On Warrior’s Mind #1…

What a day! Just super! Obama’s hell bent on wrecking the lives of us all. Reparations on the whole human race (ok, maybe just the white people) is in full Marxist mode.

You have to love it!!!

Really…I mean it.

The link should open an audio file. Please let me know if it works.

On Warrior’s Mind #1…

Always Believe,


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  1. Great Audio file. You can’t build muscle without resistance. You can’t build character without challenges. I love it. This is so true. People who whine about their miserable lives continue to be miserable and it is usually liberals that act like this from my experience. Go Warrior!

  2. SpongeDaddy says:


    I put on the headphones as I was working on paperwork for the kids’ bowling league. About two minutes in, I put the paperwork down and listened with all of my senses.
    This audio file touched my very soul just as the first Warrior writings did so long ago. This is why I continue to admire you. This is what got me off narcotics so long ago. Thank you for once again fanning the flames inside of all of us.
    I am not sure if you read my latest essay, “STEPS”, that I posted last week (and was my fourth one published btw). “Steps” talks about just what you said, loving the challenges. I wrote that while I have had difficulty walking as of late, I love the fact that it has slowed me down and made me enjoy even more the beauty that is Creation.
    Please remember that if it were not for your inspiration, I would never have done what I have done (so far). The lives I have touched can trace their new sparks back to you. You are the grandfather, as it were, of their inspirations.
    The walking thing is just another bump in the road. I will figure out how to manage that as well. The last few weeks I have bowled terribly, but I once again I will adapt. I won’t work around it, I won’t work through it, but in my own way i will bowl it over.
    “If it is not okay, it is not the end.” I love that. Can I get a witness??????
    Question. Years ago when you first started writing, did you realize the positive impact it would have? Not “could” have, but “would” have.

    Be well,


  3. James says:

    I was sitting here at work being bored and I listened to this message and I am now awake and motivated. Thanks Warrior for the message.

  4. zeus300 says:

    Wow man, I was a huge fan as a kid. Glad to see you’re ok and are one of the few who is aware as to the real situation of the world. I thought ou had died of a drug overdose, but in retrospect, I think I may have confused you with Curt Henning’s demise. He was another amazing wrestler. The more people I talk to the more I realize how preciously they hold on to the ignorant beliefs the government imposes on them with propaganda.

    Stay true brother,

  5. Michael Simione says:

    I am a US soldier and an avid conservative (ann coulter is my hero), I’ve read a lot of your posts after discovering your website and I must agree on most of your politics, as well as your talk about fat people and exercising importance. My roommate is a very big wrestling fan and has recently coerced me into watching old and new wrestling videos that he downloads (by old i mean mid-80′s). I simply felt I wanted to post a comment and probably will post more, but i heard a new word on fox news today called Obamanomics and it scared me deeply, I’d love to read your thoughts on it.

    Intelligence and Understanding

    SSG Simione FSNCO
    5-7 Cavalry

  6. karthik shivaji says:

    you don’t have to worry about that Ultimate Warrior, you are not a racist whatsoever, you are a true conservative and a great human being, many of these ignorant people who villify Conservatives as being evil, particularly “so called self righteous” Liberals, fail to realize that the Republicans were the first to allow people of different races into politics. The Black Republicans were one of the first “colored” political parties ever, with Frederick Douglass. Those ignorant people who may call you “white boy”, just ignore it, or tell them to judge people as a human being not as a color, yes, there are racist white people out there, but there are far more who are not, and very accepting of other cultures and races.

    Or you could simply tell them, I traveled worldwide, and plus you also embrace American Indian culture, so how could anyone accuse of you being racist, only thing anyone could accuse you of is being a true conservative and following the U.S. Constitution 100%.

  7. johnnym says:

    I agree, that last “OK” line is tremendous. It is not the end for me apparently. Enjoyed listening!

  8. Mindwrecker says:

    What a great audio clip. I wish you would do these more often, they are always very inspiring and motivating. Coincidentally, I just dealt with a personal challenge over the last few weeks, and I embraced it, much like you said in this speech, and the results have been fantastic. It feels good to be a warrior and not a wimp!

  9. I just listened to this audio clip and wanted to add that you are correct that we should not look at our challenges in life as things “I don’t need.”

    I could write a book on this topic just from my own life but this is not the place to do so. I do want to express that I grew up taught by my own father that any situation I find myself whether they “seemingly” be negative or positive that there is a lesson to be learned.

    I am now 29 years old and find myself automatically in any situation I find myself thinking OK, this is not exactly what I wanted but I’m willing to learn. I feel that everyone would be better equipped to handle life’s challenges if they adopted the same mindset.

  10. Jerry says:

    Hi Warrior,

    I always strongly agree with you about accountability and self-responsibility. I am glad you have the deep well of inspiration to tap from. I’ve always wondered what channels of life bring out your softer sides. I know you don’t have the intensity button on 24/7/365. I know the word ‘liberal’ can be a scary one. I also think most people aren’t by nature fenced into being all-liberal or all-conservative. When it comes to human rights and progress, I lean left – when it comes to fiscal and personal responsibility, I lean right. Just wanted your thoughts.

    All The Best,

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