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Hello, everyone. I’m working on some new things for Many of you are always asking for signed pics and other autographed goods. Would you please let me know if this is link here is working? I’m just getting underway with design changes and links, etc., and would like to know. Thanks…


If it does work and you want to purchase, all is ready to go through paypal. I’m working on some a “Quick Information on Shopping” page that will discuss shipping and other payment options. But in the meantime, paypal is set up and working. The Main STORE page has small images that are linked to bigger ones. At those pages with bigger images where there is an “Add to Cart” button. That button will take you to paypal. If you want to buy only one photo you can check out right then. If you want to choose others, click “continue shopping” and you go right back to the page of the photo you just viewed. Every larger image is opened in a window all by itself. All you have to do is close it and the Main STORE page will be in a separate browser.

Always Believe,


7 Responses to “New Store…”
  1. Ian Filonczuk says:

    Awesome! As a kid I remember hearing the rumor that you weren’t around anymore (passed away). What you’re saying is exactly what our country needs right now to get through these difficult times. Keep up the good work! It’s great to see you on Youtube and Hulu!

    A couple of motivational historical figures for me are Blaise Pascal – “Thoughts” and what Nicoli Tesla did. He did not recieve credit for all the good that he did which gave Edison success. Romans 8:28. Genesis 50:20.
    From Ian Filonczuk

  2. Frank says:

    Hi Warrior,
    It’s amazing you make yourself very accessible.
    Me and my mates were very big fans of yours.
    For some reason, I wanted to see what become of the Warrior we admired so much as kids.
    And your doing so well compared to alot of others in your business all them years ago.
    I’m very proud to know how well you have done with your creativity. I am going to have a look around your great and busy website, lots to checkout. And I am going to get my brother to also check it out.
    I have seen an interview on YouTube “Shoot”. You spoke well on there & at the time you were getting telling the reporter he is asking redundant questions, I was feeling the same haha. So good on ya.
    A few things before I go, you mentioned one of the Bush Whackers as people that helped you on with good advice, I thought that was great, since they were from New Zealand and so am I, nice one!
    And your site looks great, you were asking if it looked alright, this is the first time I visited, but I got to check out your art work which are awesome! And I got to see the page with icons, all of them work except Miscellaneous & Misc. Keep up the good work and I will try to sift through your website and see whats the go.
    Out of curiosity, do you have strong links with Native American Indians?

    Cheers mate, Frank.

  3. stephen ray says:

    To The Warrior:
    I suppose we all at 10 see the world as being just how it should be. I turned 30 last month, but I remember celebrating your run to the ring with yelling that would upset my mother.
    your promos involved references to eternal things. Im not surprised to see you now pursuing things bigger than the entertainment industry or yourself.
    Your philosophy informs your politics as well, you would fit right in at the conservative rallies, and I hope we get to fight together against the coming tyranny. I wanted to recommend Peter Schiff and Dick Morris, both great economists.
    Also I just wanted to thank you for being there 20 years ago when I needed a hero, and being here now to remind people that winning matters and marxism fails.
    I believe in American Exceptionalism.

  4. Chelsea says:

    I have to say, My mother was your biggest fan. She had this life size cardboard cutout of you at her office lol, and she would always get tickets when you guys came to calgary. I swear i saw every show. Although my fav was british bulldog and the undertaker. You had the cool costume though :D
    I just wanted to say, it would mean the world to my mom to get an autograph and if this is something you could do, I would be more then happy to send an address you could send it too
    Thank you so Much warrior


  5. brett wilson says:

    I admire the changes you have made and love the out spokeness. Your wife is a wise lady by the way,I watched you years ago. I too have been changed by through the grace of god. i have a business online with health nutrition (natural products) would love to help in any way I can. I have been working with cancer patients for years and have a bigger vision now. product might interest you my vision, want to build a cancer survivorship center.
    I love AZ and want to move there soon i hope.
    If a business of your own without the hassles interests you please give me a call. just trying to help and find quality people to work with and help
    brett wilson

  6. jason chase says:

    hey thats the most awsome photo that u made wow ur just generating energy through many aspects of life! are u alive? i mean are u or do u have more spirital energy then most people in life? u should draw a photo of urself transforming from when u first became of life to the awsome person u are now! wow! One Warrior requset u got to have one more fued with ether undertaker, sting, or how about jake roberts!! hey he still wrestles hes going to come to warren pa state fair alice cooper bought a victorian house in warren and hes on the radio station alot plus hes playing in erie pa soon. i am just wondering through! i just want to say thanx u for all the motivation u gave me in life! and thanks for all friendship u have given ur fans!!!

  7. Michelle says:

    Dear Mr. Warrior,

    The link is working great. I wanted to go to the memorabilia section but it was not working. if you want to get it working let me know. I have built many websites and shopping carts like this one.



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