about putting the image down onto a larger canvas. When you click on the linked image, all the info will come up in a new browser window.

Make LIFE happen! Get out there and do it!! START!!!!

Always Believe,


9 Responses to “Warrior Art.”
  1. Julian says:

    Thanks for the continuued inspiration..

    Disciple Julian

    P.S. Finally got the beginnings of my website going. Finally.

    see above

  2. Calvin Heikkila says:

    I really like the artwork you’ve been putting up. I never would have though it was possible to do paintings with a knife like that.

    I’ve recently been pursuing my art and novel writing again. I’m only doing comic book style stuff, and have to build up a portfolio. Let’s just say I’ve been struck with a bit of Warrior-like motivation over the last month and or two with all my dreams and life-goals.

    Enjoy your summer and thanks for the old wrestling memories, and the writings which I’m trying to catch up on when I get online.

    -Cal Heikkila

  3. Ali says:

    what a wonderful paint man !!

    smart pictures and colors !!

    awesome :)

  4. David D says:

    Great to see an update on the painting career. Happy to see you’re getting your work out there and into some juried shows.

    I thought of the paintings you’ve shown so far, the Skull of Van Gogh looks to be the strongest painting. Of course, looking at postage stamp sized scans of digital snap shots do no justice to actual paintings, and could be a completely different experience actually seeing them in person.

    Keep up the hard work and commitment.

  5. Hey Warrior, GREAT WORK!,

    You know what would be cool along with a Warrior shaking the ropes painting? Ultimate Warrior returning to the WWE and also to reform a Legendary One Warrior Nation with “Road Warrior” Animal, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and maybe RVD or somebody who can relate as a Warrior as well. Then “One Warrior Nation” can face “Legacy”. Either way, I wanna see Ultimate Warrior inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and have a better future with the WWE, before we all get too old for it not to be able to happen. “ALWAYS BELIEVE!” , Forever Warrior fan, Danny Wissert of Norristown, PA USA

  6. WoRM says:

    That is some amazing work, Warrior!!!

  7. Jodri says:

    Great works! Specially the number four. Visit my gallery if you want I can made a portrait of you with my cartoon style. When I was a boy I has a Ultimate Warrior toy. Greatest moments jeje!

  8. Mat Broadway Junior says:

    I’ve been talking to my Father about the times i use to stay up and watch you .. you brought my dreams to life ,, i remember getting sent home from school because i pleaded with my father to put on warrior makeup ,, simliler to that you had .. i asked him recently what you do now .. and he told me about this site .. I never knew you painted ,, or was a speaker .. you are really are the ideal role modal someone ill be telling me children about .. you are a talented artist

  9. Jay B says:

    Warrior…I didn’t know much about you outside of Wrestling History, but reading your Blogs is inspiring. I too believe that if you don’t stand up and fught for what is right and true in this life, you have no right to sit back and commentate from the sidelines about the sad state of the world, or offer sideline intellectual “What I would do..” BS if you have no intention of getting off your ass to make changes. I am writing from Canada, where the politics are equally self-serving and harmful. I just fininished extensive work in attempting to change non-union employment standards, going as far as Ontario’s Minister of Labour with petitions and real life situations and commentary by non-union workers (noty that unions are shiny clean either) where the government sleeps and allows employees to be abused, whil eit pockets money by big business corporate chains. I was even asked by some workers within a certain corporate chain to back down, because they, like many, would rather take the crap handed them than rock the boat. I spent my life in corporate chain work, and have seen disgusting abuse forst hand. It’s an uphill battle, and only one small battle within a greater war with Canadian Government Policies (or non-policies) apathy runs deep in our free society, and abuse of tax payers runs even deeper. I am comforted in your own personal philosopies, and wish you much success. Love the Art work too, by the way!

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